Ernie and Shondo Hook Up

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Ernie sat behind the wheel of the old pickup truck as it roared north on route 23 headed toward Circleville. His elbow was out the window and the warm June air rushed in, and there was a smile on his face as big as the sky above was sunny.

But that wasn’t the only thing big. Ernie was sporting a boner in his denim shorts as big and hard as they got. And he was so ridiculously turned on he wanted to pull over to the side of the road and whack off while having hot imagines about the to-die-for stud he was hoping to see in a few minutes at the farm supply store in town.

At eighteen, Ernie was one of the hottest hunks at Kenton High, his school in Kenton where he’d be a senior come September. He lived on a farm with his mom and grandparents a little north of the small Appalachian town located in the rolling hills of southeast Ohio. Tall and built, he was a jock and a muscle boy, and as handsome as a devil with the dreamy looks of an Abercrombie and Fitch model. His buddies on the football team, for which he played halfback, called him ‘Crombie’, he was so freaking all that. The fact that his skin tone was coffee-colored and he was one of only a couple dozen African-American students in the school really made him stand out.

But Ernie always feigned modesty. He wasn’t anywhere near as hot as the girls and guys made him out to be, he always insisted to everybody, even himself. It was just that he had a great bod, a winning personality, was the only black dude on the team’s first string, and all kinds of other reasons he came up with to justify the others’ inflated opinion of him. After all, it was a hard one to live up to. But thinking about it now, he snorted and let out a hoot, knowing his modesty was all pretty much crap, indulged in because he just plain liked to think of himself as nothing but an ordinary everyday farm boy.

“Yah right!” he grunted, chuckling.

Ernie knew he was totally not plain and ordinary. Certainly not ‘everyday’. It was true that there was nobody anything like him, at least around these parts. But that didn’t mean Shondo, the boy he was thinking about, the one he was already hard for and hoped to see at the store, would have any interest in him. The dude was probably straight anyway. He’d been nice and friendly the last couple times Ernie had seen him, helpful getting supplies and loading the truck, but Ernie figured it was most likely that Shondo hadn’t even given him a thought after their few brief meetings in the supply yard. Certainly not like he’d been having imagines about Shondo twenty four-seven, and constant boners that needed immediate attention or they just wouldn’t go away.

Ernie didn’t know much about the dude other than what he found out asking others at the store. Shondo was nineteen, finished with high school, and he lived with his mom and dad nearby the store in Circleville. He was Native American, tan-skinned, but nowhere near as dark as Ernie himself, and he had a similar build, a little leaner and taller. His face was very masculine and ruggedly handsome, but there was a prettiness about him too that drove Ernie bonkers. Shondo’s thick black hair was long, down to his shoulders, and always had several thin braids dangling in it.

Ernie sighed, thinking about the boy. He looked like the Indians in the old western movies shown on TV, bold and macho and incredibly sexy. He was enough to make you come in your pants. And Ernie had already done that several times, once even in school study hall. Good thing he’d worn his new jockstrap today. It was sturdy and supportive and would hold in any load he might accidentally cream out into it.

Getting excited, Ernie turned the wheel and followed the sign pointing at the ramp off the highway to the Circleville Road. He was all antsy now, almost there, only a mile to go. Then he’d get to see his latest awesome dude crush. He couldn’t help wonder what Shondo would be wearing. Tight raggedy-hemmed Levi’s shorts like last time, Ernie hoped, and shirtless too so he could again see those awesome abs and pecs with the long hair shifting on his muscular shoulders as he moved.

“Oh jeez … stop thinking about it,” Ernie groaned, not wanting to orgasm in the truck before he even got to the store. But he hadn’t had any luck at getting the sexy image of Shondo off his mind since he’d last seen him a week ago. And he didn’t really need to go to the supply store this week. He was going just to see Shondo. He couldn’t stop thinking about him no matter how hard he tried!

Ernie floored the accelerator for the last half mile, not giving a crap if he got a speeding ticket. Shoving his hand under his belt into his jock, he rearranged his dick so it wouldn’t be so noticeable when he got out. Or maybe he’d have to sit in the truck and wait for it to go down, he was wondering after feeling how big it had gotten. Ernie snorted. It was sort of like a damn flagpole!

Ha! He knew it’d never go down. He really should’ve worn a plastic athletic cup today!

