Emma’s Secret Pt. 07

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*All characters in this fictional story are 18 or older*

Emma’s Secret Pt. 07

Mal and Sharon had been up since ten when they had found Cathy all alone fast asleep on a cum covered bed with her body, face and hair covered in the men’s cum. They decided that they should let her sleep and now they were sitting at kitchen table fully dressed, laughing and joking as they chatted with each other and drank their coffee.

It was nearly midday by the time Bill had finished fucking Emma for god knows how many times. After climbing off the bed they both threw on a bathrobe and came walking into the kitchen.

“Good morning; is that a fresh pot of coffee that I smell?” asked Bill.

“Yes it is, would you like me to pour you both a cup of coffee?” asked Sharon.

“Yes, thank you,” replied Bill sitting down at the table.

“Emma how did you enjoy your night with Bill?” asked her father.

“Dad it was incredible… have you seen the size of Bill’s clock?” giggled Emma pulling open Bill’s bathrobe to reveal his large spent cock for her father to see.

Mal smiled at Bill and replied, “Yes, I saw his cock being slammed into you last night.”

“Your daughter is gorgeous and there aren’t many sluts her age around, I’ve got special plans for you and her if you agree,” replied Bill leaving his bathrobe open.

As Emma fondled Bill’s cock she giggled, “What plans do you have for me?”

“I want you to come work for me and help your mother look after my clients,” said Bill.

“I would love to work with Mom,” replied Emma.

“And what about me?” asked Mal.

“Cathy told me that you were looking for work Mal, how would like you to work for me as my limousine driver?” asked Bill.

What Bill didn’t tell Mal was that by employing him as his driver there would be less chance of Cathy and Emma leaving the company.

“Yes, that would be great,” Mal replied.

Just at that moment Cathy came walking into the kitchen still naked and covered in cum, trying to wipe the cum crust out of her eyes and said, “Good morning everyone.”

“Mommy, I’m going to be working with you,” squealed Emma.

“That’s good sweetheart… what time is it,” replied a sleepy Cathy.

Sharon stood up and chuckled, “It’s after twelve… let me take you to the bathroom and help you take a shower to freshen you up.”

As Cathy led Sharon to the bathroom, Emma began stroking Bill’s hard pulsating cock faster. Bill placed his hand on the back off her head and she instantly leaned down and took his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked as hard as she could.

Mal watched his daughter sucking Bill’s cock, then looked up at Bill when he roared with laughter, “My clients are going to adore being with this young slut more than her mother.”

Mal was pissed off at hearing his wife and daughter being called sluts, but what could he say. Bill was right in what he had called them, they were both sluts and they weren’t about to change. At least working for Bill’s company they would all be earning good money for taking care of the clients.

Bill pushed down on the back of Emma’s head, pushing all off his large cock into her mouth. He held her mouth down until he had finished filling her mouth with his cum. When he removed his hand, Emma lifted her head up and opened her mouth to show Bill the puddle of cum she had in her mouth before swallowing it.

“That was yummy,” giggled Emma.

Bill looked at Mal stroking his cock and chuckled, “It looks like you could do with your daughter sucking your cock.”

Mal just nodded his head, Emma turned around and took her father’s cock deep into her mouth and began sucking on his cock with all the effort she could muster. It didn’t take her long before she had his cock erupting in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of her father’s cum, before lifting her head and opening her mouth wide to show him that she had swallowed everything.

“Emma go and take a shower and put on the clothes that Sharon has laid out for you, I’m taking you my private club and I want you to impress everyone with how sexy you look,” said Bill.

Emma stood up and headed towards the private bathroom to take a shower. As soon as she left Bill chuckled, “Mal why don’t you go check on your wife and see what’s taking her so long.”

Mal stood up and headed to the spare bedroom where his wife was. He found Cathy lying on the bed, her face buried between Sharon’s legs sucking on the woman’s clit. It had been a long time since Mal had watched Cathy with another woman. He stood there stroking his hard cock as his wife moved up the bed and began to grind her cunt against Sharon’s.

When Cathy saw her husband standing there watching, she yelled, “Don’t just fucking stand there watching come and join us.”

