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Amber and Zoe, mother and daughter, loved exploring old abandoned places. They had a YouTube channel and made videos of the places they explored. They hadn’t been at it too long, but seemed to be gaining a good following. They had found out about an old mansion that they thought would be great for their next video.

Amber, was in her mid 40’s and was a little overweight, but she had big boobs. She was pretty with shoulder length brown hair and big brown eyes. She was married to a man named Leopold, and as the name suggested, he was boring and always at work. However, he was also a multibillionaire, so it wasn’t too bad actually. Plus, he did taken in Zoe as his own. Amber had gotten pregnant when she was young and naïve by a guy she had been seeing.

Zoe was nineteen and a little thinner than her mom, but with bigger boobs. She had long black hair and bright blue eyes.

They had just about wrapped up when Amber announced she had to pee. It was kind of a tradition. They liked to “mark” their territory by peeing at every building they explored. Obviously, they didn’t film that part.

Zoe pulled out some toilet paper from her purse, handed it to her mom and waited in the kitchen. When her mom was done, it was Zoe’s turn.

“Mom? Where are you?” Zoe asked, after returning to the kitchen to find it empty.

Suddenly there was a burst of laughter from the other room.

“Mom? What’s so funny?”

Zoe was shocked into silence. Two dirty, homeless men had stripped her mom naked and were tickling her. One of them had a thick unkempt beard, the other had some stubble. They were both tall, but skinny. Their hair was unwashed and in knots. They wore grubby clothes and worn out shoes.

“Quick, grab her,” one of the men shouted.

“No!” Amber pleaded. “Leave my daughter alone!”

But it was no use. Soon Zoe was naked and tied up like her mother.

“Let’s see which one’s more ticklish,” the one with the beard said.

“Yeah. Let’s try mommy first,” the other agreed.

Soon both men descended on Amber. They dug their dirty fingers under her armpits and all along her ribs. Amber had always been ticklish, and this was torture. Plus, it had been a secret fetish of hers. She’d had a couple of boyfriends tickle her and the sex afterwards had been amazing. She could feel herself getting wet and turned on, even though the men doing the tickling were dirty and smelled bad. When they got to her escort fatih stomach, the bearded man started blowing raspberries on it, while the other one went behind her to tickle her butt. He started out just squeezing her butt cheeks, then he started to dig in and find what really made Amber laugh and what didn’t. He soon discovered that just using his finger to run along the crack of her ass from the top of her butt, past her butthole down to her pussy was the most effective. Amber howled with laughter.

Meanwhile, the one in front was using his tongue to lick Amber’s bellybutton, while tickling the inside of her thighs and slowly working his way between her legs. Amber had a narrow landing strip of brown pubic hair that he kept blowing on. She was both disgusted and turned on. Then she felt a finger slid inside her.

“Wow, she’s pretty wet,” the man in back said.

“Oh yeah?” the one in front said, and slipped his finger inside her also. Now she had two fingers inside her, was being tickled. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cum.

“So do you want to be tickled or made to cum?” the bearded man asked.

Shit did he just read my mind? Amber thought.

“Yeah, laugh or cum, mommy your choice,” the man in back taunted, still tickling her asshole with his dirty finger.

“Cum, Dammit!” Amber moaned.

“Nope. Not yet,” the bearded man said, pulling out his finger.

“Yeah. We’re gonna have some fun with your daughter first,” the other one said pulling his finger out of her pussy too.

Zoe was just as ticklish as her mom was. The men switched places though, but basically did the same thing to Zoe as they had done to Amber.

“Tickle, tickle,” the beaded man said as he actually slid his finger inside Zoe’s asshole. Zoe didn’t know whether to laugh or moan. One minute she was being tickled to death, the next she had fingers in her pussy and asshole bringing her close to an orgasm.

The same question was posed to Zoe, laugh or cum. She said cum also, but again the men refused.

Then abruptly they left the room. Could it actually be over? Amber thought. They were gone a long time and both mother and daughter used the time to relax and get their bodies adjusted to no sensations whatsoever.

Amber about passed out when the men returned with a feather duster and what looked like a bunch of paint brushes of various sizes.

