Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 22

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Chapter 22

** Monday morning, too damn early **

I don’t know anyone who’s a big fan of Monday mornings, but I have taken a liking to waking up most mornings. Generally, I awaken with my morning wood gently held between the supple butt cheeks of my voluptuous, over-sexed best friend and lover… and as of last night, full-fledged business partner. The girl of my dreams, Britt, stormed into my life just a short time ago and has since turned my world upside-down and inside-out.

Long employed in the constantly fluctuating construction industry, I had managed to buy and improve a remnant of an industrial period that had thrived downtown. I had lucked into a massive brick edifice that no one wanted and without raising a bunch of red flags, managed to build a respectable bachelor pad in one corner of the cavernous structure. On top of my humble abode, and still well within the confines of the mother building, I built a combination studio/office that I hoped to use one day in what would become my career and full-time job, photographer. A life-long hobby, it was Britt who helped me make the final leap into my long-awaited career…and then some.

Somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t allowed my morning nuzzling of her neck or the playful palming of her firm breasts, I crawled out of the lonely bed and shuffled off toward the bathroom, dutifully following my piss hard-on. The happy sound of female bantering and giggling followed me into the room from the kitchen and I stood there, braced against the wall behind the toilet and smiled, happily peeing in privacy. More than once, one female or another has playfully played fireman with my hose as I tried to relieve myself in the early morning hours. Performance anxiety is tough on a guy, especially this early in the day.

Mission accomplished, I flushed; a dead giveaway to the other occupants of the house that I was up and awake. Stepping over to the sink, I washed the sleep from my eyes. Magically, a hand towel appeared to my left and a steaming cup of black coffee appeared to my right. Then two, no…four hands warmed my chilly butt.

“Good morning partner,” Britt whispered as she set the hot coffee on the counter before placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Morning babe,” I replied with a wet kiss and noticing she too stood there naked as the day she was born.

“Good morning George,” said the towel bearer. Turning left, there was Kate, the resident pixie. She leaned into me on tip-toe for her morning kiss, her firm little titties pressing into my side. I helped her up by reaching under the long black hair that hung to her knees and with a handful of firm pixie-butt; I lifted her up to lip level. We kissed through her delighted giggle before I set her back down.

Two warm hands slid over my hips as the statuesque brunette pressed her firm D’s into my back. “Morning lover,” Gina whispered as she nipped and kissed my neck. Her long, slender fingers had me in her grasp as she moved to my ear and her serpent-like tongue slithered inside.

I never know how these little encounters are going to go. It was either going to turn into an early morning orgy or the conniving trio would get me all hot and bothered and then turn and leave me hanging…literally. Sadly, this morning it looked like it was the latter. Turning me to collect her kiss, Gina smiled and with a loving tug, she said “Sorry baby, no time for fun. We business owners have to get to work early; Breakfast is on the counter.”

With that, Gina and Kate turned their beautiful butts to me and bounced out of the room. “Poor baby,” Britt said sympathetically as she reached for my disappointed dick. “It won’t take me long to get to work,” dropping to her knees and looking up toward our second-level office. “That is if you have the time” she asked as she batted those big blue eyes and her tongue reached out to take a swipe at the head of my cock.

I stammered “Uh, yeah,” as I watched my cock disappear between her wet lips. She looked up at me as she swallowed me whole, her nose now poking my tummy. Britt’s oral skills are beyond description and she knows just how good she is. Taking all I have to give, she gives me a wink and then begins what I can only describe as swallowing. My cock is in her throat, her tongue is tickling my balls and with each swallow, she is jacking me off. It takes all my willpower to not grab her by the side of the head and just ‘fuck her face’ for lack of a better description. But I know that I won’t be disappointed and I just stare in marvel as my love consumes me. Alternating between the throat maneuver and wrapping both hands on my mucus covered member and giving me an old fashioned handy, Britt soon has me shaking, my balls tight and my butt clinched. Ever the master of timing, she looks at me through darkened eyes and deep-throats me one last time, daring me to try and not cum. I’d lost that bet before we even started and I leaned back onto the cold granite counter and braced myself. With one last swallow, she smiled as much gaziantep escortları as one can with eight inches of cock between your lips, and then closed her eyes as I lost it.

