Exposure Therapy Sixth Session

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I understood that I could use help from more people than just my therapist. But I didn’t know if this was the right way to go.

Hopefully my upcoming session could set my mind at ease.

I felt like my addiction had taken a different turn.

I knocked on the door to my therapist’s office, and hoped her counseling could set me straight. Quite literally.

The door opened.

“Hi Sweetie, how lovely it is to see you again.”

I had to look up to see into Doctor Cox’s eyes. What had happened? Had I shrunk during the last week or had she grown? Her big beautiful tits were at the same level as my eyes.

I couldn’t think of how that could have happened before Doctor Cox moved forward and gave me a hug.

Since the position of my face were where it was. It got completely engulfed by pillowy tits.

Today Doctor Cox was wearing something totally different then her usual garments.

Between her tits the key to my cage was hanging teasingly by a chain around her neck.

She had a red dress on that showed a lot of cleavage and went down to her knees. It was flowing loosely from her waist down. But tight around her stomach, and her two perfect breasts were very prominent.

It felt like something you would wear if you wanted to get laid.

Her hair was hanging loosely and was a bit ruffled. Like she’d recently been wrestling.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I had reached my hands out just as her tits enveloped my face.

The peculiar thing was that the skin of her breasts was goey.

They weren’t sweaty. But they were sticky, almost like some kind of moisturizer had been used. It smelled familiar. But different. I couldn’t really place it.

I didn’t even have time to answer before my face was covered by her tits.

“Oh how I’ve missed you.” She said while giving me a big hug. Driving my head even deeper between her big tits.

“I want to hear all your thoughts about your week. My Good little Boy is going to love this session. I just know it. We are going to play and train, and do a lot of new things.”

She seemed to be so happy to see me. Like a mother who hasn’t seen her son in years, then finally being able to see each other.

She softened her grip around me.

And I realized I hadn’t been able to breathe while my head had been pressed into her big mommy milkers.

As I took a deep breath in I could smell a heavy aroma. It made my mouth water.

Is had a similar smell to my favorite treat. But it was a thicker richer smell.

She looked down on me, I had been looking into her cleavage for a while before I had noticed, and I looked up to look into her eyes.

“Sweetie, you look so cute down there. Like a little boy wanting to suckle on his mommy’s boobies.” She smiled her warm motherly smile.

“I know how we’ll start the session, follow me and you’ll love what I have in store for you.”

Doctor Cox took my hand in hers, and led me to the couch.

When I started following I looked down for the first time, and understood why she was taller then usual. She was wearing slender stiletto heels. That greatly increased her length.

I continued to follow her, but his time she didn’t sit down in her chair opposite me. She sat down in the couch and patted the seat next to her. Indicating where I should sit.

I sat down. I realized I hadn’t said a word and was just about to speak. But she continued.

“For the start of this session I want you laying down, and since the couch isn’t long enough for you laying down and me sitting next to you. You’ll have to rest your head in my lap in order for us to fit.”

I mean she was right. There wasn’t room for us both on the couch.

But why did she need to be there? We had never started our sessions like this before.

I started laying down, and felt her hand gently on the back of my head. Guiding it to her lap. I rested my head in between her thighs. Looking up at her, able to see her face behind her massive breasts.

She started patting my head.

“Later in today’s session I want you to focus on pleasure. In different ways to give pleasure, and in different ways to receive it. Sometimes they intermingle. So that the act of giving pleasure to someone actually makes you feel pleasurable. In that you feel happy, and make yourself proud of what you can accomplish.

But first tell me about your week.”

“The new stretching techniques is really improving my flexibility. I can easily put my legs behind my head now, so when I’m stretching my back by laying on my shoulders and my legs above my head I could almost reach my crotch to my face.”

“That’s wonderful news. Positions like that is so healthy for you. Feeling that deep stretch is something you’ll always want to seek out. What about your weight training how has that been progressing?”

She leaned over a little to the side, and pressed her hand between the side of my body and the couch.

Then grabbed my right buttcheek and gave it a squeeze.

“Have you been doing your squats and all the other exercises you were to şişli escort do. To build a stronger foundation?”

That felt so good having her stroke my head with one hand and then squeeze my butt with the other.

