Explorers Ch. 08

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I got home during the late afternoon. Marcia was back from the mall so the two of us washed my car. We squirted and splashed each other with water and played grab ass. By the time we finished we were both pretty turned on. We were both breathing hard. I had a hard-on for my sister. Marcia’s breasts and pebble hard nipples were visible through her soaked t-shirt.

After dinner, Marcia got ready for her date and Dad and I washed his and Mom’s cars. I watched TV, until bedtime, with Mom and Dad. After I got into bed I stroked my dick and remembered how great it was to be sucking Kenny’s big cock while Eva fucked herself and me by riding up and down on my cock. I fell asleep with a big hard-on in my hand and a wish for a big cock in my mouth.

Sunday morning’s are pretty relaxed. Mom takes a break and everyone fends for themselves for breakfast. I was scrambling a couple of eggs when Marcia came into the kitchen.

“Boy, you’re up early, Gary.”

“So are you. Would you like some eggs?”

“Sure. What else are you having?”

“Just toast and juice. How was your date?”

O.K., I guess.”

“You guess? Who’d you go out with?”


“Chuck’s brother?”


“I didn’t know you were dating him.”

“This was the first time. He asked a couple of weeks ago if I would like to go to the amusement park with him and some other kids.”

“Did you have a good time?”

“It was crowded and hot and dusty, but it was O.K. There’s something I’d like to talk about with you some time.”

The toast popped up just as I spooned the eggs onto two plates. “You want to talk now?”

“No. Later. It’s kind of personal. And private.”

Part of the Sunday newspaper was on the table so we read it while we ate. After breakfast I helped Dad with a bunch of yard work. After Sunday dinner, we all just kicked back and relaxed. I called Bubbie and told him about my job. I gave him the number of the cell phone that I carried at work.

On Monday morning Sandy was at the office when I arrived. She was dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

“Good morning, Gary. I thought I would go over with you to the house. I want to see how much clean up and fix up needs to be done.”

“As I remember, the yard was pretty much a mess.”

“I suspect the inside of the house and the garage is too.”

I drove the company truck and Sandy followed in her car. The garage was full of old lumber and other trash. The main floor of the house wasn’t too bad, just some trash and a couple of pieces of old furniture. The basement was another story. There were at least two mattress and box spring sets and a lot of broken glass and garbage. After looking things over Sandy ordered a large mobile trash bin.

“I think I’ll get started in the yard first so we can get around without breaking a leg.”

“Good idea, Gary. As soon as I make this call, I’ll come out and help you for awhile.”

I got the shovel and rake out of the truck and began raking and shoveling stuff into piles.

Sandy came out of the house. “The bin will be here around eleven.”

“We sure could use a wheel barrow to haul this junk to the bin.”

“Well, let’s go buy one.”

I took some of the tool boxes out of the truck to make room for the wheel barrow. Sandy helped carry them into the house. After locking the house, we drove to a home supply store. We located the wheel barrows. Each time we tried out a different one, Sandy would stand close to me or she would touch my hands and arms. We settled on a large lawn cart with two big wheels. It was easy to push or pull and unload and balance wasn’t a problem.

The cart was unassembled. On the way back to the house, we stopped at a service station and inflated the cart tires. Again, Sandy touched me as she helped me. At the house we unloaded the cart. Sandy unlocked the house and I got the tools so we could assemble the cart. She held the handles and so on steady as I tightened the bolts. The trash bin arrived just as we finished assembling the cart.

Sandy raked and I loaded and hauled yard trash to the bin until lunch time. She surprised me by getting a small cooler out of her car. I got my sack lunch. We ate lunch in the shade of an old tree. We worked together until mid-afternoon when Sandy decided to head back to the office. She certainly wasn’t afraid of work and she smelled really good when she worked up a sweat.

While I was putting the tools away and locking up, the cell phone rang. When I answered it, I was surprised to find myself talking with Gord.

“Sorry to bother you at work, Gary. I talked with Ernie, er, Coach, this morning and he gave me your work cell phone number after he told me about your job.”

“Er, that’s O.K., Gord. I’m just putting stuff away for the night.”

“The reason I’m calling is to ask if you might be able to come over to our house for a little cookout tomorrow evening. I’ve told my wife about you and she really wants to meet you.”

“Uh, yes, I can do that.”

“That’s Bayrampaşa Escort great, Gary. See you about sixish then?”

