Emma’s carnal lust

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Emma’s carnal lustEmma & Helen have been friends for a long time dating back from secondary school. Others from their schooldays would look at their friendship & wonder how they ever got together as they were complete opposites. Like chalk & cheese.Emma was the shy person, very studious who always got good grades in her studies, gaining excellent A Level results which led to her university studies gaining her a first class degree. She now works for a top law firm. And she’s happily married to university sweetheart Dominic for four years where they have a one year old son Nathan.In contrast, Helen was the brash, show off & very extroverted. She was the life of the party with many wanting to be her friend such was her popularity in school & later on after her own A Level studies. Although she gained great A Level results, she decided university was not for her as she ventured straight into work where she had various office jobs in either admin or HR etc. She currently works as a recruitment agency consultant. Again due to her evergrowing popularity, she made many friends along the way. As Helen grew older with both her & Emma now in their thirties, Helen still showed the extroverted nature of her character. Wearing the most daring of clothing simply to tease others. Like for example, one morning on her commute to work, she decided to wear a thin white dress as it was a particularly fine sunny day. The material was very flimsy, making it transparently see through where she deliberately set out wearing no underwear! Wearing no bra nor knickers gave her that sense of liberation but more a sense of naughtiness which she wanted. Walking to a tube knowing that through her dress, her dark nipples & finely trimmed brunette pubic bush can clearly be seen. Although the temperature was hot, there was a sudden freak rainfall meaning by the time she reached the station, Helen was drenched! But unfortunately for her but more fortunately for the male commuters in the carriage she stepped inside, her wet dress clung to her wet skin making it more transparent where she might as well have been naked! Despite her wild ways, she decided to settle down & got engaged to Wayne. They wanted a quick wedding which was hastily arranged. Helen was not pregnant as she reassured Emma when Helen asked if Emma can be her chief bridesmaid given their long lasting friendship. Emma accepted the role. As the wedding preparations got underway, Emma was surprised how traditional the wedding was turning out to be given Helen’s wild streak. She was more intrigued as who Wayne was as Helen had never mentioned him before given Helen would often talk about previous boyfriends when she’d been with them. So why was Wayne such a mystery? The wedding itself turned out to be very traditional as planned. Due to her chief bridesmaid duties, Emma couldn’t spend the day with Dominic & Nathan as both husband & son were able to enjoy the day simply as guests. The two other bridesmaids both younger than Emma kaçak iddaa were like Wayne, a mystery. As far as she could work out, they were neither family nor Helen’s colleagues. Nor were they from school otherwise Emma would’ve recognised them. The service went without a hitch with Helen looking stunningly beautiful in a traditional white bridal gown. Emma also looked beautiful in a green dress with the two junior bridesmaids which Emma noted their stunning looks looking radiant in their similar green dresses.The reception also went without a hitch with all the traditional business with the speeches including best man’s speech. There was a lovely band where both Helen & Wayne thrilled the guests with the first dance.As the evening got underway, Helen took Emma to one side, advising her to get ready to travel to ‘ the other reception ‘. This surprised Emma as Helen explained that both she & Wayne arranged the other do for those not invited to the main reception. Emma explained to Dominic where she was going & why, saying goodbye to him, leaving both husband & son to enjoy the main reception.Emma was in the back seat alongside both junior bridesmaids Fiona & Barbara with Wayne driving & Helen sat in the front passenger seat. There was silence despite Emma wanting to say something like ask where they were going or more to the point, what was going on. But she stayed silent as she trusted Helen.They reached the venue which was a golf clubhouse out in the sticks. They stepped out of the car making their way to the venue. As they entered the main hall, Emma noted the tables were laid out like any other wedding reception but she also noted not much food was served, only drinks mostly alcohol. And the main table at the front was smaller given that both Helen’s & Wayne’s families including their respective parents were left behind at the main reception which intrigued Emma more. As for the other guests already there waiting, she did not recognise any of the all adult crowd.Wayne took his place at the table sitting alongside his best man Martin who’d already made his own way from the main reception but instructed by Helen, Emma & the junior bridesmaids Fiona & Barbara followed the bride past the main table & into a back room.Once inside the room, Helen had a private chat with Emma which horrified her by what the bride had told her before Helen gave the bridesmaids some instructions which further distressed Emma. Whatever that was, it caused at least the next twenty minutes spent for Helen & her junior bridesmaids to persuade & coax Emma to whatever instruction Helen gave.Back in the main hall, best man Martin was giving the speeches which were more raucous than the family oriented one he gave at the main reception. Then he got a signal which prompted him to introduce the bride & her bridesmaids. Helen walked out TOTALLY NAKED where the crowd responded with loud cheers & wolf whistles. Helen had taken off her bridal gown as well as her underwear of bra & knickers kaçak bahis along with her stockings. The only items she