Elizabeth’s Confession Pt. 03

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On Saturday afternoon, Sophia came to see me as I was applying make-up, sitting with just a suspender belt & black stockings on. I was putting on lots of slap, pale foundation, heavy black around my eyes, both shadow & mascara, with lots of scarlet lippy to finish. I looked really tarty, my hair pulled back and long dangling earrings adding to the look. She passed me a lit cigarette, that I began to devour. I was becoming a two-packs a day girl. Over her arm was a new dress. Black, is there any other colour? sheer at the back and sides, with a latex front, very low cut. My d cup tits were just about contained. They were displayed both top & side. It was sleeveless to show my half-sleeve tattoos off too. She helped me into the dress, that stopped at mid-thigh, zipping at the side, about the level of my stockings, if I was careful! Before I met her, I would not have worn something so short as a top with trousers, but here I am wearing it with no knickers either. My cleavage showed down to the top of my nipples, which being stiff pushed into the latex, along with my rings, so showing everything up-top. Slutty didn’t begin to describe me. The shoes were red Mary Jane strapped & 5″ heels, no platforms. Again, slut central. She had me pose for pictures, the before ones. Sophia took a final drag on her cig & lent over to kiss me, sharing the smoke. We went downstairs, where my elderly widowed aunt sat, smiling at her middle-aged niece, out on the pull. “Hot look girl! Don’t fuck all the blokes tonight. Save some for tomorrow.” Was her advice. “I’d fuck you too, but Sophia does it instead.” I flashed her my cunt for that comment. The rings glinting in the light.

“Would you like to feel me up Aunty? I’m ever so wet & ready!” She shook her head.

“Later, maybe, if you want to share some cum.” Aisling never stopped shocking me. I was quite thrilled, by my aunt wanting to play. It was so wrong, but so hot too. We went out to the now waiting taxi & were taken to a waterfront bar. I flashed him my arse as I got out too. (I work in a Law office & here I am flashing cab drivers & I’m sober.)

The bar was full of blokes on the pull drinking beer and laughing, they quietened down as two skimpily dressed middle-aged tarts walked in. “Two double-double vodkas, Sophia ordered, & we both knocked one back then took the other outside, so we could smoke. Sophia cracked a new pack of Marlboro Reds, offering me one, I took it thankfully.

Several guys came out & smoked over the next few minutes, ogling us as they did, getting a flash from us both. Sophia explaining, “My mate here needs a good fucking, she’s not got any because she’s been getting tattooed! Any takers, right here, right now?”

Eventually, two guys, maybe 21 years old came & sat down, bringing us some more vodka. (They were younger looking than my oldest daughter!) We sat & talked a while. They were called Con & Jimmy. They were just boys out for a pint dressed in jeans & t-shirts. Jimmy leaned into me and whispered, “Can I touch your tits?” I laughed & pulled the dress down showing them both my big white tits.

“Sure guys, you can do what you like…”

Con looked at Sophia, who shook her head & said “I’m a dyke sonny, but she’ll see you alright too!” He reached over & gripped my nipple & I groaned into the kiss. Somehow, I was stood up and the boys were either side of me fondling my tits. Con lifted my dress and had a feel of my cunt too. I was loving it!!

As they kissed and fondled my barely dressed body, my pierced and tattooed tits on show for all to see. Sophia looked on, encouraging me to take the two boys at once. I could hardly decline at this moment. My body now recovered was yearning to take them. I loved their smell. The beer & cigarettes were one part of it, but their somehow primal aroma of sweat and piss coming from their unwashed nether regions made me wetter than I was already. It was so wrong having these two twenty-somethings grappling my plump body. It was so hot. Part of me hoped I caught the clap. Jimmy found my cunt piercings, pulling them with all the pressure he could muster. “Fuckin Hell, what kind of slag are you?” Pushing two then three fingers into my wet and willing tunnel. After the weeks of abstinence, I was in heaven.

“The kind that lets you fuck me right here, right now, however you want!”

“You must be older than me Ma’am.”