“Uh, O.K. Thanks for the invitation.”

After I hung up, I wondered how much Gord had told his wife. I wondered if he told her how I had sucked his dick until it was hard so he could fuck me and blow a big load of cum up my ass.

That evening, I told Mom that I wouldn’t be eating dinner at home the next evening because a friend of Coach’s was having a cookout and that I had been invited.

The next morning Sandy was again ready to work at the house. This time she got her cooler and rode with me in the truck. We decided to tackle the basement. It was a job getting the mattresses and box springs up the basement steps. It turned out there were two sets for a double bed and several old twin bed mattresses in the pile.

As we pushed and pulled them up the steps and out to the trash bin, we couldn’t help but bump into and brush against each other. Sandy did have a firm butt packed into her jeans. After lunch we went back to do some more cleanup in the yard. I asked her if it was O.K. for me to take my t-shirt off while we worked.

She laughed, “Sure. That’s fine. I’ve always envied you guys because you can work without a shirt and no one says anything.” She spread her arms and thrust her chest out. “I’d get arrested if I took off my shirt while I was working.” The buttons on her shirt were just about ready to pop.

“If it is O.K., I’d like to wrap up a little early. I’ve been invited to a cookout after work.”

“That sounds like fun. I should get back to the office in time to return any calls that I may have received.”

Shortly after that, we put everything away and drove back to the office. When I got home I showered and shaved. It always takes a little longer now since I’ve been shaving my cock and balls. I changed into shorts, a sport shirt and sandals. Gord had given me directions to his house and I pulled into the driveway just after six o’clock.

Gord called to me from the gate between the house and the garage. “Hi, Gary. I thought I heard someone drive up. Come on through. We’re relaxing in the back yard.”

He held the gate open for me and I followed him. When we turned the corner at the rear of the house, I noticed a very striking woman who was relaxing on a lounge chair. She stood as we approached. Gord turned to me and smiled, “Gary, please meet my wife, Billie.”

Billie extended her hand. I took it, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.”

She took my hand in both of hers, “It’s nice to finally meet you, Gary. Gordie has spoken so highly of you.”

Again, I wondered what he had spoken about with her. She was taller than Gord and she spoke with a rich, rather melodious voice.

Gord indicated a couple of chairs. His wife lay back on the lounge. “Would you like something to drink, Gary? We have a little time before dinner is ready.”

“Thanks. A beer would be fine.”

He opened a cooler and handed me a cold brew. He took one for himself. Billie looked over at him, “Be a dear, Gordie, and refresh my gin and tonic.” He fixed the drink then took a chair across from Billie and me.

We all sat quietly. I looked around the backyard. The silence was almost embarrassing. “Um, this is a nice place that you have here.”

Gord smiled, “Yes, we like it.”

“Especially since we hired someone to do all the work to put it in,” interjected Billie.

“And to maintain it,” laughed Gord.

Billie turned to me, “Gordie tells me that you are working and going to college?”

“Uh, yes. Both part time.”

“That’s so ambitious of you.”

Gord stood up. “I’ll check the grill.” He turned to Billie, “See. I told you he was quite the young man.” He walked across the patio to a large barbecue grill. We watched him open the cover and check something. “Dinner’s ready,” he called. “I hope you like beef and vegetable shish kabobs, Gary.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Billie smiled as she stood up. As I stood, she took my hand and held it as we walked to the picnic table on the other side of the patio. “Be sure and pour the wine, Gordie.”

After we were seated and had begun to eat, Billie put her fork down and looked at me, “Gordie tells me that you’re an enthusiastic and versatile member of the club he belongs to.”

I stopped eating and looked at Gord.

He chuckled, “Sorry Billie was so direct, Gary. We have a very open relationship and she knows all about the goings on at Ernie’s club for men. As a matter of fact, that is why I wanted the two of you to meet.”

She smiled, “I’ve known that Gordie has had a thing for men ever since we met. We have a very satisfactory sex life of our own and I like Gordie to be happy so it pleases me that he has found a group of men with like desires. He is also a bit of an exhibitionist and it thrills and excites him to have me watch while he has sex with another man.”

There was no question about which direction this conversation was taking. Bayrampaşa Escort Gord picked up the conversation. “I’ve enjoyed our sessions together at the club and I just know Billie will really like seeing me perform oral sex on you. I know I would enjoy doing it for her to watch.”

