Eric’s Journey to Discovery

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Big Tits

Hello, I’m Eric, my wife is Jane. We live in Canada. We have been together for 14 happy years. We have a good life together, two children, good jobs and we are best friends. After we moved in together, our sex life settled into a routine that was a little boring. Not bad, just not “toe curling” excitement. She seems to like my 7″ thick cock, especially after having a few glasses of good wine. We haven’t always been totally faithful to each other, but neither of us is supposed to know. There’s a lot more to the story. Stay with me and I will tell you everything.

As a confused 18-year-old, having just graduated from high school, I discovered porn magazines and found that I loved looking at big cocks. I poured over the pictures, the beautiful women and men with big cocks fucking them. I always identified more with the person getting fucked than the one pushing the cock. I was a confused and struggling to figure out who I was. I wasn’t really attracted to men just cock. Women were so lovely and gentle beings. I wanted to be held and kissed by a woman but still I was drawn to cock.

After high-school, I dated a few 18 to 19-year-old girls. They were nice and I loved the hugs and kisses but I always wished she had a cock. I started thinking that I would like to take a big cock in my mouth, suck it and lick it like the pictures of women doing it to men in the porn magazines. I couldn’t do that, it would mean that I was gay. I knew I wasn’t gay because I liked girls not guys. Still I was drawn to cocks.

A few months after graduation, I was sitting by myself in a restaurant having a sandwich and soft drink. I noticed a guy at a table across the room that seemed to be watching me. He was good-looking fellow, tanned, dark hair and nice smile and in great shape, a few years older than me, maybe twenty something, I thought. I looked back at him and my mind went to what his cock may look like. As I pictured his cock, I felt a flush and I’m sure my face must be red. I looked up at him and he gave a little nod and a wave. I finished eating my lunch. To leave the restaurant, I had to pass his table on the way to the door. As I approached him, he looked me right in the eyes and said, “I saw you blush. Do you want to see it.” I blushed again and nodded.

We left together. When we were outside he said, “My name is Roger.”

“Eric,” I said as we shook hands.

“Have you ever seen a man’s cock before Eric?”

“Only in porn mags,” I replied.

I looked down at the bulge in his crotch. My own cock was stiff as a bar of iron. There weren’t many people around he suggested we go behind the restaurant and if there was no one watching he would show me his cock. When we got there, we went behind the dumpster and he unzipped and produced a nice 6.5″ thick cock. I ogled it and licked my lips. “You’re turn,” he said as he tucked his cock back in his pants. I unzipped and pulled my cock free of my pants. “Fuck, that’s a nice cock, must be at least 7″ and so thick,” he said. “I am a total top so don’t get any ideas about using that thing on me, he added.

“What’s a top?” I asked.

“Fuck Eric, you are naive, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Being a total top means I fuck, but I don’t get fucked.”

“You mean you won’t suck my cock?” I asked.

“No, I will suck you, but you can’t fuck my ass,” he said.

“Yeah, I guess I am naive. I didn’t even know that was possible.” I put my cock back in my pants. He asked if I wanted to go to his place for a while. I was nervous and told him, “not today.”

“I have lunch at the restaurant most days. So, if you change your mind come by and join me for lunch,” he said.

I went home and got my porn mags from under my mattress. I looked at those big cocks while thinking about Roger. I jerked off and tasted my own cum for the first time. I thought it would be gross but it wasn’t bad. I scooped up some more on my fingers and sucked them clean. My cock was hard again. I looked at some more pictures and I did it again. This time I caught all of the cum in my hand so I could lick it all up. I made a plan to go back to the restaurant tomorrow.

I liked that he wasn’t pushy, but when tomorrow came, I chickened out and didn’t go. It took a week to get up the nerve to go back. I showered making sure all my private parts were squeaky clean. He was sitting so he could watch the entrance. He smiled when I walked through the door. I joined him at his table, “So Eric, you came back,” he said, his smile widening.

The waiter was there before I could respond. I placed my order and looked back at him. I pictured his cock and felt my face flush. “Today?” He said. It sounded like a question and then I remembered the last words I had said to him last week was “not today.”

My blush extended down my neck. “Yes, today.”

“Do we have to eat lunch?” He asked.

“No, not really,” I said.

“Just kidding,” he replied. “It may be some time before you get to eat food again.”

