Elaine Ch. 01

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I peered through the opening at the hinge of the partially open door and watched as my daughter undressed for bed. If she knew that I was there, she gave no indication and pulled her blouse over her head. Reaching behind her, she loosened the hooks on her bra and let it fall to the bed beside the blouse.

My heart was racing, my mouth was dry, and my cock was as hard as a rock. I rubbed it through my trousers and debated on whether to free it from the confines of my clothing. Common sense told me that if I were caught with my pants up I would be able to say that I was just coming in to check on how she was doing, but if my cock were sticking out in front of me, I would not have any excuse whatsoever. I left my cock covered by my trousers.

My eyes darted from the marvelously full orbs of her pert breasts to the mature roundness of her buttocks as Elaine bent over to remove her slacks. She had already kicked her shoes free from her feet and bending over hooked both hands in the waistband of her slacks. Her panties came off with the slacks and I was treated to the sight of her lovely red pubic hair peeking between her legs. She stayed bent over and ran her hands up both legs to the junction of her thighs. Her hands rubbed back and forth across the pubes and then reached between her legs as she lightly rubbed along her prominent labia. I stifled a groan as she actually stuck a finger inside her body and thrust it in and out several times. When she stood up she sniffed at her finger and then stuck it into her mouth sucking her womanly juices off.

When she glanced in the direction of the door, I reflexively drew back from the opening, hoping she hadn’t seen the light glint off my eyes. Ever since her mother had died three years earlier and she had come to live with me after her disastrous marriage shortly afterward, I had been watching her undress at least once a week and often times more. I just never wanted her how perverted her old man really had become. Elaine never went out on dates, but then again, neither did I.

She turned her back to me and I breathed a muted sigh of relief watching her pick up her almost transparent nightgown, the one I loved to see her wearing. She slipped it over her head and crawled under the covers. Seconds later the light went out and I knew the show was over for the night. I retreated to my den and turned on my computer logging onto a porn site and slowly stroking my cock trying to make the feelings last and knowing that I would not hold out for very long. I seldom closed the door to my den and sat lit only by the light coming from the computer monitor. Just as I started to feel the rush of cum near the tip of my prick, bursa escort bayanlar I heard a small noise from the hallway and turned spraying the hardwood floor with my hot sperm. I saw nothing when I went to the door but was sure that I had heard something. I walked softly to Elaine’s room and cracked the door enough to see her on her side with her red hair splayed all around the pillow. Her breathing was regular and I watched her body rise and fall under her covers. What I couldn’t see was how busy her hand was on the other side of her body.

I cleaned up my den wiping all the sticky cum from the floor with a damp rag from the kitchen. I took the rag with me when I went to bed and placed it beside the bed in case I decided to masturbate during the night. That didn’t happen often, but it did happen occasionally. I tossed and turned most of the night reliving the few glorious moments when I had seen my daughter standing naked in front of me. I finally dropped off to sleep around 3 AM and slept until the sun hit my face through the bedroom window.

A glance at the clock showed that I had missed my normal 5 AM wake up by about 4 hours. Since I worked at home writing simple software program utilities, this was really no problem. I didn’t really need the money and often donated my software to struggling young programmers with the proviso that they gave me some credit when they finally published the programs. It was just something to do and didn’t put much of a strain on my time commitments.

I ususally sleep in the nude so I decided I better get some clothing on before dropping in on Elaine in the kitchen. I pulled on a t-shirt that read Notre Dame Athletic Department and a pair of sweatshorts that read BYU Track and Field. Yeah, I know. Catholics and Mormons. Nothing in common and yet in my mind perfectly logical. They fit and were comfortable, end of problem. Slipping my feet into a pair of house shoes, I headed down for my cup of black coffee that usually constituted the breakfast of champions–at least in my mind it did.

I work out from time to time though nothing strenuous enough to hurt too badly for long periods of time. My weight was still under 200 pounds and looked good on my six foot frame. I no longer smoked and drank socially which meant not very much except at Communion on Sunday whenever I deigned grace the church with my presence which wasn’t very often.

I paused at the doorway watching Elaine move around the sink. Her red hair was worn in a loose pony tail that hung three quarters of the way to her buttocks. Her measurements are almost perfect for her five foot five frame. She weighs a bayan sarisin escort bursa lovely 105 pounds and had 38C breasts atop a very small waist and respectable hips. Her legs seem to go forever ending at the most perfect pair of buttocks I have ever seen.

