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Before that night, I had never really considered loving another woman as a real option. I had thought about it, but just as kind of a silly daydream fantasy. Actually, I did once tell my mother I was gay, but that was only to piss her off.

At that point, I was seeing a guy named Steve. He was a few years older, in college, belonged to a fraternity. Steve’s family was rich and he drove a Porsche. I was young and naive enough to be impressed by all these things.

Steve was good-looking, I’ll give him that. He had that all-American athletic frat-boy look, sort of like a young Val Kilmer. But the guy was an asshole. Self-centered to an extreme. His idea of being romantic was when he told me that if I got a boob job, he would pay for half.

Sexually, he wasn’t “all that” either. He had a big penis (a source of never-ending pride for him) but was what I would classify as a “minuteman.” Actually, if he lasted a whole minute, it was a reason to celebrate. He loved blow-jobs, but if I even suggested he go south for me he would freak. Claimed he couldn’t get past the smell. That really made a girl feel special.

So why was I with this turkey? Like I said, I was young, and flattered by the attentions of this older, supposedly “mature” guy. The fact that he was rich helped too, I’m sure. For this reason, I had even considered him husband material. Back then, I was still convinced that a husband was what I needed. Looking back, I’m almost embarrassed by the affair. I mean, my mother loved him. That should have been a major red flag.

We had been going out for about six months, and I was finally getting to the point where his crap was starting to get on my nerves. I think he sensed this, because he invited me to spend a romantic week-end, just the two of us, up at his parent’s house. I thought to myself, well, at least he’s trying. The house was a huge, gorgeous mansion on the lake, with an outdoor hot tub. Very nice. His parents were going out of town, so we would have the place to ourselves.

Actually, not entirely to ourselves. I found out when I got up there that “just the two of us” would include his football buddy Bobby and Bobby’s girlfriend, Ginger. I was pretty pissed, this being a typical Steve move. I demonstrated my displeasure by acting like a total bitch all day, something I have a real talent for, but I don’t think Steve even noticed.

The four of us ended up in the hot tub. Steve’s parent’s bar was raided and Bobby insisted on repeatedly playing the “fuckin’ killer” new Van Halen CD on the big, expensive sound system. I don’t really understand why, but even though they were in a hot tub with two beautiful bikini-clad girls, the boys practically ignored us. They just laughed at the same boring sports stories and drunk stories and girl stories I had heard a thousand times, but which they never seemed to grow tired of.

I looked over at Ginger and saw she was as bored as I was. I didn’t know her very well, had only met her a couple of times at parties, but she seemed nice enough. She was a real eye-ful, too. Long brown hair and huge, soft brown eyes, with a great body. I have sort of a boyish figure, but Ginger was voluptuous. Her bikini top was skimpy and wetted now to near-transparency. Her nearly exposed breasts were full and evenly tanned. Steve noticed, believe me, he kept casting furtive glances over to her, but I couldn’t blame him much because even I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her for long.

I slid over to her in the steaming water and we started to talk. We had to shout to hear each other over the asinine music, so we got really close, talking in each other’s ear. Mostly, we were making fun of the guys. Ginger called them “Bert and Ernie,” which made me laugh. Gradually, Steve and Bobby noticed how close Ginger and I were. They started whispering to one another, and laughing.

“You know what would be fuckin’ killer?” Bobby said. “If you two would start makin’ out.”

I flashed the casino şirketleri guys a disgusted look, which only made them laugh.

“No shit,” Bobby said. “We were at this party once, and there was this fine-looking blonde, and somebody bet her and Ginger ten bucks they wouldn’t kiss. They did it though, and it was fuckin’ hot, dude.”

I looked at Ginger. She just shrugged, smiling.

“I love it when hot chicks do that,” Steve weighed in. “Like in pornos and shit.”

He looked at me, “Hell, Emma, I bet you twenty bucks you won’t don’t do it.”

“Fuck, dude, I bet ‘em fifty,” Bobby said.

“Fifty bucks each?” Ginger asked.

The boys hemmed and hawed, but finally agreed to give us fifty dollars apiece if we’d kiss.

“It has to be hot, though,” Bobby said. “With tongue and everything.”

Ginger looked at me. “What do you say? You want to give them a show?”

I was pretty drunk myself, and I had to admit that I was a little aroused.

“For fifty bucks?” I said. “What the hell.”

Ginger smiled, then she kissed me. Before I even knew what I was doing, I was kissing her back. It felt great. Ginger was a better kisser than Steve, that was for damn sure. Steve seemed to think the object to kissing was to get his tongue as far down my throat as he could. Ginger’s tongue, on the other hand, flitted gently against mine, teasing me. I kissed her more deeply, getting hungry for it now. I was really turned on, and the only annoying thing about it was Steve and Bobby cheering us on and high-fiving each other like a couple of morons. I wished that they weren’t were, that it was me and Ginger alone in the tub.