I blushed again when escort kocaeli I realized the implication of his words. My lunch came and we finished eating. He picked up my bill and paid for both meals. When we were outside, he told me his place was only a five-minute walk. We chatted along the way but I have no idea what we talked about. When we stepped into his apartment, his grabbed me by the butt cheeks and backed me against the wall. His hands were all over me, he groped my balls the leaned into me grinding his cock against mine. He didn’t try to kiss me. I was relieved. ‘Kissing is for a man and woman. Right?’ I thought.

He backed away and led me to the sofa. “I am all yours,” he said. “It’s your first time, take your time and do whatever you have been dreaming about.” I appreciated that he still wasn’t being pushy.

I approached him and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pushed them, along with his boxers, down over his hips. His cock sprang free. I touched it. It was the first time I had touched a cock that wasn’t mine and I almost came in my pants. I could feel the precum seeping from my rigid cock into my boxers and wetting my abdomen. I cupped his balls in my hand and he rewarded me with a growl from deep in his throat.

I slipped to my knees and kissed the tip of his cock. It was slick with precum. The first taste drove me wild, the taste and the musky smell; I was hooked. I opened my mouth and slipped the head of his cock past my lips. I groaned as my cum burst forth into my boxers. My cock stayed hard but it was a mess down there. I looked up at him; he beckoned me to follow him. On our way to the bedroom, he stepped into the bathroom and got a damp towel for me to clean up with.

In the bedroom, he unbuckled my belt and undressed me. I wiped myself and dropped the towel on the table by the bed. He said, “I’m going to take over now. Just relax and learn what you like. I will do the things to you that I would like you to do to me. Except for when it comes to bum fucking. I already told you about that. Then you can return the favour and do the things that you enjoyed most back to me. Feel free to experiment with anything else that you think will be fun.”

Roger asked me to lay on my back on the bed. He knelt alongside me and ran his hand up my inner thigh. My legs parted involuntarily he cupped my balls, squeezing gently. “Yes, “I groaned as he continued to fondle my balls. He grasped my cock in his right hand and jacked it slowly, a stream of precum oozing from my slit. He lowered his head and lapped up the tasty nectar. His lips parted and enveloped my cockhead. It pulsed and swelled right on the brink of orgasm. He took more into his mouth and I couldn’t hold on. I came my second load in the last 15 minutes. “Of Fuck, too quick,” I cursed.

Roger kept my cock in his mouth as he swallowed my load and slathered saliva over my whole cock. It softened a bit. He continued gently sucking me through the sensitive post orgasm phase. It started feeling good again and my cock regained its hardness. He licked and kissed it all over down one side, under my balls, up the other side and wrapped his lips around my cockhead and sucked the cum that continued to dribble from it. I moaned with pleasure but I knew that this time I was going to last a lot longer.

Roger was taking no chances. He let my cock slip from his mouth and ran his tongue up my abdomen to my navel. His tongue circled and dipped into my navel before he slid his body up over me and nibbled at my nipples. I had never played with my nipples and had no idea how erotic they could be. Every squeeze sent a shock wave directly from my nipple to my cock. I groaned loudly and said, “Ooooh fuck that feels sooo, sooo good.” I pushed my cock against his body and thrust it over his abdomen and chest, precum making his body hair wet and sticky. He resumed sucking on my cock. With slack jaw, he slid as much of my cock as he could into his mouth and sucked hard as he pulled up the length of it.

His tongue pressed against my cock and pumped it in and out of his mouth. I was groaning, moaning and encouraging him. “Oh my god that feels so fucking good. I love it. Suck me Roger suck me.” He could tell that I was building toward orgasm again. He kissed the tip of my cock and looked up at me.

“OK, my turn,” he said smiling at me.

He stood to let me move and I fell to my knees in front of him and attacked his cock. He put his hands on my shoulders and told me to take my time. I slowed down and bathed his cock with my tongue and saliva. He was moaning and I knew I was doing something right. “Suck on the head,” he instructed. I took the cockhead between my lips, sucked and kissed it repeatedly. “Ooooh fuck, you are a fast learner,” he groaned. I held his cock loosely in my mouth and stroked it with my lips, my tongue, the top of my mouth and yes, the entrance to my throat. I wasn’t ready to deep throat yet, but it choked me enough to make saliva run out of my lips and down my chin. “That’s it, Eric, kocaeli anal yapan escort soo fucking good, soooo fucking good!”

