Enslaving His Mother

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


Jack was lost in a wave of hormone driven thoughts as he opened the door to his house. He’d been sitting next to Sara Ponce during the bus ride back from school. It was clear, from the delightful jiggles her breasts were making, that Sara was not wearing a bra. Lost in thought, Jack neglected to call out that he was home and he only surfaced from his daydreams when he heard voices coming from the living room.

“Mother, I am a grown woman and should have control over my money!”

“Nancy, you may be a grown woman but you are too easily influenced. Remember two years ago when you wanted to give that awful man $10,000? It was only luck that I managed to stop the transfer.”

“That was just one time! I am older now. I am 32 years old!”

“You may be 32 but you are way too easily controlled by stronger people. With your father gone, I must be the one to watch over you until someone can be found to take over. You need a strong person to keep you in line.”

Jack listened to this exchange with great interest. He knew his mother had had him when she was just 18 but that was all he really knew. His grandmother, Ruth, had told him his father died in the same car accident that took his grandfather just before he was born. Realizing that they probably didn’t want him to hear what was said, he quietly made his way back to door, opened it and yelled out “I’m home!”

He then walked into the living room and saw his mother standing before his grandmother, her head down while his grandmother looked at her sternly.

“Hi, Grandmother. I didn’t realize you were coming over today”

“Oh, I was in town on business and decided to drop in.”

Jack’s grandmother was striking looking woman in her late forties with a no nonsense air about her. This was in direct contrast to his mother, while as good looking as her mother, his mother had a demure, rather shy personality. Jack loved his mother and she doted on him. He loved his grandmother, but with her, it was more a meeting of equals than a typical grandmother/grandson relationship.

“Well, I must be going. Come, Jack, and give me a hug.”

His mother almost seemed to shake herself when her mother left.

“It is time for me to make dinner. Why don’t you come in the kitchen with me and do your homework? I’ll make you a snack to tide you over till dinner time.”

Jack followed his mother into the kitchen and sat down to do his homework. He could not help glancing over at his mother as she chopped vegetables for the stew she was making. His mother had a bubble butt that, like Sara’ breasts, jiggled delightfully. Jack felt his cock begin to rise as he watched the delightful display. He longed to slide his cock between those jiggling mounds. He knew this was wrong but there was something about his mother that aroused him more than any of the girls at his school.

Nancy was aware of her son’s appreciative gaze but just assumed it was the result of his hyperactive hormones. It pleased her to know her son liked what he saw. While she did not dress provocatively around him, she did dress in a way that she knew would please him. He was after all, a man and the center of her world. Nancy did not have to work as her family was quite well off, so pleasing the man in her life gave her life purpose. She might have dressed differently if she knew the extent of her son’s infatuation with her body.

Nancy knew she was not beautiful but she did have a nice trim body, which made her bubble butt stand out so much more. She stood 5 foot 3 and weighed 111 pounds. She’d always tried to keep in shape but was not really into exercise, preferring to maintain her weight with sensible eating. Of course, Jack, being a teenaged boy ate like a horse and so she kept high calorie snack food around for him. He was on the swim team at school, so needed the calories. He’d had a growth spurt last year and now stood 5 foot 8.

Nancy had been homeschooled all her life, so was somewhat innocent when it came to men and boys. Her only real experience with men had been her father. He had been a strict man and he trained her to always defer to a man. He also taught her how to please a man. In fact, he was Jack’s father. He had started training her the day after her 18th birthday, showing her how to give blow jobs. Within six months, she could easily deep throat him. He started fucking her a couple of months after her birthday. Her mother was quite aware of all this and was often there coaching her on her technique. Her mother had also taught her how to please another woman. Nancy would often find herself in bed with both of them, her father fucking her as she licked her mother to an orgasm.

That all changed when her father died. By that time, she was pregnant with Jack. While her mother continued to use her occasionally, no other man was allowed to touch her. Her training shifted to learning how to cook and clean. She had çanakkale escort grown up with servants in the house but her mother still insisted that she learn these things. Nancy never thought it odd that the staff was all young women and that they all wore minimal clothing that was designed to show off their bodies. It was just the way it was.