“Ah fuck me…” I moaned as I unleashed stream after stream of high-velocity spunk down my lover’s throat. Britt massaged my balls as my cock convulsed, my body racked with pleasure. I was light-headed and it always takes me a bit to return to normal after a session with Britt and I think she takes great pride in the effect she has over me. I like to think I do the same for her.

Reaching down, I pulled her up off her knees and hugged her tight. We kissed, sharing what bit of me she hadn’t already swallowed. This might bother some guys, tasting their own cum, but no woman I have ever been with objected to her own taste as she licked her pussy juice off my face; so I guess I never gave it a second thought. In fact, I nearly blew Britt’s mind the first time we fucked and then I buried my face in her cum filled pussy and licked her to another body-contorting orgasm.

“I love you, Mr. President,” she said under her breath, referring to last night’s meeting where I announced my intentions to incorporate our photography business and make her a stock-holding member of the board.

“And I love you, Ms. Vice President,” my hands full of her ass cheeks. I gave her another long kiss and then released my hold. She looked up at me with disappointment in her eyes and she could see in mine that I didn’t want to stop, but I did need to get to work.

She smiled and gave my butt a slap as she turned me back to the sink. “I know…you still have that other job and you have to go to work,” she droned. “But I take it since you brought up the whole incorporating thing and all that that you are thinking we’re getting closer to making this a full time thing… I mean the photography thing.”

I caught a little blush flash across her cheeks as she backpedaled there at the end. I pretended like I didn’t catch on and answered, “Well, yeah. We’re booking more work and I can only see us getting busier. If I’m going to do this full time, I need to set up some sort of timeline so I can give my boss notice. I don’t want to leave him in a lurch; he’s been real good to me and I don’t want to burn any bridges.” I let that set there for a minute as I put on some deodorant and rinsed my face once more.

“Yeah, this has always been my dream, to shoot pictures for a living and you have been a big part of making that dream come true.” I caught the color coming back in her cheeks in the reflection of the mirror and she looked down, pretending to look for something on the counter. “And,” I said as I grabbed her unexpectedly by the waist and set her bare butt down on the cold granite counter, “It has also been my dream to meet someone who I could share that dream with, and maybe, the rest of my life with.”

Britt’s eyes grew big and now my mind tried to find reverse, ‘Shit, did I just propose to her?’ I asked myself. We stuttered in tandem…”Did you just…” “No, I…but…” “Well, I thought…” “Yes, no, I mean I …well shit.”

We paused and then both broke out laughing. I hugged her tight as she wrapped her long legs around me. I looked her in the eyes and took a deep breath; “You know I love you; more than I’ve ever loved anyone, and I can’t imagine not having you in my life.”

Her eyes glistened as she put an index finger on my lips. “I love you too…everything you just said, and as far as I’m concerned, you’re stuck with me until the end, and you’d have to fuck up pretty bad to get me to leave. So let’s just leave it at that; we’re both young…well at least I am,” as she winced, ready for a tickle attack. I just stuck my tongue out at her and let her continue; “I told you when we first met that even before we spoke, I saw you and knew that you were the one. It sounded corny then and it still sounds sorta corny, but I’m positive that we are meant to be together.”

We’d had this conversation before, but this time, it really hit me as the gospel, the real thing, and I was actually speechless, so I did the only thing I knew to do; I kissed her and kissed her until nothing else needed to be said.

** Late morning **

Well, for a Monday, everything was going swimmingly and while driving to the next job, I pondered what in the hell ‘going swimmingly’ really meant when my Bluetooth chimed in my ear. “This is George,” I answered, hoping the temperamental device actually worked this morning.

“How’s my favorite corporate big-wig’s morning going?” Britt asked. For once, the connection between my ear piece and the Blackberry in my pocket was perfect.

“Well, I got a blow job from one of the other board members this morning. That was a pretty good start to the day,” I answered happily.

“Yeah, we need to write that up in the minutes I suppose,” Britt laughed. “Seriously, I love you for making me a part of the company. Not to rush you, but is there anything I can do to help on the incorporation?”

“Yeah, about the minutes, I think we need to be a little more discreet about what we put down in writing. If you want, you can do some research on the whole incorporation process. I think it is fairly cut and dry and hopefully we don’t need to get a lawyer involved.”