As Roger’s cock slid in and out of my mouth, I could feel the full texture of it, the spongy head, the ridge where the head met the shaft, the soft skin, the veins that lined it and the rock-hard shaft at its core. I knew I was going to like being a cocksucker but, it was more than like, I loved this, I really loved sucking Rogers cock. I could taste his precum as his excitement built. I wanted to savour it so I pulled off so that only his cockhead was in my mouth. I lapped his frenulum and piss slit with my tongue. This increased the flow of precum. “Fuck Eric you are going to make me cum,” he cautioned.

I looked up at him and said, “I want your cum, I want to taste it.”

“OK you asked for it,” he said

I resumed sucking his cock deeply into my mouth. He was starting to grunt each time his cockhead hit the back of my mouth. After about a minute of my renewed effort, he grabbed my head and pumped into my mouth being careful not to choke me. “Are you ready Eric, here it comes. OOHHH FUCK ERIC.” He shouted. And a huge load of his cum rocketed into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow all of it and some dribbled out the corners of my lips. As the flow subsided and I caught up and sucked the remnants from his slit. Letting his cock slip from my mouth I scooped what had leaked out of my mouth up and licked my fingers. I loved it, it was a little salty and gooey feeling, but the feeling of pride that I was able to make this wonderful man cum made my head spin. I was in heaven.

“That was fucking amazing man. I can’t imagine that was your first time. You have to be fucking with my head. You’re a fucking pro.”

“Honest Roger, that was my first time,” I said.

“I know, I was fucking with your head. You were very good for a beginner, but there is more. Let’s take a break. Hope you don’t need to go anywhere this afternoon.”

“I’m all yours,” I replied.

We put on our boxers and went to the living room “Do you want a beer?” Roger asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

We sat on the sofa and enjoyed the beer. Roger asked about school and if I had thought about university. He had attended university in Montreal. I planned to go locally and live at home. Roger smiled at that. I could see the gears turning in his head and a bulge forming in his boxers. After about 20 minutes, Roger asked, “Are you ready for more?”

“Fuck yeah, I’ve been ready since you blew your load,” I replied.

“Of course, what was I thinking, Your 18 and this is your first time.”

“Let’s see if you’re ready for some bum fun,” Roger said.

That made me nervous and I told him I wasn’t sure about that. He assured me that he would take his time and make sure that I was totally prepared. He took me into the bathroom and showed me how to clean out my rectum without flushing out the whole colon. When I was squeaky clean inside as well as out, we went back to the bedroom.

Roger had me lay on my back with my ass on a pillow. “Now pull your knees up and hold them up by your chest,” he instructed.

I did as he asked and he knelt between my feet. I watched him as he looked at my bum. He smiled at me and his head dipped. I felt his tongue slide over my pucker and up to my balls. He sucked one ball into his mouth and then the other. He had me moaning with pleasure and my 7″ cock had a raging hardon again. He licked between my asshole and my balls for a minute or two the turned his attention to my asshole. He circled it with his tongue then flicked his tongue back and forth, up and down. It was great even better than having my cock sucked. My brain was in overload. An hour ago I was a complete virgin and now I had sucked and been sucked and had three orgasms to Roger’s one.

Roger kept up his assault on my asshole and I could feel his tongue dipping deeper into my hole. When he sensed that I was relaxed enough for more. He put his index finger on my hole and gently pressed it ever so slightly into my hole. He reached over to the night table and picked up a tube of lube that I hadn’t even noticed before.

Roger explained that he was going to loosen and relax my ass with his fingers to get me ready for his cock and that he would make sure it wouldn’t hurt when he did put his cock in me for the first time. He put a big dollop of lube on my puckered hole and used his finger to work it in. His finger went in to the knuckle with only the slightest feeling of being stretched. Roger commented on how relaxed my sphincter was from the licking he had given me. He worked his finger in and out until it was as deep as he could go.

“How are you doing Eric?” He asked.

“Great so far,” I replied.

“Okay, I’m going to add another finger now.”

Roger pulled his finger out and added more lube. He put the first finger back on my hole and slipped just the tip inside. He then worked the tip izmit yabancı escort of the second finger in alongside the first one. I felt some more stretching but it didn’t really hurt. Roger asked again if I was okay. I nodded. He worked his fingers back and forth and gradually deeper. The stretching was more intense now but it felt amazing. I was starting to understand that a little bit of pain was normal and I was enjoying it. I groaned and relaxed letting him get two fingers fully into me. He twisted them side-to-side loosening my sphincter and swiping at my prostate. I felt a wave of pleasure and moaned with every flick of his fingers against the sensitive organ. “Oooohh fuck that feels amazing. What the hell are you doing?”

