Email from a Friend Ch. 03

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Saturday we got up late Lise and I had spent a good part of the moaning making out.

After lunch.

“Fran , I promised you a nice surprise for today it is time to get ready to go.”

“Will you tell me what it is?”

“No but you will enjoy it I am sure. You will not be hurt Marge would come down here and kill me if you were. I once saw what she did to a guy that hurt one of her girls It was 5 years ago and the guy did not walk straight for a good six months and I don’t think he can get it up to this day.”

“I am learning a lot about my dear sister.”

“You will need an enema but don’t worry where we are going, You will be more of a spectator than a participant, maybe some participation if you accept but not much.”

I did not at all like enemas but I submitted to her giving me one. To me enemas are not erotic or satisfying, it is a form of torture and humiliation of the worst kind. As a sub I had to submit to them once in a while, but I did not have to enjoy them. I only endured enemas to please My Mistress and Lise was her best friend and had permission to play with me from Marge, so I accepted that I owed her the same respect and obedience.

After the torture. Lise got dressed for the afternoon Leather boots that reached above her knees, leather panties that were split in the center giving access to her cunt , leather bra opened at the end letting half her tits and nipples exposed.

“Don’t get dressed slut I will look in your suitcase and choose what you are to wear.”

She chose a sweater that was tight and almost transparent and my shortest skirt and a pair of high heels.

“Wear this slut you don’t need anything underneath.”

Dressed that way My tits were visible trough the sweater and when I sat, if I did not cross my legs, anyone looking would see all the way to my cunt.

“Ready slut? Let’s get moving.”

We got in her car the drive there was fairly long I was squirming with anticipation all the way there wondering and fantasising on what was waiting for me. We finally pulled up a drive in a suburb it seemed to me.

She took me in where a young woman met us just inside the door. She was all dressed in leather and very sexy.

“She is really a nice one Madam.” This addressed to Lise

“Yes It is her first time to a dungeon I will see what I permit later.”

“I will take her to you Madam as soon as I get her ready.”

“That will be fine slave. Don’t forget to lube her ass well, she had her enema before leaving the house.”

“Yes Madame I understand I will take her now,” She clipped nipples clamps joined by a small chain and pulled me by this chain into a small room down the hall.

The mention of the word dungeon had scared me some. I had seen some pretty far out things during my research on the net. What would Mamy/ Lise permit?

She had said the I would not be hurt I trusted her and calmed down a bit.

In the room the slave fitted a collar to my neck , and a belt with rings around my waist, and cuffs to my wrists and ankles. She had me bend down with my hands on a table and filled my ass with lube she worked it in deep with her fingers, that made me moan and hump my ass.

“I am sorry, I am not permitted to pleasure you.” She then tied my hand behind my back to a ring on the belt, clipped a leash to my collar and took me to a room where Mamy was sitting on a chair against a wall I was taken to her.

“Get on your knees between my legs your back to me slut.”

“How long before the scene?” This to the girl she addressed as slave earlier.

“Fifteen minutes madam.” She was looking at me with lust in her eyes.

“You have been a good slave. I give you permission.”

She unsnapped a flap on her leather pants this exposed her cunt. She came closer to me, Mamy pulled my head back a bit so the slave could lower her cunt to my mouth, I was very hot and immediately licked and give little bites all over her cunt. she took my head with her hands and pulled my mouth to her hard, I pushed my tongue in her crack as far as I could. She grunted and humped my face.

“Good slut. take her clit suck hard, make her cum and take all of it.”

Mamy managed to take the chain joining my nipple clamps and gave little jerks hard enough to cause some nice light pain. The slave had a great screaming orgasm and filled my mouth and face with her juices.

An older lady came in asking what was going on why was the slave getting pleased who had authorised that. She had not seen Mamy I guess. Mamy spoke.

“I give her permission she deserved it.”

“Oh I am so sorry Madam I will not interrupt again,” she left

Three men came in and sat next to Mamy on other chairs she exchanged politeness with them.


The lights dimmed where we wee and became brighter in the area I guessed was the play area.

