Eat at Joe’s Episode 01

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Jennifer sighed as she listlessly ran a damp rag across the scarred Formica counter for what seemed like the millionth time. It was hot, and the ceiling fan overhead did nothing to cut through the oppressive heat. She brushed a damp curl of blonde hair off her forehead and sighed again.

The graveyard shift sure is dead tonight, she thought to herself, and giggled at her own joke.

It was true; the hour was approaching three a.m.-too late for the drunks and too early for the farmers-and only one customer was in the joint. She grabbed the coffeepot off the burner and approached the old man sitting on the vinyl stool at the end of the counter. To her surprise and relief, the old guy declined a refill and got up to pay his shot.

Finally, the diner was empty and she could take her break. That was one of the advantages of working graves…the couple of hours between three and five a.m. when the restaurant was usually deserted. She normally used that time to get her short work done, filling salt shakers and replacing ketchup bottes at each booth. Tonight had been especially slow though, and the short work was already done. That meant a nice long break, and maybe something to eat if she could persuade Tommy, the cook, to whip her up a snack.

That shouldn’t be hard, she thought.

Unless she was mistaken, Tommy had a little crush on her. He sure gave her the eye when ever she walked into the kitchen, and a couple of times when she’d had to use the stepstool to reach a can or box on a high shelf she could have sworn he was looking up her skirt.

Probably, got an eyeful too. After all, she never wore panties to work.

The management insisted that all the waitresses wear pantyhose under their short, tan skirts. Some of the waitresses-the older ladies especially, with their varicose veins, made worse by years spent on their feet-really needed the support, not to mention the coverage that pantyhose provided.

When she’d first started working here, a year or so back, she’d worn her regular panties along with pantyhose to work everyday. But after a week or so of struggling to pull up her clothes in the tiny bathroom stall, she’d ditched the panties and just worn hose. Another month, and she’d lighted on a new way to increase bathroom break efficiency and cut down on the saggy, elephantine ankles she got every time she pulled her hose down and back up. She’d taken a sharp pair of sewing scissors and carefully cut out the crotch of all her pantyhose. Now she never needed to take off her hose during a shift, and everything was so much easier. Including slipping a finger into her pussy on those rare occasions she was overcome with lust at work. Of course she was a good employee and always washed her hands thoroughly afterwards.

She had to admit to herself that since Tommy had started working here those lustful moments in the lavatory had grown more frequent. She’d often caught herself in the bathroom fantasizing about his broad shoulders and taut buttocks while she pleasured herself.

One of these nights, she mused to herself, she should really do something about him.

With a smile on her face, headed toward the kitchen.

Tommy was busy cleaning the grill when Jennifer sauntered through the swinging door and into the kitchen. He gave her a nod and a grin. Jennifer was by far his favorite waitress and not just because she concealed a hot little bod under the goofy getup the management called a uniform. She was one of the few waitresses who treated him like a person; who seemed genuinely interested in him. They often took their breaks together and she always took time to ask him about his activities and interests. There’d also been a few nights where she’d seemed interested in him in a different way; brushing up against his hip as she passed him in the kitchen, or flashing him a glimpse of her luscious DD breasts when she bent over to pick up an order. But, he’d also seen her flirt that way with customers, so maybe he was reading too much into it.

“Hey, Tommy,” she said, leaning on the prep table near him and flaunting her ample cleavage.

“What looks good tonight?”

Besides you I mean, she thought to herself.

She wasn’t really paying attention as he rattled off the specials for the evening. Instead she was devouring him with her eyes.

He really is delicious, she thought.

She could see part of a barbed-wire tattoo peeked out from beneath the sleeve of his tight, white T-shirt as it strained across his tanned, toned biceps. His stained apron stretched over his rock-hard abs, but unfortunately for her, covered his groin. Still, she had a great view of his muscled legs, clad in black work pants, and his tight ass! His ass was so sexy it was all she could do not to grab it whenever he passed her by.

“Uhm, Earth to Jenn,” she heard him saying. “Were you listening to any of that, or was I just talking to myself?” he asked.

“Sure, Tommy,” she lied. “I was listening.”

“So what’ya want?”

You fucking my wet pussy, she said inside her head.

“I’ll take a patty melt,” she told him.

“Why do you even bother to ask halo izle what the specials are when you always get the same thing?”

