Ex-Wife Surprise

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I had a long hard day at the office, and when I got home, all I wanted to do is relax. My sixth ex-wife, Mina greets me with a coy smile, pressing herself against me as she hugs me, then stood back and raises an eyebrow expectantly. ” Well?” She asked sweetly, ” I want to come back to you?” Placing my hands on her hips I took a step backward and took a moment to admire the view. Her gorgeous, fit young body is wrapped in a tight, shortest black dress I have ever seen her wear. I’m willing to bet she isn’t wearing anything under it either…” Mina…Why should I take you back?” I growl in a deep menacing voice, pulling her close and gently nibbling her ear as my hand slides down her back to gently squeeze her ass, ” You look gorgeous and delicious…”

” Thank you John. I miss you.” She purrs, rubbing her breasts against my chest, and, through my cotton shirt, feeling her hard nipples. Suddenly she pulls away from me, large dark eyes burning with desire, filled with mischief. ” I’m sorry John for betraying you. I need your business influence and power. Your political power and massive wealth. Our young daughter misses you.” She tells me sweetly, apologetically almost, if it weren’t for the laughter in her eyes, ” I’m not ready for you nor do I want you Mina!” I say wryly, reaching to embrace her again, she lithely avoids capture with the ease of practice, laughing mischief prominent on her face. ” No.” She murmurs in my ear as she sidles up behind me, ” You’re not. But maybe, just maybe, if you go and…relax…for just 5 minutes, maybe then you will be.”

Then, before I can negotiate she wraps herself around me, kissing me, long and deep, her tongue exploring the depths of my mouth hungrily, her hands gently teasing my flesh, her nails delicately scraping my sides, my back, my face until I feel a deep burning desire, then, just as I’m about to drag her to the bedroom, she slips away, darting toward the back door, turning, and tossing me a key. ” Five minutes!” She reminds me, then disappears out into the dark, and into, I assume, the small studio at the back of the property. Watching her disappear into the dark, I take a deep breath; the sweet Asian vixen has most certainly made sure I’m wound tight, as tight as I could possibly be wound. ‘ No matter,’ I thought as I pour myself a scotch, ‘ likely all things considered he would be able to regain an even footing later.’ With that thought I glance at the clock…another 3 minutes. Damn. Returning to my scotch I tried to forget the clock, but the ticking became louder, insistent booming within the house as I tried to imagine what she was up to out there in the dark…and was she wearing anything under that tiny outfit? If so, what? How much? Just thinking about it had me imagining running my hands down her smooth, tan body, grasping her firm breasts and kneading them in my hands, pinching her dark nipples between my fingers and rolling them, first gently, then firmly, until I made her gasp with the pain, and the pleasure…

‘Time’s up!’ I realize, and a wolfish grin spreads slowly across my face, my green eyes lighting up with anticipation and need. Taking the key she has so carelessly tossed me, I stood, stretching my muscled form, and headed for the door, my mind thinking through the endless possibilities of what she could possibly have waiting for me outside in the art studio. Approaching the small studio I notice the lights were on, and dimmed, and excitement rising, I slow my pace, attempting to reduce the amount of noise each step I made. In my mind I imagined her, seductresses body draped across the lounge in the studio, or maybe stretched out on the mattress I kept there, for when I worked through the night. Quickening my pace, no longer mindful of my silence, I strode toward the door, fumbling the key into the lock, and swung the door open.

At first the room is too bright, and for a second I simply stood there, allowing my eyes to adjust to the glare of the lights. Slowly, as his eyes adjust, I make out a form, kneeling on the floor in front of me, head bowed, back to me, hands cuffed behind her back. Her strong, slender form upright, her arch her smooth, shoulders backward. Her black dress is crumpled on the floor behind her, she is now nude. Silently I walk up behind her, reaching her, gently scraping my nails across her shoulders and down her arms, noting her blind fold as I did so, reveling in her sharp intake of breath, and the excited trembling that overtook her body. For a moment I stood back, simply observing her. Silently I walk around her, observing her nipples, hard and proud, standing out, and her chest, heaving with every breath she took, her firm breasts moving in rhythm.

Reaching forward, I take one perky nipple between thumb and forefinger, and without warning, squeeze it hard. She moans, leaning toward me, her breathing heavier…” please!” She begs me, leaning into the hand with which I hold her nipple. Obligingly I applied more pressure, crouching next to her as I did, and gently, lightly, ran my other hand up her thigh. Her cries escalated from simply begging for more, to cries of pleasure, and her body, previously still, is now trembling uncontrollably as she begs for more. I brush lightly travestiadresi.com against her dripping slit with my other hand; so, my suspicions had been correct, I mused; no underwear, and no bra. Sexy. I gently swirl my index finger around her clit, my finger slippery with her juices, and leaning in, grasping her other nipple between my teeth, and gently biting down, sucking it in between my teeth, swirling my tongue over the tip. Realizing begging will get her nowhere, she urgently attempts to shift her body so my finger would slip inside her, teasingly I shift it, drawing completely away from her, I stood and stepped back.