“…But does your Mother let you fuck her in the arse? I doubt it! I need some cock inside boys. Wet my insides with your cum.” I pulled Jimmy’s jeans down and reached for his cock, while Con pulled at my nipples from behind. Jimmy took the hint and his cock was suddenly balls deep in me. I gasped, loving every thrust. I heard Sophia laugh from the bench she was sitting on lighting a cigarette. “Come on Con, get your cock in my arse, I need to be filled up.” He too responded, pulling his cock out of his jeans and trying to ram my kocaeli escort arse. I again groaned as he pushed against me. All those hours with a plug inside were worth it. Jimmy was stopping for a moment. Then Con broke through my sphincter forcing his cock into my exhaust pipe & I was in heaven, behind a Galway pub. No lubrication, except what was running from my overexcited cunt, being pounded by Jimmy. My first DP & I was standing!! I felt the cocks almost touch inside me as they found a rhythm, one in one out. Neither was too big, perhaps the opposite, but they made it count, for me. Their pushing and groping went on for a few minutes, not getting me fully off, but great nonetheless. It was perhaps churlish of me to want more experience, as I was on the receiving end of youth’s enthusiasm as they pulled out and thrust fully in to my holes each time. “Cum inside me boys.” I gasped, feeling their pricks tighten and then fill me with spunk. My first since I was blindfolded at Sophia’s shop, weeks before. The cum was dripping from both holes, though at first more from Jimmy, as Con’s cum was mostly up in my arse and so stopped from dripping. I reached down & stuck three fingers into my cunt, gathering up a lump of cum, and stuffing my fingers into my mouth I moaned in delight, much to the boys’ surprise, as I tasted the salty cum and my sweet nectar. I pulled Con toward me & kissed him full on the mouth, holding his neck to stop him pulling away.

Inexperienced, as they were, they pulled straight out of me leaving me on the edge, their cocks going soft in the cold night air. I bent over & sucked them both clean, first Jimmy, then Con. I tasted myself, both good and bad in those moments. Con fascinated by my nipple rings started to pull them, hard, as I sucked him, this began to bring me off, finally! I came shouting abuse across the car park. The pain in my nipples was excruciating, and so amazing in the moment. I wanted it to not stop. It Was the most alive I had felt, since Cassie stopped decorating my body, over a month before.

“God, you really are a tart.” Jimmy offered.

“Yes, that’ll be 50 Euros each boys…” I joked in reply.

“Ahh, Fuck off fat slag!” Con replied fastening his jeans. “Fancy another pint while this tart gets herself sorted?” With that the two of them left me with my dress around my waist, tits out, make-up smeared, stockings torn and very happy on the car park.

Sophia snapped me on her phone, “Oh, my first DP, isn’t it sweet? I have it all on video, dear, you looked wonderful. Did they get you off?”

“Bitch! Light me a fag, please!” I pushed my boobs back into the low-cut dress. Jimmy had left a hickey on the still untattooed part of my left breast. It looked angry, and rather wonderful! George would hate it. I took the cigarette and pulled hungrily on it. The hit was immense.

Sophia smiled, and reached into her bag, taking out a tin that once contained sweets. “Do you want a naughty treat, slag?” All I could do was nod in my cigarette haze, smoke curling from my nostrils. She took the top off the tin & took out a little metal straw, stirring what was in the tin a little. Then she offered it to me. “Inhale, once, each side. It’s Coke. I followed her instruction and was rewarded with a rush to end all others.

“Wow!” was all I managed. She too took a hit, then reached in to kiss me, our tongue studs tangling. Sophia then lifted my dress up stroking my cunt & taking a helping of the salty cum. She smiled again. She repeated this feeding me my own rather naughty fluids.

“You need to fix your slap & hair! You look like you have just been fucked.”

I took my compact from my bag, and saw what a fright I looked, my eyes pinpricks, hair askew, not that my shoulder length blonde locks were high maintenance. But my lipstick was across my face. I looked like Robert Smith’s lovechild with the Joker. The hickey on my boob now rising fully. Not a good look, in one sense, but it was a fair reflection of how I felt, just then. Fucking amazing! I went back into the pub, thankfully the ladies was near the car-park entrance. I spent a good fifteen minutes sorting myself out. I also rouged my nipples, for meeting with George, in a while. Powder on my tits covered most of their damage up, in the short-term I left my pussy runny, as I wanted George to see and taste my infidelity. I changed my stockings for another pair, I had in my bag. (A girl needs spares, as they ladder so easily, especially at a man’s rough touch.) I, again, looked like a lady out for the night, and on heat. Sophia came and offered me more Coke. It was rude to refuse. I knew she would make me pay for this one way or another, my sugar mommy. I thought it best to not revisit the bar, where I had so brazenly cavorted. I called a cab to pick us up outside.

