Enigma Pt. 02

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Prelude: Joshna, a 19 year old college student had a crush for an Entrepreneur Dev, who was 48 years old. Joshna’s mother Jyoti was a widow had a heart attack and was hospitalised. Dev came for the rescue. Joshna was obliged beyond expectation. Dev being a ‘Hair Fetish’ person, indulged in enjoying Joshna’s dark and dense armpit hair by touching, feeling, smelling, lapping and licking her irresistible long, wavy and un-cut armpit hair…


CHAPTER: 8 — The First Night Together

The night set up as usual. I (Dev Das) gave a call to my ‘Shop Manager’ as well as the ‘Floor Managers’ to get some decent dinner from the most popular Chinese outlet in the city.

We had changed into more comfortable night attire. I was wearing a plain broken-white Lenin (Khadi) Kurta-Paijama and Joshna was into a satin Pista-Green coloured full length nightie with front open and deep –‘V’– Shaped neck. There were three big wooden buttons on top up to her waist, followed by a thick-black belt as a separator, then again three more buttons more as show-pieces than anything else.

I bought this nightie for Joshna as one of my long cherished dreams. Because, somehow I was anticipating to see Joshna in a particular attire (design as well as colour) in the particular time of the day! Thus, post bath — I got her a baby-pink full-length frock and post dinner a Pista-Green nightie. I had my own sense of sensibility as far as her dress sense was concerned.

Dinner was more of a sober affair. Once finished, she switched on the TV with zero volume to watch some daily flicks, where as I started with my small office works of talking, replying and instructing. After sometime I had glanced over to Joshna. She was lying into a more comfortable position in her bed and watching TV. She turned her face towards me and as she saw I was looking at her, she giggled and turned away her face.

Some more time had gone. I looked at her again. This time her eyes were closed and her sweet face was radiating a different glow. I saw some movement under her bed spread. I looked in more deeply. Joshna was slowly playing with herself. I could indirectly see her right hand was in-between her slender legs and was playing around her crotch area. Whereas, her left hand was pressing her own soft boobs. In a way she was digitally stimulating herself to a new height… Oblivious to the surroundings… Recollecting the morning encounter…

In a way to divert her attention, I cleared my throat. She came back to earth and looked at me with a dreamy expression in her expressive eyes. As she was caught in the act; she felt shy and in an instant reaction bite her lips with a vivid reaction. I directed her with my eyes to continue and there was no harm and feeling shy as to what she was doing.

Then I slowly began to lower the bed sheet from my body, inch by inch revealing my naked chest to her. It was purely a reaction to her action. Joshna’s mouth opened instinctively at the realisation of what I was doing, and a loud moan escaped her lips as the bed sheet passed my stomach and started to move down to my crotch. She was transfixed looking at my hairy and muscular torso. Not daring to blink, Joshna stared at her sleeping mother on the right side and then gradually turning her face towards me.

I was still on my back and was looking at her the whole time, slowly revealing my muscular physique to her as she was slowly finger fucking herself looking at my half naked body! The thought alone of seeing my magnificent shaft could have made her almost to cum instantly. But that was nothing compared to what I had planned and kept in stock for her! Just as the bed sheet crept to my crotch I stopped.

That caused Joshna to move her eyes back up to my face. She stared at me for a moment before I mouthed words hotter than any time before, “Do you want to see more of me?” I silently whispered. My words inaudible but meaning clear through the movement of my lips. Lip telepathy as it was called by veterans of love analysts. Joshna instinctively bit her lower lip with her upper incisors and nodded to me in affirmation. Her body still rocking back and forth very mildly, as she was being slowly finger fucking herself. She looked at me, and let out a smug and slut smile, sending a surge of pleasure to her own small and virgin cunt hole as well as to my roaring a pound and half meaty sausage!

“Say it.” I spoke a little louder. Causing Joshna to stir in shock as to how bold I was being. She swung her head in negativity, indicating the very fact that her mother was sleeping hardly a couple of feet away from her. “I can’t.” She mouthed to me, before taking another glimpse of her sleeping mother. I intended to play along. Thus, facially showed my mock unhappiness and started to pull up the bed sheet, much to the disappointment of Joshna. The entire situation was sending her over the edge of pain and pleasure, and I knew that pretty well.