The men went to work with the paint güngören escort brushes and feather duster. The bearded man tickled Amber first, while his partner in grime, tickled Zoe. They switched back and forth after finding the best tickle spots on both women using either the brushes or the duster. The men kept mother and daughter turned on as well, as they would stop tickling and finger and or lick their pussies and play with their tits. At one point the men had a contest to see who could make their current tickle victim scream the loudest.

Finally the men decided it was time to give the women the orgasm both had been longing for. The bearded man selected Zoe, that left the other man to Amber. Both men made Amber and Zoe French kiss them, even though they had bad breath and yellow teeth. Then both men licked and sucked on Amber and Zoe’s tits. Both women’s nipples were hard and both were still very turned on. It wasn’t because the men were that great, it was just all the stimulation their bodies had endured.

Finally the men started licking and fingering both women’s cunts.

The bearded man went right for Zoe’s clit. sucking it and flicking it with his tongue, while using first one finger then two inside her tight pussy. Then he slid his other hand to her ass and slid a finger in her asshole until she erupted into a huge orgasm.

The stubble man had a different method for Amber. He licked her pussy lips, while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Then he would stop and finger fuck her for a few minutes, then go back to rubbing and sucking. Finally when he sensed she was about to cum, he slid his finger in her ass and finger fucked her asshole as she climaxed. Her pussy and ass both clenching tightly on his fingers.

Both women were exhausted. The men untied them from the rafter they had been tied to, but much to both women’s surprise, they were tied again. This time to each other in a sixty-nine position. Then the men got undressed. The women knew what this meant. For homeless men, they both had nice cocks, Amber noticed. Bearded guy’s was long and thin, while stubble guy had a smaller, but thicker cock.

Soon both women were made to suck both men’s cocks and their balls. They were both fucked by the men in both their pussies and assholes. Soon Amber was taking a cock in her pussy and ass. Then it was Zoe’s turn. The men wouldn’t let the women have an other orgasm though, which they thought was bağcılar escort very funny. The men finally came on Zoe and Amber’s tits, making the Zoe rub it into Amber and vice versa.

“Well, I’m pretty tired. Guess I’ll head up stairs for a nap,” bearded man said.

“Sounds like a plan,” the other chimed in.

“What about us?” Amber asked.

“Well if you can untie yourselves, you’re free to go,” the bearded man said, smacking Amber on the ass.

“That goes for you too,” Stubble man said, smacking Zoe on the ass too.

The man laughed all the way upstairs.

It took Amber and Zoe another thirty minutes to untie themselves.

Zoe headed for the door, but noticed her mom was holding back.

“Mom what are you doing? Let’s go!”

“We could. Or we could get some revenge. What do you say?”

“Let’s do it. Total revenge!”

When the men woke up, they realized they were now the ones in trouble. Tied spread eagle to a bed each. Zoe was sitting on beaded man, while Amber was on top of stubble man.

“Let’s see how ticklish you guys are,” Amber said and both women started tickling the fuck out of the men.

First they used their fingers to dig into the men’s ribs, armpits and necks. The men were going crazy. bucking and laughing. The women did the same thing to the men that they had done to them.

When the men had been tickled for awhile, Zoe joined her mother and climbed onto stubble mans face and told him to lick her asshole. He refused at first, but some tickle persuasion made him change his mind. Then mother and daughter switched places. Then they did the same to bearded man. Then they made each man give them both an orgasm with their tongues.

As a final act they got both men on the same bed facing each other in a kneeling position. Then Amber and Zoe took turns sucking the men’s cocks until they were nice and hard. They had planned to just leave them high and dry, but Zoe whispered something to her mom and both women laughed. Amber grabbed Bearded mans cock, while Zoe had a hold of Stubble mans cock. Then they started hitting each one cock against the other.

“Look it’s a cock fight!” Zoe shouted and her mother laughed. Soon the women had stopped hitting the cocks together and were now just rubbing them against each other. Soon both men started shooting the cum onto the other mans cock and balls.

The women then tied the men together at the waist and started to head downstairs.

“You’re going to leave us like this?” bearded man asked.

“Well, if you can untie yourselves, you’re free to go,” Amber said and smacked him on the ass.

“That goes for you too,” Zoe said, smacking Stubble man.

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