Episode 28 – Twins at Play

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Episode 28 – Twins at PlaySince Sweet and Tangy-Ami, the beautiful, dark-haired, dark-nippled identical twins married Jason and Derek they rarely slept together as a foursome, but this morning the sunlight pouring through the studio roof-light illuminated a tangle of limbs, stunning breasts and eager mouths.Sweet-Ami woke up to find her s1ster’s always-moist cunt just inches from her mouth and couldn’t resist sinking her tongue into her juicy folds. Tangy-Ami awoke, her pussy streaming into her twin’s mouth: “good morning baby, how are we going to fuck today?”Behind Sweet-Ami, Jason stirred in his sleep, his early morning erection already nestled between her warm cheeks; it was a simple matter to roll on top of him, capturing his prick in her favourite hole.Sweet-Ami rocked backwards and forwards, burying his erection in her moist arse until Jason had to admit he was awake, and started to vigorously fuck her in a reverse cowgirl position.Tangy knelt between Jason’s thighs, lifting Sweet’s legs over her shoulders, plunging her tongue f0rcefully into her s1ster’s cunt. Each time Jason’s cock slipped from its anal fucking, she would suck it hard and push it back.Tangy began to realise that Sweet’s juices tasted very much like her own, soon there could be no way to tell them apart.After a particularly heavy trib session, where the twin’s distinct cuntal juices got mixed and smeared over both bodies, even their husbands couldn’t tell who was who in the blindfold taste-test game.Doctor’s SurgerySeveral years before, Bob their dad had worried he may have made Sweet pregnant – she didn’t get off his eruption quickly enough and flooded her 13 year old pussy with his sperm.He managed to get the last appointment of the day at the surgery, bundled Sweet and Tangy into the car and arrived at the doctors just before closing time. Sitting in reception some ladies smiled at the identical girls next to him, delighting in their short spiky glossy-black hair, dark eyes and wicked grins. Ami and Ami chatted quietly, occasionally laughing and poking their dad in the ribs. Eventually the reception calls out “Mr Jones, the doctor will see you now. Down the corridor, last door on the left; it’s Doctor Brown”. Bob scanned the set of photographs along the corridor, hoping that the sexual-health Doctor Brown was not going to be a middle-aged bloke who would never understand his fam1ly. He stopped at the last photograph in amazement; Doctor Brown was a lady, and gorgeous too. Even the shapeless white coat failed to hide her obvious charms – high perky breasts and long tanned legs.The doctor opened the door, inviting them to sit down: “Come in, all of you, don’t be shy. Now Mr Jones, what seems to be the problem?”Dad couldn’t take his eyes off Doctor Ruth Brown’s legs – sitting just inches away, her white coat had ridden up exposing the tops of her black shiny stockings and a glimpse of tanned thigh above.Tangy, briefly touching her dad’s knee: “Dad, stop drooling and tell the nice lady why we are here”.Bob: “Oh yes” he stammered, looking up at the Doctor’s face for the first time “I, I.. I think my daughter may be pregnant”.Doctor Ruth reddens slightly, picks up and reads a set of notes: “Miss Ami Jones, age 13 of 13 Mount Road?”Both Ami’s stand up, sheepishly holding hands.”Oh I see” replied the doctor, looking at the second set of notes “How cute – identical twins with the same name. So how do we tell you apart? Ah I see in the ‘distinguishing features’ section that ‘Sweet-Ami’ has a small mole on your inner thigh”.Both girls bend over, lifting their identical short white skirts, revealing perfectly smooth bottoms clad in pale blue high-cut panties and bare legs down to their white socks. Doctor Ruth carefully inspects their inner thighs and asks Sweet-Ami to go behind the curtain and strip off. Tangy-Ami sits back down next to Dad, somewhat relieved, and licks his ear.Sweet-Ami whipped off her skirt and panties, laying them carefully over the back of a chair and hopped up onto the treatment table, in just her tight white tee-shirt. She pulled up the hem until it just exposed the underside of her young breasts; thighs squeezed together in an attempt to keep her cuntal aroma from filling the room.Doctor Ruth to Bob: “Now just sit here Mr Jones, while I examine your daughter; it shouldn’t take long”.The doctor walked behind the screen, picking up Sweet’s pale blue panties and inhaled the delicious fragrance. Walking over to the table, she said “Now there’s no need to be shy, I am a Doctor”. Sweet-Ami relaxed a little letting her dark nipples poke out between her fingers.”Beautiful. AA-cup I guess” breathed Ruth, then referring to the hard dark nipples “Is your Mother Italian by any chance?””Spanish” replied Ami “but she left when we were tiny, and now just Dad looks after us”.”Ahh, that explains it. Now then, I need to examine your tummy” and with that Ruth ran her palms all over Ami’s stomach and then outwards to her hips and then inwards again towards her pubes. She