A Beşiktaş Escort couple used car lots whizzed by, a grocery store, a Native American Center, a Kiwanis Club lodge, a landscape nursery and then a Bob Evans restaurant, then Ernie turned into the drive for the farm supply store. It was a huge place with multiple buildings including big storage barns and smaller sheds here and there on the acreage. Trucks of various sizes and expensive shiny SUVs were parked or queued up waiting to be filled with supplies. The place was busy as usual and Ernie’s eyes eagerly darted around all the action looking for Shondo.

Whoa! There he was! Ernie spotted him up ahead, loading bags of fertilizer off a loader into the back of a woman’s classy-looking pickup truck. Damn! It was one of those black Lincoln woodies you hardly ever see. It was beautiful, the outside of the bed all silky black wood, and it sure had to cost a small fortune.

But Ernie only gave it a brief glance as he pulled ahead and maneuvered in to park behind the truck. His eyes were dead set on Shondo. He was wearing black denim shorts that nicely showed off his smooth muscular legs, and a snug-fitting white tank top similar to the one Ernie himself had on. Shondo’s muscles were straining as he lifted the big bags and tossed them into the bed of the truck, and Ernie could feel his dick throbbing at the site of the hunky dude in motion.

Yowza! It was worth the drive up just to see him at work. Ernie wanted to pull out his phone and video him. But he knew he’d go home later and be looking at it all freaking day and night and not be able to get anything else done.

The woman was leaning against the side of the truck watching Shondo. Hungrily. Ernie was sure she was thinking the same thing he was — what it’d be like to be naked and in a hot clinch with the handsome Indian boy. Shondo’s long hair swung back and forth along his broad shoulders as he moved and a couple of the skinny braids fell downward as he stooped to pick up the bags.

Ernie sat back, rigid, his hand pressing on his dick, knowing he didn’t need to use the phone. His mind would record every second of Shondo’s moves for future erotic imaginings. He didn’t blink an eye. He didn’t want to miss any of it, not a freaking nanosecond. His eyes took in the bulging biceps, the clinging fabric covering Shondo’s broad pecs and slabs of abs, the slim hips and humpy butt that came into view when he swung toward the lady’s truck, and the shapely thighs and bulging calves, so tan and smooth like if he shaved them.

When Shondo was finished and had closed the tailgate, he gave the woman a beaming smile and Ernie watched as she handed the Indian boy a tip.

“That better be a fuckin’ fifty,” he muttered, seeing it was a bill. “Hell, I’d pay him a hundred just to watch him move fifty pound bags fully clothed. Better than porn. Damn, for actual sex he’d be worth a million!”

Ernie had never had sex with a dude, only imagined it, and watched it over and over again on Internet videos. He thought about it day and night, every fucking day. He couldn’t get man-sex off his mind, especially because his friends were all jocks, the other football players, almost every one of them hot as fuck. There were some out gay kids around but they weren’t the athletes and he didn’t really know or hang around with any of them. And he was getting crazy nuts nowadays not having sex with dudes just because he was a jock and it was not acceptable in the real world he lived in for male athletes to be gay.

Fuck that real world, he was thinking. He was getting more and more pissed off about it every day that passed by. He’d fucking die to jump into bed with just about any of his jock buds, but how the hell were you supposed to know who was gay and who wasn’t? Nobody talked about it. Nobody came out. Not the jocks and not in high school. It was driving him bananas and he didn’t want to have to wait till college. Watching Shondo, he knew if he had the chance to fool around with him he’d slam right into it. In a freaking flash. No doubt about it!

Too bad there wasn’t a chance in a million that Shondo was gay and would even want him.

Ernie growled disparagingly, knowing he’d have as little a chance at having sex with the dude as he would with anybody on the football team. There just was no way.

“Ernie! Man, am I ever glad to see you!”

Ernie jumped, startled by the sudden voice. So wrapped up in his thoughts, he hadn’t realized the woman with the Lincoln woodie had pulled away and Shondo had walked over to see him.

“Yo!” he blurted, after being speechless for a couple seconds. Shondo was right there outside the window, a big smile on his face. “How you doin’, dude?”

“Awesome, man. I was hoping you’d come by. It’s always so busy here we never get a chance to talk. You’ve been on my mind all week.”

Whoa! Ernie could not believe what he was hearing. The uber-hot dude had hoped he’d stop by? He’d Beşiktaş Escort Bayan been on the boy’s mind all week? Shondo was glistening with sweat as Ernie gaped at his beautiful face, his thick neck and sexy collar bones and shoulders. His muscular chest was heaving from his exertions.