“Show me!” Mouthed Joshna quickly in reaction, seeing me disappointed, while a low moan breaking through her lips as her long and slender fingers were working magic Beylikdüzü Ukraynalı Escort in her own vagina! She wasn’t sure whether it was because she was close to Cumming or whether it was because of the words she spoke to me in such a shameless manner, but either way she was feeling excited and restless. Joshna didn’t break her eyes contact as I started to drag the bed sheet down my muscular body again. She watched intently as every inch of my firm stomach came into view, knowing all the while as my eyes pierced the illicit finger fuck she had indulged in a way of self stimulation.

The thought of my anticipated and expected penis size and shape made her buck her hips harder, fucking herself rougher than before against her tired fingers. After much teasing, and so much anticipation, she watched as I dragged the bed sheet down past my crotch, and as I did so, my bare, now hard penis came into view! A smug smile of victory rose on my face as I watched Joshna’s mouth open in shock! She watched as I continued to drag the bed sheet down, showing inch after inch of what seemed like a never-ending long and thick penis.

Before long, my incredibly hard, incredibly thick and incredibly long penis came into the full view of my baby doll! (Circumference = 22/7 X 2; If Radius is 1″, Then Diameter is 2″, And Circumference is 6.3″!) Sending chill through Joshna’s body as it stood up to a perfect ninety degree angle before her astonishing and astounding eyes! She couldn’t take her eyes off it! It must have been the first real life adult penis she was actually witnessing with her teenage naked eyes! Its 9″ long and 7.5″ in circumference! Which was a bit too much for her virgin body to accept and digest? She shuddered in excitement and anticipation! While for her, in best of her imagination a 6″ long penis would to be quite large, and a 4″ circumference quite thick! But mine seemed to be in totally a different league of games! This made her to whimper in a very seductive way!

“Liked what you saw?” I mouthed again and laughed before moving my hand to the base of my proud possession. My left hand grasped it firmly, so that she could get a better view and picture of my manly possession! Before I started to stroke the length, pumping it hard for Joshna’s eyes. I had every intention of getting her attention, and I was more than confident to see her facial expression changing along with her facial colours and contours.

Joshna could only nod; her mouth still open as moan after moan escaped her lips to the rhythm of her intensified finger fucking. She could hear every rushed moan she herself was making in her own way and sense of self stimulation. Her single steel hospital bed continued to shake, the pleasure and movement of her own fingers continued to fill her hot vagina, making her to shake in the most seductive way. But Joshna’s attention remain fixed on the thick and hard penis of mine in her own sense of curiosity. I watched as my cute little angel’s face stirred to a mask of ecstasy, what she was probably experiencing in her little-big-age! Her lewd moans and erotic cries oozing out from her small and sensuous mouth and puckered lips were gradually setting me on the edge of the cot! As she was senselessly moaning sensuously!

I was also getting closer and closer to blowing my own maiden load, experiencing one of the most erotic situations of my life! And as odd as it seemed, she too was participating in the whole-thing whole-heartedly! The loving emotions naturally spilling out of my body and mind assumed dearest Joshna’s’ cries and moans of pleasure were because of the kind and type of hard hand-job she was experiencing amidst all the odds, but little did she knew the mistake she was probably making by feeding one of her long cherished dreams and fantasy to be fulfilled directly or indirectly! Which will ultimately have its own conclusive ending!

“OMG! It’s seemed to be… Aahhhh… So very big! And so much huge!” Joshna blurred. Her voice seemed to be really shaky with every small thrust her eager fingers were making into her own tight little vagina! She adjusted herself to a new and more comfortable position on her own bed cum comforter, watching her God-Father’s awesome penis continued to stimulate her own body and mind as she was probably seeing as to what had to be the biggest penis she had ever seen in her own short span of life so far! The shaking of her own bed and the movement of her tentacle-like fingers, hard fucking her own new depth in the body meant Joshna could only see and visually experience the thickest, longest, biggest and hardest cock through a blur of illicit sexually arousing experience — in the middle of the night and in the middle of a well popular hospital ICU!

She propped herself on to her elbows, to have a better view of my mammoth penis, in the process she lifted her upper torso to up front, and in the process of doing so, her legs which were so far had an angular placement on the bed with the heels of her legs digging into the cushioned mattress, were now gradually lowering her own slender legs slowly becoming flat as a reaction to her multi-ferrous Beylikdüzü Üniversiteli Escort action!. “Need a better view?” I asked her sarcastically, raising my eyebrows. I had every intention on pushing myself further to a point of no return for her — whether she liked it or not! Though the option for the second one seemed to be very bleak!