marvelled at the taut silky-smooth skin, gaziantep escort especially below her pubic bone.Ami raised her upper body, propped on her elbows to get a better look, her tiny flattened breasts filling out a little, and the nipples hardening rapidly. “Open your legs darling; I need to examine you internally”. Doctor Ruth snaps on a latex glove, covers her fingers in K-Y Jelly: “Sorry this might feel a bit cold” and gently pushes two middle fingers into Sweet’s hot already-moist vagina.Sweet: “oooh that feels nice”, beginning to pant gently, grabs her own nipples and twists them in time to the doctors probing movements.Seeing her reaction the Doctor spreads her fingers apart to stretch Sweet’s pussy lips and brings her thumb into contact with the tiny clit at the top: “How’s that? Still comfortable?” Now really getting into her stride, rubbing her thumb around the clit in circles, then flicking is from side to side; even the Doctor is starting to pant a little: “Now tell me, why your dad thinks you might be pregnant?””Oh dear, I hoped you wouldn’t ask” panted Ami, her cunt on fire “Well, we bring dad breakfast in bed most mornings in the school holidays”.Doctor, now with four slippery fingers deep inside Ami, and her spare hand cupping a breast: “Yes, so what does he enjoy? Coffee, toast, marmalade, cereal….?” Ami shakes her head as the list trails off: “No it’s us, we are breakfast. This morning it was Tangy’s turn to sit on his face, I just rubbed my pussy up and down his hairy chest, behind Tangy, you see, so I could hold her breasts from behind. He loves to lick us out, and he was playing with my bottom, he made me so wet. He pushed me further down towards his hard penis; it just slipped up my bottom really. She was still sore from yesterday, so I thought let’s try some cuntal instead. So on one up stroke it slipped out and I sort of lowered my wet pussy onto his erection. He was huge; I could hardly get it all in. He sort of freaked as I rode him to orgasm, but Tangy had his head pinned down with her cunt, and the spunk flew everywhere as he tried to lift me off, but I guess quite a lot found its place”.Doctor, now rubbing her own breasts: “and your Dad said you might both be pregnant…”Sweet: “Well we sort of shared it out – we always suck him off together, so we sort of ahm rubbed our pussies together – I think it’s called Drib?””Trib” said the Doctor “Short for Tribadism, it’s the act of two lesbians getting each other off by direct rubbing – you know between the legs”. With that she increased the pressure on Sweet’s little clit and brought her to a shuddering climax; pussy juice dripping out and trickling between her cheeks onto the couch.PantiesAt the exact same time, Tangy grabbed her own breasts and moaned into her Dad’s shoulder “Oh shit the Doctor is making Sweet cum again, do you think we need to help her?”Bob slid his hand up Tangy’s short skirt, cupping her hot wet pussy through the thin cotton fabric: “Wow baby, you’re really wet. I think you’d better take those off”.”Of course Daddy” Tangy whispered “Do you want to suck them? We’ve watched you licking our panties before they go in the washing machine, so there’s no point in denying it. Did you like my red sports knickers on Thursday; you know the day we have netball practice. We got ever so hot, so they must have been really nice for you.”Dad stammered again “They were delicious, but not like your usual flavour, not Sweet’s either.” Then seeing his daughter laughing “Is something wrong?””Silly, they weren’t mine, or Sweet’s. We swapped with Janie in our class, to see if her dad could tell the difference. Should have been obvious really, she took both our panties, and we only had one practice session. Janie says she caught her dad masturbating with hers, filled them up with his sticky cum, all over the gusset; took ages to wash it all out. You wouldn’t do that would you Daddy?”Bob, avoiding the question: “Tell me more; does her Dad do anything else?”“Well.., he loves to have Janie help with the washing. She sits on the washing machine, especially during the spin cycle, in just her panties. She grips his penis between her bare feet. He says the vibration really makes him cum in bucket loads. He splashed it all over her legs, some reached her tummy. Sometimes her keeps her used school panties for weeks, and, .. sorry this is disgusting … sends her photos of them wrapped around his hard cock. You wouldn’t do that would you Daddy? And once he got her a tiny black leather thong, so small it hardly covers her lips, and he makes her wear them around the house, so he can watch her bottom wobbling. I think he must have a panty fetish, don’t you?”ExaminationWith that, Tangy wandered over to the examination area discarding her remaining scant clothing on the way, and arrived behind the Doctor starkers: “That sure doesn’t look like a medical examination, feels more like finger-fucking to me” she whispered rubbing the Doctor’s bottom.Doctor Ruth turning around to face the naked Tangy: “How did you know? Can you feel each other’s orgasm? I’ve read that identical twins