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No Panties

College is supposed to be where you party. But this was new even for that. Because we moved into the dorms this year on a Thursday but classes didn’t actually begin until Monday, someone came up with the bright idea of throwing a costume party on Friday. We’d literally have the whole weekend to have fun because we had no homework yet and didn’t have to study anything. The costume party was at the central square of the campus, with plenty of room for everyone. And we had something to really celebrate – the last case of COVID in the country was recorded two months ago, and the country had officially been declared a COVID-free zone just last week.

I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into my costume – the word “party” was more important than the word “costume”, I figured. Besides, it was still late August. I wanted something that wasn’t too layered. So I dressed as Michael Phelps. I had been just seven years old when in 2008, he set a record by winning eight gold medals in a single Olympic Games. Now I had just turned 21, but I still idolized him.

I walked over to the party. Lots of people were dancing, there were snack tables on one side of the square that had party-type snack foods and about every variety of soda imaginable, and the people who weren’t dancing or eating were happily chitchatting. After dancing with a couple of pretty girls (one dressed as a Barden Bella and one dressed as Eowyn) and sitting out a round to grab some pretzels and a chocolate chip cookie, I decided to dance another round. This one was a with a tall girl (exactly my height, and I’m six-foot-two) dressed as Bowsette. Her Bowsette mask covered more flesh than the rest of her clothing combined. Her huge breasts (had to be E-cups, minimum) looked like they were going to fall right out of her dress, which stopped about a quarter of the way down her thighs. And she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra.

As the song came to a halt, Bowsette whispered, “I live in my own apartment off campus. Want to ditch this party and come back with me for the weekend? We’ll have a lot of fun.”

I didn’t need very long to think that one over. “Lead the way, babe.”

She took my hand and led me to her car, a PT Cruiser. “Not the newest, but it’s reliable,” she informed me. “In fact, I like it so much that I made it my personal email address.” She took my phone and entered her email address in it, along with a phone number, under the name of Bowsette. I entered my phone number in her phone, under my name (Nick). We gave each other our phones back and put them away before getting into her car. She drove to a modest but nice residential neighborhood, where she owned a small house. Very small indeed, when she showed me around: one bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, and a kitchen/living room area that wasn’t particularly spacious.

“The bedroom is soundproofed, so that when I take home people for fun, we don’t disturb the neighbors,” she explained. I smiled, thinking about what we’d be doing in it. After we both made a pit stop, we went straight to the bedroom. She slipped out of her dress, revealing all of her body – she hadn’t been wearing panties either. The only thing she had on was the Bowsette mask. Her breasts actually fit her frame quite nicely, as all of her was huge. She didn’t look fat, though, just tall, thick-framed and very well maintained. Her butt, when she slowly turned a circle so I could view every inch of her, was firm and round. Her skin was tanned to perfection, except for the parts normally covered by a bikini.

I removed all of my clothes, and Bowsette gave my toned, muscular body an admiring look. I keep my brown hair in a buzzcut and had my beard and mustache removed permanently. I’ve been told Alanya Fetiş Escort my face looks very handsome. My body has zero excess fat, and I work out for an hour and a half a day to make sure it stays that way. My legs, like Bowsette’s, are strong and muscular. My upper body is sculpted.

“Yeah, you and I are going to have a ton of fun this weekend,” Bowsette grinned. “But first, just as a precaution…”

She produced a recording device, and asked me to state my name and age.

“Nick Belton, age 21.”

“Do you consent to do anything I want, sexually, for the rest of this weekend?”

“I do.”

She loaded the recording onto her computer. “Sorry about having to do that, but it’s been an issue before. I’m of course also over 18, in case you were wondering.” Then she produced a blindfold and placed it over my eyes, tying it tight. “This way your other senses will be enhanced.”

I had never been blindfolded before, but what the heck, you only live once. I felt Bowsette lift me onto the bed. Then I heard her climb onto it from the other side. She pulled me into an embrace from behind, and her lips brushed my neck. I could tell she was no longer wearing her mask.

She rotated me 180 degrees so she could kiss my lips. The kiss was gentle to begin with, but a few seconds later it had become open-mouthed and the two of us were actively twining tongues. We stopped only when we both needed to breathe.