She was allowed to set up her own household when she was 24. But that was so that Jack could be near the private school he attended. Why he was allowed to attend school while she was home schooled was never explained to her.

Dinner that evening was a normal affair, just the two of them. They discussed his day and what they wanted to do that weekend. It being a Friday, Jack was allowed to stay up later than normal but Nancy was tired from her confrontation with her mother, so went to bed early.

Jack knew that his mother was a very sound sleeper and looked at this as the opportunity he’d been waiting for. He waited an hour after she’d gone to bed before making his way up to her room. He peered into the darkened room and was able to make out his mother’s form on the bed. She was sleeping on her side facing away from the door. Jack quietly walked over to her bed, calling out softly to see if she was awake. When she didn’t stir, he gently drew the sheet down until he could see her panty clad ass.

His cock grew hard looking at those mounds he’d been lusting after for months. He quickly dropped his pants and underwear, then crawled on to the bed behind his mother’s slumbering form. This was it! He slid his cock into that delightful crevice and began to fuck it gently so as to not wake his mother. But his lust soon got the better of him and he started to saw back and forth with more force.

Nancy awoke gradually, first thinking it was her father using her ass as he had so many times before. But then she realized it was her son. She started to get angry but quickly calmed down. This was just her beloved son doing what his hormones were dictating. Besides, it was harmless. He was not even penetrating her. So she continued to lay there until she felt him climax on to her back. She waited until he’d left the room before getting up to clean off her back before getting back into bed. She lay there, unable to sleep, trying to make sense of what had just happened. She was not troubled that this was bordering on incest. After all, Jack was the result of an incestuous union. Instead, she was troubled by the fact that it was her son rather than a man who was using her body.

Jack on the other hand, quickly fell asleep as soon as his head hit his pillow. His body was sated and the tension he’d felt all evening had drained him.

Jack awoke the next morning with an erection that was almost painful. He lay there stroking his cock reliving the feel of her cheeks wrapped around his cock. He knew he had to feel it again. He was sure she had not awoken, so he figured he could do it again that night.

Nancy heard her son come down the stairs. She was unsure how to react to him. She tensed when he came into the kitchen where she was busy cooking pancakes. But when he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug, she just melted. He was obviously in a good mood. So letting him use her ass like that was a good thing.

They had a pleasant day, going on a short hike and having a picnic. It was altogether a normal day with Jack chattering away about things they saw on their hike and the goings on at school.

Once again, Nancy went up to bed before Jack. She wondered if Jack was going to come into her room again as she got herself ready for bed. She was not sure how she felt about the possibility. On the one hand, it was not something a boy should do to his mother. On the other hand, he was hormone driven and getting a release had definitely put him into a good mood.

Jack was not at all torn about what he planned to do this night. He’d been thinking about it all day. He’d made sure to hike behind her so he could admire her jiggling cheeks. He’d kept up a steady patter of words to keep her from noticing his lustful gaze.

Once again, he waited an hour before creeping into her room. This time, he’d taken his clothes off before entering her room. He settled himself down behind her and immediately started sawing his cock between her cheeks, this time not even trying to be gentle. He was pleased that his cock sunk even further between her cheeks this time so it was fully enveloped in her soft flesh.

Nancy had just been dozing when she felt him get on the bed behind her. She’d changed out of the tight panties she had on for the hike and put on a looser pair, figuring it would make it easier for her son to fit his cock into her crevice. Her logic was that if she was going to allow this, she might as well make it as enjoyable for him as possible.

This time Jack was so excited that he came almost immediately but remained hard and, so, was able to keep at her until he came a second çeşme escort time.