can, some research by a blogger called Mike-the-inventor.”Sweet: “Oh you mean Uncle Mike. He’s not really our uncle, but he keeps making us masturbators to try out, and we helped him with some twin experiments. He had me all wired up, isolated in a dark room, and made Tangy cum for hours, timing my cuntal reactions. He published the results somewhere, thought we must have interlinked Orgasm Control Centres or something. It made him happy.”As Sweet explained the experiments, Tangy was gradually lifting the back of Ruth’s white coat, exposing the delicious area of pale bare thigh between the lacy top of the black stay-up stockings and her black silk panties. Bob’s eyes were all over her, then suddenly standing behind her, capturing and rubbing her bottom in both hands. A moment later her coat was on the floor and his cock was between her cheeks seeking out her tight hole. The head was in, and she hadn’t screamed at him yet, so he carried on, thrusting higher into her ripe arse on each stroke. She had a perfect arse for fucking; round and tight, with just a little wobble as his balls slapped into the back of her thighs. Meanwhile the Doctor had calmly ordered Tangy up onto the bed, laying beside her s1ster only face down presenting her open bottom to Ruth’s fingers. She had always wanted to explore both girls holes at the same time, and now she could play out her fantasy by finger-fucking both twins – one on each hand.More ExperimentsNext Ruth ordered the twins to roll over so they faced each other, breasts and hips perfectly aligned and touching and lifted their upper leg over her shoulders. This gave the doctor unencumbered access to their taught pussies and bottoms and she carefully gripped Tangy’s clit between her teeth. She slid her tongue precisely up and down each side of the clitoris, tilting her head to avoid her nose grazing against pussy lips.As her tongue brought Tangy’s clit up to its full height, juice was clearly streaming out between Sweet’s pussy lips and pooling in the hollow between lips, bottom and thigh. Ruth dipped a finger tip in the puddle of sticky juice, careful to avoid stimulating Sweet, and licked her finger. It was delicious – a mixture of tangerines and perhaps peaches with a hint of honey. She went back for another finger-full and drank down the elixir, then swapped sides to check out Sweet’s clit. As predicted Tangy’s cunt started leaking as soon as her tongue hit her s1ster’s clitoris. This time the juice definitely tasted of avocados, or was it pickled onions – she needed more so kept licking. With greater precision than anyone who had ever licked out the twins, she proved to her own satisfaction that their pleasure centres were indeed cross-wired, so that stimulating one twin increased the other’s arousal. No boys had ever succeeded in licking their pussies properly and only a few special girlfriends had managed to extract the quivering start of an orgasm, but this Doctor certainly knew her subject, making their little cunts vibrate under her tongue lashing. She slipped a thumb and finger into Sweet, marvelling at her slick pussy walls and soft anal ring; easing them in and out to the obvious joy of both girls. Tangy’s pussy was visibly contracting without being touched in any way and soon erupted a dribble of juice, which Ruth carefully swallowed to keep her fresh. After only a few minutes of vigorous cuntal and anal finger-fucking Tangy moaned through her first orgasm holding onto her s1ster’s breasts and kissing her deeply.“Now are you convinced?” asked Bob, watching intently from his chair, pulled up beside the couch.Doctor: “They’re amazing, so if I now stick this finger up Tangy’s hot backside, then Sweet will cum”, she drooled a little then barked at Bob: “ Now you, stop sitting there masturbating with those blue panties [the girls giggled], go over to that cupboard, top shelf, you’ll find some bright purple strap-on dildos; bring 2 over”.Dad returned with two small boxes; Ami and Ami had climbed off the examination table and were fondling each other’s bottoms.“Stop that immediately” commanded the doctor; handing one device to each “You might need a little more lubrication….”Sweet was the first to get the slippery penis out of its package: “But where’s the straps? How does it stay on?”Tangy: “Oh wait a minute I’ve heard of these, one bump goes into each hole and a girl becomes a boy.” Tangy struggled the large bump into her pussy and the smaller into her arse, making the prick stick straight up; the tip bumping against her tummy. Just to be different Sweet-Ami fitted it in reverse, so that the penis end emerged from between her buttocks, just like a boy trying to be a girl. Sweet bent flat over the table so that her purple penis stuck out backwards, horizontally and Ruth pulled her panties to one side, shuffled forward and impaled herself on it.Quick as a flash Tangy was up behind her trying to feed her forward-facing prick into the Doctor’s unprotected backside. But even on tiptoe, she could only just reach; Ruth was several inches taller and her arse was out of reach.”Dad, get