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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. All character, events, and locations are fictitious or used fictitiously.

Please send plenty of feedback. I want to know what you think.


I do not know when I sank into sexual depravity, or if what I did was really depraved. I guess the whole thing could have been handled more smoothly with a little more experience and tact. I will tell you what happened and let you decide. I will start at the beginning as most good tales make an absolute habit of beginning there.

I stepped off the plane feeling sore. I had just crossed the Atlantic to come to participate in an exchange student program in England. I wondered how I had gotten into this situation. How was a young, single, virile Black American staying with a sexagenarian English woman? Her grandson was participating in an exchange program in America. I was to be staying in a little town about 35 kilometers outside of London. I took a cab through the scenic countryside to the little “hamlet” where I was staying. When I arrived at the house, I was greeted at the door by a jaw-droppingly beautiful older woman. She told me to call her Rose. She was a classic, chaste British grandmother. Her skin was pale and clear. She wore her age well. Her light brown hair was elaborately coiffed and shot through with white and gray. She was plump and busty in a way that was completely British. Her flower print dress stretched tightly across her tremendous bosom. Shimmering hose encased her legs, and I was in absolute heaven.

She carried herself in a reserved, prim, and proper way that some older English women do. I was to find out that she had a grandson who lived with her who was exchanging in America. As we entered the large, castle like house, I admired the sway of her ample hips as she walked. I resolved within my self to do everything I could to seduce this woman.

She showed me to my room, which was right next to hers. “And young Roger,” she said with the perfect accent, “you may make yourself at home, feel free to do anything you want, and if I may be of any use to you, let me know. Nothing is denied to you.”

When she said this, a light went off in my brain. I figured that the way to seduce her was to let her catch me in various sexy situations. I started fulfilling my plan that night. She gave me a chaste hug goodnight. I was to find out that she loved close physical contact. In fact she wanted a hug every morning and night, it became like a ritual. I went to my room and got completely undressed. I lay on top of the covers and began to stroke on my cock, balçova escort which had started to harden after the hug. This was the first time I had ever felt free to have as much fun as I wanted while masturbating. I pulled on myself with no regard for shaking the bed, or keeping the noises down, I even moaned loudly. When I came, I yelled out as hot semen wildly pumped out of me to splatter all over my chest and belly.

I fell asleep instantly and woke early the next morning. I could already hear Rose moving around the house. The first step of my seduction plan, immature as it might have been, was to always be naked around the house. I walked out of my room, and accidentally bumped into Rose. Her eyes roamed down my body.

“Well dear,” she said rather hesitantly, “you don’t seem to be wearing any trousers.”

I laughed. “Oh you said make myself at home; this is how I always am.” My cock had started to harden while we stood there. I flexed my sphincter and she jumped, clutching her ever-present rope of pearls.

“Well, err, um, it’s just that, oh my, um, oh its fine I guess, uh, um,”

She continued with broken mutterings as she walked off. I guess her proper English upbringing had not prepared her for this. I took a quick, hot shower and then went to the kitchen where she was making breakfast. Once again she wore a flower print dress, pearls, and pantyhose, (I was to find later that she had a bit of a pantyhose fetish). I walked up behind her, and gave her a bit of a hug and a kiss on the cheek, making sure she felt my semi-stiff dick nestled in the cheeks of her ass, moving my hips a bit and then going to the table.

She seemed a bit flustered, but did not object. We ate breakfast, with her talking up a storm. As she got up to clear the table, I experimentally pinched her ample butt as she walked by (like I said, juvenile, but awfully fun). She said “Oh my!” and continued with a string of mutterings but did not object. From that, point on she would not walk by without me pinching, poking, palming, or occasionally slapping her butt.

After breakfast, I went to sit on the couch and watch TV as I had planned for two weeks free time before classes. I watched television for a while, and then Rose came in saying that it was time to watch her exercise program. She was wearing a leotard that showed off her figure tremendously. It was a light purple color. The top did not show much cleavage, but the legs were high cut, showing off to full advantage her gorgeous, thick, shapely legs, hips, and thighs.