A door opened and a tall and fairly big woman dressed with only leather boots came in dragging by a chain another woman she altyazı porno was smaller and shorter she was naked. I noticed that she had rings all along her cunt lips five on each lips the chain leash was attached to these rings. She also had rings trough her nipples. There were weights attached to these rings they seemed heavy, her nipples were really stretched I would say over two inches, Her Mistress, I assumed it was her Mistress, was at the same time flogging her really hard she was yelling every time the flogger came down and it left red marks.

After she had her in the middle of the place the Mistress Tied her slut’s hands above her head her feet to rings in the floor making sure she was well spread. Passed a rope in her cunt rings and to another ring on the floor stretching her cunt lips a few inches Her nipple rings she removed the weights and tied them to a hook coming down on a rope from the ceiling and pulled them stretched ,The poor slut could hardly move.

The Mistress gave a sign and the slave brought a wand, it must have been set high because the slut screamed and twisted every time it was used , another woman came out and was at the same time using a cane on the poor slut , I felt sorry for her, but at the same time It was so hot I was leaking along my thighs. I noticed the man sitting closest to me playing with himself.

“No need to do that, there is a nice hot mouth ready for use here, Slut you like a nice load of cum in your mouth.”

He did not need to be told twice. He got up came in front of me and brought his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and let him in, He was a good size Mamy pulled my head back to give him better access I sucked and licked hard I was really hot, he humped my mouth and held my head. I was loving it moaning and moving my head ahead to take all of him, I wanted him down my throat,

I could not very well see the scene but the yells and screams from the slut there only made me hotter ,I sucked hard and took him as deep as I could,

He let off a big groan, pushed further down my throat and let go a load I swallowed for all I was worth . As he pulled away I noticed the other two were waiting their turn.

I had time to see that now two Mistresses were abusing the slut on the small stage, one was caning the slut hard and the other one was fisting her She was grunting between her screams.

I did not have time to look long The second guy took my head in his hand and fucked my mouth with energy. I did not have time to suck, he just fucked my mouth till he also dumped his load This was really making me crazy with lust I hoped that Mamy would let them fuck me. I hardly had time to catch my breath, the third guy was there He was different, and bigger, he just put the head in my mouth and told me to lick and suck slowly and hard . I did as told I felt him twitch he was coming, I sucked harder. As he filled my mouth with cum. He pulled out and let his load go in my face and on my tits. That was hot and I felt like a real dirty slut.

They thanked Mamy. Not a word or even a look at me I was totally humiliated but horny, I needed to be used and fucked.

Mamy give a sign to the slave standing in a corner, she immediately came with two damp towels and cleaned me.

“You are a good slave I will let you have a reward later.”By now one of the Mistresses was shoving a real big dildo in the slut’s ass and the other one was still fist fucking her. I was sorry for her, they untied her and took her to what looked like a half barrel and tied her to it on her back tied her tits by her rings to a rope from the ceiling and the same with the rings on her cunt lips again tightening the rope until her cunt and tits were well stretched. Proceeded to let melted wax from candles that were there all over her body she was twisting and grunting It looked painful. But so hot I was enjoying it in spite of feeling sorry for her.

“Are you now ready to please the master now slut?” From one of the Mistresses

She made a sign and a man came out, I had seen big cock before, but this one was huge, I guessed close to a foot long and really big . I certainly would not want to be fucked by that. After removing the rope from her pussy He gave a few hard pulls to the one in her nipple clamps extracting big screams from her,

He penetrated her in one violent push all the way in, she yelled again he did not seemed to care he fucked her hard and fast it did not take long, she was begging for more. he must have been on some pills because he fucked her for a long time , I was hot and so were the tree men sitting with us they were hard again. Mamy turned to them.

“It won’t be long patience she will be at your disposal.”

This pleased me in a way maybe she would let at least one fuck me I needed it bad.

The Master came had in his slut with a great grunt and a yelling orgasm from her, she was untied and helped out, she could hardly stand and walk.