The only sound in the room are the sounds of her heavy breathing, and the occasional whimper as she trembles, wound up so tight with sexual tension and anticipation that she can not stop herself. She wishes I would untie her, allow her free reign to show me how much she appreciates what I had done for her, and how much she desires more. Her body aches for satisfaction, she knows I’m ready to give her satisfaction. The pain as I had crushed her nipples between my fingers, my teeth, has only heightened her need, her desire, only served to wind her desire tighter, and now she needs a release. I know it, she knew. In one smooth move I remove her blindfold, tossing it carelessly toward a corner of the room as I claim her lips with mine in a passionate kiss.

I want her, so bad, wanting to feel every inch of myself deep inside her, wanting to see satisfaction spread across her face as I fill her. ” Right here in my pants, Mina.” Mina looks at me with lust. I take the cuffs off, pulling her up to her feet. I push her against the wall covering her mouth with my hand. “Ahh, Ahh, none of that”, I say. ” Why don’t you make it easy on yourself and don’t think about screaming.” I pull her away from the wall and again stare at her beautiful nude body. Mina is breathing harder, as I rub my crotch, I look her up and down, reveling in her beautiful body. Mina tries to cover her breasts with her arms I’m licking my lips in anticipation of what is to come.
” Damn, you’re hot, Mina.”

” Please John, please,” Mina begs. ” I have missed you…..I’ve never been with anyone but you.” ” You think I care about that?” I’m on her suddenly pushing her on to the bed, straddling her back as she lies face down on the bed.
” Let’s see what we have here”, I say. ” Not one word”, I growl. With one hand still holding her by the hair, I rifle through her suitcase. ” What’s this, a diaphragm, a two piece teddy, condoms, and some warming body oil? Why, you damned slut, why would you need this?” Mina doesn’t answer and I say, ” Maybe you were hoping to fuck some guy? Sleep your way back to the top?” I push her back toward the bed and, throwing the teddy at her, order her to put it on. Mina hurriedly puts the teddy on in an effort to cover her nakedness. I again rub my crotch as she puts the teddy on.

” Damn, you’re hot, I can’t wait to have you again.” I grab her throwing her on to the bed again. Pushing her face into the pillow again, I lean over and whisper in her ear, I’m going to fuck you hard, deep, and rough.” Mina begins to quietly sob. I laugh and say, ” Not yet, baby, the best is yet to come.” and I take off my shirt while straddling her back. Pulling her up, I push her to the chair in the corner and throw her in it, order her not to move. She begins to cry shaking her head when she sees me take off my pants and sees my monster cock standing at attention, gorged with blood and rock hard. ” Do you remember what it feels like being stretched by my cock?” I ask, as I stand naked before her. The tears are running down her face as I pull her out of the chair and force her to her knees. Sitting in the chair, I say, ” Take me in your mouth, Mina, I want to feel your lips sucking my dick.” Mina shakes her head defiantly, I pull her face up to my crotch.

” You like the smell of my manhood? Now take me, suck me.” Forcing her head down, I force her to take my cock in her mouth. I hear her gag as she tastes my musky cock, feeling it slide over her tongue and down her throat. Mina struggles against the cuffs trying to pull away, my hands force her head up and down my swollen shaft. I moan at the feel of her soft lips and wet tongue against my cock, ” Damn, Mina, that feels so good. I have missed you giving me a blow job.” Pulling her head off, I say, ” Now kiss it, lick it, make love to my cock.” Trembling, she slowly leans over kissing the tip of my cock and then lightly licks it. ” You can do better than that, I know!” Holding her hair, I jam her face further into my crotch as her tongue slides along the entire base of my shaft, from tip to balls. ” That’s more like it”, I moan as I look down to see her body trembling as she continues to suck my dick.

