Elizabeth’s Vaquero

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Elizabeth and her Vaquero

What was the matter with me? Elizabeth thought to herself as she walked slowly down the dirt road. How could I have been so stupid?

She had followed a sign saying GAS and an arrow pointed down a desolate road in the middle of the desert. Being low on gas meant by the time she found the derelict and abandoned station her gas tank had run completely dry, just like the surroundings she now found herself in. On top of all that she had forgotten to recharge her cell phone and only had one bottle of water with her, she had drank the last of that a few hours ago.

The sun beat relentlessly on her head making it feel like it was boiling her brains inside.

Elizabeth sat down alongside the long road to rest. Had she taken the wrong way when she came to that turn-off awhile back? She looked out into the sizzling landscape. Should have stayed with the car? Then, in the near distance a shape appeared slowly, moving across her line of sight. Oh thank God! It looked like a horse and a rider. Quickly she yelled and waved, she knew in her heart that if she did not manage to get this person’s attention now, she was a dead woman.

Elizabeth stuck fingers from both hands in her front teeth and whistled three sharp whistles, the signal for someone in trouble. Squinting again she saw the horse stop. Three more whistles as loud as she could, now the horse and rider were turning, starting to come towards her.

As the horse came nearer she saw it was a Paint horse, dark brown patches on a body of pure white, and there was a man riding it. A tall man wearing a wide sombrero type of hat. She could soon see he was wearing strange clothing, A long sleeved light buckskin shirt and chaps with what looked to her like hair on them. Well maybe he was one of those people who re-enacted history. They had clubs and events and did stuff all the time right? Why he was way out here was beyond her, she could care less. She needed this man to survive this day and to see the next and she knew it. Thankful for whatever help he may be able to offer her, no reason to ask questions at a time like this.

Elizabeth look up at him, blinded by the sun even with her sunglasses on. “Sir! Sir, can you help me? I am out of gas and have no way to call for help. Do you have a cell phone I can borrow?”

The big man looks down at this strange creature, wondering what in the world she’s doing way out in these parts. Phone? What’s she gibbering about? He decides to shake his head no.

Obviously this woman needs help. All he can do is take her to water and shelter now. He moves the horse up next to her, looks in her bright green eyes and reaches down for her arm. He looks at her harder and motions with his chin towards the back of the horse.

Realizing her options are quite limited Elizabeth reaches up grabs the stranger’s forearm then takes a big step back and jumps. He swings her behind him and onto the horse’s rump with ease.

Wrapping her arms around his waist, she feels him nudge the horse with his foot and they turn and ride into the vast desert landscape. On and on they ride, weaving into canyons and climbing back up the ridges. After awhile, the sun sets in a blaze of oranges, reds, and streaking yellow flame.

Now she smells him, a mix of sweat, leather, horse and male smells blending, mixing with the evening air, intoxicating her, filling her with a strange primordial lust for this man. Her breasts rub against his back in rhythm with the horse’s stride. The closeness, the smell, all combine to make her clit throb between her legs.

Elizabeth wonders where he came from and why is he dressed so funny. Well that did not matter right now. She’s too tired to think about it so she lays her head against his back and closes her eyes. Finally after the sun is way below the horizon the two riders reach a cluster of huge boulders forming a semi circle of shelter and shade. Elizabeth sees in front of them a hump in the earth about thirty-five feet wide and as long. A crooked tin chimney pokes out one side, sometimes when we touch izle the roof looks to be made of straw and clay. Two openings with what looked like translucent animal skins stretched over them serving as windows and in the front center of the hump, an opening and a few steps down to a door below ground level. A tiny paddock with a shack off to the side of the boulders must be where the horse was kept.

Tying the horse to the hitching post he helps the woman off the back and leads her down the steps and into a big dark room under ground . He lights a candle, nods his head toward a chair and leaves out the door and up the steps to care for his animal. Elizabeth looks around and sees a bucket with a dipper hung on it. Water! She rises from her chair and goes to the bucket. Dipping out the cool, fresh water, she drinks deeply. Oh how good, wet and wonderful it tastes. She feels it hydrating her whole body.

Juan Dos Ablos walked down the steps and into the door. He hung his hackamore on a hook on the wall, set his saddle over a stool and turned to look at her. Long golden red hair hangs in tangles from her red glowing face.

Her long white skirt belted around a slim waist, she is tall. He feels his manhood rising at the look of her. It’s been so long since he has felt a woman’s touch, her body close to his.