“Now slut you turn to play .get on your feet and fallow me.” After what I had just amatör porno seen, I was afraid, but fallowed Mamy anyway. She had me face a bench, adjusted the height of it even to my mid section. The slave brought her some lengths of rope, two were used to tie my tits I was pushed on the bench my tits tied to the other side to a ring on the floor two more ropes tied my ankles to the legs of the bench spreading my legs wide my arms she let tied behind my back .

In that position, I realised that my ass was totally exposed to the three men sitting and watching, That made me very horny being exposed was somehow very erotic for me.

The slave brought a flogger to Mamy and she went to work on my ass legs and cunt coming up between my legs, I twisted and jerked with each hits the effect was to pulls my tits hard and was painful. This was hot I enjoyed it but I could not help some scream of pain.

“Madame please can you make her scream more we love it.”

“She is in training and not my slut, I will decide on the amount of pain she gets, no one else.”

“I am sorry Madam I did not mean any disrespect.”

She nevertheless, it seemed to me, put more energy in her flogging especially the whacks to my cunt, I did not hold back on my yells and screams of pain ; there was pain she was not holding much back; if it pleased them so much the better. I only hoped that Mamy would let at least one of them fuck me later.

The slave gave her a harness that she had gotten from a table and a big clamp with a ring and length of rope attached. Mamy got in the harness and clamped my cunt with the big clamp and tied the rope attached to it to a ring under the bench she pulled the rope tight stretching my cunt, it hurt I let out a loud scream And my breath came in spurts.

“Now slut for my pleasure I will take that ass,

Again being take with spectators gave me more pleasure. This was new to me I loved being exposed.

Mamy pushed in my ass in one long slow push The air ran out of my lungs with a long moan and grunt. She took my hair with two hands and fucked my ass hard and fast. I was yelling with pain pleasure and grunted with lust. The clamps being as they were attached to ring on the floor pulled my nipples and cunt hard and painfully with everyone of her pushes in my ass.

I was in a world of pleasure/pain that was like heaven to me I started to orgasm hard I shook and trembled. Mamy finally came pulling hard on my hair she pushed her dildo deep in my ass and collapsed shaking on top of me .

She had the slave remove all the bond from me and lube my ass again after I recuperated a bit told the tree men .

“She is ready for you now.”

There was a different bench further toward a corner of the room One of the guy laid on his back on it I was led there by Mamy. I bent to go down on him. Mamy took a handful of hair and pulled me back.

“Not your mouth slut, take him in your cunt straddle him.”

I did it felt good to have a cock finally in my cunt, Mamy pushed me down on the guy’s stomach, a second guy got on the bench behind me . I felt his cock against my back hole. I almost came with anticipation it would be my first D/P . I had once before had a cock in my ass but a dildo in my cunt, this was two real hot cock my insides were spasming already I relaxed to let him in my ass It felt so good I had a small orgasm as he pushed in as they fucked me I tried my best to get synchronized with their movements.

The third guy got on the bench at the head of it and presented his cock to my mouth, I opened wide to let his cock in , I pushed my head forward to take him as deep as possible.

With all my holes getting fucked at the same time, I lost track of reality I only remember moaning grunting moving between them to get as much of them in me as I could and orgasm after orgasm I only hoped it would never end It was out of this world my ass and cunt were squeezing and spamming on their own I was working the one in my throat with my muscles there. He came A big load I sucked and swallowed all of it.

The two in my ass and cunt let go and filled me with cum I had an orgasm like nothing I had before I fainted with the intensity of it. I came around we were all crumbled on each other . It took a few minutes for everyone to recuperate and untangle from each other. I was spent and satisfied,

Mamy had during all this got the slave to service her, I had not even noticed.

“You two have been good, slave take my slut to the shower, Clean her good and as your reward. You have one hour together to please to play. I have business to discuss with the Mistress.”

The slave’s name was Murielle she was from Montreal. After a long shower we made out. A long pleasant sixty-nine and a long petting and caressing session.

“To bad you don’t live around here. I would like to see you again, If Madam would permit it.”

“I would like to see you again too,”

Mamy came in the small room where we were with the Mistress.

The Mistress and Murielle amatör porno had to go and get some rooms ready for more scenes.

“How did you like your experience Fran.”

“Having all my holes filled at the same time was very intense I never had such orgasms.”