“That’s an offer that’s hard to refuse,” I grinned. Besides, Gord was pretty good at giving head and, if he and Billie were like Dan and Laura, I might get lucky and get into her pants. Billie was a nice looking woman and I’ll bet Gord got his rocks off by watching her have sex with other people too.

The conversation turned to other topics until we finished eating. “Why don’t you get ready and Gary and I will continue our conversation over another glass of wine.” She first refilled my wine glass then hers.

Gord practically leaped up from the table. “That’s a good idea, dear.”

Billie called after him, “Ring when you’re ready.” She turned to me. “Gordie is such a dear. He so enjoys himself with his men friends. Everyone at the club is so nice, but I’m glad he has found a younger friend in you, Gary.” She placed her hand on mine. “I so enjoy young men.” Then she began to rub her fingers across the back of my hand. We heard the faint chime of a bell from somewhere in the house.

Billie stood. “That’s Gordie. He’s ready for us.” She took my hand and led me into the house. We turned into a hall and she moved closer and slipped her arm behind my back. “I hope you don’t feel as if we are soliciting you or that we are procuring you for sex.”

“Oh, no. I’m rather intrigued that you like to watch your husband give head to another man.”

Billie laughed, “If he isn’t pleasing you, tell him so and make him do better.”

Down the hall, a dim light showed faintly under a door. “Ah, here we are.” Billie pushed the door open and we stepped into the room. She closed the door soundlessly behind us. She took a seat in low chair on one side of the room. I couldn’t see much because of the low level of lighting in the room. She didn’t invite me to sit down.

There was a soft knock on the door. “Come in, Gina. Let us see how you look tonight.”

“Gina?” I was somewhat confused.

A rather nice looking dark haired woman entered the room. She was wearing a flowing negligee.

Billie turned up the lights a little. “Come here. Let us see you. Take off your negligee”

“Yes, Mistress.” ‘Gina’ walked slowly across the room and stepped in front of Billie. She slowly twirled around, dropping her negligee as she did so.

“Oh, I’m glad to see that you’re wearing one of your sluttier costumes tonight. Doesn’t she just make a perfect slut, Gary?”

“Uh, er, I, ah.” I looked at Gina/Gord. She/he was wearing a soft looking shoulder length brunet wig, a rather garish silver and red corset with garter straps, red fishnet hosiery, and silver high heeled shoes. Gina/Gord’s dick made a bulge in the front of her/his red panties.

“Let me inspect your makeup.” Gina/Gord got on her/his knees in front of Billie. “Oh, Gina, you never put on enough lipstick. Here. Apply some more.” Billie handed Gina/Gord a hand mirror and a tube of lipstick. Her/his lips were inspected, by Billie, after she/he applied another layer.

“That’s much better, Gina. Please come closer, Gary.”

I stepped to where Billie indicated. This little scenario was being run for Billie’s jollies more than Gord’s. I’m sure he got excited by sucking cock as she watched, but I bet her clit was bursting and her pussy was sopping wet as she got off on seeing him dressed as a woman and making him do what she wanted.


“Yes, Mistress.”

“I want you to take the young Master’s penis in your mouth and mark it.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

Gina/Gord turned to me. She/he slipped my sandals off then unfastened and pushed my shorts and underwear to my ankles. I stepped out of them and she/he pushed them aside. I looked down at Gord. His face was nicely made up with false eyelashes, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, blusher and so on. He smiled. He was enjoying this at least as much as and probably more than Billie was.

My semi-flaccid cock hung in front of his face. He put a fingertip under the cockhead and lifted it to his mouth. I watched as my cock disappeared. When it filled his mouth, she/he clamped her lips tight and sucked hard then Gina/Gord took it out of her/his mouth. Billie leaned over to inspect it. “Very good! Again!”

I looked down just before my cock disappeared again into Gina/Gord’s mouth. There was a dark ring of lipstick encircling base of the cock shaft. Gina/Gord swallowed my cock again and repeated the process of clamping her/his lips around the shaft. Each time this was done my cock got harder. By the time I had a full blown hard-on my cock was smeared with lipstick and saliva.

Billie pulled Gina/Gord back. “Don’t get greedy, you little slut.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Her/he remained on her knees.

“I’m going to leave the room. Escort Bayrampaşa You are not to speak, or move or to touch young Master’s cock. You are not to touch yourself either.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

I looked at Gord. He smiled back at me. His lipstick was smeared. His hard cock was jutting up out of his panties.

