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Excerpt from my most recent novel…. still beingAfter my congratulations, I took my place back between R and Silver and everyone sat at their places again. We were served hot green tea by the serving girls, then the cups were removed and the table wiped clean again. Then it was time for the evening’s entertainment. The chef left to clean his knives and tools and the pretty serving girls stood together at the lower end of the table. They slipped their arms into the sleeves of their kimonos and shrugged them from their shoulders. The beautiful garments fell to the floor. They stood in front of us all, nude and beautiful… their long black hair was in the same kind of upsweep style that Yoshi and I wore. They pulled a few pins from it and let it cascade down their backs. The pins were placed on a console table behind them and they turned back to face us. Their skin was like white marble, cool and smooth and beautiful. Their breasts were high and firm and not large. Their hips were so feminine and sensuous in their curves and valleys. Their bodies were shaved completely smooth and their clefts were small and soft. They dropped to their knees in front of the table and crawled upon it and made their way down to the head of the table where R and Murasan and Silver were sitting with Yoshi and me in between. As they crawled, the girls were looking at them in awe. They were like two fairy tale creatures, woodland nymphs come to seduce human mortals. Kitten was admiring the girl in front of her… looking at her skin and the perfect form of her body. The girl reached her hand out to kitten’s and put it on her hip, then helped her pass it up and down her side. Kitten kept her hand on her and felt the softness of her legs and flanks and sides and breast and shoulders as she made her way slowly towards the head of the table. As tuzla escort the girl passed Barbara, she, too felt her and enjoyed the smoothness of her. The girls moved sensuously and sinuously, like two female serpents, at once delicate and dangerous. The rest of the girls had began to feel the perfect body of the nude girl closest to them. Swan touched her face and she smiled and turned to give Swan a light kiss. Still they crawled slowly towards the head of the table, finally after several minutes, reaching R’s place and dropping to their stomachs in front of him. Then they looked into his eyes and began to make love to each other as they held his gaze. I had never seen anything so incredibly erotic. They were pleasuring each other for his pleasure. They rolled on top of one another, nipples in mouths and hands roaming seductively over flesh. One girl slid down between the other’s legs and put her mouth to the slender folds of her cleft. Still she had her eyes locked on R as the other girl looked back over her head at him as well. Lips and tongue were flicking into the girl’s core. She was beginning to quiver and release her passion, through her gaze, directly into R’s eyes. The other girl, her face pressed erotically into her lover’s body, held her gaze at R and let him see her submission to the pleasure of her lover. The girl began to orgasm and her body lifted and quivered and shook and her hips raised up from the table as she reached her peak. Still her eyes never left R’s eyes and he experienced the beauty of her gift. Finally the one girl slid back up the other’s body, her tongue flicking at soft hidden spots and the girl responding with pleasure, lost in her own world of earthly pleasures. Their faces met in an erotic kiss and I almost came sitting there. As they kissed, Yoshi slid out of the top of her kimono tuzla escort bayan and sat kneeling between R and Murasan, her body like soft marble fire, quivering in her desire to please the two men. I, too, slipped my kimono down from my shoulders, my very large breasts drawing the two girl’s attention like a moth to fire. Slowly the two girls crawled from the end of the table, one to Yoshi and one to me. They took our hands in theirs and pulled us back with them, across the gulf of space and onto the island of pleasure with them. Together they made love to us, taking turns caressing us and kissing us, their mouths so very expert and their bodies so beautiful and perfect. I felt like I was making love to a marble statue come to life. She placed her nipple in my mouth and I began to gently suck on her soft, perfect little hill of delight. She dropped her head to my chest and took my large nipple into her mouth, sucking it and kneading it with her lips and tongue, biting it erotically with her teeth. When she bit me, I moaned and she bit me a little harder, sucking firmly on the part of me inside her mouth. Pressure and pleasure, soft pain and more pleasure, sharp erotic pan causing even more pleasure. I was going to reach a most delicious orgasm and when I felt it hit me, she bit even harder and sent me far over the edge. As I came for her, she squeezed my boobs and hurt them with her fingernails and I was a whore and a fuck toy for her. She held me on the edge of the precipice, on the very height of the mountain, until I couldn’t stand there any longer and jumped off into the darkness. As my breathing returned to normal, she continued to suck on my breasts, alternating between the two nipples. It was as if she couldn’t get enough of my giant mounds. She was squeezing them and ringing the base with her fingers escort tuzla and thumb and squeezing them, forcing them to fill and tighten. It felt very good and I let her just lay on me and enjoy my body. I looked over to Yoshi and she was between the other girl’s legs and the other girl was between her legs… oh my, they were putting on a fantastic show! Yoshi was on top of the other girl and had her arms wrapped around the girl’s legs, spreading them wide and her face was buried in the girl’s cleft. The girl, likewise, had Yoshi spread and was pleasuring her. In just a moment, Yoshi began to climax, flooding the girl’s mouth with her juices. The girl lapped up every drop of Yoshi and swallowed her down. The girl began to climax just after Yoshi and together they rode the sled up and then down the mountain. When they finished they were breathing hard and their bodies were covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. All the girls at the table were practically panting by this point. The two nymphs slid from our bodies, sinuously moved away from us, and curled together, nude, at the lower end of the table where we all were amazed at what we had just witnessed and, for Yoshi and me, what we had just experienced. I had never seen two such incredibly feminine creatures… they must have been trained from a very early age. I imagined them being put into the same bed as ingénues and over the years, taught the arts of erotic love by a very imaginative teacher. I had heard of girls who were sent to learn the art of being consorts and geishas at very early ages. They lived in walled houses and never left, being kept cloistered and cared for until they had been fully trained and had reached their maturity. Then they were sold to a new master and became his concubine, perhaps later becoming his wife. I had wanted to visit one of those houses during my time in Japan, but I had always been “too busy”. I laughed to myself at the irony of my thoughts when I was laying on my back on the table, nude and having just been given an orgasm by a goddess.

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