He arrived in the time it took me to smoke a cigarette, again, properly covered in scarlet lippy. I bent kocaeli escort bayan down to the open window, flashing my ill-concealed tits to the driver, exhaling the last of my smoke, in a suggestive way. Sophia had returned to the bar in search of a night’s companion, and I gave the driver the address of the hotel where George was staying. The driver smirked, “Are you meeting a gentleman?”

I played along. “Yes, I hope he pays well…Would you like to see what I’m selling?” I could see his face in the mirror, fixed in a cheesy grin. I Casually lifted my skirts so that he saw my wet, open, and clearly used pussy.

“I’d pay good money for that sweetie.” He offered.

“Fifty, for a blow, hundred for a fuck, but no kissing?” The car swung off the road & he reached into his pocket giving me a greasy looking 100 Euro note I dropped it into my bag. (I still have it! Sentimental, maybe, but the first time I took money.) He climbed into the back and opened his trousers. Again, a smell of piss overwhelmed me initially. (Don’t men wash?) I Parted my legs and he entered me, bareback, sawing in and out. Again, nothing special. I was so open I wouldn’t have felt a submarine enter me. He pawed at my breasts too, quite unimaginative. I reached for my phone & face timed Sophia, as he started to pant. It was all over inside five minutes. He squirted deep into me, groaned, & I kissed him on the cheek. Leaving a red mark. He got up, opening the door and re-arranging his equipment outside. As he got back behind the wheel he offered me a tissue. I shook my head. “No dear I want to be full for my Gentleman!”

I lit a cigarette, and spoke to Sophia, who was enjoying a drink, with a man’s arm around her shoulder. She smiled at me.

“Elizabeth, you are a naughty girl, haven’t you been fucked enough tonight, that you hit on the cabbie? Slag!”

“Nope.” Was all the reply I offered, hanging up.

Silence fell between us in the cab & he drove in silence. When we reached the hotel, he gave me a card with his number on. “If you want action at that price I can offer to find you plenty, in this town.”

“Thanks, I’ll think about it.” If that was whoring, then bring it on.

I climbed out of the car, a free journey, of course, and looked at the damp patch on the covers, smiling.

I walked in to the hotel, my hips swaying, my suspenders showing below the hem of my dress, my five-inch heels rapping on the polished wood floor. I Immediately attracted the attention of staff. One uniformed gent walked toward me.

“Miss, we don’t allow this kind of activity in the hotel.”

I Played along. “What’s that? I have an appointment with a guest. Mr George Evans.” (Not our real name, folks.)

“It’s very late Miss.”

“Yes, and it’s Mrs. I’m Mr Evans’ wife.” I flashed my still worn wedding ring. Oh, the hypocrisy, with cum drying on my legs. I was guided to a desk, where the clerk called George. “Good evening, Mr Evans. I have a lady to meet you, sir. She says she is your wife. Can I send her up? Thank you. You can go up, room 416.”

I smiled and reached to the floor for my bag flashing my tits at the clerk. He didn’t believe George, but hey, live and let live. I swayed my hips as I walked to the lift. He followed me so that the key controlled lift would work. As he bent to insert his card, I whispered to him, “What time do you get off? I may have a little time later?” He blushed & I laughed as the door closed, though tonight, who knows…

Despite the signs I lit a smoke in the lift and in no time was at floor four. I found the room, composing myself for a confrontation, and trying to look really sexy too. I knocked, exhaling lots of smoke above me, so that my face and hair were enveloped as he opened the door. An attempt, vainly, to look like Lauren Bacall.

The door opened & I was ushered in. “Liz?” George’s speech failed him. He stood mouth open, in his best M & S casuals. (You see what I’m faced with.)

“Yes, George, and, it’s Elizabeth, to you. I’ll have a large scotch, thanks.”

“My god, what have you done?”

“Get me a drink & I’ll tell you. Where’s the ash tray?”

“There’s no smoking here! I’ll have some sent up.”

“You best make it a bottle and I will smoke too.” He called room service, asking for a bottle of Scotch, ice, and an ash-tray. “I know.” was his response.

“Can’t we go out, if you want to smoke?”

“Sure, but you want to know about what I have done, so I need to show you my body. I don’t mind taking my dress off, but you will if I do it in a bar!” He groaned, blushing.

