Emily’s Story Ch. 03

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This series involves reluctance, BDSM, lesbian, and group sex. The series will focus mostly on the story sometimes with little sex. If you are not a fan of these types of stories please do not read any further. It is based on no person or actual place, all names or places are not real and coincidental if they resemble anyone or place.


I woke up sometime in the afternoon, Carrie was still in the bed with me and she was obviously still asleep. Looking around the room I saw the bathroom that I slightly remember from earlier, it had two shower heads in a larger than average tub and fairly big. The light from the bathroom was still on and even though the door was cracked the room was still fairly dark. I could make out that there were several large closets, chairs, and a large sofa. The bed itself was rather large for what I was used to. I have been sleeping in my car so any bed is good compared to that. I guessed it was queen size and these sheets, were they satin? I never had satin sheets before but if this is what they are like, I am officially hooked. Next to the bed was a side table with a digital clock that was blinking 12:00 . The lone set of windows had a heavy fabric covering them, but I could tell it was still day as light was barely visible around the edges.

Carrie stirred as I sat upright and she looked up at me with big brown eyes. “Are you feeling better now Emily?”

“Yes, but I’m a little hungry.” I realized that my stomach was killing me.

“I can go get us something to eat and be back in a little bit.” She said as she smiled and sat up again. She had slept naked with me and I found myself looking at her as she turned the light on the nightstand on and exited the room. It kind of caught me off guard that she would leave naked but what should I expect from a girl at a place like this.

I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. What was I going to do? I vaguely remember telling Mr. Furgenson that I was going to fuck him later so I could get this job. But I said that so I wouldn’t get raped and possibly thrown out in the middle of no where. Did it make sense to me that he would even allow me to stay after that? A bell rang that was above my door as I exited the bathroom. I was wondering what that was when I saw my clothes on a luxurious chair. How pitiful, all I had was a spaghetti strap top, a short skirt, my black thong, my socks, and sneakers that I wore into the place several hours ago. I didn’t even have a bra because they were all in my car when it was stolen. I didn’t bother getting dressed it was rather comfortable compared to what the heat must have been outside. I opened the closets to disappointment when I saw that they were all empty.

Going back to the bed I pulled the covers up and thought about my situation some more. I have no money and this place is a whore house instead of a strip joint like I thought it was. I had convinced myself I could be a stripper when I was walking here, could I convince myself I was a prostitute? I had never had any reservations about sex before. I had slept with men and stolen money from their wallets in the last year. Was this any different? I had used the men for both pleasure and money, the idea of them paying willingly isn’t that much of a difference.

My mind drifted to the last time I had sex, it had been three weeks ago, and a man hit on me at a gas station and invited me out to dinner. I figured it was a free meal and showered and changed at a truck stop before meeting him. He had been a hunk, but the tan line on his finger told me he was lying when he told me he was available. I closed my eyes and my hand strayed towards my breast, my nipple was hard and the sheets felt like heaven against it. He brought me back to his hotel after dinner, and we were naked and sweaty in no time. I usually don’t spend the night, but this man made me feel safe and I hadn’t slept in a bed in a while. In the morning I was up and gone with his wallet by 5 am. I used his credit card once to fill up my gas tank around the corner from the hotel, took the cash out, and slipped it into the car that we went out in last night.

I tried to convince myself that there really wasn’t a difference with what I did there and being a prostitute. Carrie came back into the holy family izle room with some eggs, toast, and juice. “It’s a little past 1 pm but I figured you would want breakfast.” She said as she set the plate down on a table in the corner. I pushed the covers off myself and went to eat as she went over to the nightstand and set the clock to a couple of minutes after 1. She came back to the table and sat next to me. We were both still naked and I didn’t care that Carrie was looking me over. My long black hair was a mess, and my green eyes were still red and sore from being outside in the desert all morning. I caught her looking at my 36C breasts but she didn’t care that I saw her looking there and then down to my shaved pussy. “I talked to Mr. Furgenson,” she continued, “he wants me to make sure you are ready for him within the hour, go over how this place works, and then ready for customers tonight.”

I looked at her briefly before lowering my eyes back to my plate. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

I think Carrie could tell I didn’t know this was a brothel when I ‘applied’. “Listen,” she said, “why don’t I tell you how this place works and then you can decide what you want to do.” I nodded and she continued, “The girls that work here do it because they want to. Some were desperate when they showed up, just like you, but they have grown to love their job. Many girls stay here a short time make some money and leave, others stay until they can’t work anymore. You would not believe how many Johns come here that want a mature motherly figure.”

I gagged a little bit, “Gross! That is just… ugh.” I shook my head and Carrie laughed at me.