She must have seen me in the window reflection and asked “Like what you see?”


“I asked if you liked what you were looking at?”

“Yes, I liked the look of what I was looking at very much.” I swear the girl actually had the grace to blush.

“Thank you, I think.”

“You’re very welcome, I know.”


“Just my usual black coffee.”

“Don’t you ever get hungry in the morning?”

“Nope. And, you may as well give up trying to feed me in the morning. Your mother tried for twenty-five years and began before you were born.”

“I know. You miss her don’t you?”

“Yes, honey, I miss her very much. She’s the only girl I ever slept with and probably will be the only woman I will ever sleep with in my life.”

“Don’t say that! You’re still young.”

“I may be young, but nobody really interests me like she did. How about you? You’ve been divorced from that jackass for over two years now and I never see you go out with anybody.”

“That’s because nobody really interests me, either. I mean after I caught that jerk Harry not only fucking his secretary but sucking her son’s cock as well, I don’t think I will ever be able to trust men again. Except for you, of course. You’ve been good to me and very understanding. Daddy, can I ask you something without you getting angry?”

“Sure.” I had a sense of foreboding that caused the hairs to stand up on the back of my neck.

Elaine dragged it out by pouring herself another cup of coffee and added her cream and sugar, stirring the mixture gently before putting her spoon down on the table. “If you aren’t interested in women, why do you vist porn sites and masturbate almost every night?”

“What? I don’t…” My cup almost broke as I dropped it on the table. As it was, I reached quickly for the napkins and sopped up half a cup of hot coffee before it could drip on the floor.

“Daddy, you left your computer on last night and I turned it off this morning. This hasn’t been the first time.”

“I–I can explain…”

“You don’t have to explain anything. You are a grown man with masculine desires and urges that need to be released. Only why don’t you find a woman to help you release them instead of Minnie and her four daughters?”


“Daddy, I’ve known for a long time that you watch me undress. Why do you think bursa evi olan eskort I forget to close the door so often? I’ve also watched you in your den for some time now and know what sites you visit and that you masturbate almost every night.”

“You weren’t supposed to find out.”

“I know that, Daddy, but I’m also a grown woman and I know when a man needs something to relieve the pressure. For God’s sake I was married to that jerk for almost four years. Damn it, aren’t I good enough for you to fuck?”

“Elaine! I couldn’t do that. It’s incest and it’s immoral and illegal to boot. Your my daughter for Christ’s sake.”

“So watching me undress and then beating your meat to my images in your brain is moral? I don’t think so. I think you’re afraid to go to bed with any woman–not just me.”

“That’s not so.”

“Then how come you haven’t?”

“Damn it. None of the women I’ve met since your mother died can match up to you. None of them are as good as you are or as beautiful as you are. And a father isn’t supposed to feel this way about his own daughter. It’s taboo. And I could never make love to you despite how much I might really want to fuck the hell out of your pussy.”

“And is a daughter supposed to want her daddy to fuck her to sleep every night like I do?”

“I never knew.”

“You do now. Daddy, we can’t go back and start the morning over again. We can’t take back what we’ve said to each other. I want to feel you inside my body. I want to feel your seed flood my womb. I want to make you happy as you make me happy. I want to love you.”


“Hush. Now tell me you don’t want these lovely tits every night.” Her blouse came off over her head to reveal her two perfectly naked breasts swinging slightly from her arm movements.

“I want them, but…”

“No, buts, Daddy. Tell me you don’t want to touch them with your hands and suckle on them like a baby.” She took both of my hands in hers and drew them to her breasts. The nipples burned my palms with their heat and stiffness. Then she put her hands behind my head and drew my mouth to first one and then to the other letting my suckled them and causing the nipples to grow even longer on the ends of her two magnificent breasts.

“Elaine, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Daddy, I’m a grown woman who has been married. I know exactly what I am doing and why I am doing it.”


“Because I’m horny and I want your cock between my legs. I want you to take me and make me yours from now until the day you die. Because I want you to give me something that that jerk idiot of a ex-husband refused to give me. I want a baby that will be a part of you that I will have until the day I die. That’s why, Daddy.”

I was at a loss for words with her two nipples rubbing up against my mouth. I moaned and suckled the nearest nipple nipping it gently with my teeth until I drew a groan from Elaine’s lips. She knew then that she had me and she wasn’t about to let me go.

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