Executive Decisions: Sick Day

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Executive Decisions is a series of short stories starting with The Meeting, then Working Dinner, Going Up?, Pink Slip and now this one. They can be read individually or one after another. I really hope you enjoy them and as always feel free to send me any and all comments or suggestions you may have. I love the feedback. There are more in this series…an new one is started even as I type this…


Streetlight filters into the bedroom through the laced curtains teased by a gentle wind. The blue tint of a television flickers in a window of the Victorian house across the street. The ticking of the wall clock knocks out a staccato rhythm, while crickets join in on the twilight, or is it dawn, orchestra. Engines roar in the cars rushing along the road in front of the house. There’s something in the air.

Tossing and turning, she is oblivious to all. A fever consumes her, sweat pouring off her supple body. The room is cool yet she fusses and fights as if on fire. Viciously she kicks off the covers in frustration. A silk baby doll nightie long since removed in a fitful moment lies in a growing pile of discarded material on the floor. Aching, she moans, crying out for a cure. She is burning up. “Oh God! I am in so much pain. My dreams are torturing me.” Madie whispers her voice hoarse from the fever. “Why, why did he go?”

Images flash behind closed eyes. She hears a low voice, husky and deep. A sultry tone reaches out pulling her attention toward it. Madie’s head turns from side to side on her pillow searching. “Where are you?” So intensely controlled by this fever, she imagines strong arms wrapping around her as a whisper caresses her ear, “I have your cure. I…am your cure.”

Her body shivers not from the temperature but with excitement, arousal. Thoughts run wild, delirious as she is from the fever. Her chest presses against a hard and firm torso. Soft hairs tickle her breasts. Hands reach up between them to cup each twisting and pinching her nipples until the hardened nubs send waves of seduction to her pussy from those strong fingers. In a sensual version of a sponge bath, a tongue snakes out to lick her pert breasts. She arches her back to receive more of this tongue lashing. Will it reduce her fever? Her hands roam all over the body weighing heavy against her tracing every inch of smooth skin. Her hips grind against a pulsing thick cock.

The blood has left her Escort Arnavutköy body’s core. It has risen to the surface seeking to be cooled, making her skin ultra sensitive. The caress is not allowing the cool down to take affect. Every connection fingers make with her body a surge of heat bores through her, searing her, branding her with this potent touch.

Hands slide down her sides to cup her ass lifting her off the bed rolling over onto the hard firm body. A quick smack against her delicate skin and she is thrust against him. The sting of a hand on her ass makes her squeal in shock and delight. Her muscles contract yet again as shivers ripple over and through her body. Hands splay across her backside, fingertips gripping the rounded flesh. They have found the central point of the heat, the fever, which has nearly consumed her.

Leaning and turning into her, she is eased onto her back against fluffy pillows and mattress. Biting her earlobe whiskers tickle her causing shivers, “I want to watch you pleasure yourself. I want to watch your face as your bring yourself to orgasm. I want to watch you finger fuck your pretty wet slippery pussy. Make that pretty pussy cum for me!” A hand smacks her pussy at this last statement with a finger sliding quickly along her lips.

Finding her soaked without inserting a finger, the hand is removed. She moans and moves her hips to keep that hand there longer. A silent plea forms in her throat to feel those thick fingers tease her clit that aches so much for the healing touch. Hands on her hips as his cock rests hard against her…lips caress her ear again “No, right now you will cum for me, I will tell you what I want you to do. Then after you cum the first thing you will feel…the very first thing you will feel is my cock buried deep in your sweet wet pussy. You will know what it is to be filled by me. You will scream out your pleasure by calling my name. Your pretty pussy will cum around my cock twitching and pulsing. I will then cum with you, in you. Then the pleasure really begins…”

The alarm on the bedside table sounded startling Madie out of her delirium. She reached for the phone after slamming her hand on the clock shutting off the obnoxious noise emanating from it which now reverberated through her brain. “Hi, Renata. This is Madie. I won’t be making it in to work today. No, no I’ll be fine. I’m not coming, ahem, coming Avcılar escort down with anything. I’m just under the weather. I should be fine. I’ll be in tomorrow…oh fuck him… ”

Breathless and trying to cover the arousal in her voice, anger seemed to work. Madie continued, “I don’t know what is going through Jack’s head. He’s got all of us working our asses off. When’s the last time you got to have an evening with your man and Charlie hasn’t been home before midnight in weeks. I’ve not taken a sick day or a vacation in well over a year and a half. Well before his sorry ass arrived on the scene.” Madie paused, her breath releasing in a rush, her energy draining rapidly. “He can bite me. Okay so it isn’t what you tell the boss, especially a new one, but I’m just not feeling up to going in today. Could you tell him for me please, Renata? Pretty pretty please?? Thanks hun. I owe you big time! If you need me, I’m home.” Madie dropped the phone and rolled over snuggling deep into her pillow.

