Emmarie and Her King

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There once lived a valiant, warrior king who had claimed two-thirds of the known world as his own. To quench his insatiable, sexual appetite, he decreed that his land’s most beautiful maidens be brought to his castle when they reached the age of maturity at age 18. There, they would learn the art of seduction and become vessels for his lust.

Emmarie was one such girl. Her parents, like most parents, were greatly honored to have their daughter brought to the king, for the selected girls were often married off to rich noblemen, thus saving their families a costly dowry.

Emmarie’s grandmother, however, did not see it as an honor. As they carried the weeping girl away, she whispered in her ear, “My darling, they may carry your body but never let them carry your mind.”

Life in the castle was exactly is Emmarie expected— a large group of women, giggling and fawning over their captor. While most girls were eager to learn about pleasing their master and the mechanics of sex, Emmarie used the access to the king’s vast library to her advantage. She listened and learned, but had no intention of submitting to the king. They learned about all forms of sex, but, above all, they learned the importance of a man’s pleasure. Emmarie often wondered if this was the real reason that the king’s captors were in such high demand by his noblemen.

When they weren’t in class, they spent their days in a large, game room. Every so often, the king would appear and select his prize for the evening. Emmarie never participated. Most of the time, she spent these events sitting on a tufted chaise lounge, reading a book in the corner. The king never so much as glanced her direction and she was grateful.

In the wee hours of the morning, the chosen girl would creep back into their shared quarters, coated in semen. While she couldn’t care less about the act itself, Emmarie was fascinated at the king’s biological “art form.” He spread his seed on the poor creatures indiscriminately. It became a mental game for Emmarie to guess where the king would come on his virginal trophies. One poor girl returned, her hair sticky with semen. Another was painted from her forehead to the tops of her breasts.

“Animal,” Emmarie whispered to herself.

Years past, and Emmarie knew her ability to go untouched was coming to a close. Her suspicion was confirmed when one of the housemothers informed her that she was now the oldest girl in the king’s collection and, if she wasn’t chosen soon, she would be relegated to the kitchen staff. Unwilling to live the life of a servant, Emmarie decided that she could make herself a bit more visible. Upon the King’s next visit, she stayed perched on her chair, but this time lifted her satin skirt almost to her waist and pulled her corset down to expose the slightest amount of nipple.

It worked. The king made his way over to her almost as soon as he entered the room.

“What are you reading, dearest?” he said, leaning over to examine her more closely.

“A book based on your military exploits, sire.”

“And what is your impression of my military strategy?”

“It seems appropriately ruthless.”

“You find me ruthless?”

“Am I not your captive?”

“I’d like you to think of yourself as my guest.”

“So, then I have the freedom to leave if I wish?”

The king stood for a moment, stunned, but visibly amused before he responded.

“I could not allow you to leave until I showed you the full benefit of my hospitality.”

“Then, I shall wait with bated breath.”

“And, you shall not wait long. I will see you tonight Miss…”


“Until tonight then, Miss Emmarie.”

Once he was gone, Emmarie was sick to her stomach. She had imagined the brutality of his touch, the savageness of his penetration more times than she could count. When evening fell, she was dressed in a thick, gauzy gaziantep escortları nightgown worn by all the king’s virgins and was led down a long hallway by two, large guards.

“Overkill,” Emmarie thought, as they knocked on a large, wooden door.

The door opened to the king’s chamber, a cozy stone room. He was sitting on a large, four-poster bed, draped with sheer curtains. A fire burned in an adjacent fireplace. After the king dismissed them, the guards nodded and left. A shiver raced up Emmarie’s spine as the door thundered shut behind her.

The king approached her with purpose, but she forced her eyes to the floor. She flinched as he raised his hand to her.

“Are you afraid of me?” he asked.

“Shouldn’t I be?”

“Have I ever harmed you?”

“Other than taking me from my family?”

“Your parents willingly sent you here. They believed it to be a great honor.”

” I see how you ‘bestow your honor’ on your prisoners.”

After a long pause, he said, “I am not sure why, but I find your antagonism charming. To prove that I am not the monster you perceive me to be, I will allow you to guide our encounter.”

Emmarie was silent for a moment.

“Very well. Tonight, I want you to teach me.”

He lifted her chin with one finger and said with a seductive smile, “It will be my honor to educate you.”