me something to stand on” she barked at Bob. He found some thick medical books on a shelf and placed three on the floor behind the Doctor for Tangy to stand on. Now she could comfortably slide the penis into Ruth’s backside, delighting in the feeling of power it gave to be fucking a grown-up. Tangy bucked her little hips, driving the penis up and into Ruth, slowly easing it out, just to slam it back in more f0rcefully; thinking it must be great to be a boy, but loving being able to choose.Doctor Ruth slipped her hands under Sweet-Ami’s chest, which had been flat against the surface, grabbed a firm hold on the hard dark nipples and pulled her up from the couch. Tangy took this as an instruction to explore inside the doctor’s black bra, releasing the strap and fondling the soft puffy pink nipples inside.Bob lay face-up on the floor in between the 6 legs filming the action on his phone. Ruth looked magnificent in her black stockings being fucked back and front by his two daughters. As all six holes were filled with dildo he stood up and offered his erection to Sweet who wolfed it down her throat; luxuriating in his sticky semen filling her pretty mouth.Receptionist entersThere was a sudden knock at the surgery door and the sound of someone walking in. Assuming it was the Receptionist knocking off for the night, the Doctor called out “Could you just leave a morning-after-pill for each Miss Ami Jones and a large box of condoms for Mr Jones”.Bob added “and make them assorted flavours”.Ruth’s son was very surprised when he rounded the end of the screen to see his mother sandwiched between two attractive girls his age and a bloke filming them.”Oh sorry” he started “I had no idea you still had patients”.Tangy and Sweet turned around, utterly naked, both licking their lips provocatively.”Oh wow twins” Paul managed “Hi I’m Paul, can I join in?”The Doctor extricated herself from between the two dildos and dragged Bob by the erection over to her desk: “Now it’s your turn big-boy, let’s leave the ch1ldren to their games. I need to write up the medical notes, and I need your cock in my pussy. Paul, they are both called Ami, and I’m sure they’ll let you in if you can figure out their nicknames.”Sweet and Tangy pulled out the dildos and hopped up on the couch, legs spread: “Come on Pauly, check us out – which one’s sweet and which is tangy?”Paul, very hesitantly: “Um, could you put your um vaginas away, and um cover up those nipples. I, er prefer…””No way” screamed Sweet, and then in a softer voice just to Paul “You prefer boys??? All this delectable tit and cunt on show, and you just want our bottoms???”Looking at their short spiky hair, boyish hips and taut delectable bottoms, Paul asked “If you don’t mind, I’d love to treat you as boys, and um take you both up the arse, just to check if there’s any difference.. But don’t let my Mum hear, she has no idea”Sweet and Tangy reluctantly put their tee-shirts back on and tried to wipe off all trace of cuntal lubricant from their thighs and buttocks. They bent over the examination table side-by-side, offering their moist backsides to Paul’s eager tongue.Paul carefully wiped all vestiges of pussy juice away from the bum-holes and slipped an index finger into each twin’s arse.Sweet giggled, and Doctor Ruth called over: “Are you two all right? Paul’s not being too rough, I hope”.”No we’re fine” replied Tangy “Paul is just finding his way around” as he replaced the finger in Sweet with his tongue.”Oh gosh, you taste divine. How about your s1ster? Oh wow, just as juicy. You two have fabulous bottoms. Perhaps I’ll give up boys for a while. Can I still fuck you if I guess correctly?” “My nickname is Tangy and hers is Sweet, or perhaps it’s the other way around, but you’re never going to guess with your tongue up our arses”.Paul donned a cherry-flavoured condom and slid it into Sweet’s backside: “Now you’re sweet” he laughed, thrusting his rather fair-sized cock high into her arse, until his balls slapped against her thighs.”Mmm, that feels nice” mumbled Sweet “you can hold onto my hips if you dislike breasts so much”.Tangy had an idea: “I can be a boy too” re-introduced the Feeldoe dildo covered in a chocolate-flavoured condom into her cunt and arse, and stepping around behind Paul slid it between his cheeks.Paul fucked Sweet hard, thrusting deeply, but trying to remain quiet, while Tangy fucked him. Sweet was the first to cum, probably aided by two of her fingers rubbing circles around her clit. Paul was next, trying to hold off as long as possible, but quickly grunting Sweet’s arse full of his sperm. Tangy wasn’t far behind – the combined effects of the strap-on rocking backwards against her clit and detecting Sweet’s orgasm internally made her legs shake and shout out “oh fuck, I’m cumming”.Doctor Ruth and their dad Bob appeared around the end of the screen, both naked and wet with sweat after their own really good fuck: “Well ch1ldren, I hope we’ve all learnt a lot this afternoon about avoiding pregnancy and keeping sexually healthy”

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