Eating My First Cream Pie

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Eating My First Cream PieI lived in Sacramento California back in 2002. Having retired after twenty years in the Air force I was going to college full time. Yahoo personals was really big at the time and I had a really funny profile that lots of people really liked. One nineteen year old housewife really liked it and started chatting me up on yahoo messenger. After some time discussing innocent topics she began to get to some more interesting subjects. She wanted to know if I would ever cheat on my wife. I told her that I had never cheated but that I was open to the idea. Then she came back with would you ever let a guy suck your dick. My answer was that no guy had ever done so but under the right circumstances I was very open minded. That is when she opened up and told me what she was interested in. Her husband was 22 and neither of them were very experienced sexually. She also told me that her husband wasn’t very good at pleasing her orally. He did however love having his cock sucked by her. They were from Salt Lake City. Go figure, lol. The husband had asked her if there was güvenilir bahis şirketleri anything she would like to do sexually that really interested her. She told him that she wanted to watch him suck another guys cock. He was agreeable to the idea and told her to find the guy. She also had kind of a thing for older men. To her older men were more likely to be experienced and know how to please a young lady. The way she put things to me was that she wanted to be totally naked and masturbate herself while watching and directing her hubby sucking my cock. That if I let him suck me then I could fuck her with condom. She wasn’t looking for me to cum while her husband sucked me. I told her it would be my first time fooling around with a guy. She was a fairly good looking girl next door type and if letting a guy suck my cock got me some of that pussy then so be it. The day soon arrived and I headed to the their apartment. She was already naked and worked up when I arrived. Her hubby and I quickly disrobed. She had us stand in front of her chair and began directing him youwin güvenilir mi on what to do. She was playing with her pussy and telling him how to suck my cock. He was kneeling there sucking my cock as directed by her for only a few minutes. She was on fire. She got up and demanded that he fuck her. She lay down on her back right there on the living room floor. He joined her on the floor and began fucking her. He came very quickly and she was pissed. I knew that it was up to me to salvage the situation. As her husband got up from fucking her I dove in and started licking her pussy. She was surprised at first but then grabbed my ears and started moving me around where she wanted my tongue. I wasn’t real big on licking up his cum up but got into it and went to town on her pussy. In just minutes she was having one orgasm after another. Eventually she pulled my head up to hers and kissed me plunging her tongue into my mouth. At the same time she reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. I began fucking her. It took all the self control I could perabet muster not to blow my load. I was getting carpet burns on my knees and elbows. She started having more orgasms as we fucked. Eventually she told me that she wanted to feel my cum shoot inside her. Well who was I to argue with that? I let loose with a huge cum load. When I was finished filling her with my cum she grabbed my ears and guided my head back down to her pussy. By this time her husband was standing there stroking his erect cock watching us. When she had enough of my oral ministrations she pushed me away and told him to fuck her again. He lasted a fair amount of time his second go and when he came she once again had me lick her pussy. Then I fucked her again. Her husband and I must have fucked her four times apiece that day. We were at it from mid morning to mid afternoon. Every time one one of us finished fucking her she had me lick her pussy till the other was ready to fuck her. It turned out that what was at the top of her bucket list was to make a guy lick his cum out of her pussy. She had been afraid that her young husband would freak out if she told him. I had some serious carpet burns and had to wear long sleeve shirts and pants for a few weeks so the wife wouldn’t notice the damage. We got together every week of so for a few months until they moved back to Salt Lake City.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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