“What happens is when that bell rings like you just heard, a customer has entered the building and wants to see some available girls.” She pointed to the bell that I had noticed earlier that was more like a modern door bell than an actual bell. “Sometimes they ask if a certain girl is available and then you will be called in your room if you don’t already have a customer already, or if you don’t feel up to it right away you can tell them when you are available next. The one thing though, is that this place is strictly anonymous. You call all the men Johns and all the female customers Janes. So if someone requests you, even if it’s a regular, you won’t know until you go meet them out front.”

I looked at her a little funny thinking girls come to use prostitutes?

She saw my questioning face, “have you ever had sex with a girl? Most of the time they come here with their Johns and want a threesome, or the John wants us to fool around with the Jane, or Janes want to watch us with their man, we rarely get single girls.”

“Well…” I said noticing how she always seemed to refer to men and women as Johns and Janes even though it was confusing. “I have kinda… fooled around with some friends before and… kinda liked it.” I said timidly as her face lighted up. Changing the subject, “Well how do they pay if it is anonymous, I would think it’s dangerous to carry a lot of cash to a place like this in the middle of no where?”

Carrie was looking me over with obvious want in her eyes. “Mr. Furgenson handles all payment. Sometimes they bring cash, but mostly credit. As they enter they tell the doorman what they are paying with. If it is credit they give their card to Mr. Furgenson right away, if it is cash, they have to pay $50 to get in. The bar is available at no charge to anyone, but the Johns have a strict two beer or one hard drink limit unless they pay a girl to spend the night with him.”

“So how much do girls get paid?” I asked.

“That is the best part!” Carrie giggled and thought of what to say next. “Well once a John, or a Jane, chooses you they will either talk with you in the lounge to find out what you would do and for how much, or go back to your room to ask the same. When they do that, you know that they will pretty much pay anything to have you. Then you negotiate a price and…” Carrie paused in mid thought, “have you ever had anal sex?”

I was moderately stunned that she asked the way she did but realizing that the place I am in is a brothel, I figured it would be common place around here to talk about sex openly. “No, I always hotel portofino izle thought it would hurt too much and I never tried.”

“Well the one John that comes here often will pay 2500 bucks to spend the night with you if he is the first to ever do anal on you.” Seeing the fright in my eyes at the mention of anal she added, “that is if you ever want to try anal, he is the one you want to do it with, he is really sweet and makes it so, so good.” Carrie closed her eyes and shook a little as if remembering a pleasant feeling. “Anyways, when you get a price you call the office on that phone and tell Mr. Furgenson how long and how much. Then afterwards you will be buzzed when the time is up if John is still there. Sometimes they ask you to stay longer and you can tell them it would be at a higher rate if you want. As for how much you get, Mr. Furgenson keeps really good track of what you charge. Every Monday he pays us what we make minus rent. If we live here like about half the girls do, then it is 500 a week, otherwise it is 350 a week for the right to reserve your room. Mr. Furgenson also makes 50 for everyone to enter, and then 10 percent of what you charge.”

“How many girls are there? What else is there to do other then sex?” I had a ton of questions most of which I didn’t know how to ask.

“There are about 40 girls at most, and 15-25 live here at a time.” Quick math in my head told me that Mr. Furgenson could make at least 16,000 a week from rent alone and who knew how many men came in here. I caught Carrie in mid sentence after doing the math. “Down the hall and around the corner, there is a TV, sofa’s, a large kitchen that gets stocked by Mr. Furgenson. Pretty much a lot of the girls that live here spend their time there when they aren’t working or just hanging out. Unless we go on shopping trips those are always fun!”

It was getting easier to convince myself that I could do this as Carrie talked, I could only work here a couple weeks and be out of here in no time with a lot of cash.

“Here take this.” Carrie said as she came out of the bathroom, I hadn’t even realized she had gotten up. “It’s a birth control pill, we don’t use condoms unless John wants to.”

I was shocked. Thank God I had already been on birth control getting it from clinics for free. I took it and looked back at her worried.

“Oh, I forgot, all Johns have to bring a blood test from the last couple months with them when they visit. Mr. Furgenson keeps track of the regulars and lets them know when they need one. We also have to get them every month.”

I was a little relieved but still worried some. I had finished my meal and Carrie suggested that we should get me fixed up for Mr. Furgenson. I got dressed without my thong (Carrie’s idea) and brushed my hair with a brush we found in the bathroom. At least this time I looked presentable unlike this morning. She told me what to expect. Him just doing me doggie style maybe have me ride him a little bit until he cummed in my mouth. Simple enough I thought.

“It is about 10 minutes before he shows up,” Carrie said, “he doesn’t like it when the girl isn’t ready, I wasn’t when it was me, who could be, he is so disgusting.” We laughed together some, well let me say that she laughed like it was funny, I laughed nervously. “Well Emily… um… want me to help get you ready?”