She started doing the intense karşıyaka escort cardio workout, and in little or no time, I was completely hard. This was nuts. I sat on the couch, my eight-inch cock standing at attention. And with the curve of my cock (kind of like a banana), it was pointed at the ceiling and leaking pre-cum copiously. After she finished her workout, she headed to the shower, and I headed to my room to masturbate feverishly.

A couple of days passed like this, me walking around naked, hard most of the time, then going up to my room to masturbate, and her ignoring it all. The a few days later, I decided that it was time to take the “seduction” up a notch. It was not enough to be aroused; I had to cum in front of her. I got up, took my shower, and headed downstairs. After breakfast, she stood at the sink doing breakfast dishes. I sat watching her, cock completely erect. She had come to enjoy the hugs as much as I did and often reminded me if I forgot. She announced that I had not given her my morning hug. I stood, walked behind her, pressed my rigid dick into her ass, and gave her a tight hug and a long kiss on the cheek.

However, instead of breaking it off there like I normally did, I ground my cock into her. I grabbed her hips and thrust against her soft ass while kissing her on the cheek and neck. Her breathing became very heavy and she pressed her thighs together, and pushed herself against me. I continued to thrust and in little or no time, I was about to cum. I pressed myself into her and cum began to pour from me, splashing all over her back and ass.

There was no mistaking what happened, but she still ignored it, or more precisely did not say anything about it. I cleaned up, and then went to watch TV and we went about the normal routine. When she came to work out, I started to harden again. Instead of going away to masturbate, I decided to do it right there on the couch. I started stroking myself slowly to her jiggling body. When she turned her ass away from me to do pushups, I shamelessly walked behind her, stoking my cock. I was moaning and panting, and she doing her best to ignore it.

She bent at the waist to do a cool down stretch and I walked a few feet behind her, still stroking. I came noisily all over her back, and ass again, eliciting a surprised “Oh my!” but nothing more. That evening as we sat watching TV, I sat with my arm around her, stroking. When I was about to cum, I turned to her and came all over her chest, arms, and lap.

I could not believe I was using this woman as a cum rag, and she was çeşme escort saying nothing (I was to find out later that she also had a cum fetish and had gotten off every time I had cum on her without even touching herself). Every time we were together in the house, I would usually end up cumming on her. I would hump her sweet ass and grab her tits after breakfast. I would blast her with cum while she worked out. Sometimes I would jack off over her as she did sit ups, covering her belly and tits. As she sat reading the paper, I would kneel at her feet and rub my cock on her nylon-ed legs until I came all over them. I cannot tell you how many flower print dresses and pairs of pantyhose she must have had, because the laundry was full of them and yet she went through several clean ones each day. I always had a fresh clean dress to cum on.

It began to be a game to both of us. She began to perceptibly enjoy it. She would wait until I came in the room to start working out. Several times when I was busy, she had missed her exercise show, but did the workout without it. When I came into the kitchen, she would stick her ass out, wiggling it in my direction. Then she would grind against me as I dry humped her. If I made any move to talk about what was going on, she stiffened up, and enjoyed it less.

Once, while she was watching television, I sat besides her stroking. Just when I was about cum, I stood very close in front of her, my hand hitting slightly on her cheek as I jacked. I let the cum fly, covering her face, hair and dribbling down to her chest. She could not help it, she moaned aloud as she came. Then she simply wiped her face off, smearing it all over her dress and headed up to bed.

That night, I determined was to be the night. I entered her room where she sat in nothing but bra and pantyhose, brushing her hair. I grabbed my blazingly erect, pre-cum leaking cock and asked her point blank if she wanted to fuck. It was as if a barrier broke. She stood and said the words that I will remember all of my life.

She said, “I thought you would never ask. I want you to fuck me like an American whore.” I walked towards her, turned her around, bent her over the bed, and forcefully tore the crotch out of her pantyhose.

I took my cock and inserted it into her sopping wet pussy. This was not the time for tender lovemaking; that would come later. Now was the time for raw fucking. I began to thrust into her, slowly at first then fiercely. I lost track of the amount of times she came as I fucked her for all I was worth. The slapping sound of our thrust was a rhythmic counterpoint to her loud moans. Finally, I was about to cum. I exploded inside of her, filling her to overflowing. We collapsed on the bed both exhausted by mind-blowing orgasms.

The End..?


Let me know what you think, this will be continued if I get enough feedback.

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