Emails from an Affair Pt. 02

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The below is the second erotic text I sent to my mistress. Our affair only takes place when she visits the city where I live, and this was written to her while her husband was out of town on a business trip.


The large glass door to the shower is covered in steam as you feel the hot water running down over your hair, your face, your breasts. You run your hands up and through your hair, pushing the water out and down your back, feeling the stress of work, of home, of kids, of marriage, wash down out of your body. The water temperature feels perfect, the sensation of wetness surrounds you. The soap on your body leaves an amazing scent of daffodils and spring flowers. You catch yourself smiling because somehow you can sense me behind you. The sound of the water has masked my breathing, and the smell of the soap on your body masked my scent. You reach back with your left hand and feel my left hand take yours and our fingers entwine.

As you pull my hand to your body, you can feel me take a step forward and standing behind you, I wordlessly envelop you in my arms. The warmth of my body surrounds you, my smell enters your nostrils, my chin rests on top of your head. You look down and see my arms draped around you, my right arm crossing you and touching your left breast while my left hand still holds yours. You feel so safe and held so tight when you look down and see my arms around you. You close your eyes and look up but when you open your eyes you can’t see my face, you can only feel my lips kissing the top of your head. I tower over you and you almost forgot how tall I am except for my very stiff erection that is pressing into the small of your back. etiler ucuz escort My skin feels warm and slick pressed up against you, you pull my left hand up to your cheek and I caress your left cheek as you close your eyes and let the water run over you.

Dropping your hand I wordlessly open the shampoo bottle and put a small dab of shampoo in my hand. I let out a small moan of pleasure as you reach behind and grab my dick, so stiff and wet in your hand. You are always so pleasantly reminded of how thick I am and how firm the head of my dick is, and the water makes it easy for you to stroke me. You slowly stroke my full length, from tip all the way to the base of my hard shaft. I respond with a slow moan and I whisper your name.

You tilt your head back as I massage the shampoo into your hair, then forward as I rinse out the shampoo. You try to turn around, the desire to kiss me, to bite my nipples, to face me, is so overwhelming but frustratingly I stay behind you and make you face forward. I repeat with the conditioner, head back as I rub into your hair, head forward as you wash it out. You can’t smell me over the smell of your shampoo and conditioner, you can’t hear my breath over the sound of the shower, but you can feel me surrounding you, enveloping you, consuming you.

You feel my hand again lightly pinch your nipples, first the right and then the left, as I lower my mouth onto your right ear and neck. You shudder as the electricity runs through you, the feeling of my breath, my lips and my tongue caressing your neck while your hardening nipples are so lightly brushed. My kisses and the trail of my tongue are washed away by etiler üniversiteli escort the shower as I continue on your ear and your neck. My dick gets even harder as you start to let out small whimpers of joy and lust, whispers of my name being drowned out by the shower. My fingers repeatedly brush your hard nipples, circling them and then running across them, roughly grabbing your breasts and then so delicately touching you, and

My right hand slides down your slick body, lingering oh so long at your pubic hair, then lower and just makes contact with your clit. You are so aroused, the water mixes with your wetness as you feel me touching you. Your desire is so deep, so insatiable, you need me, you need to feel me inside you. Your body reacts by pushing your ass back and spreading your feet apart, so my dick is resting on top of your ass. The water is running off your back as you put your hands forward onto the shower wall, the wall feels so cold on your palms and fingers, and

You feel me grab my dick, and slowly lower it under you, then I slowly stand so that my dick drags first along your clit, then splitting you, almost, oh so close to being inside you, until it rests on your ass. I do it again slowly, feeling you squirm as you feel my dick getting wet from you, you can feel your desire on my dick. As my dick slides against you, it is so hot and thick, you want me to fill you, to fuck you, to take you. Instead you get my dick so close, rubbing against your clit and wetness, and

My dick falls away and you feel my index finger pushed against you while I lower myself onto my knees in the shower and kiss your wet fatih escort ass, still pushed out while you hold on desperately to the wall. I am murmuring how beautiful your ass is, and you keep pushing yourself onto my finger. I won’t penetrate far, just so shallow. You start to rub yourself with your right hand as you feel my finger slowly enter you deeper, my kisses on your skin getting hotter. You just want me so deep, my tongue, my finger, my dick, just me, so deep, the tension inside your body is unbearable as you beg me to touch you deep, to fuck you, to make you explode. You feel my finger slide in and out of you slowly, deep in oh so deep and then slowly out, your body screams for me to touch you again. You feel the increased width of two fingers, shallow as they individually rub you, setting off sparks. Suddenly they are deep inside you, they circle inside you so deep, you are pushing against my hand, tightening down on my fingers. You want to come so badly, my stroking you is overwhelming and

My tongue has now joined my fingers in penetrating you, your delicious taste on my tongue as the water runs down my face. I feel your breath quicken and I know that you are ready for me, that your orgasm is so close, your body is ready to explode, you so want me, so want me to fill you, to take you, to fuck you. You feel me stand behind you, you feel my cock pressing against you, slowly splitting you open, the water and your wetness lubricating me, you feel the head of my dick sliding inside you, entering you, and

Suddenly your eyes open and, disoriented, you realize you are looking around in your darkened bedroom. You look over and the clock reads 3:24am. You roll to the side, and you can smell him in the sheets and pillows even as you remember he is away. Alone, in the dark, with a racing heartbeat and the memories of the dream. You lie there, aroused by the dream, remembering that soon I will be with you, soon I will hold you, soon I will completely satisfy you and soon I will fill you as in your dream.

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