Seven long years since he lost his woman to Indian attack. He shakes his head to erase the painful memory springing up into his mind. The horrible way they left her body for him to find. The hate and fury he felt, then the loneliness of it, his emptiness inside. He must not think of it now. Not now. No.

Elizabeth looks into his deep brown eyes, wrinkles scrunching up in the corners. As she does so, she also feels the heat in her loins. She wants him. Strange. This is so strange. She sees nothing in the little home that is even close to being modern, it’s as though she has stepped into a forgotten time and space. She is dazed from the riding and the sun. She must rest. Elizabeth motions to him, her hands together and alongside her ear, bending her head.

He know what this means. Yes she must be very tired. He suddenly picks her up and carries her over to the corner, to where a bed made of manzanita branches and rope for webbing sits. Thick Indian blankets make up the mattress. He gently lays her down on it, brushing the hair from her eyes. He moves to the foot of the bed and takes off her boots. She smiles up at him.

Juan leaves her there and goes to the tiny wood stove on the far wall, throwing kindling into it he lights it. Putting a kettle on to boil then adding some scraps of brush wood to the flames, he closes the door and turns the dampener down a bit. Juan reaches up on a shelf and pulls down a burlap sack of beans, dumps some into a pot, adds water a dash of salt and sets that pot on the stove also. Then he sits to take his boots off, drinks from the bucket and rolls a smoke, taking the tobacco from his pouch he carries around his neck. He sits back and breaths in the rich strong smoke.

Where has she come from? Why was she way out there alone? Why does she have to be so lovely to look at? What would he do with her now? His tired brain rejected the questions and he gave up trying to come up with the answers. He added more wood to the fire. He puts a lid on the bean pot and set it further back on the stove. He closed the dampener all but a tiny bit and then picked up the kettle, k

poured the warm water into a china basin and washed the grime from his face and neck and hands. She watched him from her sleepy eyes moving about in the shadows of the candle. She was asleep in a few minutes. Thinking of him.

Juan drops his pants on the floor next to the bed and removes his shirt. With all the scorpions running in and out of his little abode all the time, he dare not sleep on the floor.

He slides his lean body in next to hers and pulls a blanket over them. Oh, he was not ready for this, not expecting to have special forces worlds toughest test izle his cock immediately spring to life and grow hard under the covers. He thought he could control it, keep it from having a mind of it’s own. But the smell of her, the feel of her warmth touching him was too much. Too much to handle or think he could control his reaction to.

Elizabeth was suddenly awake. What? Where was she? She kept perfectly still, feeling his body lying out next to her. Listening to his breathing become heavy. Was that her breathing like that or his? Oh. Both of us, she thinks. Elizabeth has a strange feeling she has been here many times, in this bed, next to him. Like she belongs next to his body. This feeling relaxes her and erases all worries and fear of him. It is so very nice to have him there.

Her hand accidentally brushes something hard and hot under the blanket as she reaches to adjust her skirt. My god was that him? Could that have been him in a state of pure arousal for her? Simply by laying down next to her? The men she had been with always took a lot of play and insisted on her sucking them before the became hard. But not this man. What did they call him in history books? Vaqueros? Yes that was it. Vaquero.

That is what he must be. There was was a horny Vaquero laying next to her who obviously wanted her and would eventually take what he wanted. Well then. I will let him have it. Elizabeth reached back to where she had felt the hotness. And yes, there it was.

Juan felt the brush, her little jerk and now her hand upon him. Oh he is going to be blessed tonight. He feels it down to his bones. He turns his head and touches his lips to hers. She responds to him, kissing him back. They become more and more passionate with their kisses.

He feels her hand gently squeezing and playing with him. He decides no. He must not let this continue. He must have other pleasures with her first. Juan removes her hand and throws back the blanket. Kissing her and then unbuttoning her blouse, burying his face between her large breasts kissing and licking them, gently biting her nipples, making them stand up erect and firm.

He feels like a wild animal. Like a coyote after his bitch in heat. He grabs her skirt from the bottom and rips it up the whole length, exposing her private flower to him. Pushing her thighs apart, he opens her with his strong tongue . He hears her moan out into the dark room. This is what he wants, to lick her and smell her and make her flower blossom for him, to feel her buck into his face. Yes he is good at this, he loves it and he knows it well.

Elizabeth feels bolts of excitement shooting up from between her legs and enveloping her whole being. She never imagined a man like this having such intimate knowledge of a woman. Her hands reach down and cover the top of his head, her fingers running through his thick wavy black hair, caressing his scalp. His mouth over her clit now…slowly sucking on it and rubbing his chin firmly over her cunt. She bends her knees and he puts his hands on the back of her legs, pushing her thighs back against her body.

