Emily’s Weekend Ch. 02

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A few weeks had passed since I had last visited the adult shop on the highway. I had time to think over about all the events of that weekend: the good as well as the bad. The spontaneous and repeated arousals had been a pleasant surprise. I had not at all expected for it to be happening. At first I felt ashamed of myself, afraid of letting the old guy see and realize for what it was. But after I came back and thought over it, I realized that this was probably not news to him. He had dropped comments about other tenants of his, to indicate he had possibly seen this. That left the mystery of the cause.

I am normally a curious person and mysteries such as this were all the more tantalizing for me. Arousals weren’t new, they had happened to varying degree in the past. What was surprising this time was the intensity and frequency. Although I had girlfriends in whom I did confide other matters, I just couldn’t bear to share this secret with them. For one, I was afraid their view of me would change forever and I didn’t want to be treated as different, or worse a weird person. So I had to identify the cause on my own.

As I kept thinking over it, I realized I had instinctively been attracted to the cuffs. The picture of them on the brochure had subconsciously made me keep the brochure in the first place. In hindsight I realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to go alone to that shop without letting anyone know. But it was a spontaneous decision due to me wanting to see what the store had. I knew I wanted to see the stuff for real. I decided that although it was not possible to tell Mary where I was going, I could at least tell her the general location with some pretext.

With my shift over in the bank, I was out of my reverie. I helped close the registers and chores of closing time. As I reached home, my thoughts went back to the mystery of the cause. I recalled how I felt strongly attracted to the chains that it was surreal. It had felt as if I was in some trance. I had taken the next steps subconsciously without any thought. With the first arousal in the changing room, I knew I was hooked and my curiosity had completely taken over.

After ruminating a while longer I came to the same realization that my body had known all along: I truly loved being in chains. It seemed to me that they were not there to restrict my movement, but rather it felt as if I had simply put on new jewellery. This was rather hard for me to digest at first. But I finally admitted that when they were locked on my body I saw them as ‘my’ chains. And yet I was still not sure precisely what part of it I craved, or that aroused me. In order to identify, I had to go back there at least one more time. Also I knew I wanted to see where this new liking would take me; but that meant I had to prepare to be taken advantage of by him again.

As to That Guy and him taking advantage, I knew I hated him for it. But I had also come to the conclusion that I did enjoy the sex even though it was against my wishes. One night as I lay in bed in my apartment, I had remembered that to a little degree, I had liked the sex while being chained. May be perhaps because of the arousal because of chained, I wasn’t sure. Speaking of him though, there was another mystery there. How was he getting in and out? What was his connection if any with the old guy? I had to know,

If I were to go back, there was that very real possibility that he altyazılı porno would likely again take advantage of my being in chains. I hated him for taking advantage like this. I didn’t want to know anything about him, including his name. But in a way I rationalized the consequences as something I would have to live with if I wanted to explore my new liking. I also still had the question of how he was getting in and out. Was the old guy in on it? I was curious about it. I was also wondering a bit about these other customers the old guy kept mentioning.

One evening after coming home from work, I put on the handcuffs I had brought back from the store. They were rather cool to touch and gave me goosebumps. I could feel my nipples tightening as I went about making dinner while handcuffed. I even slept that night with the handcuffs.

Although I liked the restricted movement and the stumbling, I wasn’t getting aroused to the extent I had been at the store. The next morning. I was reluctant to take them off when I had to leave for work. I thought may be something was missing. I didn’t know why, but was curious to find out.

Although I could have bought the whole chain set and brought it home. But with the thin walls of the apartment and a lot of retired people in the apartments next door, there wasn’t much of a chance in attempting anything like that. Mary had a tendency to come over unannounced,

One evening, she came over while I was going about in handcuffs. she had wanted to go to a film and was in a hurry. I had to take off the cuffs in a hurry as she kept knocking on the front door non-stop. Since she was from a very religious family, finding something like this would have been shocker for her to say the least. After that near mishap, I decided that I was going back again. With a definite plan in mind, I called the old guy and asked him to make some changes. I also had a tentative plan forming in my mind of how to make a compromise with that guy.

I was glad that I had accepted the bracelet from him. It meant I wasn’t paying for the weekend. It was also rather pretty: a silver chain like any other bracelets with a fastener that was quite different from other bracelets. To my horror, I realized it wasn’t a fastener, but actually miniature spring-loaded cuffs. The bracelet was a replica in miniature, of silver leg irons, locked into its two cuffs. I needed two hands to take it off my wrist. Since I couldn’t confide in Mary, the only way to get it off was with the help of the old guy.

On the next friday afternoon, I went back to the adult store. The old guy recognized me. “Yes I have made all the changes you had asked about on the phone.”

“Thank you,” I said as I watched him remove the bracelet.

I reviewed the agreement and then signed it ahead of time. It was the same one as last time. I asked “Can’t I have one of the other rooms instead of the one from last time?”

“Sorry not possible. Each set is designed for that specific room and can’t interchange.” He replied.

This didn’t make sense, But it did pique my curiosity about the other rooms I had seen briefly last time. I had already dressed in the khaki tank top from last time, and the pleated miniskirt. They both had a zipper along the entire length of one side. I had decided after much deliberation that I was going to remove bra and panties beforehand. I knew from last time, even if I kept zenci porno them, that guy would cut them off.