“You are going to cum for me remember?” Where did that voice come from? Why am I being tortured like this? Madie’s pussy throbbed. Her body burned, so hot with the fever. I guess fucking myself is the only way to end this agony.

Madie became consumed by the need to run her hands over her body. Her nipples had softened while she lay back on the bed making her phone call to work. She marveled at their color dark, large and relaxed. With her index finger and thumb she pinched each nipple watching how they changed. While she twisted the nipple between her fingers, they became pert and hard. Her pussy contracted with each pinch and pull. Letting go of her nipples she was shocked at how they stood out pointed as if seeking out a tongue or teeth even. She shivered at the thought of teeth biting into her soft highly sensitive flesh, hard, painful even, intensely arousing. If she thought her body sensitive from the fever her nipples were more than receptive to her ministrations.

“That’s my girl. Your nipples are so amazing. I can’t wait to bite them rolling my tongue over them. Will you cum for me when I play with your nipples?” Nodding at the fever-induced apparition, Madie grasped her breasts fully in her hands squeezing. She wanted the clamps she’d worn for Grayson. Why wasn’t he here? Why wasn’t he curing her fever? Oh that’s right, because he dumped her.

“Slide your hands lower, Bağcılar escort bayan Madie.” The voice, so deep, so rich, so seductive commanded her, directed her. She has no control. Her hands move of their own volition. Covering her mound, her middle finger eases in past her silky lips the other fingers pinching them against that finger as it slides up and down over her engorged clit. “Open your legs wider for me, Madie. I want to watch you.”

Slowly very very slowly enjoying the slick smooth sensitive bud and the shivers she gets each time she grazes it with her finger. Sliding down further her finger dips inside her pussy…a wet wonderland…wanting to be filled. Madie sighs in frustration, “My finger is a poor substitute as is a vibrator.” Her passage is tight and clenches at her finger. In and out, pressure on her clit with her thumb, her hips move with a rhythm just created.

The smell of sex, her own intimate scent fills the room and her nostrils. Removing her finger, she puts even more pressure on her clit. “Gawd, I want it rough. Ooh I love it rough. I’ll totally admit it…I love being fucked HARD! I just want to be fucked so very hard, harder, oh gawd yes.” Her voice thick with lust increases her arousal. Her hand moves over her pussy faster and harder, fucking her hole deeper. Wet sloshing sounds accompany her fucking. The friction over her clit and the constant tease at the entrance of her pussy overwhelms her. The images of a mystery man ready to take her over the edge drives Madie further. “I feel it. Oh Gawd…It’s…building now…taking over my entire body. Oh my wet pussy…gawd my nipples…I am cummmmmmmmmming oh gawd. I’m cumming. Oooooooh gawddddd…YESSSSSSSSS!”

Breathless, sinking back against her pillows, Madie desperately focused on the visions conjured. Her body rippled with remnants of her orgasm. She could not make out his face. She knew his voice. She could still hear it. The voice did not belong to Grayson. How could she dream up something so vivid? She really must be sick. Maybe she should see her doctor. His voice…not Grayson…but who’s? It played in her head clearly over and over. Who’s voice?

Startled out of her thoughts this time by the phone, Madie rolled over to stop the ringing, “Hello?”

“Madie, this is Alex. Renata told me you needed to cancel your meeting with me this morning because you are sick. I called to make sure you are okay. Jack tells me you never get sick. I was beginning to think you were avoiding me. I know my reputation precedes me but I promise I don’t bite.”

Madie stared at the phone in shock as Jack’s new partner continued his one way conversation. One thought ran through her mind. “Oh my god. The voice. Not my new boss!”

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