Ernie had to ball his hands into fists so he wouldn’t reach out and grab the boy. And he didn’t know what the hell to say, but he figured he’d better keep it in line with Shondo’s words.

“Cool. I gotta pick up a few things and was hoping I’d get to see you too. We should get to know each other better, huh?”

Shondo laughed. “You bet!”

Then he pulled the truck door open from outside. “Come on. I got something quick to do out back. Then I have a half hour for lunch. We can talk.”

Talk? Ernie jumped out and slammed the door behind him He’d rather they messed around, but Shondo was at work and it was the middle of the day. No way for that to happen. But talking sure would be a hell of an awesome start.

Shondo grabbed Ernie’s elbow. “I gotta drop the loader off first,” he said, and they walked over to the machine.

There was only one seat, and not a very big one, Ernie noticed. But Shondo urged him up with a chuckle. “Go ahead. We both can fit if we squeeze real nice.”

Real nice? Ernie’s heart was banging just from the touch of Shondo’s fingers wrapped around his elbow. Sitting right on top of him would probably cause it to explode. And his dick was so hard now it was hurting all crunched up and bulging in his pants. He knew it had to be as noticeable as if he was carrying a sign that said, ‘Look at my big boner!’

But he grinned happily and climbed up onto the loader seat and began to tingle all over when Shondo plopped down right beside him, half on him. Ernie had to thread his left arm around Shondo’s side and hold onto him, otherwise he’d fall. His hand was on dude’s waist, fingers just about touching his abs. Through the thin fabric of Shondo’s tank top Ernie could feel dreamy soft skin and tantalizing hard muscle.

Shondo turned the key and the engine roared as he shifted and shot ahead, causing Ernie to have to grab wildly onto him with his other hand too. That hand had landed on Shondo’s left pec, hard, muscular, and shapely, and the touch fired such orgasmic zings coursing through Ernie that he could feel sticky precum oozing out his dick into his jockstrap.

“Yikes dude!” he laughed. “They better not let you operate the Ferris wheel at the county fair here this weekend.”

Shondo zoomed by the other employees and customers and parked vehicles being loaded. “Hah! I’d give everybody a helluva ride. They’d be flying off into the nearby trees.”

Ernie believed him. Shondo kept swerving in and out of the supply yard traffic like he was driving on a big city beltway. By the time they got to one of the barns in back where he parked the loader, Ernie was so on top and all over him that it was pretty much the same thing as necking.

Shondo laughed as Ernie loosened his grip and pulled his arm away. “We drive like that all the time, me and the other guys. You get used to it.”

Ernie’s brain was buzzing. He wanted to say, “Yah, I wanna get used to having my hands all over you.” But he couldn’t help wondering if Shondo had driven the loader so recklessly in order to force a hands-on clinch like that, or was it really just what the guys did all the time at the Circleville Farm and Supply?

Holy freaking crap! Ernie was so confused. How was a dude supposed to know for sure if another dude was digging him or not? He knew this queer man-sex thing was going to drive him fucking crazy if he didn’t soon get hip and figure it all out.

Shondo jumped down and pulled Ernie along with him, his arm now slipping around Ernie’s shoulder. “I’m leaving the loader here. I need a hand out back for a few minutes, then we can go across the street to Mickey D’s and get some grub. You ain’t in a hurry or anything, are ya?”

Ernie shook his head, loving the thrilling touch of the strong arm around him. “Nah, I got all day.”

And all night too, he added silently. And the rest of the week, and all fucking summer …

Shondo led him away from the barns and down a dusty lane that opened out back where there was a huge nursery with all kinds of garden and decorative landscape plants and huge fields of corn beyond already in rising growth.

“Yeah, speaking of the county fair, I was thinking of going there this weekend,” Shondo was telling him. “There’s a lot of us Indians in the county and many are farmers. They take part in everything — the contests, exhibits, shows, even all the booths and games along the midway. Lots of the folks I know.”

“Do you participate in anything?” Ernie asked. “Looks like you can be a rodeo rider.”

Shondo hooted. “I don’t live on a farm like you do, bud. I’m a townie boy. The only thing I know about farm life are the supplies they need.”

“Then Escort Beşiktaş come on down to my place,” Ernie suggested. “I’ll teach you how to ride a horse and milk a cow.”