“I have. I’ve been slowly but surely increasing the weight or the number of repetitions I do on each exercise.”

I flexed my butt muscles.

“And I think I’m getting results.”

“Oh I can definitely feel that! Everyone loves a nice juicy ass! But tell me. How do your balls feel? Did my solution work?

In fact.”

With that she took her hand of my butt and started to undo the button in the front of my pants.

“I want to see if they are as blue as last time.”

She continued to unzip my pants.

“Pull down your pants and underwear so I can inspect those balls.”

I raised my butt lifted my legs and took down my pants to my ankles, while still laying with my head in Doctor Cox’s lap.

“Oh what cute underwear you have. When did you buy these?”

I groaned a little. I felt so silly.

“I bought them when I visited the store. Miss Dickens said that they would feel more comfortable while wearing my cage, and that they would match.”

Match they did. A pink pair of “tight briefs” as she had told me at the store. They did feel very snug around my package. Which felt nice. So I guess her saying that they would feel more comfortable was true in that sense. But they had a tendency to ride themselves in between my cheeks.

“Miss Dickens truly have a great taste in clothing. I think they look completely gorgeous on you.

Maybe we could update your wardrobe a bit. With the help from miss Dickens.

But enough talk about your pink underwear.”

Doctor Cox hand grabbed my balls and locked dick.

“It’s not as blue as the last session. So I can see that we have a way to release the pressure of those balls a little at least. Now you can answer the questions I asked you before. How does your balls feel? And did my solution work?”

Where to begin?

“Well my balls feel really full and swollen. Maybe not as much as last time. But it’s definitely aching.

It has been throughout the week, except after I was at the store, and the new stretching exercises hasn’t been helpful with decreasing the aching.”

“Do you mean that they have been affecting you negatively?”

“At least the new dynamic internal exercises has been making it harder to just focus on the stretch and not focus on other things, which makes my balls grow.”

“Oh I see what you mean. Those naughty thoughts can’t help themselves to rise to the top of your mind. I can imagine it must be hard to not think about cock when your deepthroating your stretching tool. Or maybe imagining a BBC fucking your ass when you’re doing your dynamic anal stretching exercises.

But the only way to overcome your insecurities it to face them head on.”

Ones again I could feel my dick trying to get hard. Doctor Cox was still holding and squeezing my package. Almost like she had a stress ball that she was massaging unconsciously.

“It’s even harder to focus then last week. I feel like my mind has been consumed by the thought of cumming, almost as much as before. When I was able to jerk of whenever I wanted.”

“I think that’s a sign that we can change the focus of your training.

I want you to show me the back stretching exercise today, and if I think that your technique and flexibility is good enough. Then during next weeks tasks and training, you won’t need to do as many internal stretching exercises.”

That was for the best, my imagination had really been taking over lately, and not having to do as many exercises sounded like a good way to help with my cumming obsession.

“That sounds good, ma’am.”

She started to gently massage my balls. In a very loving way, and spoke in a nurturing motherly tone.

“When you are laying here with your head in my lap and your cute underwear around your ankles. You give the impression of a real momma’s boy. Waiting for Mommy to give you your milk that you’ve been dying to drink.

You look so cute Sweetie. Would you like to be Mommy’s Good little Boy for the rest of the session?”

Wow! This was so amazing. Getting fondled and looking up at my Goddess. This was a big kink of mine.

The fantasy of a loving Mommy taking care of her Good Boy. Something was just so pleasing with that scene.

“Yes ma’am I would love to.”

“Oh you silly boy, you have to call me Mommy from now on. Not ma’am.

Would you like to be Mommy’s Good little Boy?”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Good Boy, now tell Mommy how your visit with miss Dickens went.”

I closed my eyes and started telling the story.

“Before I went their I had been quite nervous. Since I didn’t know what I was there to buy. Plus that I was quite horny because I had just done some dynamic internal stretching exercises at home.”

“Awww Baby”

Mommy said while gently squeezing my balls.

“Sucking Cock is an incredibly erotic thing to do. Mommy also LOVES taksim escort sucking Big Black Cock. So I don’t blame you for getting horny. It’s actually very normal for you to have those feelings.