Bowsette’s voice was husky as she murmured, “That was a great kiss, Nick.”

“Glad you liked it.”

“I liked it so much I want you to kiss me elsewhere.”

With that. I could feel Bowsette slide my body downwards. Her large breasts pressed against my face. I got the hint and after a moment of seeking, found her cleavage. I kissed my way slowly through it.

Bowsette shivered and she moaned softly. I felt around with my hands until I found her firm ass, and I wrapped my arms around her and groped it. Bowsette adjusted my face so that her nipple was resting against my lips. I opened my mouth and began suckling.

“Good boy.”

I suckled with greater intensity as Bowsette’s breathing deepened. She shifted my mouth to her other breast. Her hands caressed my back as I flickered my tongue over the tip of her nipple. She pressed her massive body more firmly against me. I continued to kiss and suckle on her chest. She held me more firmly as she began shivering.

“Keep… going…”

I did keep going. I squeezed her ass more tightly as I licked and sucked with every ounce of energy I had. Suddenly, she let out a lusty roar and her body thrashed. She pried my face off her chest when she could control her movements.

“Well done, Nick. You made me cum just from sucking my tits. Now it’s time for your reward.”

Bowsette pivoted me away from her and wrapped her arms around me, sliding a hand down to my already-hard cock.

“Is my reward what I think it is?”

Her hand slid up and down along my shaft.


I stopped talking and let myself enjoy being masturbated. Bowsette’s hand moved with a steady rhythm. Her grip was firm enough to stimulate me but not so tight as to hurt. Feeling her big body pressed up against me from behind was lovely.

“Mmmmmm,” I murmured. Bowsette continued her rhythmic stroking, occasionally rubbing her thumb over the tip of my rod. When she did that, pulses of pleasure shot through me and I moaned. She noticed and began doing it more frequently. As I got closer, she slid her other hand downward and began caressing and teasing my balls.

“I love draining the cum out of a man’s cock,” Bowsette whispered.

I merely Alanya Gecelik Escort grunted in response. My dick throbbed and pulsed. She was now moving her hand faster on my pole and using her fingertips on my sac to get me to the edge. Then she removed her hand from my balls right as I was about to cum, and used it to catch the jets of sperm that blasted from my pole as she pumped it. She didn’t stop jerking me until I began softening.

“Lovely,” Bowsette purred. “I hope you liked you reward.”

“I did.”

I could hear her licking her hand clean for a moment.

“Tasty. You ready to sleep now?”


“Good night, Nick.”

Bowsette kissed the nape of my neck and wrapped her arms around me. I faded out instantly.


When I woke, I was still blindfolded, and it took me a minute to process where I was. Bowsette helped me with my morning routine and then fed me what tasted like an omelette, along with oranges and what seemed to be water with a hint of watermelon flavor. Then we returned to the bed and she had me lay down with my head resting on her chest.

“We’ll have more sex tonight, so we’d better save up our energy,” she informed me.

I thought that was a wise decision. We spent the day snuggled together, listening to an audiobook. Bowsette fed me another meal en route. After the audiobook was finished, we had more food and made one last pit stop before heading back to her bed.

“I hope you enjoy both giving and receiving oral sex,” Bowsette giggled.

“I do like both,” I told her.

“Then you’ll love tonight.”

After about three or four long, deep lover’s kisses, my cock was hard and I could hear Bowsette fingering her pussy. She rolled me onto my back. I could feel her shift her body, and suddenly her wet box was pressed against my lips. I ran my tongue along her slit, tasting her, then poked it between her pussy lips.

Bowsette’s body pressed downwards more firmly, and I could feel her mouth take in the head of my cock. Her tongue traced delicate patterns over it, making me shiver. I drove my own tongue deeper into her, swirling it to try and get all her honey.

“Good boy, Nick.” Bowsette’s voice was slightly muffled by my rod, but understandable. Then she slipped her mouth all the way down, taking my pole to the base. Her tongue slithered up and down along my shaft, and my pole pulsed and throbbed. I lifted my hands up and found Bowsette’s rear. I groped two delightful handfuls of her flesh as I furiously lapped at her pussy. Her legs started to tense.