The next night was a school night, so nothing happened. Nancy was sad when Jack came down for breakfast with a grumpy look on his face. She figured that his inability to use her ass for his release was the cause for his grumpiness. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Instead, Jack was grumpy because he’d beat off so many times last night that he’d hardly had any sleep. But to Nancy’s thinking, it just helped her resolve to give her son access to her ass whenever she could without him knowing she knew.

The wait until Friday night seemed to take forever for Jack. But it was finally here. Nancy too was anticipating this night. Jack had been grumpy all week and she wanted her guy to be in better mood this weekend. So she carefully put on a soft thong, correctly assuming that Jack would enjoy more skin on skin contact. She then put lotion on her cheeks to ease his passage.

Jack was thrilled when he pulled the sheet down his mother’s body and saw all that succulent flesh bared for him. He quickly slid his cock into place, immediately noticing how slick her skin was. Being able to get in so much deeper meant he had to hold on to his mother’s hip. So great was his pleasure that he managed to come three times that night onto her back. In between times, the hand he had on her hip would wander around her body. First, down the front of her thong to caress her labia, then up to her breasts.

Nancy could not help but get excited by this contact. It was the first time in 18 years that another person had touched her like that. So the second time that Jack’s fingers traced her labia, he could not help but notice that they were now wet. That was the first indication Jack had that his mother might not be asleep. He decided that since she had not admonished him, that she was ok with what he was doing to her.

As Jack lay in his bed the next morning stroking his cock, he pondered last night’s realization. He then thought back to the conversation he’d overheard between his mother and his grandmother. Then he considered her behavior with him over the years. She’d always pandered to him, deferring to him on minor things like what to have for dinner. He realized then that his mother was submissive. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of that or what to do. But it was something that he would think about. But he did know that tonight he would repeat last night’s performance.

Meanwhile, Nancy sat in the kitchen sipping her coffee and thought back to last night’s events. Jack was clearly getting bolder. But what he’d done so far had all been outside her clothes. As long as there was no penetration, then there was really no harm. It clearly made her son so much happier that it had to be a good thing.

Just then, Jack came down stairs. “Hi mom! You look really good this morning. How about scrambled eggs this morning?” He hugged her and then sat down to await his breakfast. Nancy got up and began preparing his eggs. Jack watched her. He realized that he really wanted to fuck his mother but he also knew he had to go slowly. He decided to not push things for a couple of weeks. He may have been a horny 18-year-old boy but he was also a cunning one. So he resisted the urge to take things further with his mother. He even kept his hands from going beneath her clothes to get at the treasures within. This lasted for two more weekends before he decided she was ready for the next step. So the next Friday he put lubricant on his cock before he entered her room. As usual, she was laying her side facing away from the door. Her thong was skimpier than first one he’d seen her wear. That played into his plans because tonight he was going to fuck her ass.

Nancy felt him get into bed and sidle up to her just like every weekend night for the last couple of months. But this time she felt his fingers on her ass. She felt him move the thong from between her cheeks and something start to push against her asshole. She realized it was his cock.

“Jack, what are you doing? You can’t do that to me!”

“Shh. It’s all right. I just want to see what it feels like to be in something warm and tight. Now hold still.”

Jerking away from him she said “No, I’m your mother. It’s not right.”


“Enough of that! You move away again and I will spank you even more.”

Nancy sobbed but complied.

Jack was having a hard time getting into her ass. Nothing had been in there in 18 years and it was tight. Luckily Jack had brought the bottle of lubricant with him so he pulled back and put some lube on his fingers. He’d been reading up on anal sex so he knew he might have to stretch her out. His cock wasn’t that big yet, so he’d hoped he wouldn’t have to stretch her out. So he lubed up his fingers and started to stretch her out. It took a few minutes but he was finally able to get his cock into her ass and it was glorious. Tight and warm. It wasn’t long before her was shooting diyarbakır escort his sperm into her bowels. Once again he stayed hard long enough to come three times in her before finally stumbling tiredly back to his bed where he fell into a deep sleep as soon as his head hit his pillow. Nancy, on the other hand, stayed up sobbing quietly for another hour before finally succumbing to exhaustion.

