Ever Wish You Had X-Ray Glasses?

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Ever Wish You Had X-Ray Glasses?I was s*******n when my Mom’s cousin Nancy came to stay with us for a few weeks. She was eleven years younger than my Mom and eleven years older than I. Mom and I had been living in this large house and ever since Dad left with some person that Mom refused to talk about. The house seemed empty and a bit gloomy with just the two of us.Nancy brightened things up. I enjoyed listening to Mom and Nancy remembering old times. I hadn’t seen Mom laugh in so long. The two of them drank wine with dinner and Nancy convinced her that I should get some experience with drinking wine with dinner. Best of all though, besides the time Nancy spent with me when Mom was at work, was the huge stack of OLD Batman Comic books she brought me. She had been a little embarrassed even showing them to me figuring someone my age would be “more interested in girls than in comics.”I held them, and without telling her just how often I thought of girls, said,”I Love Batman comics!” The Batman costume had changed so much and it was kind of like looking at some other action hero. What really caught my eye though was the back page of the first issue I looked at. There were all these gags and toys you could buy. Then there was the ad for X-Ray Glasses. The ad said,”Hey guys, see that pretty girl over there? Put these glasses on and you will REALLY see that girl.”I had spent so much time looking at the ad I didn’t notice Nancy seeing how interested I was in those glasses. “These comics are really old Peter. I don’t know if you can still get items from that page. I always liked the idea of X-Ray glasses too,” she said with a grin. That kind of shocked me and I know my face was red, but I said, “Oh really?”She said with a smile, “It’s not just boys that are curious Peter. Tell you what…let’s try to order a couple of pairs of them and see if we can even get them. I am guessing they are really fake, but they don’t cost much. I’ll buy!” We laughed about that for a bit. I don’t think she saw me looking at her blouse as I imagined what she would look like if I had bartın escort those glasses.She ordered them to be delivered overnight. Two days passed and nothing came in the mail. The first day of my senior year started the next day, so I wasn’t home to watch for the package. When I got home from school I tore into the house and looked around for Nancy. I didn’t see her, but knowing Mom was still at work I yelled out, “Hey Nancy! Did we get anything in the mail today?”I finally found her in the den. Mom and I almost never went in there anymore. She was reading a novel on the couch. Nancy looked up and smiled as I came into the room. I stopped suddenly because she was wearing a pair of glasses and looking right at me. Nancy being a big time joker, I was sure she was joking with me. She probably had found an old pair of Mom’s reading glasses.I stood there as she looked at me. I was imagining they were real X-Ray Glasses and that they really worked. That meant she was looking at me and could see my cock. Her smile widened as I was wondering if the glasses were real. My cock now was very hard and restrained inside of my Levis.”Okay Nancy, so quit the game. They still didn’t come?” I asked quietly. She stayed silent looking at me then reached behind her back and pulled out a small package. “Here you go Peter. Try these on and see if they work.” She stood up and handed the package to me. I fumbled with the paper which made her laugh. Finally I pulled the glasses out of the box. Very nervously I put them on and looked at Nancy. That made me jump back. Nancy’s nipples were very hard and large. I quickly looked down at her Bermuda shorts and saw that my Mom’s cousin had shaved her cunt.I gasped at this then we both broke out laughing at the same time. “You know Peter, I had forgotten about that birthmark on your thigh, but I remember it now,” Nancy said quietly. I have a birthmark the size of a dime on the inside of the upper part of my right thigh. Standing there I realized Nancy and I were essentially naked together. Before I could say it Nancy said,”I escort bartın think we need to go up to your room Peter and take this a bit farther before Alice gets home.” I stuttered a little, “A…b…bit farther?” “Of course silly. Don’t you want to see how close to right your view of me is,” she asked coyly. “I won’t tell if you won’t tell,” she continued.I walked behind her up the stairs. She really made her butt wiggle as she moved and that caused me to almost miss a step. “Careful there lover boy. Don’t want to have to explain to your Mom how you broke your ankle,” she said ending with a big hearty laugh.I was trying to think what taking things a bit farther meant. When we got to my room she closed the door and stood posing in front of me. “So Peter, have you seen a naked girl before?” Staring at her I told her quietly that I had never seen a naked woman before without admitting anything else.”What do you like best about seeing my body Peter? Is it my tits? I know I have really nice nipples. Do you like my nipples Peter?” I nodded my head looking straight at those nipples. She continued,”Well I love how nice and hard your cock is and worried that it must be really constrained inside of your pants. Maybe you need to take them off so you don’t hurt yourself,” she whispered. I put my hands to my belt buckle, then pulled them away, then looking at her shorts and seeing that amazing smooth pussy, I unbuckled my belt. I tried pulling my pants down without taking off my sneakers first and wound up hopping on one foot. Nancy giggled and moved forward to direct me to my bed. I looked down at her as she untied each shoe and pulled them off. Her tits were REALLY nice and I was about to see them in the flesh and maybe even go a bit farther. Nancy tugged on the cuffs of my jeans. When she got them down, the head of my cock was sticking well above the elastic of my underwear.”Oh you poor boy,” she said quietly,”Your cock has been so confined. You really should wear looser jeans Peter. Tight jeans can affect semen production and you wouldn’t want that.”I bartın escort bayan was sitting on the bed, naked from the waist down. My cock was waving around from the heightened blood flow, it danced with the beat of my heart. Pre-cum trailed from the tip in a stream like I had never seen.Nancy stood up then. “Okay lover boy. Do you want me to take off my top or my shorts first?” I looked up and down her body then said almost angrily, not that I meant it to sound like that, “Take off your top Nancy.”She put her hands on the bottom of the shirt and pulled it up slowly over her head. I watched as her nipples slowly came into view. She pulled the shirt above her neck and head then threw it next to my jeans. Nancy put her hands under her breasts and squeezed them as she watched me sitting there with my eyes and mouth wide open. She moved to the bed and said, “Here. Suck on these for a while I slip out of these shorts.” I couldn’t believe how wonderful the texture of her nipples felt on my lips and tongue. I was aware she was taking off her shorts because the nipples would slip out as she moved. Finally she stepped back and stood two feet from me. Slowly I pulled off my tee shirt and stared at Nancy’s body. “Have you ever fucked a woman Peter?” Quietly as in a trance I said, “Never have Nancy. Am I going to get to fuck you?” She came over to the bed, her hands on my shoulders, my face inches away from her tits, and said, “If you want to fuck me Peter you just have to ask.”I stood up then, wrapped my arms around her pulling her tits against my chest. My cock pressed against her lower belly. I whispered in her ear, “I am a virgin Nancy. I really want to fuck you, but I don’t want to make your pregnant so maybe we need to wait until I have a condom.””Peter, I have tried for years to have c***dren with my first two husbands. The last one went with me so we could be tested. I am barren Peter. I can’t have c***dren. There is no need for a condom,” she whispered.I gasped at that then said, “We have to do this before Mom gets home. We have a couple of hours. How long will it take?” Nancy grinned and said, “If it takes just less than a couple of hours I will be ecstatic.” Then, patting my cock added,”Your first time might mean we have plenty of time to enjoy each other.”Should I write more of this?

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