Taking her face in my hands, I growl, ” Now, blow me, Mina, I want you to suck me dry.” Before she can react, I force her mouth back on to my cock, shoving my entire cock deep in her mouth. She gags again as my dick slides deep down her throat. Grabbing her hair, I force her head to ride up and down my cock, faster, deeper. With my other hand, I reach over cupping one of her breasts, feeling her nipple underneath the silky softness of the teddy. Becoming more aroused, I rip the teddy top off her and see her beautiful breasts swaying with the motion of her face as it continues to suck my cock. Pulling her face back, I say, ” No more force here, I want you to want to suck me. Your choice, suck me or not.” Mina shakes her head violently. ” No”, you cry, so I reach down grabbing a nipple, twist it hard. She yelps in pain and I say, ” Want to reconsider?” Laughing, I watch as she willingly lowers her mouth on to my cock as my hands begin to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples feeling them grow hard under my touch. My breath begins to grow rapid as I feel her tender mouth milking the cum from my cock. Feeling my orgasm approach, I grab her hair and push her back and stand up.

Taking my cock in my hand, I begin to stroke it furiously pulling her face close, saying, ” I’m going to cum on that beautiful face of yours.” Mina tries to pull away, but my hand is wrapped tight in her hair forcing her to face me. Finally, with a roar, I explode. I look down to see my first shot hitting her in the right cheek, the second wad of jizz smacks her in the forehead, the third lands around her mouth and the last lands in her hair. Her eyes are tightly closed as I continue to beat my meat forcing out all the dregs of cum unto her. Spent, I release my cock and smear the cum all over her face. ” Look at the mess you made, Mina, clean it up. Lick my cock clean.” Forcing her back down, I make her take my cum covered cock in her mouth forcing her to lick the cum from my cock.

” Do you like the taste, Mina? Don’t tell me you don’t.” Mina spits out some cum onto the rug, gagging as she tries to expel the taste of my seed. I reach down grabbing the torn remnants of her teddy top, wiping her face clean of the cum. Pushing her to the floor, I lay next to her. Mina tries to squirm away, I force her back down. Leaning over, I take a nipple in my mouth, swirling it with my tongue, sucking and nibbling it to hardness. My hand reaches down I slide my fingers under her teddy panties and begin to massage her clit. She moans, I cover her mouth with my other hand. Her muffled moans are all I hear as I continue to suck her nipples. My fingers continue rubbing her clit and I feel her growing wet. Mina’s breath grows ragged as she again struggles to get away.

” You know you love it, Mina. You have missed me and the rough sex. That’s why you want me to take you back.” and I smile as I see her body begin to undulate with the motions of my fingers. Her wetness growing as I feel her juices on my fingers. Her panties become soaked with her lust. I notice her struggling has stopped and she does nothing but lay there as I rub her to climax. I remove my hand from her mouth to hear her pants of desire. Her legs are spread wide as I alternate between rubbing her clit and sliding my fingers deep in and out of her pussy.
Finally, she cries out as she orgasms. ” Oh God…John you bastard…OOOOOOhhhhhhh….AAAAAAhhhhhhhh.”

Her legs close tight around my hand and she gasps as her climax overwhelms her. Mina continues to moan as waves of passion slowly diminish, then she begins to cry as she feels the shame and guilt of being forced to orgasm for me, a man she betrayed and destroyed our marriage. Pulling my fingers free, I slowly lick her juices off each finger.

” Damn, you taste sooo good, Mina.” Grabbing her, I pull her up and toss her on the bed. ” Please John, please,” She whimpers. ” Baby, you came here begging me to take you back. You started this game. Baby, we’ve only just begun.” Reaching into a drawer, I pull out another set of handcuffs. Flipping her over on to her stomach, I unlock one of the cuffs on her hands. Flipping her back over on her back, I take the open end of the handcuff and lock it against the steel railing of the headboard. Mina beats on me with her free hand, but I shake it off and taking the other set of handcuffs, lock it around her free wrist and then to the headboard. Now, her hands are locked in cuffs and are attached to the headboard.

Looking down at her, I admire her perfect body and lick my lips in anticipation of what is to come. Moving to the foot of the bed, I reach down grabbing her soaked panties sliding them down. I love the silky softness of her stockings against her legs and can’t help but notice her pussy hairs are wet with her cum. In defiance, she screams ” John, you bastard.” Covering her mouth with my hand, I say, ” I told you, Mina, no screaming. Guess I’ll have to do something about that.” I grab her soaked panties and remove my hand from her mouth. Taking her panties, I force them into her mouth. She gags as she tastes her own cum on the panties. ” See how good you taste, Mina, can you taste your shame, your lust?” I laugh as she cries at the indignity of having to taste her own juices. Moving to the foot of the bed, I lean down forcing her legs apart, I lower my face down between her legs, giving her one huge lick as my tongue runs up and down her pussy. Mina attempts to pull away, I pull her back.