A few minutes later Cathy was squatting over Sharon’s face, grinding her cunt against Sharon’s mouth as her husband stood between Sharon’s legs and pumped his cock in and out of her wet cunt.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum, screamed Cathy pushing her cunt down onto Sharon’s alanya escort open mouth.

Mal slammed his cock in and out of Sharon’s wet cunt and was close to exploding. A few pumps was all it took before his cock began squirting his cum into Sharon. Once he had finished coming, he pulled his soft spent cock out and laid down on the bed. Cathy then climbed off Sharon’s face and laid down on the other side of the bed.

The three of them were lying on the bed exhausted trying to recover when Emma came walking into the bedroom to say goodnight before she went to the club with Bill. When Mal sat up and looked at his daughter he couldn’t believe what she was wearing. She had on a very short wrap around skirt that barely covered her red thong. Her white blouse was tied into a knot at the front, her small breasts were clearly visible through the thin material.

“Daddy, do you think Bill’s friends are going to like what I’m wearing?” giggled Emma.

“They sure will baby girl,” Mal replied knowing that Emma wouldn’t be wearing her outfit for very long.

“Mal, do you know what’s going to happen to our daughter?” snapped Cathy

“I have a good idea,” chuckled Mal.

“She is going to be gang banged… in every one of her holes and covered in cum, just like I was the first time Bill took me to his private club,” cried Cathy.

“Don’t worry, Bill won’t let anything bad happen to Emma,” giggled Sharon pushing Cathy onto her back.

Mal watched as Sharon reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a large dildo the size of a horse’s cock and knelt between Cathy’s legs.

Sharon pushed the fake cock into Cathy’s cunt and giggled, “You love me fucking you with this dildo, don’t you?”

“Yes, fuck me with the dildo,” moaned Cathy as Sharon began pumping the dildo in and out.

The sight of a massive dildo in the shape of a large cock being pumped in and out of his wife’s cunt made Mal forget all about what might be happening to their daughter. With his cock once again hard he began pumping it.

When Sharon saw Mal, she lifted her ass up and squealed, “Fuck me Mal, fuck my ass.”

Mal gave Sharon’s ass-cheeks a hard slap, then after spreading her knees apart, thrust his hard cock into her ass using only the saliva on his cock as lube. He was surprised at how easy his cock had penetrated her ass and when he began thrusting his cock in and out of her, Sharon began to moan and whimper with pleasure.

All of a sudden, Sharon let go of the large dildo and screamed, “I’m fucking coming… I’m having an orgasm, oh fuck.”

Her body started shaking as she had a massive orgasm. Cathy grabbed the dildo and began pumping it in and out of her cunt at a furious pace.

When Sharon had caught her breath she giggled, “I can’t wait to fuck Emma with this large dildo.”

The thought of his daughter’s cunt being stretched by the large dildo that Sharon had just used on his wife, had Mal’s cock erupting inside Sharon’s ass. He pulled her back onto his cock and held her there as he shot several large loads of cum into her ass. After he had finished coming, Mal pulled his spent cock out of her and laid down on the bed next to his wife.

Sharon collapsed face down on the bed and laid trying to catch her breath. After Cathy removed the large dildo from her soaking wet cunt, she laid exhausted too. The three of them laid there for over ten minutes not saying a word, just taking an occasionally deep breath. Once Mal and Cathy had recovered, they climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After they finished showering and had got dressed, they said goodbye to Sharon and thanked her for a wonderful night. They left Bill’s house and climbed into the car to drive home. On the way they didn’t speak to each other, it was as if they were both thinking about what they should say.

As soon as they were inside their house Cathy threw her arms around Mal and said, “I sorry, I didn’t want what happened to me… happen to Emma.”

Mal kissed his wife and replied, “It’s alright, it’s what Emma wants to do, if it wasn’t Bill and his friends fucking her, it would be Thomas and his friends. At least she will be well paid by Bill.”

“I suppose you’re right, now take me into the bedroom and fuck me,” cried Cathy.

After Cathy had undressed, she laid down on the bed and spread her legs, she held her cunt lips apart to show Mal how wet she was. As soon as Mal was naked her moved between his wife’s legs and thrust his cock into her wet hole and started fucking her with a passion.

On the other side of the city, Bill was walking into his private club with his arm around Emma’s waist. It was like every man in the club stop talking and began staring at her. When she looked around, she was surprised to see that she was the only female there.

