Every Problem Has A Solution

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Senior Constable Jade Higgins activated the police car’s emergency lights; they sped to the reported location of an assault.”Fuck, it’s a bloke dressed as a woman,” said Jade as they pulled up. The victim sat on the footpath, leaning against a front fence. He seemed to be in some pain but with no apparent injuries. His dress in disarray revealed the unmistakable bulge of male genitalia in frilly blue panties. The black stockings had come loose and were torn but still accentuated long, slim, shapely legs. “I can’t believe what I see here,” said Jade’s partner, Constable Zac Janetski. He was mesmerized by the scene before him. He imagined the attacker deliberately tearing the victim’s dress to expose the breast and then lifting the hem over the waist to reveal the lingerie and groin. He enjoyed the stirrings of an erection. “Got some ID?” Jade asked the victim.”Yes.” Denis retrieved his driver’s license from his purse.”Hey, aren’t you that TV guy, that comedian?” asked Zac.”Yes.”  “Stay where you are while I get a background check,” said Jade, who returned to the patrol car. Denis tried to stand up.”Don’t move,” said Zac. “I need to adjust my clothes.” “Don’t worry about that for the moment.”When Jade returned, she asked.”Do you confirm that you are Denis Williams with a registered address a couple of doors along this road and another dwelling near the CBD?” “Yes.””Okay, you can stand up now.””Thank you,” Denis replied as he gingerly stood and adjusted his clothing. “I have a couple of stalking complaints by a Mr. Roberts, do you know him?””Yes, he is my ex-wife’s partner.””Okay, you are not being charged or arrested, but I want you to come to the police station now to make a statement.” Denis gave his account of the assault. Officers Janetski and Higgins told him to wait on a bench in a corridor. He sat there, uncomfortably for over an hour, stared at by numerous uniformed and non-uniformed personnel that walked by. He frequently heard sniggers and the occasional derogatory comment. Eventually, a uniformed sergeant approached. She was tall, several inches taller than him, but the policewoman extruded strength and bulk where Denis was slightly built and lean. Denis thought she was beautiful and well proportioned for her height. She had short-cropped blonde hair and the most beautiful azure eyes he had ever seen.  “Mr. Williams? She asked.”Yes,” Denis Side escort Bayan replied. The policewoman sat beside him.  “I’m sergeant Foster; I have a couple of points that need clarification on this report. But first I think we will move to the privacy of an interview room.””Thank you,” said Denis after the sergeant closed the door.”The two officers who brought you in have gone home, so I thought it would be quicker and easier for you if we go through this now; to avoid a return visit. I take it that your ex-wife has no problem with you having contact with your children?””She is fine with that.” “But her partner, a Mr. Roberts doesn’t agree?””No, he has made numerous threats toward me regarding any contact with the children. Christmas is coming so I requested some recent photos of them. My ex-wife said she would leave a memory stick for me to collect today as they are away for the weekend.””Is there any reason you decided to collect the photos dressed as you are today?””I dress in feminine attire because I like it; I have wanted to do so for as long as I can remember. I usually don’t go out in public like this, but this time I thought I would. Everything was fine until I left with the photo stick, then the two guys attacked me.”Did you know these men?””No, but I suspect they may be associates of Mr. Roberts. I need to get back to my car, so I can change into male attire before I go home. The sergeant did not answer for several seconds, then she said.” I will take your to your car. I’m finished for the day. I need to change into civvies before I leave. My name is Rose, by the way.””I’m very pleased to have met you,” said Denis.”We will do a little detour on the way if that is okay with you,” said Rose. “Fine,” said Denis.”Trust me,” she said.”I do.”Before long, Rose pulled up in front of a warehouse without signage on a side street.”This place is a venue where they hold parties for people who sometimes have difficulty finding ways to socialize as they would like.” She said. “Aside from a communal meeting area there are additional facilities that include public and private rooms where you can indulge in more intimate activities.””Sounds interesting,” Denis replied. “Have you been to any of these functions?” “Yes, I have but not for a couple of years. I live alone, on occasion I enjoy anonymous, intimate company.” Escort manavgat  Denis half turned to face her. “Okay, this is totally off the record, but to answer your