“Definitely! I’m always up for some milking.” Shondo’s hand slipped down to pat Ernie’s butt. “And I’m real interested in the riding.”

Shondo’s touch sent a jolt of electricity up Ernie’s ass. It sizzled up his spine and spread out all over his chest and shoulders, leaving him breathless.

Damn! He fucking wants to ride me, Ernie was thinking. Yahoo freakin’ cowboy!

He was going to have to clean the hayloft real nice and cozy and then invite the dude over.

They crossed the fields toward a couple old sheds in back where a thick wooded area led south. The paths between the rows of plants and shrubberies and small trees were dry and dusty and only a few men were out in the fields, mostly young Mexicans who came to this part of the state to work on the farms and in the nurseries.

“So, are you gonna go to the fair?” Ernie asked, curious.

Shondo made a face and shook his head, hair and braids flying. “Meh. Probably not. You know how it is. You gotta take a date. Take her on all the rides and play all the games hoping to win her a teddy bear. All that crap. And if you don’t parade up and down the midway with the hottest girl in the whole county, then everybody’s got something to say about what a wuss you are.”

“Tell me about it,” Ernie huffed in agreement. He’d thrown a few punches in the last couple weeks at mocking faces whose owners wanted to bust his balls because he wasn’t dating any girls lately.” You don’t have a steady girlfriend either?”

Ernie felt Shondo’s grip on his shoulder tighten. “Nah, the native girls here all go to town,” the boy said. “My older sister did. She lives up in Columbus now. They want big city life and they want to marry an educated white man with money. Water down the gene pool, you know. And the white girls aren’t looking to get involved with native boys, unless just for some quick foolin’ around.”

He squeezed Ernie’s shoulder again, adding, “I’m not into girls that much anyway, dude, How about you?”

Ernie slid his hand up to Shondo’s shoulder and squeezed it. “They usually only want one thing from me, a good fuck. Other than that, I’m black and I live on a farm. I’m not very high on the potential boyfriend list.”

“But you’re so damn good looking, Ernie. Don’t they chase after you?”

Ernie snorted. “Sure they do, They scream and holler and wave condoms. But they just want to make out. Besides,” Ernie struggled up the courage to say it, “I’m not that into them anyway.”

And he squeezed Shondo’ shoulder real tight to let him know exactly what he was into.

Shondo pulled him closer and hugged him in return, a happy smile on his face. They were approaching one of the old sheds on the edge of the woods and he pointed to it. “I need a hand in there a few minutes, okay?”

Ernie nodded. He didn’t have the slightest idea what dude needed to do in the old shed but he’d surely help him do anything just to be with him. He’d gladly work with him all day long for no pay just for the joy of watching him bend and stoop and lift and pull, and hopefully get so sweaty he’d have to take his tank top off.

“Quiet out here,” Ernie muttered, and he looked back at the store buildings and barns and all the activity, now a couple football fields away. No one was back here at all, even the men working in the fields were too far away to hear them if they called.

“Yah it’s real peaceful after all the hectic activity up front,” Shondo agreed. “I often come back here to chill.” He snorted. “And other things, ya know?”

Ernie didn’t know. “Whaddaya mean? Like what?”

Shondo snorted again and started laughing. “Aw come on, you know.” He sounded embarrassed now. “Like sometimes you get all horny and gotta take a break to get some … ummm … relief.”

“You mean jerk off?”

Shondo hugged Ernie again. “Hey dude, I’m young, strong, horny!”

Ernie could see him blushing through the tan. “Tell me about it. So am I. Terminally horny! Is that what you gotta do now?”

His heart started thumping at the idea of it. There was nothing else in the whole world he’d rather do right now then jerk off with Shondo.

“Nah …” The Indian boy stopped in front of the shed and pushed open the door. “I mean I … jeez … aw fuck. I don’t know why I brought that up. I just have to pick something up for my boss and bring it out front.”

Ernie dropped it, knowing Shondo regretted bringing up the matter. But he was totally ready to do anything in the old shed with him, especially something like that.

Shondo motioned for him to step inside. The place was about twenty feet by twenty feet in size and totally cluttered up with old tools and supplies. There were bales of straw piled here and there, mounds of fertilizer bags and weed control chemicals, and junk that looked like it should have been thrown out years ago. A small window in back that looked out on the woods was open halfway, but the interior still stunk like hell for lack of fresh air. It was a strong odor familiar to Ernie because he had all the same crap in one of the barns at home.

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