But don’t let me interrupt your story. What happened at the store?”

I could feel myself starting to leak precum on my stomach as she talked. But I tried to focus on what had happened, instead of the constant slow dribble, the small pool that was forming.

“When I entered the store I saw miss Dickens at ones. She had a similar attire to what she was wearing when she was on her knees last time.

A white tank top that was showing a lot of cleavage. It was a little transparent, so you could clearly see her pierced nipples through the fabric. She was standing behind the counter so I couldn’t see what she was wearing from her waist down.

She was fiddling with something, so I greeted her first.

“Good day ma’am. How are you today?”

She looked up from what she was doing, saw me and smiled widely.

“Hello there Sweetie, I’m great now that you’re here. I have been waiting for you to come.

What brings you in today?”

Doctor Cox hadn’t told me what I should buy. So I didn’t know what to expect.

“I’m not completely sure. Have you talked to Doctor Cox, she said that I were to buy some items and listen to your instructions. Because you knew what to do about my aching.”

“Oh Britney, or Miss Cox rather. She came in and had a little talk with me.

She wanted me to help you find new toys. But also help you with your blue balls problem.”

I didn’t know how much of my training Doctor Cox had talked about to Miss Dickens. So I didn’t know what I could talk about without telling things I didn’t have to say.

“Oh okay, yeah the device I bought last time makes my balls ache when I’ve been horny, which I seem to be all the time.”

“That is one of the inevitable consequences of wearing a chastity cage. But luckily for you, I know a way to ease that ache.

So when you leave here, that ache won’t be as prominent.”

Doctor Cox intervened the story.

“I thought that was the case! I told you she was an expert in her field.

You’re so lucky that she volunteered to help you without even asking for money. She understood how important this was for you, and took pity on you.

So that your transformation into becoming the person you were always meant to be, would go even faster.”

I hadn’t even thought about that. Miss Dickens was a businesswoman, and she was taking time out of her day to help me. And she hadn’t even asked for money.

“I have to remember to thank her for helping me.”

“Indeed you do. So how did she handle your little problem?”

I continued my story. Miss Dickens said.

“You have to be very horny for this method to work, and therefore I know exactly what you need.”

Miss Dickens clothing had already made me horny but I didn’t want her to know that. So I just did what she told me to do instead of telling her that I already was horny.

“What do you want me to do?”

I asked her.

“Miss Cox has told me she has used a blindfold on you before, and that you responded well to that. So in order for you to get horny, you’ll have to wear a blindfold here behind the counter.

“H-h-here at the counter? What if someone comes in?”

“You don’t have to worry about that Sweetie. If you’re on your knees here behind. No one entering will be able to see you. So you don’t have to worry about being seen at all.”

It felt so public, even though no one would be able to see me. I would be right there. Just a meter from other people who wanted to pay for their purchases.

“Can’t I be behind the curtain and do whatever it is I should do?”

“You need my help, and I can’t be in the back. When I have customers in the store. Do you understand Honeybun?”

I could understand her argument, so I guess I had to try to just not get caught at whatever I had to do.

“Yes I understand ma’am.”

“That’s good Sweetie, here take this blindfold and I’ll put you where I want you.”

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get into position first. But I didn’t want to question Miss Dickens once more, so I took the blindfold and put it on. My world went dark.

I just hoped that the door wouldn’t open until I was in position.

Luckily it didn’t. I heard Miss Dickens stepping around the counter. Apparently she was wearing high heels. Because I could hear the sexy clicking noise of heels.

She grabbed my hand and led me to where I hoped was behind the counter where no one could see me.

She pressed on my shoulders.

“Kneel down Sweetie, for the first part of the treatment you’ll have to be down on your knees.”

I started going down on my knees. But because I was wearing a blindfold, my balance was a little out of whack.

So as my first leg was going down I felt myself losing balance, and grabbed something to keep me from falling.

I reached in front of me and grabbed something big and squishy.

I beşiktaş escort realized at ones that it was one of miss Dickens tits that I had grabbed.

But because I didn’t want to fall over I kept my hand gently holding it. Losing my initial grip some.