Then I felt something very strange. Ginger’s hand went between my legs. It was under the water, so the guys couldn’t see it. This was just for me. Her finger slid expertly into my bikini bottoms and gave me a long, slow stroke. Then Ginger pulled away, leaving me dizzy and weak-kneed.

The boys were looking at us, awed.

“Take your tops off and start playing with each other’s titties,” Bobby said.

“For fifty bucks?” Ginger said. “No way. Not for less than a hundred.”

“A hundred bucks?” Bobby said incredulously. “Shit.”

“How much to eat her pussy?” Steve grinned.

“You better break out daddy’s checkbook for that one, Steve-O,” Ginger laughed.

We were all pretty turned on. After a little while, we got out of the tub and I went up to Steve’s room with him. Bobby and Ginger went off to another bedroom.

Steve and I started going at it, and I was really worked up. I wanted to get fucked in the worst way. I only hoped Steve could last long enough to get me off, too. I knew it wouldn’t take me long, as hot as Ginger had made me.

But Steve, when the time came, rooted through his bedside drawer and came out empty-handed.

“I’m out of rubbers,” he said.

He shrugged and tried to roll over onto me anyway, but I pushed him off. It was exactly the wrong time of month for him to ride bareback. If I knew one thing, it was that I didn’t want this guy to knock me up.

“Come on, Emma,” he begged. “I’ll pull out.”

I’d heard that one before.

“Go and see if your buddy has any,” I said.

“No, he’s getting it on with Ginger,” Steve grumbled. “I can’t interrupt him.”

It went on for a while like that, Steve whining and me getting more annoyed by the second. Finally, it dawned on him that I wasn’t going to let him stick it in me without a glove.

“At least suck me off,” he said, really angry.

I looked down at his throbbing erection. I could have done it, just to shut him up. But I didn’t feel like rewarding his shitty behavior.

“No way,” I said, getting out of bed. “I’m sleeping downstairs.”

“Bitch!” he shouted. “You fuckin’ cock-tease.”

“You really know how to talk to a girl,” I said, looking around in the dark for clothes. All I could find was one of his t-shirts, which I pulled on over my head.

Steve casino firmaları took advantage of this moment to grab me by the waist and throw me back down onto the bed.

“I’m fuckin’ horny, Emma,” he growled, climbing onto me and pinning me down.

I felt his hard cock poke around blindly down there. If he hadn’t been so drunk, I would have been a date rape statistic. Instead, I reached down and gave his balls a quick, tight squeeze. He screamed as if I’d torn them off.

I rolled off the bed and ran out of the room. Steve followed me into the hallway, still naked. At the end of the hall, Ginger had emerged from the room she and Bobby had shared.

I was at the top of the stairs when Steve grabbed my shoulder and tried to pull me back. I spun around and slapped him in the face.

“Cunt!” he yelped.

He lunged for me, but tripped on the carpeting. Drunk and off-balance, he fell to the side and rolled noisily down the carpeted staircase.

“Holy shit,” I heard Ginger say from the end of the hall.

She came over to me, pulling her bathrobe closed. “Are you all right?” she asked.

I nodded. “He tried to rape me,” I said.

“I heard it,” Ginger nodded. “Fuckin’ dickhead. I guess we better go make sure he’s not dead.”

We went down the stairs. Steve was unconscious, but he was breathing and his neck didn’t appear to be broken. A bruise was already starting to form on his forehead, though.

“We have to get you out of here before he wakes up,” Ginger said. “Go get dressed.”

I ran back upstairs and pulled on the dress I had been wearing earlier that evening. When I came out of the bedroom, Ginger had on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She was dangling car keys from her finger.

“Bobby’s Camero,” she said. “We’ll borrow it to get you home.”

“He won’t mind?”

“Shit,” Ginger said. “He’s passed out, too. Idiot was too drunk to fuck.”

We got into the car and sped away into the night.

“Where do you live?” Ginger asked.

“I can’t go home,” I said. “It’s three in the morning and I don’t feel like explaining this situation to my mother.”

“It’s OK,” Ginger said. “I know a place we can go.”

Ginger parked the car in a beachfront lot facing the lake, about ten minutes from Steve’s place. We sat there watching the waves lap the shore in the moonlight for a while, not saying anything.

“Can I ask you something?” Ginger said after several minutes of silence. “What did you think of what I did in the hot tub? With my hand. Under the water.”

I didn’t answer for a minute, too nervous to even look her in the face.

