Egyptian Fantasy

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It’s the weekend and we’ve decided to drive out away from the city. Its a lovely evening and the intense heat of the day is giving way as the shadows lengthen. But it’s still warm enough to want to get naked together under the Egyptian sky!

We find a lovely spot at the edge of some water away from prying eyes. We’re surrounded by bushes and have a view across the lake. Unfolding the rug we spread it out and put the picnic items under a bush to keep cool.

We can’t wait to lie down together and as soon as we do I tuck my left arm under your head and French kiss you full on the lips, ‘cos I’m feeling so horny for you. As our tongues dance around each other my right hand strokes your breasts through your thin blouse. Soon it snakes underneath and starts to play with your nipples and kneed the soft flesh surrounding them.

Your gentle moans tell me you’re enjoying that! Its not long before your right hand delves inside my loose fitting trousers and finds my rigid manhood. You stroke it gently up and down the shaft with your finger nails. My soft moans join yours in a chorus of pleasure. Then you squeeze it, softly at first but getting harder each time… and each time you extract a groan of delight from me.

Oh boy, I want you! But I’m not going to rush this. I can feel you pulling the foreskin back off the head of my penis, just how I like it, and I know you want to get down there and suck that purple bulge, but I’m not going to let you do it… not just yet.

My goal is to get you completely naked, out there in the Egyptian air. I undo your blouse and expose your breasts. Your beautiful brown nipples are engorged with blood and I can see how aroused you are. I lift your left breast up and suck your nipple into my mouth while flicking it back and forth with my tongue.

You start to moan more loudly and now you’re rubbing my cock up and down it’s shaft. I pull my trousers down to expose my lower body to the fresh air, snowpiercer izle and to give you better access to me. You lift your right knee and push the garment down my legs and off me with your foot. In so doing you expose your knickerless pussy from under your uplifted skirt.

That sends a shiver of delight through me. I want to see your cunt lips! I want to spread them wide! I want to expose your juicy fuck-fruit for the world to see!

I lift your right knee and pull the hem of your skirt right up so that I can see and smell your hot wet pussy. You lift your left knee up to mirror it and expose yourself even more.

Ah… so beautiful!!! I bend my head down to lick and suck your clitoris. But the position is not good. Your vulva is too low and I want to spread it wider. So I move around and kneel between your legs. Then I lift your ankles and spread your thighs open… lifting your wonderful sex into the air.

Oh dam, your wide open cunt is right there in front of me now… voluptuous and pouting like a sex starved debutante! Such an amazing ‘come-and-get-me’ revelation… such erotic anticipation… such delicious hotness… so much ‘give-it-to-me’ wetness… so much wanton willingness!

I can’t resist you any longer! Thrusting forward I aim my throbbing tool at your naked shaved vagina. Like a missile right on target I hit the bull’s-eye. My purple head penetrates you and spreads your vaginal entrance open as it thrusts itself inside.

As the head of my cock enters your pussy a multitude of voluptuous nerve endings shoot thousands of messages to your brain, just as do mine. Electricity courses through our hot sex nerves, through your clitoris, and down my cock, to the base of our spines, and up to the pleasure centres in our brains. We groan with pleasure, you and me… your pleasure centres talking to mine and mine to yours… like electric shocks shooting back so help me todd izle and forth through unseen filaments of desire linking your aroused sex to mine.

I hold my throbbing purpleness there for a few seconds savouring the exquisite sensations. Then with one long thrust I push the whole of my shaft deep inside you… filling you up deliciously and completely.

The pleasure is so intense that I almost cum… but I’m determined to give you the fuck of your life, so I grit my teeth and think of England! You pleasure is also intensity itself. I can see it on your face and hear it in your voice.

It’s all I can do to hook your knees over my shoulders as I collapse onto the back of your upturned thighs. Your legs are at full stretch under me now and the sense of being opened, pressed, stretched, distended and extended, both inside and out heightens your pleasure and brings you to the brink of orgasm.

I look into your eyes and you look into mine. We smile at each other and I lower my head and kiss your lips. Then I lift my torso on my arms as if to do press-ups, lift up my buttocks thus drawing my cock almost out of you, and thrust down hard into you again.

That’s all you need to tip you over the edge. You shout out as a wave of orgasm pulses through your body, beginning in your inflamed vulva and rippling through your whole body. I can feel your cunt throbbing around my cock as your body jerks under me.

I’m determined to make this one mother of an orgasm for you so I keep thrusting into you and you keep shuddering under me as one wave of pleasure after another courses through your body. I has to be the longest hottest orgasm I’ve ever been a part of!

Eventually, before it dies away, I let myself go and in several powerful spasms fill your pussy with my warm cum. That’s the icing on the cake for you and you let rip with an enormous cry which pierces the sokağın çocukları izle evening air. Then your body relaxes and we lie together in a state of spent exhausted bliss.

How long we lie there we don’t know but soon we hear the splashing of oars and excited voices. Through the reeds we can see a boat being rowed towards us by two bronzed Egyptian men. Evidently they heard your orgasmic scream and thinking it might be something more sinister are coming to investigate.

We only just have time to wipe ourselves dry and get dressed before they reach the bank a few metres from us. But the bank is steep and they struggle to climb it. We decide to let them know that all is well and stand up, looking sheepish but grinning broadly.

They see us, and quickly realising what the noise was burst out laughing and clapping. Seeing a white man and a black woman in a state of disarray among the bushes at the edge of the lake is obviously a source of great amusement for them, especially knowing what we’ve been up to. The merriment continues for some time.

We start to pack up but we don’t want to go. It’s such a lovely spot and there’s still our picnic, and we’ve only just started the evening’s fun! However it doesn’t looks as if these would-be rescuers want to leave in a hurry.

Then with great presence of mind you realise that you have a spare pair of lacy knickers in your bag. You take them out and walking to the edge of the bank throw them to the men. One of them catches your peace offering, examines it and holding it up laughing blows you a kiss. You blow a kiss back to him, then wave them goodbye.

He passes it to the other man and they laugh and blow kisses to you. Then getting the message they climb back into the boat and row away, turning around frequently to smile and wave and blow kisses.

We watch them with a sense of warmth as they retreat across the water, asking ourselves whether anyone in Britain would have reacted in the same way, coming to your rescue like that, and then accepting your gift and unspoken explanation with such good grace and humour.

Such warm people in such a warm country!

We sit down and eat our picnic. Then we have ‘desert’ in the traditional way… again and again until well into the night.

The End

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