“Sounds good, I’ll see what I can dig up. Oh, and what I really called about was to let you know that I have the next two cars lined up for the calendar and I got a quick call from our favorite redhead reminding us that we need to stop by and go over wardrobe for their shoot.”

Snippets of Becky and Britt in a ridiculously large shoe store and the dressing room of a popular lingerie store bounced around in my head. That was an evening I wouldn’t forget anytime soon. Only the honking of an impatient senior citizen brought me back to real time. I waved apologetically through the back window and continued on. “So what does Mike have us photographing this time?” I asked.

“Let me look,” she said with the sound of papers shuffling in the background; “I know I wrote it down here somewhere. Okay, here it is. The first is a 1956 Ford pickup; I think he called it a step-side?”

“Oh yeah, that’s great, my dad had one of those. The step-side is kind of like a running board on the side of the bed. It’s great when you need something out of the back.”

“Alrighty then,” she said like she really didn’t care, and she probably didn’t; cars and trucks are more of a guy thing. “And the other is something called a Hudson Hornet…is that right? A hornet; like the insect?”

“Hell yes baby, now that is my idea of a car;” the testosterone was kicking in. “I can’t wait to see it. I hope it’s not some tricked out hot rod.”

“Well I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday,” she said. “So when do we want to go over to Becky’s and get fitted?”

This was a new one on me; I was supposed to be behind the camera, not in front of it. “So remind me,” I answered, “it’s you, me and Becky with Kate shooting?”

“Oh, and Gina too; being the long legged one, she’s perfect for a tight pair of jeans.” Pausing, Britt said, “I got the feeling on the phone that Becky is looking forward to getting to know Kate and Gina better…if you know what I mean,” snickering.

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean and my dick hurts just thinking about it,” I kidded. “Anyway,” as she giggled on the other end of the line, “I’m obviously free late afternoons and evenings, so I’ll let you coordinate it with the girls and I’ll just do what I’m told.”

“Mmmm, I like the sound of that,” she purred, “doing whatever I tell you to do.”

“Now, now,” I countered, “let’s not get carried away; I am the President, remember?”

“Yeah…uh-huh…later Mr. President,” she replied in her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation and the line went dead.

** Late Afternoon **

“Red Brick Photography, Brittany speaking, how may I help you?” came the lilting voice that made my dick wake up.

I really wanted to mess with her, but just the sound of her voice caught me off guard; “Hey baby, it’s me. I’m ready to head for the barn and thought I better check in to see if I needed to stop for anything on the way home.”

“Hi lover,” her voice dropping an octave. My cock raised an octave or however you measure that sort of thing. “Kate and Gina just called and they’re on their way too. They offered to pick up Chinese, so that takes care of dinner tonight and knowing them, probably lunch tomorrow.”

“So did they say how things went at the store today with John?” referring to the impending sale of the business to the girls.

“Not specifically, but Gina sounded happy…and tired. I’m sure we’ll get all the details when they get home.”

“Alright then, if you don’t need anything else, I’ll just head for home. It’s been a long day and I can’t wait to be home with you.”

“Aww, that’s sweet. Well I’ve been thinking about you all day while I’ve been looking into the incorporation thing. We’ll go over it when you get here, but it sounds pretty cut and dry; just a lot of forms to fill out and of course, fees to pay.”

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “everyone wants their piece of the pie I guess.”

“Oooo….pie,” Britt moaned over the phone; “I don’t remember the last time I had pie.” I could picture her nearly salivating and licking her lips. “You don’t know of a bakery or pie shop that’s on your way home do you?”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “I know of one, but it’ll cost you,” I kidded. “What kind do you want?”

“Whatever looks good,” she giggled like a little girl. “Berry or cream, I like ’em all. Not a big fan of mincemeat, but I doubt they’ll have any. I think that’s a holiday thing; I never understood mincemeat anyway.” Pausing to take a breath, “Oh, do we have any vanilla ice cream? I really need ice cream if you get a fruit pie.”

“I haven’t got a clue,” as I chuckled at her excitement over pie. Her happiness is truly infectious; hell, she’s infectious, period. “I may call you when I get there and I guess in the meantime you can take your sexy little self downstairs and see if we have your ice cream.”

