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Ex wife fun true storyEx wife realIt was the late 80’s, living on a Caribbean island with my former wife, we had a good sex life but I would always try and push her boundaries. This was our fun night we would do every couple months.My wife was 5’, blonde haired, blue eyes with c cup tits and puffy pink nipples. Her pussy had lovely long inner lips perfect for eating and fucking. This is not her but close to itWe would start our adventure on Monday, no intercourse, no orgasms all week, just foreplay. I would call her at work and talk dirty to her turning her on. I’d make her go in the bathroom and masturbate almost to orgasm and then call me back, I’d be rubbing my cock telling her about it, just working us up to a frenzy. After work it would be no clothes all night, lots of tongues, sucking kissing and humping. By the end of the week we were going nuts.Friday after work I’d have some drinks and she would have a glass of wine. I would shave her pussy how I wanted it and dress her. Always a button down sheer blouse, lacy bra, short skirt and thong panties, high heels. She looked hot, I’d get decked out and we would go out west to our favorite restaurant for dinner. More drinks and wine over dinner, I’d then send her to the restroom to take off her bra. She would come back titties bouncing with her bra in her purse, nipples hard and three buttons undone on her blouse for some cleavage. Halfway through a shared dessert I would send her to the bathroom. Panties off this ordu escort time first playing with her pussy through them. When she go back she would hand me the tiny panties, wet from her pussy, so I could breathe her sweet scent in.Then we’d go to the casino, sit at the bar and she would sit with her legs apart showing her pussy “accidentally “ to any men around at tables. She got a lot of looks but with me there no advances. I would be rubbing her leg and cop a feel or finger her sopping pussy when we were screened. We would then go for a walk outside to the beach, I’d tell her to undo more buttons and with the breeze you could see her breasts at times. Lots of smiling men going by, as her nipples were rock hard and easy to see. She would then take off her shoes and we would walk to a secluded but still public sea wall screened by some sea g**** trees. I would sit her up on it, about 3.5’ high and lick her pussy and suck her nipples. Undoing her blouse and taking it off, I would finger her and take her to the edge time after time with her panting and soaking wet. One time we were there she whispered to me that there was someone watching in the trees. I looked and saw it was a black security guard. I smiled and he smiled back. I pulled her off the wall and put her in front of me, topless, and hiked her skirt to her waist, so she was basically nude. I started rubbing her breasts from behind she was shaking and just staring at him. I whispered that he might escort ordu like to see her pussy and ass. She turned around and bent over straight legged. I spread her beautiful ass and he had a perfect view of everything.I fingered her pussy and asshole, then I saw he had his cock out and was stroking it, I turned her around and told her to watch him. He was about 30’ away and partially hidden, I lifted one of her legs and started rubbing her clit with my other hand. I told her to tell him to come closer, but she said she couldn’t, she was so nervous. I whispered to him come closer she wants to see your cock. He stepped out so the lights hit him a little, about 20’ away. He has a big cock 8-9” and is jerking and smiling. I ask him if he likes my wife’s body and her says fuck yes, I can feel her getting close to cumming, writhing against my fingers. I ask her what she is looking at. She says shakily, a cock, a black cock. I whisper in her ear so he can’t hear, that I know she wants to suck it, fuck it and eat his cum. I tell her to tell me what she wants, and she starts whispering, I want his cock, I want his cum, oh god I’m close. We are both focused on his cock as he starts cumming, she bucks and moans deeply, she is not very vocal but cums hard and deep. My fingers are soaked as she relaxes, he shakes off and I tell her to thank him. She says thank you, he smiles and say no, thank YOU!!! He runs off and we kiss, I dress her and we walk back to the car through ordu escort bayan the hotel, you can smell sex on her and she looks like she got fucked so hot!!We get in the car and I give her a vibrator to play with on the way home. We get home and she is naked by now and I walk her in the house. We fuck all over the house for hours, I ask her to talk about that cock and it turns her on incredibly as she tells me how she wanted to suck it right there but was too scared. While I’m fucking her from behind I give her a lifelike dildo to suck and she goes nuts telling me she sucking a strange dick as I egg her on calling her a slut and whore. I slide into her ass and fuck her hard, every time I pull out her hole is gaped about an inch or more, I dive in and eat that sweet asshole and pussy, I make her cum again and watch her hole spasm open and closed. I can’t take any more and pound her ass hard moaning that I’m about to cum, she begs me to cum in her mouth and flips over and drops to her knees, I tell her to close her eyes and pretend it’s the black security guards cock. She licks and sucks her anal cum off “his” dick while frantically rubbing her clit. I ask her in a deep gruff voice if the little blond slut wants some black cum, she pants yes please I want that black cock cumming in my mouth now!!! I can’t hold off anymore, a weeks worth of edging ready to blow. I shout at her to open her fucking mouth and start pumping stream after stream onto her tongue. She gulps it down as she cums again, sucking every drop out of me. I pick her up and kiss her tasting my cum and carry her to our bedroom. One of the hottest experiences with her, hope u enjoy, like it and comment and I’ll tell more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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