One of her hands found my balls as she licked and sucked on my dick. She knew, somehow, just what to do to make them fill even faster with my cum. My whole body started to lock up as I approached orgasm.

I let out a muffled grunt to let her know. She locked her legs tightly around my head. Right as I began blasting my load into her mouth, she gushed all over my face. I gulped down as much of her nectar as I could. She sealed her lips around the base of my pole and gulped down every drop of my cum.

A couple of minutes later, after we’d both recovered, I heard her get up. When she returned, she cleaned my face and chest with what felt like a wet washcloth.

“You did a great job eating me out,” she explained.

“I’m glad. That was an incredible blowjob.”


With that, she pulled me against her and we fell asleep again.


“One day of fun left,” Bowsette said as she fed me pancakes with syrup. “So we can only wait until the afternoon, and then I’ll have to take you back.”

“Can we do this again?”

“I’m really busy during the school Alanya Genç Escort year. We’d have to wait until the semester ends. But absolutely, I’d love to do it again. You do have my number.”

After a restful, relaxing morning where Bowsette snuggled me and read some short stories to me, we were ready for our final bit of fun time in her bed.

“Have you ever been fucked?” Bowsette asked. She was holding me from behind, and had just rubbed some lube into my ass crack. Something firm and plastic was poking at my bumhole.

“Um, not like this, no.”

“Then I promise I’ll be gentle. You’ll really enjoy yourself. The male G-spot is inside a man’s ass. You knew that already, right?”

“Uh, no, actually. I did not.”

“Well, then, you’re one of today’s lucky 10,000.”

I chuckled and tried to relax my muscles as Bowsette slowly eased inside my rear with the plastic thing. True to her word, she was very gentle, moving at a pace that let my body adjust to the sensation.

When she got all the way in, she simply held me for a moment, nuzzling my neck. “Ready?”

“I guess.”

There was a buzzing sound, and the thing inside me started vibrating. The tip of it began moving in a circle. The sensations it produced made me shudder. My cock stiffened fully within 10 seconds.

“I knew you’d like this.” Bowsette’s hand cupped and teased my balls. Her other arm was wrapped around me, holding me against her. “I’m going to make you cum without actually touching your cock.”

It took me an instant to reply, as my higher brain functions were being shut down by the surges of pleasure shooting through me. “What about you?”

“It has a clitoral stimulator.”

Bowsette moaned as the device continued to move. She wasn’t even sliding in and out, just holding me still as it stimulated me from inside. Her skilled fingers on my balls were getting me quite hard.

Her body began quivering. I could feel it against me. Knowing she was close got me even hotter. My legs tensed and my balls ached with pleasure.

Bowsette let out a scream of pure lust as she thrashed through a climax. That caused the device inside me to move a bit more than it had been. It hit some spot in me that set me off. Cum jetted out of my cock for a good 10 seconds before my spurts slowed and then stopped.

Bowsette pulled out, leaving me lying on the bed, dazed and spent. My back-channel felt empty. She must have left the bedroom door open, because I could hear water running as she presumably cleaned the toy and then herself.

When she came back, she removed my blindfold. I blinked a few times as my eyes readjusted to the light. She was again wearing the party dress and Bowsette mask.

“Go ahead and shower up, then get dressed and I’ll take you on back.”

I did just that. On the drive to the dorms, I thanked her for an awesome time.

“I’m glad you liked it as much as I did.”


On Monday, my second class of the day was a women’s studies class on feminism that fulfilled a breadth requirement. I could have taken other classes to fill it, but a class on feminism sounded interesting.

The professor walked into the room right on time. All the students were already seated, with their notebooks ready. She was tall, blonde, and looked very professional. Eyeglasses that made her face look stern, a long-sleeved blouse buttoned all the way to the neck that, along with a bra, did their very best to hide her large chest, and a skirt that came down to an inch of the floor. She was big in every direction.

“My name is Patricia Tarrant. I’m here to teach you about how good life can be for both partners when women are in charge of things. You don’t have to be an abusive jerk to a man to assert yourself.” She looked over the class. “Just one male student?” Her eyes rested on me. “Here to learn about how wonderful having the correct woman in your life can be when she is in charge? Or perhaps… you’ve already had that experience.”

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