The other females she did see were waitresses handing out drinks, what Emma didn’t know was that they all worked for Bill. By Emma’s quick count there had to be at least dozen men staring at her with large smiles on their faces. Bill took Emma artvin escort around the room, introducing her to each man one at a time. By the time that she was introduced to the seventh man she had forgotten all the other men’s names.

A waitress came up to them and asked, “Would you like a glass of champagne?”

“Yes, thank you,” replied Bill taking two glasses of champagne from the tray and handing one to Emma.

Emma swallowed the glass of champagne in one quick swallow and then reached out for another glass of champagne trying to settle her nerves. She had a feeling from the way the men were looking at her that they were all going to fuck her. There were so many men that the idea of them all fucking her made her start to shake.

“Have another glass of champagne,” said one of the men.

By the time Emma had finished swallowing her third glass of champagne, she was giggling and laughing. Almost without realizing it, Emma suddenly felt Bill untie her blouse and slip it off exposing her bare breasts to the men. He then slipped her wrap around skirt off and finally pulled her thong down around her ankles and without hesitating she stepped out of it.

As she stood there naked in front of all the men, Emma heard the men whispering about how beautiful she was and how lucky Bill was to have her. When she heard one of the men say how he couldn’t wait to fuck her, she held onto Bill’s arm tight.

“Don’t worry, you’re among friends, just do as they ask,” said Bill running his hands over her naked body.

When Emma felt Bill’s finger run over her slit, she gasped, and then began moaning as Bill’s finger penetrated her bald cunt as he began to finger fuck her in front of all the men. When he removed his finger and wiped his wet finger over her mouth, Emma took it into her mouth to suck clean.

After sucking on his finger Bill passed Emma over to one of the men. The man turned her to face him and kissed her passionately on her mouth. After squeezing her small breasts he slipped his hand down over her body to between her legs and pushed his finger into her wet cunt.

Emma moaned and reached out and placed her hands on the man’s shoulders to steady herself and stop from falling. Another man reached around her and cupped her breasts in his hands and kissed her on the back off her neck, she felt the man’s hard cock pressing against her ass-cheeks.

“Lay the slut down on the table,” screamed one of the men.

When Emma was lifted up and laid down onto a table, she noticed that most of the men had already undressed and were standing around the table stroking their hard cocks; other men were in the process of undressing.

Both of her legs were grabbed by two different men and pulled apart, one of the men buried his face between her legs and sucked on her wet cunt.

Emma began moaning as the man began to lick up and down her slit. She then gasped and took a deep breath as the man’s tongue penetrated her bald cunt. Emma instinctually raised her hips trying to get the man’s tongue to go deeper inside her. Her breasts were being constantly squeezed and her nipples pulled and twisted by different men.

When she let out a loud scream as her nipple was twisted hard, one of the men turned her head to face him and pushed his cock into her mouth to muffle her screams. The man then held her head still as he began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth in a frenzy.

The man that was licking and sucking on her cunt lifted his mouth off her cunt and stood up and after rubbing his cock over her wet slit, drove his cock inside her and began thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt.

As soon as the man fucking Emma’s mouth had cum, he was quickly shoved aside and Emma had just enough time to take a deep breath before another cock was shoved into her mouth. There was that much cum being shot into her mouth that it was difficult for her to swallow fast enough and some cum started to drip out the sides of her mouth.

The man fucking Emma’s cunt pulled her all the way onto his cock, exploded and began shooting his cum into her. When he was finished coming and pulled his spent cock out of her, another man took his place and thrust his cock into her cum filled cunt. She lost count of the number of cocks that she had inside her.

After one of the men pulled his soft spent cock out of her cunt another man screamed, “Bend the slut over the table and lay her on her stomach, I want to fuck her ass.”

Emma gasped as she felt the man’s cock being thrust into her ass in one quick thrust, when she opened her mouth to scream another cock was thrust into her mouth. It didn’t take long before the man fucking her ass started to cum inside her and as soon as he pulled his cock out of her another cock, bigger than the first was thrust into her ass. Her body was being fuck at both ends at the same time, there was cum now dripping from all her cum filled holes. As the men took turns in fucking Emma’s face, cunt and ass, Bill sat there smiling and stroking his cock as he watched Emma being used.