“Oh you naughty little boy! Are you sure you are wearing that blindfold correctly. So cheeky. I didn’t categorize you as someone who took what he wanted. Rather did what he was told.”

“I-I-I’m so sorry ma’am. I lost my balance. I didn’t know what I was grabbing.”

She repositioned my blindfold a little.

I was now down on my knees and had let go of her big tit.

“If you continue to be a naughty little boy I’ll have to teach you a lesson in manners. Do you understand that Boy?”

“Yes of course ma’am. It won’t happen again.”

She pressed on my shoulders again. But this time for me to scoot backwards.

I did just that and felt myself backing onto a carpet. I felt the back of my feet meet a wall, and my knees was now also on the carpet.

“Their you go. Right where I want you.

Miss Cox haven’t told me that much about your fetishes so why don’t you talk about what makes you horny.”

(Actually she had told of quite a few of the kinks I had, and how she intended to deal with my addiction, but that was nothing I knew.)

That was good. Doctor Cox hadn’t said more then necessary, and I could try to just say as little information as possible.

“When I use my stretching tool I get horny.”

“Your stretching tool? What is that, and how does that make you horny?”

Realizing that I had given her more info then what I needed. I should’ve just said dildo. Since she already knew that I had bought it. Now I felt I had to explain…

“The first toy that I bought here. Doctor Cox has made me use it so that I can do internal stretching exercises. So that I can be more relaxed.”

“That sounds logical, are you using it to stretch both holes, and do you get horny when you’re doing both stretching exercises?”

Why didn’t I just start by saying the dildo made me horny?

“I use it in both holes for the best health benefits, and both exercises gets me horny. But I try my hardest to focus on the stretching, and not the sexual nature of the exercises.”

“I’m sure you do Sweetie, for this particular treatment though I want you to be very horny. So I’ll help you visualize sexy thoughts. Don’t worry about if what you’re hearing is a little naughty and slutty. It’s all part of the process.”

This reminded me of the session I had with Doctor Cox. But this was to help me ease the ache in my balls. So I hoped it would be effective.

“Since you like your sex toy that you got the first time that we met. I think we will use that as a base for today. I’m going to do a little role playing with you. So don’t think to deep about what I tell you.

Now, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

I did what I was told. Realizing I was going to have a throat stretching exercise. Since that’s what I had said I liked.

“That’s a Good Slut. You look so cute with your cock sucking lips in their proper position. Here, take my cock in your cock hungry mouth.”

I proceeded to feel what must’ve been a dildo on my tongue. She was lightly slapping my tongue and then pressed it in my mouth.

“Suck just the head and use a lot of tongue.”

I started sucking in earnest. It did have the same feeling to it as the other dildos I had sucked on. Even though both my own and the ones in Doctor Cox’s office looked very lifelike this dildo FELT more lifelike.

She must’ve been wearing a strap on. Because I could feel both her hands at the back of my head.

Then I realized. Of course! She had already been wearing the strap on when I entered the store. That’s why I couldn’t go around the counter before I was blindfolded.

That would have ruined the surprise she had for me.

“There you go, you can really suck a good cock. You’re training has certainly been paying off.”

She started thrusting her hips, and holding my head still, so that she were face fucking me with her strap on.

I didn’t struggle to much. Her strap on was just slightly wider then my own dildo. But not as wide as the BBC that Doctor Cox had me show her my progress on.

I hadn’t reached the base of the dildo yet. So I didn’t know how long it was.

“I can see that you love sucking cock by how eager you are to please. But I want to see the proof in your pants as well. Scoot your pants and underwear down so I can see your caged little dick.”

I focused on getting my pants down which was quite difficult since I was still on my knees. I must’ve stopped sucking because she gave my cheek a light slap with one of her hands.

“A good slut has to be able to multitask, you should be able to suck cock while doing other tasks. Sucking with proper technique should be second nature for sluts. It should be as natural as breathing.”

I kept tugging my pants and underwear down while trying to keep the suction on the dildo. I got them to above my knees. They couldn’t go any further then that. If I were to keep kneeling.

But it seemed to be enough because she could see my package.

“Oh look at that. Your underwear is all wet. Your little dickie has made a big mess.”

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