Exposed Hotwife Part 01

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Exposed Hotwife Part 01NOT MY STORYA new story, writing at the request of another nicely evil member. Mmm, Thanks for the victim’s photos. Sorry, I’m not sharing those. lolChris is a 45 yr old school teacher. She has bleach blond hair, and an attractive body for her age. Her and her husband enjoy a secretive ‘Hot Wife’ lifestyle. Nothing really kinky; Just the odd man here and there. Her husband likes to ‘loan’ her out to his friends, as well as powerful people in their community. Many perks come from the later; Getting out of tickets, etc. She enjoys her power over the men; using her body to get what she wants. It helps that she enjoys the sex, as well as the risk that comes with living a ‘Secret’ life. Their problem is the fact that they reside in a very small town, and she works as a school teacher. Each new encounter puts her job and their lifestyle at risk. Still she could not stop, even if her husband would let her. Hell, her husband even kept track of her lovers in his own spreadsheet. She looked forward to each new erotic encounter, tingling inside when her husband brought someone new to their home. There still is one known fact; Word does get around, and playing Russian roulette with your reputation can be quite dangers. Chris was about to find this out.**************************************************Chris had the day off from work. She started it off with a long, relaxing, hot bath. Tipping her head back, she succumbed to the usual erotic thoughts. Her hands began to wander across her skin, eventually finding their way to her damp sex. Pumping them inside her flesh, she lifted her hips from the soapy water, splashing away to her erotic dreams.Unknown to her; Chris was being watched. Five young men had crept into her house, jimmying the back door. While the others sorted through drawers, seeking valuables, one was watching her from the cracked bathroom door. These were not your regular, garden variety thieves; They were there for another reason. Theft was just a perk. Older, now in their 20’s, these thieves used to be her students.They had heard rumors of the ‘Hot bartın escort Wife’, and wanted to partake in her charms. She had always been the ‘Goody Good’ school teacher, but this had been a lie. The one watching her knew this now. He saw her moaning like a slut, furiously thrusting her fingers in and out of her cunt, while flicking her erect nipple with the other hand. Quietly, he moved to the next room to gather his friends. Smiling inwardly, he knew, when they made their move, she would be smelling of her own cum.He was met in the living room by another young man.”Hey, look what I found,’ the man exclaimed, placing a notebook and shoebox of photos on the coffee table. ‘It’s the mother-lode; Names and dates of all of the bitches’ lovers, and photos to boot.””This could take down a lot of people,” One of them stated, thumbing a photo in his hand. The photo was one of Chris, engaged in an obvious 69 with a naked man. The man’s blue uniform with badge, lay in a heap at the foot of the bed.”Hey, isn’t that…” a man asked glancing over the others shoulder.”Ohhh yeaaa,” came the response.Chris did not hear the commotion. She was drying off and throwing on some clothes. Not bothering with a bra, she slipped on a short yellow t-shirt, a light blue pair of bikini panties, and her short blue denim shorts. Her plan was to just lounge around the house all day. She hoped that later that night, her husband might bring a friend over. Lifting her fingers up to her nose, she inhaled her own scent and smiled.She walked into the living room, discovering the five men, and screamed. As they turned, she recognized them as former students. Three of them were white, the other two black. They had always been low-life’s that could never hold a job very long. Next, she noticed the notebook and pictures in their hands. Immediately she felt both anger and embarrassment.”W…What are you doing here,’ she demanded, ‘Get out! Put those down, and get out!””Now, now, Teach, you don’t want to be like that,” One of the men stated.As he talked, two of the others quietly made their batman escort way behind Chris.”From the look of these photos, you’re quite the slut. You wouldn’t want five hard dicks to just walk out; Would you? You realize; The school board would be very interested in this information; To say the least, the wives of some of these men pictured.””Come on now,’ she said, slightly trembling in fear. ‘Please, just put them down and leave. Leave, and I won’t call the cops.””Oh, I don’t think the Chief of Police would be of much help. Not when he finds out you have his name on your list, and a few pictures of his naked ass between your widely spread legs,” he replied.”Please, You couldn’t. You wouldn’t?””Well, maybe if you were to give us a little strip show? We are all wanting to see you naked. You can do that for us, right?” he asked.”If…if I do that, will you leave?” she sobbed.”It’s possible,” he replied.”You promise?” she inquired.”Teach, I don’t think your in a position to make demands,” he added.Chris dropped her head in shame. “Ok,” she said.”I didn’t hear that, What did you say?””OK,” she shot back a little louder, with anger.”Joe, cue some music for the old lady,”A tall, skinny, young, white man picked up his cell phone, hit play, and placed it over the fireplace. A loud, raunchy rap number began to fill the room.Hesitant at first, Chris began to sway to the beat, and rock her hips.”Oh, no,’ the first one said. Taking the edge of the coffee table, he d**g it to the middle of the floor. ‘Up here, on the table. We want a good view.”A black man took her hand and helped her up to the table, where she continued her slow sexual sway.Trying to forget the men; Chris closed her eyes feeling the beat. Forgetting herself, she began to run her hands over her body, cupping her breasts, caressing her thighs, and rolling her hips like a dollar-show stripper.”Come on now, show us some flesh,” she heard.A larger, thickly muscled white man came prepared. He picked up his video camera, and unbeknown to Chris, hit record.Her ass cheeks peaked from beneath the short escort bayan legs of her shorts, as she gyrated her ass. Picking up the corner of her t-shirt, she slowly rolled it up her belly, exposing the bottom curve of a fleshy breast before allowing a firm nipple to peak out. The men hooted and hollered, dropping their pants, and openly stroking their hardening cocks. Over her head the shirt went, landing on the head of a nearby black man. Next came the shorts, being tantalizingly unbuttoned and rolled down her white legs. Chris was quite good at this. She had done it many times before, though not to a crowd of more then 2. This soon left her in nothing but the light blue panties. She planned on keeping those on.The panties tightly stretched over the rounded cheeks of her ass, and snugly clung to the obvious damp crease of her vulva.”All of it, Teach. Bend over and show us that tight round hole of yours.””Please, I don’t think…” she said.”I do,” he said, tapping the stack of photos in his hand.Reluctantly she bent over, teasingly slipping the material down her thighs, exposing all of her hidden treasures to the horny men. One by one, they came up to touch her, rubbing their awful hands up and down her freshly shaved legs.”Enough,’ the large man with the camera said, handing it off to another, ‘Time for you to slob my knob,”The music suddenly stopped. It got ghostly quite in the large room.”I…I only promised a dance,” she said, backing away from the large man. She looked to the others, seeking some one to help, only finding hard, naked cocks staring back.”I did not promise shit,” he replied, snatching her by the hair.With one quick jerk, he yanked Chris to her knees. They hit the coffee table with a painful ‘Thud!’. She found herself looking into the cum dripping, mushroom head of a throbbing, white shaft. Despite her fear; Her mouth instinctively watered. She had wanted cock earlier this morning, but no, nothing like this. This was ****; Against her will, and in a room full of lustful men. Men that were tossing their clothes into chairs, swiftly transforming into naked, evil, r****ts; Intent on one thing, (Well, more than one thing), ravishing her flesh, and making her pay for pretending to be that ‘Goody Good’ teacher of old.Chris cringed, then gagged, as the thick thrust of a cock, opened her throat like the filling a water balloon.

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