I never gave Carrie much of a look over until she said that. She was blonde shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and about 5’3″. I really didn’t realize that I seemed to tower over her at my 5’7″. Her tits were obviously fake and pushing double D’s. Her pussy was also shaven and her ass was slim like mine.

Seeing me hesitate Carrie stepped forward wrapped her arms around me and kissed. The flash of my kiss to her earlier this morning in the shower flashed through my mind as her tongue touched my lips softly. I finally reacted and kissed her back. My arms wrapped behind her and pulled her into me. She licked at my lips again and this time I let my tongue touch hers briefly. I was getting more turned on by the second, her hands drifted to my ass as she squeezed it gently. One of my hands reached up and pulled her face into me as our make out got a little rougher in an instant.

One house of hammer izle of Carrie’s hands on my ass was sliding around front and I spread my legs a little so she could touch my clit, as she drifted her hand below my skirt she only rubbed my thigh. I tilted my head back and moaned, my clit was throbbing and in want, as she kissed my neck. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. She bent her head down and started to kiss the top of my cleavage, her hand again drifted up my skirt and towards my pussy and made a brief contact as my knees shuttered and she again pulled away. I could feel my pussy getting so wet, I needed it touched I needed to cum hard.

I pulled her hair back and her head away from my chest as I savagely kissed her again. The first and only time I was with a girl it was awkward but good, but this was just pure lust, I needed sex now.

She started pushing me back towards the bed and had me lay on my back. She spread my legs and my skirt rose and bunched around my waist, I closed my eyes and moaned again as she sat between my legs and rubbed my thighs. “God look at that nice wet pussy, I just might have to lick it.” Carrie said.

I opened my emerald green eyes and stared into hers groaning, “please, please, I need it so bad.”

Carrie smiled at me as she bent forward and licked my pussy slowly from the bottom and gave my clit a flick with the tip of her tongue as she squeezed my thighs harder. She repeated it once more and then I moaned when she moved her mouth away and kissed my thighs. She lightly slapped my clit with her hand and I gasped at the pleasure. “mmmm, yes, do that again.” I said. I loved getting my clit slapped.

She did it a couple more times and then went to town licking my clit. A finger entered my pussy and touched my g spot. I arched my back and moaned and she stopped. I glared down at her and saw that she was looking at the door. As I looked over I realized Mr. Furgenson was standing there his cock in hand stroking it to hardness. I looked down at his 4″ cock again, I didn’t care I needed something in me. “Get over here and fuck me!” I growled as I turned over and shook my ass at him. It was probably the fastest he moved in years as he got behind me and rubbed his dick into my pussy and pushed in. I was so wet he didn’t have any trouble and even though it wasn’t long, at least it was just wide enough that it felt good going in and out.

What a transformation I had just gone through. I went from almost being rapped by this man in the morning to wanting him to fuck me hard. Carrie had gotten up and laid in front of me as Mr. Furgenson started to pound his dick into me. I bent my head down and licked Carrie just as slowly and teased her as she had just done to me. She grabbed my hair and held me into her pussy as I started to lick her clit harder.

Mr. Furgenson couldn’t take it anymore and I felt his cum gush into my pussy. Carrie moaned when she saw his O face and as he pulled out she squirmed around so she took his dick into her mouth as soon as it was out of me. He jumped a little but smiled. Carrie sucked our juices off of him as I stayed still on my knees with my ass in the air. After a few sucks on his dick, Carrie turned back to me and licked his seed as it dripped out. She touched my clit once with her tongue and I was so turned on that I orgasmed on the spot. I collapsed to the bed and Carrie crawled up and kissed me on the mouth as she looked back at Mr. Furgenson.

“Get that slut ready for tonight she’s going to make me a lot of money.” Mr. Furgenson turned to leave. “I didn’t think that cunt could work here, I thought the twat only liked girls at first.” He turned and left laughing down the hall.

I teared up again as Carrie tried to comfort me, “He is crude, but if any customer is like that let him know ’cause he doesn’t stand for it.”

It made me feel better a little and Carrie and I went to the bathroom to shower after a few minutes. We really didn’t talk much or even touch each other in there other than the occasional bumping into each other followed by an awkward giggle. The silence was broken when Carrie spoke as we turned the shower off, “If you are nervous about tonight, I can stick with you at first.” I smiled and laughed to myself how could I not be uncomfortable. Carrie continued, “oh, um… I forgot to mention, ah… Mr. Furgenson is going to charge you tonight for your first week.”

My thoughts of a quiet night vanished as to how I now had to make 500 dollars in addition to the 50 dollars and 10 percent he took out of every customer.

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