Enraptured by Spanking

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On my break at work I often log onto to various spanking websites to drool over stories and pictures. I am always careful to delete my browsing history before finishing my break. So I was startled when Winston, an Englishman who transferred from London to our branch in New York a few weeks ago, sat beside me one afternoon in the break room, and whispered “I found the spanking websites you were looking at to be very charming.”

I flushed and said “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, come now, Emma, you can share with me. After all, they do call spanking the English vice.” Winston smiled knowingly. I felt shocked by his straightforward manner. Before he had always appeared to be a mild bookworm, albeit a handsome one

“There must be some mistake. I only look at work-related websites.” I said.

“Emma, Emma. You always are careful to delete your history but you never reboot your computer, and the websites can still be accessed until you reboot. I was on your computer yesterday and kept clicking the backwards icon on your web browser and what did I find? Auntyagony.net, a most charming spanking site.” Winston smirked. “Look how your face is turning crimson. You needn’t be so embarrassed.”

“You had no right to snoop! There must be some mistake.” I half rose in my chair and he put a hand on my stocking-covered thigh and gently pushed me back down.

“Why are you denying it? We could both have a little harmless fun,” Winston smiled.

I thought it over for a moment. My husband Ted was not interested in spanking, but I’ve been fascinated by spanking since I was a child when a nanny spanked my bare bum scarlet with the backside of a wooden hairbrush. Since then I’ve lusted after spanking stories, references, and pictures. I looked spanking up in the dictionary hundreds of times. “A brisk series of slaps on the buttocks.” I repressed my desire for spanking at the onset of puberty but became enraptured by the thought of spanking in college. Then I married my stoic husband and there was bored routine. I finally told him my fantasy and he obliged at first. I laid face down over his lap and he gave me a few smacks but he clearly wasn’t into it. They were half-hearted spanks and after about a half dozen of them he grunted “that’ll teach you.” I hinted and then pleaded for more spankings over the following months but little happened in the spanking department. Now this charming British chap was sitting next to me spelling out his interest in spanking. I could scream sexual harassment but opportunities like this don’t come around every day.

“But you are a married man.” I said. It was true, Winston had explained before that he met a woman online and then came over here to America and married her. Rumor in the office was that she was a large dominating woman named Julia who had Winston well trained.

Winston patted my knee and purred, “And you are a married woman. But what’s the harm in a little fun? Spanking isn’t cheating. It’s just a lot of fun. Sure, I’ll see your bare bum but we won’t have sex.”

I couldn’t argue with that logic. We talked and contrived plans sex izle for the coming Saturday at his house as his wife was working the evening shift and my husband was going to be out of town. We had two conditions: no sex and no bruises on my bottom as my husband might discover the evidence of spanking. I thought in the unlikely event of some very mild bruising I could always say I self-spanked myself too hard (I confess I’ve laid myself bare-bottomed over a pile of pillows and self-spanked my bare bottom with a hairbrush before but never to the point of bruising.) However, there was no way I would be able to account for welts or bruises. Three days later I fought my nerves and rang Winston’s doorbell. He answered and smiled and led me in. I removed my overcoat and he studied my outfit. My heart-shaped bottom filled the short plaid skirt nicely and also showed off my white toned legs. My large breasts swelled through the white blouse. “Look at you, oh my, you naughty married woman coming to my house. You know what you deserve for coming here?”

He grasped my right hand and led me to an armchair. Winston sat on the armchair and guided me over his lap. He said “I am going to have to raise your skirt and lower your knickers, Emma. Do you know how shameful that is for a grown woman to have to be chastised like this? I moaned. This felt wonderfully degrading and humiliating. I stared at the carpet and felt the rush of blood to my face as his fingers raised my skirt. “Such a lovely bottom,” Winston whispered. I felt my pussy tingling and the rush of shame thrilled me as his fingers slipped into the elastic of my panties and he oh so slowly tugged them down to the top of my thighs. I loved the feeling of my bare bottom being exposed to this man and the spanking began. I felt the sting of his palm against the lower half of my bare bottom. I could feel my clit swelling and a rapid series of spanks began. I moaned as I grinded my groin against his thighs while I laid face down over his lap. He spanked lightly at first but then he picked up the pace. A very small part of me felt disappointed he didn’t spank harder. There was that part of me that wanted him to lose control and punish me severely for what I was doing. Nevertheless it was a small desire and the spanking felt sublime.

Then Winston ordered me to march to the corner and put my nose against the wall. I had to walk slowly as my panties were still around my thighs plus he ordered me to walk while holding my skirt up. I stood with my nose against the wall for a minute or so while I listened to him rummaging through some drawers. He came back and said “I hold in my right hand an oval wooden hairbrush. I am not going be too hard on you as you don’t want bruises. But I am going to have to punish you for coming here. Now, step back from the corner but don’t turn around. Put your hands on your knees. I am going to give you a spank for each year of your life. At your age you really should know better than to trifle with a married man.”

“One for each year of my life?” I protested. “But that’s 23 spanks!”

My protest ended with a SMACK! alt yazılı porno The brush caused as much noise as pain. He made me count the smacks and by 15 I was in ecstasy and at 23 my knees buckled as I orgasmed. He told me to go back to the corner and put my nose against the wall.