He gently loosened the gauzy gown and it fell to the floor, leaving her stark naked in the room’s glow. He saw her shudder and wrapped her in a velvet blanket. In one swift motion, he lifted her onto the bed.

“Roll onto your stomach,” he said.

He gathered her hair and laid it over her shoulder. He ran one finger along the outline of her neck.

“You judge me for the way those girls returned to their quarters,” he said, tracing the lines of her body. “I was simply fulfilling their desire. Their eagerness. Their blind adoration. They wanted to be fucked by a king, and I gave them wanted. Besides, dutiful submission irritates me.”

With that, he traced lower and lower on her back, until he reached the top of her ass. With a flat, gentle hand, he cupped each of her cheeks. He started to slip his finger between her thighs when he felt her tense. He placed a sure hand on her hips, rolled her onto her back, and looked directly into her eyes.

“Do you ever touch yourself?”

“Sometimes,” she whispered.

“Has anyone else ever touched you?”

She shook her head slowly, remembering how some of her classmates touched each other after particularly graphic lessons.

He took one fingertip and grazed it across her left nipple. She inhaled sharply at the sensation, the first time anyone had touched her this way. He did the same to the right nipple and began massaging her breasts one after the other. He lowered his head to slip one into his mouth when she raised her hand to stop him.

“Very well,” he said and began softly drawing circles on her belly and caressing the tops of her thighs with his fingertips. He pulled her legs open, and she gave no resistance. He ran one hand up her inner thigh and barely grazed one of her lips. Even though she anticipated his touch, the sensation startled and thrilled her so much that she writhed. He continued to lightly stroke the outside of her pussy, just along the edge. He seemed to avoid the places she most craved, her clit pulsing, her pussy aching. He abruptly stopped and got on top of her. Even though he was wearing pants, she could feel his cock pressing against its confines. His imprisoned cock was rubbing deliciously between her legs, yet somehow avoiding places designed to give her the most pleasure.

“What lesson shall you learn tonight, my pet?” he said, pinning her arms above her head and laying the full weight of his body on her. She was both frightened and thrilled, unable to answer him. He slid his hands down her arms and placed them firmly around her neck, turning her head to the side.

“You’ve learned that your king is at your pleasure,” he growled in her ear.

With that, his mouth was on hers, overtaking it with hot breath and a tangle of tongues. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in as close as she could and rubbing his throbbing cock against the wetness between her legs. She reached down to slide his pants off, but he grabbed her wrists and leapt off the bed.

“I believe that’s enough for tonight.”

Confused, she found her dressing gown and he helped her slip it back on. He held her face between his hands and kissed her gently on the forehead. She tried to read the meaning in his eyes but saw nothing. As the guards collected her from the king’s chambers, he said, “Until tomorrow night.”

The next day seemed to drag on interminably. She paid closer attention in her art of seduction class, hoping to find some reason why he would abruptly halt their lovemaking—if you could call it that.

After dinner, she was again dressed and led down the hall to the king’s quarters. She found herself in the king’s room, bathed in golden firelight.

“What is your wish this evening, beloved?” he said, his tone mischievous.

“Tonight, I want you to worship me.”

He led her beside the fire and untied the ribbon holding her dressing gown together. He undressed her slowly and more deliberately than the previous night. Once the gown was open, he removed it, kissing each section of bare skin as it became visible. Once naked, he lightly grazed every inch of her naked flesh, then began tracing a line of kisses down her standing body.

“Lay down on the floor,” he commanded. After she did as he asked, he adjusted her legs, bending them at the knee and putting her sex on full display.

“If I am to worship you, you must give your body to me. You must not stop me as you did last night. You must trust that I will not harm you.”

She nodded, as a tear streamed down her cheek. He wiped it away and took her face in his hands.

“You must trust that you are always safe with me.”

He kissed her deeply and began moving down her body with his mouth. When he reached her erect nipples, he took one into his mouth and lightly sucked before swirling his tongue around it. She arched her back at the sensation and her pussy began to tingle with longing. He kissed down her belly and inner thighs. He ran his hand between her legs and instead of grazing her pussy, he took it in his hand.

“This belongs to me?”

“It’s yours,” she managed to say, her breath so quick she could hardly speak.