Joshna could only nod. She was totally engrossed on how big and impressive my penis was! But with all the shaking of her bed and body; she couldn’t get a decent view to her own mental satisfaction. Fortunately for her, I had come up with a wicked as well as crooked solution to that! She watched me very closely and was mighty confused at first, as I got up and sat up on my bed. Then lifted myself from the bed in an ever so slow motion and moved forward. She watched up as my towering, muscular figure came up in all its naked glory and stood proudly before her!

My massive penis was standing hard and firm in front of her as if making a business sense and statement! Joshna let out another moan, but to her surprise, I had intended on giving her a much better view, and still stroking my thick and elongated penis! I moved another couple of feet forward and stood right in front of her with my dark and deadly penis just inches away from her beautiful and expressive face! Joshna’s stomach flipped, her head spun, but most noticeably, her pussy began to surge with an incredibly tingling pleasure. Which must have been the outcome of a combination of known and unknown factors?

The knock-out 19-year-old dusky beauty could not believe that this was happening to her in the middle of a night — which was like a true dream cum true for her in the wildest of her wettest dreams! She turned to her mother’s side, looking up at him with a confused look on her face; who was sleeping in a sound state and was snoring mildly to her at-most satisfaction. But she was still very unsure what to say, or what to do, but all the while her body flare with incredible pleasure receiving from the bipolar activities!

By this point though, she was unsure whether it was because of the finger-fucking she was giving to herself for self-stimulation, or the excitement of seen my irresistible penis right in front of her own naked eyes! Either way I was a gainer and she…? Joshna waited and waited for me to say something or anything, but purposefully I said nothing! She couldn’t believe just as to how much I turned on her was from my sheer action of showing off! But most importantly, she couldn’t believe that I was getting off to this in such a casual and calculative way!

Her orgasm was getting closer and closer… And the finger fucking was getting harder and harder… And before she anticipated anything bigger or better… I was towering in front of her like a Greek God sane of clothes! Joshna looked over to see the tall and dominant figure of mine towering over and above her slender teenage body! My muscular frame standing firm as I continued to stroke the shaft of my rock-hard penis, which was now only a foot away from her dreamy expressive face!

She could not believe this was happening and that too to her in the middle of an otherwise calm and quite night! Being finger-fucked so ruthlessly by herself as her ‘Role-Model’ standing up-front and jerking off in front of her in the most erotic way, the very thought of the same, made her intended to cum, and by that point, she was so very close to Cumming!


CHAPTER: 9 — Joshna’s First Experience Of A ‘Blow-Job’!

“OMG!” Joshna moaned, still resting against her elbows. Her eyes didn’t move from my penis, and instinctively, she opened her mouth slightly at the very erotic sight! I laughed at her innocent reaction and blurred out, “You’ll have to open your small and sexy mouth much more wide to accommodate this giant of a penis you’re probably seeing for the very first time!” Joshna’s mouth opened wider, this time not by my statement but with mere shock! Did I really mean that? Her question was answered… When I stopped stroking the shaft of my penis and began to move towards the stunning south Indian beauty! My hard and thick penis moving closer and closer to Joshna’s erotic and innocent face.

Joshna felt like she could have cum then and there! But she couldn’t believe she herself was indulging this to let it happen… The way it’s now happening… Partly of the very fact that she always had this erotic feeling in her mind even when she got into her teen age to see, feel and conquer! Joshna looked in a horrified way as my pink and purple bulbous penis head was deliberately pressed against her luscious lips! Joshna’s lips started kissing the pre-cum oozing out of the one-eyed monster at the end! As I did so by encouraging her to do so! She watched as I slowly and surely rubbed the head of my huge penis against Joshna’s delicate lips! All the while the shocked, yet aroused expression never leaving her face as she was ogling at my tough-meat as if it was a Demy-God’s ultimate weapon of sexual encounter!

Looking deep into her eyes, I encouragingly nodded Beylikdüzü Vip Escort her to go ahead with her anticipated action! I watched as her eyes widened even more in shock and expectation, in absolute disbelief as my massive shaft was brushing past her outer puckered pink outer lips! Finally she succumbed to the pressure and excitement, before she gradually parted her lips and dragged them a bit down so that the head of my mushroom-head could get pushed into her small and cute mouth!