Room service arrived and a boy, no more than seventeen, bought a bottle in on a tray, with two glasses, a bucket of ice & an ash tray. George signed for the disclaimer & having to have the room cleaned too. I smiled at the lad, licking my lips, showing my stocking tops, and the tattoos on my leg. It izmit escort made him blush & I blew him a kiss. He poured me a drink from the new bottle, before he left. George shook his head when offered one. I saw the lad’s erection up against his tight trousers and blew him another kiss. George, tight-wad, offered no tip. I beckoned the lad over, and reached into my bag gave him ten euros, and my number. I whispered, “Call me.” He nodded.

“So, husband, you want to see me? Well here we are…” I dropped the straps as I stood, my dress falling over my hips. I stepped over it. Standing in front of George, I displayed my body, ink piercings and open wet cunt. He gasped.


“Because I like it, because I want to, because it’s seductive, hot and sexy. I feel more alive than for years”

“It’s sick, wrong and ugly.”

“If that’s your view we have nothing more to say. Do you want to fuck me? He shook his head, I hoped it was not all for nothing.

“What will you tell the kids?”

“The truth, I enjoy sex with men and women I have a guide and lover, who is a woman, showing me what I can do. I love the pain and exhilaration of the tattoo gun. I want more ink… I am still their mother, I have a different perspective, now. I came to stay with Aisling, while my tattoos healed, and I thought about my and our future.” I lit a cigarette, as I sat down, naked, waiting for a response. “They thought I was a whore downstairs. I would think plenty of men hire women, claiming to be their wives, don’t you?”

George stuttered, “I knew you wanted more of something, but this? Why? When?”

“You don’t care about me. Only your own bourgeois reputation. It began physically the Sunday you worked. But, I have been frustrated for ages. I can’t remember when you last made me cum!! I was tattooed for weeks afterwards, every day. I have had offers of lots of work, modelling, movies and fucking, so I don’t need you, or my dull life and job.” I put my hand down to my pussy scooping cum out of it, licking it from my hand. George looked pale, and aghast.

“Elizabeth, you are lost to me, I fear. You are a whore?”

“Yes, I suppose I am! Do you want a freebie?” I laughed at his moral outrage. “You have never fancied fucking those nubile interns at the bank? Hypocrite! “Those office overnighters, team building…The results parties, I was never invited to. I bet they were full of young girls in little black dresses, with tight little cunts, ripe and ready for a fucking.”

“I never went with any one. Not even a smooch on the dance floor. I know some who did. Some who got away with it too.”


“I love you!”

“Come and fuck my well used body then. You can have whatever you want…I did it all for us!”

“I want my wife, not a whore “I am still your wife George. Did you shave and cage, I bet you didn’t?” He shook his head, almost sheepishly. But, I was worried by his strength of character, this wasn’t what I expected, or wanted. I expected him to sort of accept me, but no, he found some balls. He just wasn’t about to share their contents with me.

I lay back on the sofa opening my legs wide, so he saw my piercings and the cum running out, “Come on take your slut wife…”

“No!” He turned away, in disgust. I began to cry, he could never resit the waterworks. My mascara began to run down my powdered face & he sat stone faced on the bed. His head shook. He stood up and went to the wardrobe, taking out a coat. He turned and said, “I don’t want you here when I come back. I am going home tomorrow, I’ll see a lawyer about a divorce. I’ll sell the house & split the profit with you, maybe I’ll just buy your half. I suppose it could be done that way. I can’t do this with you. I know many who would be delighted by their wives being tarts, but I aren’t one. I don’t like tattoos, they’re common. The rings are lewd. You are swimming in a different sea. You are endangering your future health.”

“You aren’t at all interested in me?”

“No, you repel me! My darling wife, is gone. You, smoking and whoring is in her place. All I will offer is Christmas in a few weeks, with the kids, to tell them gently of our split. If you can cover yourself and behave properly, act like a wife not the whore you clearly want to be, or maybe are.”

I was flabbergasted. I was married to the only man I had seen who didn’t want to get into my none existent knickers. I sat with my scotch, smoking. What the hell else was I to do. I was cut loose. I was on the road to where? My hazy mind, still rushing from the coke did not really take it in there. I knew I did not want to go back to Aisling’s that night, so I had a good few hours to while away, before, first light.

My fug cleared a little when I heard my phone receive a text. It was from the bell boy. He was finished work and had a room on the top floor if I was interested. I was, so I left it a while and then called him. I repaired my make-up, again, and gave myself a good squirt of perfume. I met him in the lift. It needed a key to get to staff floors. We didn’t speak or touch until we reached his room.

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