The next morning found Nancy once more pondering events over her coffee when Jack came striding into the kitchen. “Morning mom! Looks like it will be a beautiful day. How about we go hiking?”

Nancy didn’t know what to think or say. Her son acted like nothing had happened. He’d basically raped her last night and showed no concern for her feelings. Didn’t he love her? Figuring she had to respond she said “I don’t know, I’m a little sore this morning.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll get used to it. Tell you what, after you make me breakfast, why don’t you go have a nice hot soak in the whirlpool tub? That should ease your bottom a little. I want fried eggs this morning.”

Responding to her son’s breakfast request, Nancy gingerly arose and started making his breakfast. Her mind was numb but processing what he had just said. She realized he’d basically told her he would continue to sodomize her. Her instincts as a mother were to tell him ‘No’ but her training told her it was her duty to service someone stronger than she and she was quickly realizing her son was stronger than she was.

She was still mulling things over while she finished cleaning up the kitchen after he had eaten. Just then she heard her son call her upstairs. Not knowing what to expect, she dithered on her way upstairs.

“About time you got here. Your bath awaits.”

Nancy was pleasantly surprised and, after shutting the door behind her, disrobed before climbing into the tub. She realized he’d even put in her favorite bath salts. She closed her eyes and lay back, luxuriating in the soothing waters. She felt much better when she climbed out of the tub an hour later. So much better that she called out to Jack “I’m ready to go hiking if you still want to.”

That evening, Nancy carefully gave herself an enema and then lubed her ass before going to bed. She continued to wear a thong, thinking it gave her some little bit of modesty.

Things went along like that for the next couple of weeks and then Jack came up to her Friday morning with a box in his hands. “I’ve got a little something for you. Why don’t you open it up and we can use it tonight?”

Nancy was thrilled to think that Jack had gotten her a present. She eagerly opened the box only to find it held a butt plug. “I’ve gotten tired of stretching your ass out each time so I thought it would be best if we just kept it stretched. I’ll put it in tonight after I’ve used your ass. Ok?”

Nancy just nodded, not knowing what else she could say. She’d not worn a butt plug for years and never for more than a few hours. It sounded like Jack was expecting her to wear it all the time. She worried about what that would do to her asshole.

She got used to the butt plug rather quickly. It was strange at first having something solid in her ass but people can get used to all sorts of things with time. It was on a Wednesday that things changed. Just before Jack got home from school, she dropped a pen and it rolled under a table. She’d gotten down to search for it when she heard Jack get home. She heard Jack come into the room and said “I’ll be with you in a minute. I’m just getting something from under the table.”

What happened next was completely unexpected. She felt Jack flip up her skirt and pull down her panties, then pull out her butt plug. She thought he was putting it back in when she realized it was his cock that was sinking back into her asshole. “Jack! What do you think you’re doing!”

“I’m horny and tired of waiting until the weekend.” With that statement, he started fucking her ass with long, hard strokes until he came. He then pulled out and said “That was good. Now I have to do my homework.”

Jack once again left his mother while she was sobbing from his treatment of her. She’d rationalized his nighttime use of her ass as a boy who needed release in order to get a good night’s sleep. But this was completely different, at least in her mind. Gradually, she pulled herself together and, without even realizing it, put the plug back in her ass. Then she marched into the kitchen to confront her son. “Jack, you can’t just pull my panties down and stick your cock in my ass whenever you want. At least it’s dark at night so I can have some modesty. Please leave me some modesty. I am your mother.”

Jack just said “You’re right.” Then got up and left the room. It wasn’t until bedtime that Nancy realized what he’d done. He’d cut a hole in the back of all her regular panties right where her asshole was. She realized that meant he would continue to sodomize her during the day whenever he wanted.

While she put on a pair of her newly modified panties the next morning, she also slipped on a pair of nice pants before going down to fix her coffee. For a change, Jack came down right after her wearing his robe. “What is this! You are only supposed to wear skirts in this house.”

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