The better to spend time looking at you my dear, she thought.

“I don’t ALWAYS get the same thing.”

“Well, almost always. Maybe you should mix it up a bit. They say variety is the spice of life.”

So he liked variety, she thought to herself. I got your variety and spice right here.

“Alrighty then, I won’t have the patty melt after all. I’ll let you decide what to fix…surprise me!”

She flounced off toward the back, thinking about cooking up a few surprises of her own.

As she entered the dim, cool confines of the walk-in she sighed with pleasure. A few minutes in here and she could stand to face the muggy heat of the kitchen again, not to mention Tommy. Even though she was sure he liked her, she still didn’t want to approach him again smelling like stale sweat. Bad enough that she smelled of the peculiar odor of a restaurant…that recognizable scent of grease and smoke and burnt coffee.

She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, pulling the damp fabric away from her sweat-soaked skin, letting the cool air of the walk-in stream across the tops of her full breasts. Her nipples, though not fully exposed, puckered and tightened in the frigid air.

God, that feels good, she thought.

She wondered what the chilly air would feel like against her hot, tired legs, and began to hike her skirt up, inch by inch, exposing her hose-clad thighs. Just as she’d expected, damp coolness of the air felt good against her skin. She hiked her skirt up even higher and felt a brief rush of cold air brush against her pussy, causing it to tingle.

Tenatively, she put a hand down to her pussy and was not surprised to find it hot…and wet. Seeing Tommy in those tight black pants had really turned her on, as had the cool air against her skin. Thinking of him even now sent stabs of lust to her pussy, getting her even hotter and wetter. Parting the damp curls surrounding her sensitive bud, she dipped one finger into the glistening wetness of her cunt,and slowly massaged her clit, the center of her growing passion. She felt her desire grow as she twirled her finger around, causing her clit to stiffen and her juices to flow. She lifted her leg and braced one hush-puppie clad foot against a nearby box in order to slip a finger of her other hand into her warm pussy.

Tommy couldn’t stop thinking about Jennifer as he finished cleaning the grill. Surprise her, she’d said. He could think of a few things he’d like to surprise her with…his seven inch cock for one! Man, she looked hot in that tight, short skirt and button-down blouse, unbuttoned enough to reveal the lacy bra cupping her sweet tits. If she could make that ugly uniform look good, just imagine what she’d look like naked.

He was lost in thought for a moment, imagining her long legs wrapped around his torso, while he plunged his throbbing tool into her wet hole. Good thing he had on his apron, ’cause he was rock-hard thinking about sex with Jennifer. Unconsciously his left hand crept beneath the hem of his apron and slowly massaged the bulge in his pants. He quickly realized what he was doing, but it felt too good to stop. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw that Jennifer still hadn’t returned from the back, and so, slowly, he eased his zipper down. His stiff cock sprang out into his hand, and he nearly groaned aloud.

Keeping an eye out for her return, he started to stroke his hand along the sensitive shaft. He could feel his balls start to tighten as the snug circle of his thumb and forefingers slid across his tender skin, down to the head of his cock. His firm grip caused the head to swell, and the several drops of pre-cum that oozed out of it made it glisten under the flourescent lights of the kitchen. His pulse started to race as his hand stroked back and forth, slow and langorous at first, then with mounting urgency and increasing pressure. He could feel his orgasm building, the explosion just out of reach, and quickened his strokes. Suddenly, a sound from the back of the kitchen grabbed him back from the edge of bliss. It was a strange thump, like a door closing. Man, he was so close, virtually on the edge…his instinct was to keep going. But he knew if he got busted whacking off at work he’d be out of a job. With a curse, he tucked himself back into his shorts, zipped up and went to investigate.

He was surprised to find that the back door was still locked and alarmed. Maybe he was just hearing things. Sometimes when he was alone in the restaurant he imagined weird things. Of course, he wasn’t completely alone…where was Jenn anyhow? Maybe he should check on her? He headed toward the storeroom and the refrigerator.

Jennifer slid her finger into her tight pussy, stroking it back and forth, and soon added another. But still she ached for the full feeling of a cock buried deep inside her. She was afraid to go out and throw herself on Tommy…it was too soon…she was too afraid he’d say no, turn her down…besides, she needed to have her pussy stuffed high rise invasion izle full right now…anything to relieve the growing ache.

