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She trembles. Her fingers flick back and forth over her clitoris, first rubbing outside, then dragging along her labia before entering deep within and pulling back out. Her legs moistened by the sight of him as he goes through his daily routine. Today he lifts weights, his sweat glistened chest pushing the weight up and down in succession. These days are her favorite to watch. He lies on his bench naked save his underwear. On these days she imagines.

She approaches him from the behind his bench, careful to remain silent and unseen. His head is slightly raised as he pumps the bar-bell. He muscles ripple as he thrusts the bar up. They strain as he lowers the bar down. Up, down, up, down. Today he is working at his maximum weight. Up, down. Silently she steps forward, preparing her timing. Up, down. She watches his muscles as she prepares to make her move. Up, down, up, down, up, DOWN. She moves in, placing her hands outside of his, pressing down against the bar. He notices the extra weight first. His gaze flicks back and he sees her. Her hair cascades down around her face framing her simple beauty. From her face he is drawn to her neck, her shoulders, then her breasts. She wears a unitard, the kind that reminds him of a single piece bathing suit. Her breasts push against the fabric, pulsing with each short breath she takes. She is pushing against the bar.

He is trapped.

Her gaze flits briefly down the length of his body, noticing the slight bulge which has already appeared. She knows he cannot take her full measure from where he is lying. He can see her chest and head but not her crotch, hips or thighs. She is saving the best for last. His mouth opens to speak but closes again with a single look from her. He is hers now. She will determine the timing. She will determine the outcome. She leans back, removing the extra weight and allowing him to rest the bar in its brackets.

As he starts to shift into a sitting position her hands come down once more. She rests her weight on his shoulders. He could easily end this now by resisting her weight and sitting anyway, instead he relaxes back against the bench. She smiles slightly as his head shifts in a feeble attempt to see more of her. She smiles as she shakes her head and gently uses a hand to direct his focus once more forward. The bulge is growing.

She crouches down behind him and runs gaziantep escortları her fingers through his hair. Her nails scrape lightly against his scalp sending a slight, but visible, shudder through his body. The bulge pulses once. She drifts her nails down his neck digging in slightly as she messages the muscles in the side of his neck. She watches the bulge pulse once more. Her nails slide along his shoulders before shifting angle and running down his chest. As she passes across his nipples he shudders, his hands gripping the center legs of the bench.

His eyes squeeze shut in pleasure. The bulge begins to resemble a tent, many inches long and rising inches above his legs. She feels a drop of moisture slowly wandering down her inner thigh. A warm pressure builds deep within her.

She moves around side of him, still crouching. Running her nails across his chest he shudders. His head turns to take more of her in, but remains blocked by her position and the bench. She will see all of him before he sees her even clothed. Her nails run down his body. She traces a path along his inner thigh mirror to where she feels her own moisture running still. His shudder is more violent. His lovely sex has begun to pulse continuously underneath the fabric.

She moves once again, this time to the foot of the bench where she kneels. His legs are spread to either side of the bench, feet firmly on the floor and knees bent off of the side of the bench. She leans forward, her motion having the effect of brushing her breasts against his inner thighs and exposing her cleavage to his view. His erection swells fully, her intended response.

Her arousal is fully anticipatory while his has been a sensual experience. She has no doubt that the pressure he feels within his testicles is becoming unbearable. An unanticipated giggle escapes her lips causing another pulse from his engorged member. It is time to reward him slightly for his obedience. She withdraws a small knife she had kept hidden and carefully cuts away his remaining clothing.

His penis is far larger then she anticipated. His underwear had been hiding the true bounty of this treasure. Seeing it standing straight and strong called to her. She needed all of her will to keep herself from jumping on top of him in that instant. After a year of taunting her with his exercise regime, teasing her with his body, he deserved to suffer in ecstasy a little longer.

She leaned back, another act of will, making sure she had his full attention. Slowly she reached up with one hand and slid the strap from her other shoulder. Her other hand crossed her body and slid the second strap down. Slowly her hands dropped until her naked breasts were covered only by her crossed arms. She leaned forward once more until her breasts were once again restricted from view by his own body.

Her hands dropped, grabbing the legs of the bench, and she leaned in to nibble on his swollen, sensitive testicles. His head snapped back, hitting the bench as he let out a deep moan. His penis pulsed regularly. He was as ready as she was, but still she refused to give him an easy release.

She leans forward, her legs extending underneath her for added range. As she shifts, her breasts flow along his inner thighs until they reach the tender juncture with his hips. She shifts forward further both giving him his first truly unobstructed view of her breasts and allowing them to glide along the tender recess that defines the groin from the legs. His eyes grow wide at the sight, his member begins to pulse faster at the sensation and his whole body shudders with his need for her.

Her smile turns into a playfully cruel grin as she decides her next act of torture. She bows her head and surrounds the very tip of his member with only her lips. Initially she intended to avoid any suggestion of oral stimulation but her will was not up to the challenge of keeping her from fully interacting with his powerful sex. If she would not immediately take it within her, her body at least insisted on consuming it, besides it would only increase his need. Her tongue flicked across the very tip as it jerked around in her lips.

She pulled back, suddenly realizing exactly how close he was to climax. She let her tongue roll down the underside of his penis until it reached the base where shaft met loose skin. His member had stopped pulsing and was now as steady and strong as it was still. He was groaning constantly.

As she leaned forward to devour him one of her hands moved, as if by its own accord, between her legs. Even before reaching her own sex she discovered her outfit soaked through. Shifting aside the damp fabric she slid a finger between her lips. The shudder of pleasure caused her finger to slip deeper. Her tongue slid down his testicles before she leaned back into the strongest erotic explosion she had ever felt.

She needed him inside her. Her body shuddered, wracked in waves of ecstasy. She managed to open her eyes slightly and realized that he was completely unaware of her state. All of his attention seemed concentrated on keeping himself from finishing before she was ready to let him.

With great concentration she rose on unsteady legs. She tried to remove her finger from within her own recesses but the pleasure was too much for her. She collapsed back to her knees, her fall finally allowing her hand free from her pleasure. With both hands pushing on the bench she managed to stand unsteadily. The act of standing shifted her unitard between her legs, rubbing against her own swollen, overly sensitive clitoris and threatening collapse once again.

She looked back to his face as she reached for her clothing. He couldn’t tear his unblinking gaze away as he finally took in the full wonder of her body. He was mesmerized as she slid the one-piece slowly towards her hips. As it reached her hips it slipped and gravity took it to the floor, but he didn’t notice as he was completely engrossed by the smooth, shaved form standing before him.

Her need was almost as great as his. She stepped quickly away from her discarded clothing and straddled his hips. She had timed the encounter precisely so she wouldn’t need a condom. The head of his engorged member spread her lips as she slowly lowered herself. His arms tensed as he gripped the bench’s legs. Her body exploded as he swelled within her. She lifted herself and thrust down. Her body was shaking as fire raged through every nerve. She lifted herself completely off of him once more before impaling herself farther. Her vision began to grow white as she felt him explode within her. She lifted once again and thrust down until she felt his balls press between her buttocks. Each pulse of his orgasm drove a stronger wave of pleasure through her. Unsteady legs continued to lift her before she gave way and collapsed around him. She couldn’t stop herself from driving harder, even knowing she was about to pass out.

She lunged forward, grabbing the railing with both hands, slipping slightly under the moisture coating them. Trying desperately to catch her breath, she looked up in time to see him finish his last ‘rep’, towel off, and leave the room. One day she would have him.

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