Juan scoots his face even closer to her wetness, breathing her sex in fully. Giving his full attention to her little bud sucking it fast and hard, then slow and soft again, then sliding his tongue along the whole length from the bottom to the top and repeating over and over. Finally encircling her bud with his whole mouth and pursing his lips He sucks it in a steady motion.

“Oh holy fuck!” Elizabeth screams out to him, moaning and straining her pelvis into him. “Ooohhh God, ooooohhh yessssss!” Then in waves of pure delight she explodes her fantastic orgasm onto his mouth, gushing juices and bucking her body uncontrollably as wave after wave of sexual energy bursts out of her.

Juan holds to his prize, enjoying the woman, happy he has pleased her in this way.

But there is more. Now he must have her completely. He rises from his place hoffman family gold izle and looks down on her quivering form.

Lays fully on top of her and kisses her, speaking secret words to her in a quiet voice that she does not understand.

No need for her too know what his words mean, she knows that he will fuck her now, there is no doubt and she wants him to, wants him badly. Juan sees the want in her eyes, the same want she must see in his. He unbuckles her belt and throws it to the floor, then finishes removing her ripped skirt and throws it to the floor as well. Elizabeth sheds herself of her blouse, sitting up to do so. Juan takes her in his arms and holds her very close kissing her soft white neck, biting her earlobes.

Then he lays her back against the old blankets and gazes at her beauty in all its naked glory. Her long golden hair, her pure white skin, her ample curves and her breasts with nipples that look to him like tiny peaches in color and shape. He is ready for her now.

She stares boldly at his huge cock, standing up hard and proud, thick and veined, blood engorged.

The head is ridged and distinctly outlined, almost hiding the shaft below it. He mustn’t make her wait. Elizabeth reaches for him, they come together. She feels the head at her opening pressing against it. Pressing, pressing, and then suddenly he plunges it all the way into her, making her gasp loudly. Then he is up, his hands supporting himself, pulling it all the way back out, looking at her face. Smiling, he enters her again. Just the head. Yes, just the head now putting pressure just inside up against the top wall of her and rubbing it there slightly back and forth. Then he takes her again all of her warm wet sex and shoves it to the hilt bouncing his cock off her cervix.

Her whole body rams back into the bed, her head hits the wall behind her, sending

bits of adobe down as he slams it home again and again. It feels like his cock is going to come right through her. But, oh Lord, she had never felt a cock so big before, filling and stretching her womanhood, fucking her like a wild thing would fuck another wild thing.

Over and over he gives it to her. She feels a deep hard throb moving from her cunt into all her parts and seeping into her mind. This is how a women should feel, what he had missed and yearned for all these years. Her pussy accepting and forming around him like soft clay. His sweat drips on her breasts and he licks it off in mid-stroke. Then meets her lips again playing his tongue into her mouth fully wrapping it around hers. Her smell, her taste. Oh, her feel under him is like a dream. The feeling wells within his loins and he slows the pace forcing himself back into control.

Then Juan takes his cock right out of her as she looks up at him in surprise. Grasping her by both arms he pulls her up to him. Then swinging his legs off the bed he picks her up and carries her over to the hardwood table in the center of the room. Sets her down on both feet at the end of the table and bends her over it.

Elizabeth grabs the sides of the table as he puts his thick dripping cock back into her. Calling out some strange sounds he fucks her from behind, his cock at a perfect angle to do this with and his big brown hands squeezing her snow white ass.

Oh, oh, oh the deep rhythmic throb goes through her over and over again. Her face pressed against the rough wood of the table, only her toes touching the dirt floor.

Elizabeth thinks, well if he kills me now I will die a satisfied woman, taken by a man who knows how to really fuck me right! She felt the long deep strokes, he was fucking her like he meant it, like he knew her somehow from some other place. His cock fit all the way into her and he made sure to use every inch of cunt she had, he played his cock in her like it was a violin bow.

Juan can’t hold back any longer. This is so good, so tight and wet. He takes five more long solid strokes into her and then shoots his cum hard and deep into her cunt. His whole body shaking, he pumps and pumps his manhood out for her to keep there. Where it should be. Throbbing and pulsing, his cock sets there in her for a time as he leans over her back and plants kisses all up and down it. Rubbing her ass and pushing against her.

He will keep her here now, no matter what. And they will eat rice and beans and have each other like this many times over day and night. She can never go back now.

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