After signing the lease agreement, We went to the changing room to put on the chain set. This the old guy had modified and assembled to accommodate my height and size. On a whim, I undressed before starting to put on the chains. I decided I wanted to experiment to see what it felt like. On the one hand I felt I was being too bold, on the other I was a bit curious about what it would feel to put on naked. With a devil may care attitude I went ahead and undressed.

As before, I started with the neck collar. This was attached to the chain around the waist by two separate chains. This was one of my changes this time. After I locked the waist chain on, I put the tank top back on. The two chains from the collar now ran inside the tank top, between my breasts, and the tank top pressing close against my skin, the chains were pressed close to skin. Both chains were longer than needed and were hanging loosely at my waist; rattling as I walked,

The touch of cold chains made my nipples rock hard and were almost poking through the the tank top. I could even see them through it. I felt goose bumps raised on my arms. I had a pang of regret about having put the chains on my naked body, but now it was too late and I knew the old guy was not going to unlock me until Monday morning.

When I reached down to touch my leg irons. almost predictably, the rattle of all the chains now hanging from my neck and the cold touch of the cuffs to my ankles led to a near immediate arousal. Since the old guy was off behind the counter, I enjoyed the moment to the fullest, writhing there on the floor of the changing room. Perhaps because of the gap in time, or because I did not suppress the desire like last time, the orgasm came on in waves and seemed to go on forever.

Afterwards, I finished putting the leg irons on. These too were connected to the chain at my waist, by two separate chains, which were longer than my legs, thus causing some sag. They rattled along floor as I walked. These were set apart at waist from each other. At the other end, on the leg irons, they were set even further apart almost close to the ankles. This was another of my requested change. Since they were attached nearly close to my ankles, they ran along the side of each leg, running almost parallel. Their constant touch against my bare legs, oh the cold touch. I loved it so!

After locking on the leg irons, I put the mini skirt back on so the chains from waist to ankles ran down inside the skirt. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt a pang of embarrassment at by my own boldness.. I had realized last time, that when that guy had left me naked, the cold touch of the chains to my body was wonderful. It was this fact, that had partly contributed to the decision to take off the clothes beforehand. During the period since last visit, I had been thinking about this.

I struggled with deciding whether to wear the chains inside the clothes or not. Finally when the moment came, I decided I wanted to experiment to see what it felt like. I also recalled that the old guy had commented last time about putting on clothes after the fact. Perhaps others too preferred this? That thought gave me some comfort.

Now for the last item: my handcuffs. I had a theory, and had asked the old guy to make aldatma porno changes so that this time, they attached to the leg irons by two overly long chains. This meant they rattled as I walked, and by raising and lowering my handcuffs, I could make them rattle even more. Once the handcuffs were locked behind my back, I called the old guy over. Upon seeing that I had worn them inside my clothes, he simply shrugged. He pulled me by the chains around my neck and off we went to the same room as last time.

While walking I discovered that my theory was correct. Not only being restricted by the handcuffs and leg irons was arousing, but the rattle was positively leading to orgasms. The tightly pressed chains between my bare breasts added to it even more.

“Look, I know you need to lock your merchandise to the ring in the corner, but would you please let me do it for you?” I asked him.

He thought for a minute, shrugged, and handed over the other end of the chain.

My hands were handcuffed behind me he must have been wondering if I could even do it. The other end of my chain was a smaller handcuff-like ring, barely an inch-and-a-half in diameter. I struggled to lock it into the ring on the wall; but by sliding down to the floor, I was able to get it in place. I took a deep breath, realizing that was the last bit of my freedom. I dithered for a second.

“Click,” the lock sound was rather loud as the other end locked to the wall. I was now chained from feet to neck, to the wall. The old guy checked to make sure, and left, taking the doorstop. This time, knowing that was going to happen I didn’t even rise from the corner.

I was now finally alone in the room.

The chain to the wall was attached at my throat, due to having flipped positions for the two, beforehand. I had almost forgotten this. My eyes followed it back to the wall, watching down its entire length. I tried to pull it away from the wall. Ha. As if it was going to give. But it gave me a lot of goosebumps and my stomach was getting knots.

When my handcuffs got in the way, almost as if by instinct, I raised my hand at the elbow, to make them slide back up the forearm. As I continued to trace and pull at the other end of the chain on the wall. You know, the instinctive gesture you’d do to slide back a bracelet from your wrist? As I continued to trace and pull at the other end of the chain on the wall. It didn’t register then, but I remembered this instinctive gesture later. I decided to walk around the room, careful not to yank the chain at my throat.

Sure enough, the rattle of all the chains and difficulty with walking led to a fresh wave of orgasm. This one truly went on and on for a long time… it was so long and so powerful that I almost lost consciousness. It was as I lay there on the cold floor, panting, that I remembered the instinctive gesture to slide the handcuffs up my arm. Like you’d do with a jewellery.

I kept thinking of them as ‘my’ chains although, the chains were locked on every part of my body and chained me to the wall. I was their property; yet I called them my chains. I laughed. This was a new discovery to me. Maybe it was because, these chains were partly my design and I had locked them on my own, even to the wall. I wanted to explore this so I walked around in the small room for some time, practising to take as long a step as the leg irons permitted without tripping. With my hands behind me, keep my balance was difficult.

I lost track of time. It was dark outside the window by the time the old guy returned with some food. He unlocked just one hand so I could eat. As I was finishing and locking the hand back, ‘that guy’ walked in.

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