“We did not know if you would accept that, when I talked on the phone with Marge, she will be glad that you did and enjoyed it,”

They had planned all of this between her and Marge, I did not know how I should feel about that.

“Probably because being punished and used by you in front of spectators had gotten me really horny, that was extremely erotic being used for an audience I loved it.”

“Would you like to be on exhibition again? We can stay here have lunch and I will show you off with a later scene.” The mere thought of this made me horny.

“I would love to. But this time use me a little harder , just no caning, no hot wax or extra big cocks, the wand you can used or have used if you are a spectator.”

“I will be using you myself for the showing, after that You decide when to quit.”

She ordered for lunch I was kept naked with my collar, wrists and ankle bracelet and belt around my waist put back on I felt in my place, naked and ready to be used. I noticed that Murielle was also naked and collared .

“Murielle will also be showed off tonight Fran It will be her second time, like you she is still in training”


“Time to get ready sluts.”

Mamy took me to another room she took from a table three small transparent tubes about the size of syringes with rubber bulbs at one end,

“We must show your nice nipples and clit at their best.”

She fitted a tube to each nipples and one to \my clit with the bulbs she introduced suction I felt my nipples and clit being pulled in the tube and swell. At first the sensation was very pleasant. After a while she applied more suction it was painful. It was like being sucked but a lot more pressure. It felt like my clit and nipples were being ripped off slowly I loved the feeling in spite of the pain.

“This will please the galleries and me slut, you can squirm, I like it.”

She attached clamps and weights to my pussy lips. It was not easy walking with that. She took me out to the stage, if it could be called that, it was only about two feet higher than the rest of the room. There were 3 women and 4 men that I could see some had subs on their knees in front of them but not all.

“This slut is in training but I am sure she will give you some enjoyment, she shows lots of promise.”

My wrists were tied over my head to a rope coming from the ceiling, my ankles to rings on the floor well spread.

“Now admire the nice nipples and clit,”

She just pulled the tubes off without removing the suction, she did it slowly it was painful I yelled with the pain.

A different slave handed a wand to her. It was set pretty high teasing my elongated engorged clit and nipples with it made me howl and scream. I twisted and shook in my bonds Everyone seemed to enjoy every minute of it I was glad to please, it was so erotic for me to be used in front of an audience, it offset the pain, This was exhilarating in the extreme. It was shocking to me how much I was enjoying the whole thing.

Mamy called the slave over and exchanged the wand for a flogger with the first blow I realised it was of a different materiel than the ones used on me before. It stung a lot more especially on my cunt and breasts, maybe it was the fact that my nipples and clit were still engorged , stretched and sore from the suction applied to them earlier.

I was flogged all over my body by Mamy to my screams and pleading for more and the next second for her to stop. But I was careful not to use my safe word and disappoint her I was getting close to my limit, she realised and stopped for a few minutes letting me relax The slave exchanged her flogger for a crop.

Mamy got in front of me and spanked my cunt with the crop until I had an orgasm.

“That is a good bitch cum for the spectators and your Mamy.” She took my clit squeezed and pulled it hard twisting at the same time as I orgasm hard I was howling with pain and pleasure.

After I recovered my breath and was back to reality

“Can you take a little more slut?’

“Yes Mamy you can play with me some more,”

She called the slave over, he untied my ankles and tied them to the side and up spreading me really wide, I was suspended by my arms only He tied ropes around my breasts and tied them to a rope coming down for the ceiling pulling them tight enough to cause some pain but not much.

Mamy came back wearing a harness. She lubed my ass and attached a fairly heavy weight to my cunt lips with clamps. She lined the dildo with my back hole and taking my thighs with her hands fucked my ass hard and fast every move pulled my breasts and the weight attached to my cunt was pulling and stretching it hard, the pain plus the pleasure of having my ass fucked was driving me crazy. I started to orgasm onr after the other Mamy took a handful of hair and with her other hand pulled and twisted my clit fucked me harder I orgasm so much I was weak on the verge of fainting with the pleasure I could not cum anymore. I heard Mamy grunt and growl she was coming too .

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