was wearing were her white high heeled shoes & of course her newly placed wedding ring. The three bridesmaids followed where they walked behind Helen where all three were also naked! What Helen had told Emma at the back was that the last few years she’d been visiting a swingers club for regular orgies. Helen further explained that these meetings wasn’t confined exclusively to married couples but also singles wanting no strings attached sex which was how she met Wayne. After fucking each other as well as other people, they decided to get married after falling in love. The instruction Helen gave to the bridesmaid was she would go out to the reception TOTALLY NUDE where she also wanted them to do the same which Fiona & Barbara were up for as they were also swingers from the same club. Hence the time that followed spent with all three coaxing & persuading Emma to strip which she eventually reluctantly agreed after Helen promised Emma she can run back to the room if she didn’t like it.Back at the reception, Wayne stood up on Helen’s arrival, brushed the glasses that were on the table aside, shattering as they hit the floor. He walked over to his bride, picked her up & carried her over to the table, placing her on her back. Wayne quickly stripped off his smart suit followed by his underwear where his penis was already erect which shocked Emma as she took a deep breath as she stared at the sheer size of it. Wayne then climbed onto the table, positioned himself between his bride’s legs & plunged his stiff penis deep inside Helen’s now wet vagina as she screamed as he humped her! As they fucked, the guests all stood & cheered which at that point Emma realised they were all swingers from the same club which now frightened her. In what felt like an eternity of witnessing Wayne fucking Helen, he screamed out a large groan as he climaxed inside his bride which was the cue for the naked junior bridesmaids Fiona & Barbara to grab best man Martin, stripped him then dragged him on the table, lying him on his back while Fiona gave him a blowjob, sucking & slurping his penis while he licked & tongued Barbara’s vagina. Then Martin sat up, grabbed Barbara, placed her on her back before he fucked her while Fiona plunged her pussy against Barbara’s face.At that point, all the guests were all now stripped totally naked themselves before they had a free for all grabbing the nearest person of the opposite sex they can before going for it, fuckng! Before Emma can run, a handsome muscular stranger grabbed her into a heavy embrace, French kissing her with his tongue deep inside her mouth. She tried to resist as his bare chest pressed tightly against her bare tits as well his erect penis pressed against her stomach. Then he moved his hand over her vagina where he massaged it which made her jump. Her mind was in turmoil, this felt like a nightmare. Then his hand illegal bahis again massaged her vagina causing her to jump, triggering an extreme reaction from her coupled with the fact both their naked bodies were firmly pressed & embraced against each other. This was no longer a nightmare. This was a dream. A fantasy. But once she got her head around the fact that it wasn’t. It was real! She was there! She then placed her hand around the back of his head prolonging the kiss as her other hand moved down, grabbing his erect penis, massaging it as she started masturbating him. Now it was his turn to have an extreme reaction triggered, as they released their lips from each other as he placed Emma on her back where she willingly opened her legs wide giving a sexy pouting smile which turned him on even more encouraged by the now lingering smell of sex around them in the hall as he plunged his penis deep inside Emma’s vagina as she continued kissing him while he humped & fucked her for dear life. She also thrusted her body upwards in synchronised rhythm to his pistoning motion. She looked & saw his face strain further with lust as she knew that point was near. He was about to withdraw before she wrapped her legs around his back, clamping them tightly meaning he was still locked inside her as she speeded up her thrusting motion exciting him in fucking Emma faster which got faster & faster, speeding up Emma’s own thrusting motion until he exploded his hot sperm inside her! They both screamed with the burning sensation.As the night progressed, the hall was filled, awash with naked bodies with the sounds of moans & screams echoing throughout. The sights of legs wrapped around heads/faces, cocks in mouths & bums bobbing up & down between open legs……As the night neared its end, there were a few naked bodies s**ttered all over the floor in deep sleep whiIe there were some still barely awake including Emma. As for the bride Helen, she spent the whole night on her back with nearly every male guest lining up for their turn in their take on kissing the bride where they had their turn fucking the bride! Best man Martin was the last to fuck her despite having already fucked a dozen women after the bridesmaids that evening.As for Emma. Since that muscular stranger, she fucked five more men where she sucked different cocks even experienced double penetration with a cock up her cunt & anus while sucking cock at the same time as well. She enjoyed the night of wild abandonment & wanton sex! She now realised that her poor husband Dominic has now lost her to this world. The night finished off with groom Wayne fucking Emma senseless as they writhed, humped & thrusted their naked bodies in rhythm with each other until Wayne exploded a jetstream of his hot semen deep inside her!The night finally ended with practically everybody ALL NAKED s**ttered either on a table, floor or d****d over/against another naked body all in deep sleep. As for Emma, she was like everyone else there, in a deep sleep with different sperm samples splashed all over her naked body even dribbling from the side of her mouth, laid on her back with her legs still wide open with sperm dribbling from her vagina.

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