He slipped one, then two fingers in between her folds and into her aching pussy. She gasped sharply as he plunged deep into her.

“So wet. So willing,” he purred.

She began to moan as his fingers worked magic inside her virgin hole. He stopped and opened her legs wider, lowering his face between her legs.

“Have you ever experienced…heightened pleasure before?” he asked, kissing the inside of her thighs.

“No, sire.”

“Then, allow me to bestow the first offering.”

He nuzzled the soft, wet skin between her lips and inhaled deeply. His carnal moan heightened Emmarie’s arousal and her legs shivered in anticipation. He gently kissed the perimeter of her sex, the same as he had with this fingers the night before. Her whole body quaked as he ran his tongue in one deliberate motion, from top to bottom, sliding over her now throbbing clit and stopping just short of her asshole. She raised her hips to meet his mouth, over and over. His motions were short, but deliberate, in straight lines, then circles. With each change, her body hummed with pleasure. Just as her ecstasy was reaching its peak, he plunged two fingers deep into her quivering cunt. In response, her pussy clamped around his fingers, and her body shook as her orgasm overtook her. Her body contracted and stiffened. As her pleasure subsided, the king slowly removed his fingers and made his way to Emmarie’s mouth. He kissed her sweetly on the lips, and before she could speak, he said, “Well done, pet. Until tomorrow night.”

The next day, time seemed to stop altogether as she waited for night to fall. That evening, her dresser seemed a little annoyed at bathing and dressing her for the third night. The guards came to collect her and she walked silently to the king’s room. He was lying on the bed, shirtless with his bottom half covered in a soft sheet. She assumed he was naked as she stood at the end of the bed.

“What do you desire tonight?” he said.

“Tonight, I want you to take me as your own,” she said breathlessly, unsure if she was really brave enough to let him have her.

He stood and walked toward her, the sheet falling away and revealing his erect penis. She had never seen him naked before, and he was quite the vision. Tall, but compact. He was muscular, but not broad. He put his arms around her and pulled her close to him. The heat of his nakedness radiated through her gown.

He grabbed her face and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Is this your will?”

“Yes, sire.”

He sensed her apprehension and said with kind conviction, “I will not harm you. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Do you understand?”


At that, he guided her hand to his swollen cock, showing her how to stroke him. Emmarie was surprised by how it felt. The skin was so much softer than she expected. In her mind, it would be thick and leathery, not the buttery smoothness she felt in her hand. He groaned, and she stopped when she saw the wetness forming at the end. He ran his thumb across the head of his cock and put the liquid he collected to her lips.

“This is my desire for you,” he sighed. “It’s my wanting. Are you ready?”

When she nodded, he slid off her gown and led her to the bed. He positioned himself on top of her and she spread her legs to accommodate his body. She could feel his cock hovering around her pussy for what felt like an eternity. He reached between her legs to confirm that her body was ready for him. Her sex was so hot and wet, he shuddered. He slowly slipped inside, and she gasped at the sensation. A wave of gentle electricity began in her navel, trailed down to her pussy and then flooded across her entire body.

The king tensed as the sensation flooded across him, too.

“Oh, Jesus,” he said.

He bowed his head into the curve of her neck and she looped her arms and legs around him, pulling him tightly into her. He began slow, deep thrusts into her, and she instinctively met each one with her hips. Deeper and deeper, the king was relentless as they moaned in harmony, each plunging further into their shared rapture.

“Ever mine,” he growled, thrusting hungrily into her. “Ever yours.”

“Ever ours,” she moaned, as her body reached a thunderous climax.

Her orgasm sent him over the edge, and he furiously pumped his cock into her, more rapidly now, until he said breathlessly, “I am undone.”

With that, he gathered her in his arms tightly and pushed deep into her, stiffening and shuddering as he released a stream of warm seed into her. His essence inside her and his quivering cock brought her to climax again. This time, it was well beyond her control. Her pussy deliciously hugged his cock, pulsing and squeezing his full offering into her.

They remained still for some time, both wanting the moment to stretch out, not knowing what was beyond it.

When he finally lifted himself off of her, he said, “What do you want? I will give you anything you desire.”

“Free the women and make sure they live good lives.”


“Keep me as yours, forever.”


Flipping herself on top of him, she nuzzled her face into his neck and mewed lustfully into his ear, “Now, fuck me again, sire.”

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