” Come here, Mina, It has been a long time since I have licked your sweet pussy. I need to suck you.” Slowly, I begin licking her pussy. travestilist.com Wrapping my hands around her legs, I run my hands up and down her thighs feeling the silky smoothness of her skin and the satin softness of her stockings. Plunging my tongue deep inside her, I feel her recoil as my tongue probes deep in her. Her musky scent and sweet taste drives me wild with desire and I feel myself growing hard again. Forcing her legs down, I look up to see her head thrown back, her hands balled into fists as my tongue again forces her passion to the surface. Her slit is open as I again plunge my face deep into her snatch.

Roughly, I run my tongue up and down the lips of her sweet wet pussy, alternating between sucking her, and licking and lightly biting her thighs. The power of bringing her to orgasm again is overwhelming to me and I begin to concentrate on her clit. Licking, biting, sucking it, I feel it grow hard. Her screams again turn to muffled moans as she again orgasms. I open my mouth to accept all of her lust juices. Pulling her legs together, I hold them against my head as her cum runs into my mouth and down my face and chin. After she has stopped moving, I rise up and wipe my face on the bed sheet.

” Damn, Mina, I forgot how much cum flows. I thought I was going to drown in your cum.” Walking to the table, I grab a bottle of oil, I say, ” This is what I want.” I squeeze some on my hands and begin to rub the oil on her body, starting with her stomach and working my way up to her tits, rubbing the oil all over. Mina begins to moan as she feels the warming action of the oil begin to work on her. Taking more oil, I slowly slather it on my now rock hard cock and balls, feeling the warming of the oil feed my lust for her. Straddling her, I slide my cock between her breasts, the oil on her tits and my cock allowing our skin to slide together. Pushing her tits against my cock, I use my thumbs to massage her nipples as I continue to fuck her tits. Mina looks away and closes her eyes as her tits harden under my touch.

The feel of your soft skin against my hard cock and balls is electric and I have to stop, lest I cum on her chest and I don’t want to do that. Coating my fingers with more oil, I reach back and force them into her pussy. Again, she moans, she opens and closes her legs as the oil warms her pussy. Laughing, I say, ” Feels good? Want some more?” as I force more oil in her pussy and rub some on her clit. Standing, I rub more of the oil on my cock and balls. My cock is now ramrod straight. ” Now it’s my turn, Mina.” Realizing what is coming, she tries to scream and move away, I lower myself on to her, forcing her legs apart. Taking my cock in my hand, I lower myself thrusting hard into her, feeling the warm softness of her tight pussy enveloping my cock as I slide my cock deep inside her. Mina is screaming as I slide my monster cock in and out of her, all she can manage are muffled sounds, the gag cutting her screams out. Placing my hands on each side of her face, I force her head to face forward and order her to open her eyes.

” I want you to see me enjoy every second of my fucking you. Watch me moan and gasp as I fuck your tight pussy, Mina.” Crying, she watches my face twist in pleasure as my rhythm increases, my thrusts growing harder and deeper. Tears of shame running down her face and over my hands holding her head forward. ” Why are you crying, Mina? Wasn’t it your intention to have my hard monster cock inside you tonight? I’m just helping you realize your need to feel my cock stretching your tight pussy again.” My thrusts become more frenzied and my breath comes in ragged gasps as her tight pussy milks my cock. ” Wrap your legs around me. I want to feel your legs wrapped around my ass, now.”

I smile as I feel her legs surrounding my ass, her stockings soft against my skin, my shaft sliding deeper into her. The only sounds in the room are my gasps of pleasure, her cries of shame, guilt, and lust, and the squishing sounds of our sex, made louder by her flowing juices and the oil on our flesh. My loins are on fire and the only thought I have is that I need to fuck my woman. The bed creaks and rocks with our motion as I continue to fuck her at a frenzied pace, my cock sliding all the way into her, my cock head battering her cervix with every thrust, pulling almost all the way out and plunging into her again. Leaning down, I take a nipple in my mouth, sucking and biting it as I continue slamming into her , then doing the same to the other. Finally, I raise my head and whisper,
” Baby, I’m going to cum in you now.” Mina makes one final feeble attempt to stop me, but with one final thrust, I explode inside her. I cry out in ecstasy as my seed shoots deep in her. Our motion continues as my cock continues to spew its milky white cum into her wet, tight pussy. My face is buried in her neck as my passion subsides.

Spent, I roll over to catch my breath and mutter, ” God damn, Mina, I have missed you.” I unlock the handcuffs, she coos, ” Well, I should hope so, lover, heaven knows we’ve done this enough when we were married. I miss you fucking me three times or more a day. I want to come back to you.” ” I will think about it Mina.” Taking her in my arms and feeling her soft skin, I feel my cock growing hard again. ” So, are you ready to have your tight ass fucked?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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