I felt my orgasm stir ever closer as I looked down at the black-beauty and was shocked by the sight! Here was I, holding my proud possession in my own hand lightly stroking it, which was being delicately and deliriously kissed and sucked by the most beautiful fairy I’d seen on earth, who not only trying to initiate her first so-called blow-job as she was also bring herself into a mind-boggling orgasm by working probably more than one fingers into her soft and warm folds of virgin vaginal depth!

“Uummmm…” Joshna moaned abruptly and loudly as she started to suck hard the bulbous mushroom head of my pink and purple penis. Her eyes still fixed on my incredible stuff and shaft. I couldn’t believe my ‘Good Luck’. Expecting to have an early night I had an early dinner and early day closing, seldom anticipating the fact that I would instead found myself on the edge of my teenage love-bird, while the stunning beauty bobbed her head up and down my magnum opus! I placed my hands on both side of Joshna’s soft and smooth head for leverage and began to slowly thrust my long and strong penis into the stunning raw beauty’s sweet mouth.

I had no doubt that though a novice, she was a brilliant cock sucker, and would excel in her talent to achieve new heights as time would pass-by. But right now she was far too shocked to do anything but stare up at me with a look of disbelief and anticipation. With a little more command, I watched as my penis slowly began to sink deep into the moist warmth of Joshna’s mouth! Before hitting the back of her throat and making her almost to gag, which made her to suck the shaft harder?

With my gradual aggression and imposition, Joshna felt slightly gagged. Her body was set ablaze in pleasure, her heart fluttered and stomach felt light. She could not believe any of this was happening. Because now she was totally pre-occupied with her maiden penis-sucking activity! It was new, novel and innovative for Josh. The funniest part was that all this while she was still propped onto her elbows to allow herself to suck on my thick and delicious penis. She felt the hot, thick shaft of my penis slide deep and lustfully into her warm and wet mouth while she instinctively sucked it back and forth.

“Ooohhhhhh… Joshna!” I groaned as watched more and more of my cock meat being started to sink into her small mouth. “You are such a pro at sucking penis! Bet to be the best!” I complimented her. She smile, but not for long! I pushed in further. She moaned deeply, “Uuummmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhh…” I had never seen my dearest wife to be so animate and turned on during any of our sexual intercourse of last two decades. What I was now witnessing in the face and eyes of Joshna was a class apart! A strong tingling sensation filled my mammoth cock and I knew for sure I am not going to last long. So instead of saying anything, and instead of asking his Joshna as to how she was feeling, I just ruthlessly pulled and pushed my erect and excited penis into the slimy and slippery oral cavity of Joshna!

It was a bitter-sweet experience for both of us! I wanted to savour this moment through-out my life! My horniness was very high! Given me a chance or opportunity, I would have fucked Joshna then and there just by pulling apart her slender legs maximum out-wards and pushing in my excited penis into her wanting and wanton vagina to the hilt! But, my own sense of responsibility took better of me. I subdued my emotions and tried to be as modest as possible. As she was working her eager hands into her sloppy vaginal passage vigorously, the steel bed began to crank and crake with the laboured effects and savage impacts. Adding on to owe was my multifarious activity of driving her mad with my constant pull and push movement. It was so hard at times that her delicate body was literally getting flown over the soft cushion of the hospital bed to a helter-scatter situation!

Drawing closer to her orgasm, Joshna became a little less hesitant and let herself go to the fullest possible extent! She moved her eyes from her own body to her mother’s face to my penis. Staring up at my muscular frame as well as chiselled face she was virtually awe stuck as my mammoth cock was penetrating into the delicate folds of her throat! She must have had almost 6″ of my one-eyed monster deep into her slimy and sloppy mouth cavity! 3″ still remaining outside her saturated mouth!

I looked down at the stunning and ravishing beauty with her unruly hair falling over her smooth face covering its mesmerising beauty up to some extent. Before every inward thrusting, I was purposefully stopping myself to behold the beauty of this teenage sex-Goddess and enjoyed the raw view to maximum heart content! Her body continued to rock back and forth from the hard face-fucking plus finger fucking she was receiving simultaneously! Her eyes were totally lost in horniness and bewilderedness of sexual pleasure! Yet those were piercing enough for me to signal a different la persona of her — all the while and all the time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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