“Okey-dokey,” she giggled as I heard the office chair roll across the hardwood floor. Throughout this, I’d lost track of where I was and had to double back to get to the bakery I had in mind. I listened to her hum into the microphone of the headset she wore as she skipped down the stairs and went through the front door and into the kitchen. I hadn’t intended to stay on the line while she made her recon run, but it was amusing to listen to her hum and carry on with herself. I heard the familiar sound of the freezer door open; “Damn that’s cold…shoulda’ put a shirt on.”

It was my turn to snicker as I imagined her leaning topless into the freezer, digging around for the frozen treat. “So are you running around the office naked again?” I wirelessly whispered into her ear.

“Oh shit, you scared me,” she yelped. “I thought I had hung up, and yes, I’m running around naked in the office,” she teased; “Jealous?”

“Just makes me want to get home that much quicker; so any ice cream in there?” I listened to her huff and puff as she rearranged the freezer.

“Yeah, here’s a container way in the back, it’s…what the hell? Neapolitan? Who buys?…Hey wait a minute, the chocolate and vanilla are all gone and there’s nothin’ but strawberry! Who does that?”

“Guilty, I guess; although I can’t remember ever having bought Neapolitan ice cream in the first place. And secondly, strawberry ice cream should be illegal.”

“I agree,” Britt answered as I heard the freezer door close. “Mind if I just put this down the drain?”

“Unless one of the girls likes strawberry, feel free. So it’s a cream pie or I stop and pick up ice cream?” I asked.

“Yup, your first presidential decision…Cream or fruit.” she laughed.

“Alright goof-ball, I’ll get something. I’m here now so I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Alright Mr. President,” again in the breathless Marilyn Monroe lilt, “We’ll be waiting.” This time she did manage to disconnect the phone.

** Half an hour later **

I pulled up to the massive rolling door of the brick veneered warehouse and stabbed the remote control button that activated the opener that I was so glad I finally installed; the heavy door is real ball buster. I pulled in and a quick vehicle count told me I was the last one home. I had taken a couple minutes longer to stop and buy my lover some vanilla ice cream and while I was at it, a can of whip cream too. I had a chocolate cream pie and a boysenberry pie; figured I might as well cover my bases.

I didn’t get my standard ‘welcome home’ greeting, so I made my way precariously to the front door, juggling my load. Two trips would have been safer but it’s not in my nature. I like to think it is some in-built programming for efficiency; I’m always thinking about the right order to do things. I hate to back-track or take more trips than necessary; or maybe I’m just inherently lazy. It’s probably the latter.

“Lucy, I’m home,” I announced in what I thought was a pretty good Cuban accent. Still nothing as I closed the door with my butt. Entering the kitchen I find all three of my comely roommates hunkered over numerous piles of paper on the counter. A high voltage buzz of conversation hovered over them and I could almost smell the brain cells cooking as they shuffled pages, pointing at figures and graphs. I sat dessert on the kitchen counter and opened one of the many bags of Chinese carry-out and took a big sniff; god I was hungry.

“So how are my favorite business people,” I asked them as I walked behind them and gave each a kiss on top of the head and a love-squeeze on the butt.

“Hi baby,” Britt answered as she spun on the barstool and gave me a big kiss. “You’ll have to pardon the other two; they’ve been like this since they got home.”

I got a second look at the new bikini-magnates and they looked tired. They left for work before I did and they were still at it. This was one of the things I had brought up with them earlier about becoming a slave to your job. I realize this is different because they are just getting started and I’m sure the list of things to do seems endless, but at some point you have to take a break.

“C’mon babe, I know how to get their attention,” I said as I turned back to the kitchen.

“What? You’re going to get naked and dance on the table in front of them?” Looking back over her shoulder, she shook her head, “I know I’d enjoy it, but I’m not sure they’d even notice.”

I turned and gathered her up in my arms, “I’ll bet you would, but no, I don’t think I have to be that dramatic. Here, help me serve up dinner.”

With a pouty frown, Britt helped me make up four plates of the aromatic cuisine. Taking two plates each, we approached the girls and passed the plates between them and the piles of figures and notes and held it there. The sight and smells of dinner flipped a switch and both girls blinked and looked at us like they had just been released from a magical spell.

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