I listened to Winston setting the hairbrush down on a countertop and he said “I hope you learned your lesson.”

“Oh, I did. But my pussy is driving me crazy. It is so lonely right now maybe you should stick your cock in it,” I whispered.

“What?” Winston said. “I cannot cheat on Julia! “

I purred “it’s not cheating if you don’t stick it in all the way. Just give me the head of your dick from behind. It’s only cheating if you put it all the way in.”

“It’s not cheating then?” Winston said. I listened to him unzipping while I remained facing the wall. “Are you quite sure about that?”

“Oh, yes I am certain.” I said. I felt his right hand gripping my hip and his left hand forcing me to bend over. My palms were spread and pressed against the cool blue wall. His breath came out in quick gasps as he forced his dick into my pussy slowly. He gave me just the head of it in and out in short thrusts. I quivered as he increased the pace just giving me the head and I felt dizzy and the room began to spin just a little bit and I thought I heard a door open but I wasn’t quite in my own mind. I moaned “give it all to me Winston!”

“What in the hell is going on in here?” It was a woman’s voice loud and booming. Winston pulled out of me and shrieked “I wasn’t cheating! Emma told me it wasn’t cheating if I didn’t put my cock all the way in her!” I turned around and watched Winston as he zipped up his pants.

“Silence!” Julia’s voice was thundering and commanding. I turned to face her and involuntarily stepped backward. She was perhaps 28, with large hips and a narrow waist and flat stomach. The most imposing thing about her was her height; she stood at 6 feet tall while Winston cowered before her at 5′ 10″. She had dark blonde hair that went to her shoulders and she wore a sleeveless dress that showed her large round and smooth arms. I couldn’t help but wonder how hard she could spank with such arms.

Julia pointed one of her hands at me and cried “Emma! You horrible little slut, you don’t remember me, do you?”

I felt confused and scared. “We’ve never met,” I said desperately.

“Oh, haven’t we? I was your husband’s boss for five years. I met you at a company picnic last summer. Remember me now?”

“Oh my gawd,” I said.

Julia shouted “Emma, pull up your panties and wait in the corner. Unless you want me to call Ted right now and tell him everything you better stay facing the corner until I am through with Winston.” I listened to her admonishing Winston “so you spanked that little slut’s bottom with this brush, young man? I am going to spank your bottom now. You and your ‘English vice’ are going to learn a lesson.” They scurried out of the room and a door slammed shut. In disbelief I soon heard some loud smacks. Was she really spanking altyazılı sex izle him? He was in charge of me earlier and seemed so strong and now she came along and put him in his place. I was right. A spanking was in progress as I heard some loud SMACKS with what must have been the back of that hairbrush, and soon I heard Winston begging then sobbing. I debated leaving the house and calling Ted and telling him this crazy woman was going to call him with a story that I-well I didn’t know what I could say. I didn’t want to lose out on Ted’s generous financial nature. He paid the bills and spoiled me rotten. I listened as the door opened and the heavy footsteps approached.

I trembled as I felt a hand with long fingernails digging into my shoulder. “Young lady, it’s your turn to be spanked.”

“Oh, please, Miss, you mustn’t!” I begged her. An erotic spanking was one thing, but a punishment spanking sounded scary.

“Unless you want me to tell Ted, I am going to give you the spanking of your life right now, young lady.” Julia’s strong nature started to remind me a little bit of that nanny who welted my bottom that bright fall afternoon ten years ago. Julia wielded the hairbrush around in front of my face and she scowled at me. Then she turned and hustled toward the armchair. I noticed her ass was shaped round and perfect like a dartboard. Her dress rose up her legs as she sat on the armchair and she patted her knees with the hairbrush motioning me to come over. I hesitated and she barked “this is your last chance before I call Ted!” I rushed over and lay face down across her lap. She jerked up my skirt and ripped down my panties. There was nothing gentle and erotic about her manner. I felt the back of the hairbrush SMACK! as it smashed against my bare bottom.

“Ow!” I cried out.

“You filthy harlot. What kind of sluttish married woman would lead my husband astray like this?” She began to spank quickly and the hairbrush didn’t hurt as bad when she did rapid spanks but what amazed me was how unrelenting her pace was. I gasped for air and tried to keep track of her rate of spanks and discovered it was a spank every two seconds and she had must have gotten in a hundred spanks already. The shame and humiliation of Julia spanking me was much worse than any man doing so. My bottom began to burn. I felt a rush of guilt as I realized I enjoyed being spanked by this woman. Julia’s spanked and lectured, “Your rotten slut. You are shameful!” My clit began to swell up again and the dizzy feeling returned. Against my will, my hips began to gyrate and I started to cry out as if I were in pain, and while I orgasmed I called out “please forgive me!” She took my cries and movements to be repentance and ceased the spanking. She ordered me to dress and leave her house at once. When I returned home I rushed to the bathroom mirror, turned around, raised my skirt and lowered my panties and turned and looked over my shoulder at the damage: my butt was covered with welts and large bruises.

Dear reader, do not take me for a slut or a harlot! I hate those words. I was simply misled by Winston. Please, I ask you to email me in haste and tell me what can be done to speed up healing these welts before my husband returns home. I don’t want him to discover this and divorce me as I would have to find a full-time job. What should I do?


Emma New York

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