She looked around the cooler and spied a bunch of bananas.

Too curved, she thought.

There was a huge hunk of salami…

Promising, but she knew she’d never get anything that huge up her cunt without some help.

Then her eyes lit on some cucumbers in the produce section.


Barely missing a stroke, she leaned over and grabbed a nice, thick cucumber about eight inches long. It was tapered on one end and sort of rounded on the other. The skin of the vegetable was green and smooth, with no scars or pitted areas to abrade her tender flesh. Slowly she rubbed the bulbous end of the cucumber against the entrance to her sodden pussy, then gently eased the tip of it past her moist lips and into her tight passage. The cucumber was cool and slick against her heated flesh. Her fingers continued to flick against her clitoris as she slid the waxy vegetable into her cunt, inch by inch. Before long, seven inches of the long piece of produce was buried in her juicy snatch.

The chill of the cucumber made her gasp but gradually she became accustomed to the cucumber’s cold firmness, so unlike the soft, silk-over-steel feel of a real dick. Then she began to slide the veggie dildo in and out of her dewy flesh, slowly easing it out, then driving it home in her aching cunt. She loved the fullness of it stretching her tender pussy, but she had to admit even as she fucked herself with it, that it didn’t compare to real cock. It was cool and unyielding; in the end she preferred real flesh. Still, for now it was getting the job done. Before long, she was writhing with pleasure as the first tremulous waves of her approaching orgasm washed over her. Just then, the walk-in door swung open, exposing her to the bright light and the warm air of the kitchen.

Tommy stood in the doorway of the walk-in, stunned by the sight before his eyes. There in front of him, skirt hiked around her waist, was Jennifer, pumping a…Good Lord, was that a cucumber?…in and out of her sopping pussy.

Well, that would certainly explain the noise, he thought.

Time seemed to crawl as he stood frozen in the doorway, first amazed…then disgusted…then…turned on at the sight of the produce sliding in and out of her cunt like a green dildo. He knew that she knew that he was there; her eyes caught his and held, but her dark blue orbs were glazed over with her approaching orgasm and she couldn’t seem to control the motion of her hand as it continued to work the firm vegetable in and out of her wet hole.

He watched as her teeth sunk into her bottom lip and her hand movements beneath her skirt grew even more frenzied. Her breath came in heaving pants and she was making grunting noises, that had him growing harder than ever under his apron.

Finally, her body gave a huge, convulsive shudder and her head lolled back, eyes closed, as she reached her orgasm. And all he could do was stand and watch. Watch as her hand slowly eased the slick vegetable out of her dripping pussy and dropped it to the floor.

The thud of the cucumber hitting the floor seemed to release him from his stupor. Before he knew it he had crossed the small confines of the walk-in and he was holding her in his arms. She was limp and pliant in his grasp, and he could sense the opportunity in this moment.

Jennifer was surprised to find herself still upright. She was sure she would pass out from the shame of being caught masturbating, not to mention from the earth-shattering orgasm that had ripped through her body moments ago. Then she realized the only reason she was still standing was that Tommy’s hard arms were around her, and his even harder erection was pressing against her body. She had only a moment’s awareness of this before he dipped his head to hers and she became aware of much more…aware of his mouth greedily fastening on hers, his tongue twining around hers, and his teeth nibbling at her bottom lip. Even though she had just climaxed she could feel her nipples growing taut once more as he kissed her hard and hungrily. She felt herself responding to his kisses and her clit, still exposed to the frigid air, began to tingle once again. Within moments, the cold of the walk-in cooler was vanquished by the rising heat of her body.

Here was the moment she’d been waiting for.

Unlike the cucumber Tommy was very warm and very much alive, and finally, very much hers for the taking.

As he sucked and nibbled on her neck, causing her pussy to moisten even further, she slid her hands up beneath his long apron and yanked open the fastening of his pants.

A blast of cool air hit him as she slid his pants and boxers down along his hips, freeing his cock, but neither the cool air, nor her cool hands gripping him could minimize the erection he was sporting. She held him firmly, but not tightly, with one hand while the other slipped between his legs to caress the boys. The head of his cock rubbed against the scratchy skymed izle cloth of the apron with each stroke of her hand, quickly bringing his lust to a fever pitch. He needed to take control of the situation or it would soon be over. He moved his mouth lower, licking the top of each creamy breast above her bra line. She moaned, and faltered in her ministrations for a moment, and in that second of respite he quickly slipped a finger into her sweet pussy.