unasked question; yes, sex on the premises does occur. The public rooms generally cater for exhibitionists and voyeurs, the private rooms are simply that, private, but at an extra fee and must be booked in advance.””How do you get to be included in the club?””By invitation only and you need a member to nominate you. I can help with that if you are interested. Oh, and by the way, you can understand that I would like to keep this conversation confidential.””You can trust me.”They continued in silence except for the occasional navigation comment by Denis. When they arrived at his car he was relieved to see it was where he left it without any damage or parking ticket. “Thank you for everything,” he said.”It was my pleasure and the best of luck to you,” said Rose as she held out her hand. As Denis accepted the shake, Rose leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. “You are a very attractive woman.” “That’s very kind of you to say so and thank you,” said Denis, “However, I think I would need to be a lot more skilled with makeup and find a place to dress before I went to that club though. “”But you would like to go?””Yes,” he said after a long thoughtful pause.Rose held Denis’s gaze for several seconds. “Every problem has a solution my friend,” she said. “Is it okay if I call you Denise?”  Denis could only nod in reply, and his heart thumped so hard it felt it would burst. “I will be in touch,” she said and briefly kissed him again, this time, on the lips.The next morning Rose phoned. “Denis, it’s sergeant Foster here.” She didn’t call me Denise, he thought with dismay. “Unfortunately, I have some bad news. It has come to my attention that at least two officers took illegal photos of you yesterday. I need to inform you that numerous people now possess copies, including the press. The officers who perpetrated this privacy breach have been stood down and face disciplinary action. I am so very sorry; I only just found out.” Denis dropped his phone and lost the connection. He felt too ill to try to call back. Instead, he staggered to the lounge room couch and just sat there, unable to process any rational thought. Several hours later, he was conscious of a banging alanya escort on his front door. A short glimpse through the peephole revealed several media teams complete with cameras and microphones. He didn’t answer the door.Denis had no one to turn to, or more accurately, no one close or sympathetic. The photos were in the paper the following day, but the press did not bother him at his house. Even so, he was frightened about going out in public. So he booked a short stay at a secluded cottage in the hills and hid for two weeks.He had just packed his bags to return home when his phone showed an unknown number calling. After some hesitation, he answered. When he heard Rose’s voice his heart thumped.”Hi Denise,” she said.”Hello.””How are you?” “Okay, I’ve been recovering in a remote cottage. About to head home and look for another more permanent hideaway.” “I may be able to help with that but in the meantime I wanted to let you know that there is a Christmas party at the club tomorrow night. I would be honored to escort you if you would like to attend.””That would be lovely, but…” “I have your official invitation attached to mine and I will collect you at your home midday tomorrow. You can change at my place, and I will help you with makeup. If you are agreeable.” “Yes, very,” said Denis. “Excellent, see you tomorrow.” She ended the call before he could reply.His bag was packed and was ready long before Rose arrived. The sight of her casually dressed in a T-Shirt without a bra and jeans took his breath away. “Hi Denise,” she said and immediately cuddled him. Denis fiercely returned the embrace, his face buried in the soft flesh of her breasts. “Well, it would seem you are pleased to see me,” said Rose.”Very. Sorry if I overdid the cuddle.””Don’t be sorry. I enjoyed it.”  “By the way, I’m unemployed now; I resigned,” she said. “Why?””It’s something I have been contemplating for some time; your recent humiliation by my former colleagues just gave me the motivation. I’m tired of the bullying. The officers who took those photos and humiliated you, will pay dearly, especially Janetski,” she said. Denis couldn’t help but note the venom in her voice.After a short drive they were in a very upmarket suburb near the river. Denis was surprised when Rose said, “I live on the top of that high rise building at the end of the street.” She used a keycard to access an underground car park then stopped in a private bay that included an elevator labeled ‘Private use only.'”The elevator goes directly to my suite,” she explained. Denis was speechless when they arrived at her apartment. It was a luxury penthouse that occupied the whole top two floors.

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