When burdur escort a waitress came over to him, he had her remove her dress and kneel down and take his cock into her mouth to suck his cum out of his hard throbbing cock. Bill knew that after tonight, Emma would do whatever he wanted just like the other women that worked for him.

He remembered the first time that he arranged for her mother Cathy to be gang banged, how she begged for him to arrange another gang bang for her with more men. When Bill arranged another gang bang for her some of the men, brought their sons along with them to fuck her.

Bill had always enjoyed watching an eighteen-year-old boy fucking an older woman, especially when she was the boy’s mother. It reminded him of when he was eighteen and his father had sat him down and told him that all women were sluts, and should be used to pleasure men. His father called his mother a cum loving slut, and encouraged him to fuck his mother and to invite his friends to come over and fuck her.

It was only after his father’s death from a heart attack, that Bill had learned most of the females that worked for his father were fucking his father so that they could keep their jobs. Bill was told about how his father shared the women with clients so that they would purchase their supplies from him, and that was the reason that his company was so successful. Now here was Bill at fifty-years-old in charge of his father’s company. He saw no reason that things should change, and he continued fucking the women that worked for the company and shared them with his clients.

That was how he met Cathy. She had come in looking for work and said that she would do anything for a job. When Bill asked her to undress, she did, when he asked her to suck his cock she did. He fucked her in his office in front of two of his managers, then let the two managers fuck her. It was then that he gave her a job.

After that very first day Cathy regularly fucked Bill and the other managers, she was the company slut. She would go on trips with him to service his and his clients every need. Now that he had met Cathy’s daughter Emma, he was going to turn her into a company slut as well.

When the young waitress came over carrying a drinks tray and asked, “Can I get you a drink or do anything for you, Sir?”

Bill looked at Emma she had rolled over and was lying on the table covered in cum. He chuckled, “Christine, I’m sure that everyone here would love to watch you giving Emma a tongue bath.”

Christine turned bright red, then lifted her dress up over her head to reveal that she was naked under her dress, just like Bill had ordered. She then went over to Emma and began licking the cum from Emma’s naked body, much to the enjoyment of everyone watching. When Christine began licking up the cum dripping out of Emma’s cunt and ass, she moaned and reached down to hold the waitress’s mouth onto her cunt.

One of the men went up behind Christine and drove his cock into her cunt from behind while she was sucking on Emma’s cum filled cunt. She let out a muffled moan and spread her feet apart giving the man better access to her cunt.

As Emma laid there with her eyes closed moaning as her cunt was being sucked on by the waitress, one of the men slapped her face with his hard cock. Emma opened her eyes and then her mouth to take the man’s cock into her mouth. She was once again having her face fucked by one of the men. It was nearly two in the morning when most of the men had left to go home.

Bill said to the young waitress, “Christine, take Emma into the shower with you give each other a wash, then both meet me in my bedroom.”

There was now only one man and a waitress left in the room, Bill watched as the waitress bounced up and down on the man’s cock and once the man had cum, Bill stood up and left the room to head to his bedroom. When he opened his bedroom door he smiled when he saw that Emma and the waitress were locked in a sixty-nine position, eating each other’s cunt.

He stood at the door watching them for several minutes before stepping into the bedroom and removing all his clothes and climbing onto the bed to join them. They both stopped what they were doing and attacked Bill from both sides, taking turns sucking his cock and licking his balls. Bill was in paradise in bed with two horny eighteen-year-old sluts, both willing to do anything he wanted.

Bill had Emma sat on his lap with his cock buried deep inside her wet cunt, whilst Christine was squatting over his face, grinding her wet cunt against him. Both were holding onto each other and kissing each other passionately as they moved back and forth and up and down on top of Bill.

After Bill had fucked Emma, he fucked Christine, it was only after his cock wouldn’t respond their touches that they decided to call it a night.

“I have to get home to my husband,” said Christine climbing off the bed.

After Bill and Emma said goodbye to Christine, Bill wrapped his arm around Emma and held her in a tight embrace and switched off the light to get to sleep. It was late morning when Bill woke up, he was staring at her naked body, when Emma woke. Without saying anything to her, Bill pushed her head down towards his cock. Emma knew what he wanted and opened her mouth taking his morning erection into her mouth to suck.

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