Jennifer moaned again as Tommy slid his finger deep into her pussy. It felt good…but it wasn’t enough. Tommy seemed to know what he was doing, especially when it came to kissing, and normally she would appreciate the slow, sweet approach he was taking…but right now she needed his cock and it seemed there was only one way to get it. Writhing away from him, she took a step back.

“Is something wrong?” he asked her.

“I want you to fuck me!” she told him and turned to face away from him.

Grabbing hold of one of the metal shelves that lined the cooler she bent over, her skirt still hiked way above her hips. Her puffy pink pussy lips glistened with moistness, offering an invitation he couldn’t refuse.

Tommy stepped up behind her, taking a moment to admire the smooth skin and sweet curves of her ass. He knew she was aching for it, he could tell by the hungry look in her eyes as she peered over one shoulder at him, and so was he, but he couldn’t help it. She was so damn sexy! He reached out and ran a finger along the knobs of her spine, down along her back, and across her pantyhose-clad ass until he reached her wet slit. He flicked his finger against her swollen clit and she sucked in her breath.

Nice response, he thought.

He stripped off his white apron and tossed it over his shoulder, not caring where it landed. Then he stepped up behind her and taking his throbbing cock in hand, slowly rubbed it against her wet snatch. She moaned and pressed back against him.

He thought about teasing her just a bit as he remembered all the times she’d flirted with him, or flashed him a bit of skin and then walked away, leaving him with an aching cock, but he really didn’t have it in him. So as she pressed back harder against him, he guided the tip of his cock in between her wet cunt lips. She squirmed a little, and he knew it was time.

Grabbing her hips with both hands he thrust forward. Despite her wetness, part of his cock remained unsheathed, so he pulled back and thrust into her honeyed warmth once again. This time his cock slid into her like a knife through butter and he found himself buried to the hilt in her warm pussy and the cold was forgotten.

Jennifer sighed contentedly. This is what she’d been needing…craving. Tommy’s cock lodged deep in her snatch felt every bit as good as she’d expected it would. And when he began to slowly thrust in and out, letting his cock slide almost completely out of her before ramming it back in she began to whimper and moan. One of his hands slid up to pinch her nipple through her shirt as he rocked back and forth, driving his massive cock deeper and deeper into her, causing her to moan even more loudly. Her moans definitely seemed to excite him, for he began to thrust faster and faster. Soon she could feel the fluttery beginnings of another orgasm.

Tommy knew that he couldn’t last much longer. He’d been on edge and hard too long. With each thrust Jennifer moaned and thrashed her ass against him, causing his balls to rub against the whispery fabric of her nylons. The friction and the noises she was making were going to send him crashing over the edge very soon. He hoped he could make her cum soon, before he lost all control.

Jennifer could no longer control the noise…she’d always been a noisy lover, and Tommy was turning out to be a great fuck. Another thrust and the fluttering she was feeling turned into the crescendoing waves of approaching orgasm. He thrust again, and the moment of climax was upon her, turning her world upside down and leaving her breathless. She felt her inner muscles ripple as the orgasm shuddered through her. Then the moment of tension was past and she felt the familiar sense of release and relaxation.


Tommy didn’t pause in his vigorous thrusting until he heard her gasp. Thank goodness she was cumming. Now he was free to seek his own release. He gave one last mighty thrust, then her pussy seemed to tighten around him, gripping his cock and sending him over the edge. With a grunt he exploded, filling her cunt with his load of hot cum. He collapsed against the damp fabric covering her back, trying not to crush her with his weight. For a moment, they just stood there, bodies pressed together trying to catch their breath.

Finally, they peeled their damp, spent bodies apart and went about straightening their respective clothing. Fully dressed once more, they stepped out of the cooler and into the warm kitchen. The bright light was revealing. Tommy could still see the faint outline of Jenn’s nipples under her shirt, and he was sure his pants were still bulging a bit beneath his apron. And yet the light seemed to reveal much more. There was a new light in her eyes as she looked at him, and he was sure it was reflected in his own. The moment of silence between them grew, hanging palpably in the warm air of the kitchen…and in that moment of silence there was an unspoken promise…until the silence was broken by the tinkling bell over the door of the diner.

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