“I liked it,” I finally whispered.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

I shook my head, still not wanting to look at her. I was uncomfortably warm, all of the sudden.

“I’m pretty much bi,” Ginger admitted. “Although shit like what happened back there makes me want to give up guys completely.”

I laughed suddenly, surprising myself.

“What’s so funny?” Ginger asked.

“I just remembering the look on Steve’s face right before he pitched down the stairs,” I said, laughing even harder. “I wish I had a camera.”

Ginger laughed along with me, then suddenly stopped and got serious.

“Emma,” she said. “Listen, I got so turned on when I kissed you, and fuckin’ Bobby didn’t do a thing for me. Could I . . . touch you?”

I didn’t say anything, I just looked at her and parted my legs slightly. Ginger accepted the invitation, sliding her hand up my dress. My panties were still on the floor in Steve’s room. I wondered if I had been anticipating this moment when I had chosen not to pull them on.

Ginger found me, naked and wet. She smiled up at me and raised an eyebrow. I kissed her. It was even better than the first time, in the hot tub. I had never been so turned on by kissing someone in my life, her lips were so soft. Even if she hadn’t been busy working me with her hand, I probably güvenilir casino could have come just from kissing her. But her hand between my legs sent me over the top. I was used to guy’s hands, clumsy and rough. But Ginger found my hard little clit right away, then dipped her fingers down into my pussy to get them wet. I was drenching the car seat as Ginger’s hand stroked me to orgasm with expert precision. I moaned into her open mouth.

Ginger pulled her hand away from my twitching pussy and wiped her dripping fingers all over my lips. I sucked the honey from her fingers, tasting myself, then she kissed me again and the taste of my cunt was on both our lips.

“I want to eat your pussy,” Ginger begged.

I nodded and slid my seat back as far as it would go, spreading my legs wide. Ginger went down on me and her lips and tongue were even more adept than her hand. Only guys had gone down on me before and I don’t care what anyone says, no man can do it like a woman can. Jesus, it was good. I got off so fast I felt like Minuteman Steve, crying out at the sharp explosion of pleasure.

Ginger sat up again and kissed me, her whole face drenched with my juices. The smell of cunt was so thick in that car it made my head spin.

Ginger pulled her t-shirt off and I took to her breasts like an infant who couldn’t decide which one had the best milk, sucking one then the other as Ginger moaned and giggled. My hand was fumbling at her jeans, trying to get inside. Ginger helped me, unzipping herself and pulling the jeans down below her knees.

I buried my hand in her sopping pussy, not wanting to hurry but unable to stop myself. This was my first experience with another woman’s vagina and I wanted to take it slowly, to savor it, but I was so turned on that I was like a virginal boy.

“C-c-can I . . .” I stuttered, my mouth watering.

“Yes,” Ginger said, breathing hard. “Hurry.”

I kissed her down there and had my first taste of pussy. Mine was sweeter than hers, but Ginger’s juices had an intriguing bitterness to them, like black coffee or really dark chocolate. The taste was intoxicating. My tongue found her clitoris and was surprised at how hard and throbbing it was. Her labia was thicker than mine, too, like flower petals, only fleshy and warm. It was fascinating, being so close to another woman’s sex organs. So much so that I almost forgot there was a woman attached to the vagina. I remember the same thing happening the first time I was with a guy; I had been so fascinated by his penis that the rest of him ceased to matter.

I brought Ginger to orgasm, and her juices exploded in my mouth. It wasn’t like a guy coming, slimy and thick. Ginger’s cum was like wine and I gulped it down, never wanting it to stop.

I sat up, realizing only then that I had not breathed for several minutes. Ginger held me as I caught my breath, then we kissed for a long time. Her taste and mine mingled on our lips. The flavor of both of us together was pleasant and sweet. In her arms, I watched the sun come up over Lake Michigan. It wasn’t until we saw the first of the morning joggers along the shore that we pulled our clothes back on.

I was shivering from exhaustion, happier than I could ever remember being.

“Emma?” she asked. “Can I ask you something?”

“Mmm,” I murmured, content to sit there with her forever.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

I looked at her, suddenly aware that this didn’t have to end anytime soon. What we just had, we could have again and again. This realization struck me forcefully, like a whole new world opening up before me.

“Yes,” I said.

Ginger laughed and kissed me again. After a while, we climbed out of the sex-drenched car and stretched our legs on the beach.

“Are we going to take the car back to Bobby?” I asked.

“Fuck him,” Ginger said. “He’ll find it eventually.”

With that, she tossed the car keys into the lake. They landed several yards from shore with a little splash.

“Don’t want to make it too easy,” she said.

Arm-in-arm we walked along the shore, talking, for hours, until the morning had turned to afternoon and we were both hopelessly in love.

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