“I am massaging your prostate,” Roger replied.

“I had no idea. Sooo fucking goooood.”

“Are you ready for another finger?” He asked.

“Go for it,” I replied.

He added lube again and slipped the tips of three fingers through my sphincter. ‘That wasn’t too bad,’ I thought. He worked them in and out, as he went a little deeper the extra finger stretched much more quickly with depth. “Just a little deeper and you will be ready,” he said. He continued until he had all three fingers in to the knuckle. I groaned.

“Ooooh yeah, fuck that hurts so good, so fucking gooood,” I said.

Roger had slipped on a condom and was already lubing his cock. “I’m going to be careful Eric, you are stretched enough to take my cock, but it is going to go much deeper.”

“Shut up and fuck me Roger,” I said.

He put his cock to my hole and the head slipped in easily. I groaned as he gained another inch. Roger was as good as his word; he pumped his cock in and out only taking an extra fraction of an inch on each stroke. He was exploring new territory with each stroke now. I felt his cock hitting my prostate. It was sending jolts through my nervous system ending in my cock. Before today, I had no idea what a prostate was let alone how good it would feel to have it massaged, poked and squeezed. I was grunting on each in stroke. Then I felt his pelvis bumping against my hips, his cock buried to the hilt. My body reacted, my sphincter clamped down on his cock. “Fuck you have some strong muscles in your formerly virgin ass. If you keep that up I am going to cum real quick.

I loved the feeling when I squeezed. I could feel his cock prying those ass muscles apart. The feeling was more intense almost pain combined with pure pleasure. I heeded his warning and relaxed my ass letting him freely fuck me. He was pumping short deep strokes bumping all the sensitive parts inside my body with my sphincter stretched to the full girth of his cock. “Oh yes, that’s so good. Fuck me Roger fuck me hard,” I cried. He did. My grunts and moans filled the room. I hoped that the neighbours weren’t home.

“Roger slowed his pace, lengthened his stroke and we fell into a long slow sensual fuck. I felt things I hadn’t imagined possible and a another was creeping up on me. My cock was starting to swell for an orgasm. Roger sensed something was changing. He collapsed on top of me and covered my lips with his. ‘What the fuck,’ I thought, ‘I’m not a girl.’ His tongue pressed against my lips, I resisted, he pushed harder, I surrendered. Our tongues swirled around each other. I adjusted quickly and now was taking the kiss to him.

Roger groaned and his cock started pistoning rapidly into me. His body was very close to mine and his belly was rubbing my cock on each stroke. That combined with the stimulation going on inside my ass quickly brought on my orgasm. My cock swelled, my ass clutched his cock and I blew my load between our bodies. He groaned when my ass tightened around his cock and I could feel it swell and pulse in my ass.

“WOW!” I shouted. “That was so amazing. I knew I wanted to suck cock, but I wasn’t sure about this. WOW!”

Roger chuckled, “Yeah, it was amazing. I’ve never had a virgin before. Man, you’re hot.”

His cock was starting to soften. I was disappointed. As it slipped out, I felt so empty, but at the same time overcome with a sense of just fucked euphoria. I had found pleasure. I thought about what had happened and thought, ‘why did I wait so long for this.’

Roger and I were together several times over the next few weeks. He suggested a mutually exclusive relationship. I loved the sex, but I wasn’t in love with Roger or any other man. I still got that warm fuzzy feeling when I looked at an attractive woman and I could see myself making out with her, kissing her, even when we aren’t making love. With Roger we only kissed in the heat of passion when we were about to cum. So, we each went our own way.

Over the next few years, I had on again off again sexual escapades with several men between the ages of 18 to 35. With most of them, the sex was great. What the young men lacked in staying power they made up for in recovery time. The more experienced the guy usually gave a better fuck. They knew what would feel good and how to bring me to higher peaks of pleasure. There is one fuck a bottom will always remember and that is the first time. I will always remember my first time with Roger. He was so gentle, so careful not to hurt me. He took his time and made my first time totally, unbelievably awesome.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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