Billie returned. I watched as she walked across the room towards the two of us. She had changed out of her street clothes into a floor length dressing gown and she had let her hair down. She moved around the room and stopped behind me.

Billie touched my should. “Let me take your shirt off of you.” She put her arms around me and unbuttoned the shirt. She slipped it off. I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt. She put her arms back around me and caressed my chest. Her lips were next to my ear. The smell of her perfume was heady. One of her hands moved to caress my cock and balls. “You’re shaven smooth. I like that.”

She looked over my shoulder at Gina/Gord as she continued to caress my chest. “Gina, do you like to look at young Master?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress.”

“Do you wish to suck young Master’s penis?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress.”

“You may do so. But you may not touch young Master with your hands or fingers. You may only use your lips and tongue to please young Master.”

“Yes, Mistress. Oh, thank you, Mistress.” Gina/Gord leaned forward and caught my cockhead with her/his lips. My cock was sucked deep into her/his mouth. Gord sealed his lips around the root of my cock shaft. I felt the flat of his tongue pressing and sliding against the underbelly of my cock as he pulled his head back.

He paused when his lips encircled just my cockhead. Gord opened his mouth and inhaled deeply. A cool breeze enveloped the cockhead. Then, keeping his mouth wide open, he began to exhale. A warm breeze now enveloped my cockhead. Gord kept his mouth open and continued to exhale as he leaned forward and took all of my cock into his mouth. He sealed his lips around the cock root, flattened his tongue against the underbelly and began to pull his head back.

For the next few minutes Gord repeated the process. My cock felt like it was getting bigger each time he sucked it. Billie was still standing behind me. Her hands rest lightly upon my shoulders. “Is Gina giving you a satisfactory blowjob?”

“Er, yes. Yes, she is.” I decided I should go along with their game. “Gina is a very talented cocksucker.” As I said this, Gord sucked even harder on my cock.

Billie put her face next to mine, “Yes, the little slut loves to fill her mouth with nice hard cocks. She loves to suck them to completion. I don’t permit her to do that very often. I’m afraid she would willingly become a cum pig. Wouldn’t you, you cock sucking slut?” Gina/Gord mumbled, what I took to be her agreement, around the cock that filled her mouth.

Billie stepped away from me. I heard the rustle of her dressing gown. She moved close to me again. She put one arm around me and caressed my stomach. She place her other hand on Gina’s forehead and pushed her away from me. Gina kept her lips sealed around my cock until it popped out of her mouth. Billie leaned against my back. I felt her warm breasts touch my back and her hard nipples press into my skin.

“You have given Young Master a competent blowjob.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“As your reward, I’m going to allow Young Master to pleasure himself by taking you in your slut’s ass.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Bend over. Pull your panties aside and I will prepare you.”

Gina/Gord did as she/he was told. Billie caressed Gina’s butt then inserted her index finger into Gina’s asshole. She pulled it out and slapped Gina hard across the ass cheeks. “You slut! You’re so confident in your cock sucking abilities that you greased your slut’s ass when you got ready. Didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress.”

Billie looked at me and laughed, “What is one to do? Gina enjoys sucking cock and she is very good at it. You may take her.”

I looked at Gina/Gord. She/he was bent over with her/his hands braced on her/his knees. Billie looked at me, “Just a minute.” She bent over and swallowed my cock. She pumped the full length in and out of her mouth several times before she straightened up again. She smiled, “You looked as if you could use a fluffing. I see why Gina likes to suck your cock. It’s very nice. Enjoy yourself.” She patted Gina’s exposed ass.

I stepped up behind Gina/Gord and pressed my cockhead against her/his asshole. Gord didn’t move or make a sound as I pushed and my hard-on slid into his slick asshole. He just tightened and relaxed his muscle ring as I pumped my cock in and out.

“Is Gina’s ass as nice as her mouth?”

“Yes, it is. Very nice.”

“That’s good. When you are ready to cum please let me know.”

Billie stepped in front of Gina/Gord. “Service your Mistress.”

Gina/Gord tipped his head back. “Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

This was going to be interesting. I wondered how Gord would be able to eat his wife’s pussy without getting on his knees. I figured I could continue to fuck his ass if we slowly lowered ourselves together until he was on his knees in front of Billie and I was on my knees behind him.

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