Encounter in the Park

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Crystal and I had been chatting on line for a couple of months and had tried to hook up for the last month or so. We had kept running into scheduling conflicts but this one Thursday in July while we were chatting she asked if I was free in the next couple of hours. My response was, “Yes I could get away immediately and had at least two hours free”.

She said “Great can you meet me in Elgin park in Lindsay?”

I said I would have to look it up first as I live a half hour away from Lindsay but could be there in about 45 minutes.

I did a quick look in google maps and found the park, jumped in my car and headed off for Lindsay. 45 minutes later I approached the entrance to the park and parked the car. I got out of the car and looked around, there were 3 other cars in the parking lot but they all had guys sitting in them apparently eating lunch.

I started walking around the park, spotted a couple of ladies with their kids at the playground at the far end of the park. I looked towards the end of the park with the LawnBowling club, it was then that I noticed a lady in a bright summer dress walking her dog. I headed in her general direction, as I got closer walking parallel to her, I looked at her and she motioned discreetly for me to join her.

I walked over to her and said hi, she responded house of the dragon izle with my name withal question mark after it. I said yes Crystal it is me.

She started walking towards the lawnbowling clubhouse and headed behind it. The area was sheltered on one side by the clubhouse and on two by thick bushes between the park and the adjacent houses. The third side was open to the park but the only people in view were the aforementioned ladies and kids a 1/4 mile away.

As I walked behind her I could see her legs through the thin material of the dress, I could see all the way to the top of her legs and make out the shape of her ass through the material. I could not discern if she was wearing underwear or not.

She stopped with her back to the open park and I stood in front of her. She said “I have something for you to see.” And she proceeded to gather the skirt of the dress up showing more and more of her legs and upper thighs till between them appeared a clean shaven pussy looking quite moist.

I stood there admiring the smooth pubic area and the fine line of her slit, my tongue must have been hanging out as she told me I could touch it if I wanted to and that she was quite wet in anticipation. I did not need a second invite, how i caught my killer izle as my hand slid down her pubic mound with my fingers finding the slit and opening it as they worked their way down towards her wet opening she responded with a slight moan. I slowly slid first one then three fingers into her dripping pussy. I could feel her juices dripping from my fingers as I slowly moved them in and out as I watched her face react to my movements.

She took her free hand and pulled one side of the top of her dress away so that her left breast was exposed, no panties and no bra, hmmmm, my kind of girl.

I bent over ever so slightly and took her firm erect nipple in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around that nipple while I sucked on it, she once again let out a little moan, this one a little louder than the previous one. She then asked me if I wanted to taste her pussy juices, I said yes and dropped to my knees and proceeded to start licking her pussy. As I did so she moaned “He’s really doing it.” I was tasting her sweet juices and thinking how long will she let me do this out here in the open. After pressing my head into her crotch a couple of times letting out a deeper moan each time she grabbed my hair and started to pull me up. how we roll izle As she did in a slightly huskier voice than previously she said, “Now I want to see what you have.”

So I stepped back a bit and unzipped and pulled my rigid cock out and let her see it. She reached over and grabbed it as I looked over her shoulder to make sure we were still out of eyesight. I noticed a lady walking around the corner of the building part way down the park but she was walking away from us.

Crystal started slowly stroking my cock using the pre-cum that was leaking out of the end of it as lubricant. I reached up and took her still exposed breast in my hand and started squeezing it as she continued to run her fingers gently up and down my throbbing shaft.

She looked me in the eye and said, “l bet you want to put it in, don’t you?”

I responded with, “Yes I do, can I?” She responded with Ok As she gave my stiff cock one last squeeze.

She spread her legs a little further as I guided my cock into her waiting wet pussy. As I started shoving my cock deeper into her I reached under her dress and around her grabbing her ass and pulled her closer driving my cock deeper into her wet pussy. I started driving my cock in and out as I was getting close to cumming she said “Don’t cum inside me!” I gave it one last push in and withdrew, taking my cock in my hand it only took three quick strokes before I shot my load as she dropped the front of her dress and covered up her exposed tit. As I was squeezing out the last drop of cum, she said, “You had better put that away.”

As we parted ways we exchanged phone numbers, so it would be easier to connect for our next encounter.

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