East End Lovers Ch. 05

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This is the fifth chapter in the story of a mother–son affair that lasted for some 20 years starting in 1974. It’s set mostly in London; the second part is set in Kent, where Cliff is at university. Cliff starts off the story, though as indicated the second half is narrated by his mother Maureen. Sue is the name of Cliff’s girlfriend.

Constructive comments are of course welcome, especially on possible directions for the story to take when Cliff leaves college.


After that session with “Aunty” Irene and her nephew Dave in which I’d watched my mum being fucked by Dave, and clearly enjoying it, I was pretty scared that mum might go off me. I was after all still only 18 and inexperienced in the ways of the world — I really feared that mum might somehow fall for Dave just because she enjoyed sex with him and decide our affair was over.

In reality this of course didn’t happen — if anything it made mum even keener on sex with me and it sort of cemented our emotional relationship too — we really had fallen in love and I think we stayed that way most of the time I was at college.

The week after our meeting with Irene and Dave we didn’t have any opportunity for sex. However, my dad told us he was going to be away on the Friday night — his mother who was 81 and who lived in a seaside bungalow outside Southend was in hospital with a chest infection and he said he would head off to see her straight from work on Friday, and then stay with his sister overnight and come back on the Saturday morning around noon.

I hadn’t spent the night in bed with mum before and when mum told me this she looked pleased and I felt ecstatic. It was yet another whole new experience. I got home from my warehouse job around 5.30 pm but mum had to cover the reception for the evening doctors’ surgery in the practice where she worked. She got in around 7; she brought in fish and chips — as she told me she didn’t want to waste time cooking when there were so many better things to do.

As soon as she got in mum made it clear this was going to be a night to remember; she put her arms around me and gave me a long deep kiss, pressing her stomach into my erection and telling me how much she had been wanting me —

“Cliff, sweetheart, it’s been a long week for me…. I’ve been aching for you so much, I nearly came into your room a couple of nights ago for a quickie, but I was worried your dad’d hear… let me put the supper into the oven, I can’t wait to feel you inside me… there, come on lover, do me in the kitchen, come on, I’ll bend over the table, that’s right take my tights down, yes right off, give me a spanking and then just put it in me…”

I had often spanked mum before sex and knew how she liked it, good and hard on both buttocks and then sex immediately after — I pulled off the wide leather belt she was wearing around her waist, doubled it up and stood back.

“Mum, knickers down to your knees please, more quickly please, yes that’s better, right now 3 for your right cheek… there, there, there… and 3 for the left…”

I knew exactly how hard to do it — which was hard enough to sting though not as hard as I could have done — and when she’d had 6 I unzipped my trousers, and got my cock ready to enter her. When we did it like this mum liked to be entered without too much prior rubbing, when she was damp and her cunt a bit open but before she got fully lubricated; I brought up my cock, found her sex entrance, opened her lips with my fingers and pushed in hard. We both gasped — as she was still quite dry it was exquisitely painful for both of us.

“Oh mum I’ve been wanting you all week, when I fucked Sue I was thinking of you when I came, goodness you feel tight around my cock today, here let me feel your tits, undo your blouse, yes that’s right, now let me unclip your bra, oh yes these feel wonderful…”

Mum was rubbing her clit as I talked and fucked her. A few months ago when we started our affair, I would have cum very quickly the first time, but I’d learnt to hold back and to make sure mum was able to get to the stage when either she or I could make her cum too.

“Oh yes Cliff, keep on poking me, don’t you dare cum yet, I’m bringing myself off this time, oh sweetheart I do love you so very much, I can’t do without you, just keep on fucking me, you can do what you like to me tonight, you can cum anywhere you want, you can have my arse if you want, come on now, push in really hard, oh love, that’s so good, you’re making mummy cum, just hold on for another minute, come on talk dirty to me…”

“Yes mother, here’s my cock coming in hard, and hard again, and again, yes I love you too, I can’t do without you, I’ll do anything you want for you, I’ll suck you all night if you want, just let me keep on fucking you, oh mum I love you all the time, I just want to be with you, oh my cum’s going to spurt soon, come on rub yourself, oh, my juice is just starting to spurt…”.

As I felt the cum starting to leave my cock I pushed bursa otele gelen eskort in really deep, and I heard mum gasp and then spasm, and I saw the red flush she got around her neck and shoulders when she had a deep orgasm.

It was sort of surreal when we settled down to fish and chips a bit later. We were both excited about actually being able to sleep in the same bed, and especially about waking up together and of course having our first morning sex.

After supper, mum decided we should have a bath. She wanted me to suck her off and always preferred to do this after washing. It was wonderful not having to rush; I stripped off first and got into the bath while it was still running, and watched mum undressing, taking off her blouse and skirt, her slip and then of course her workaday white bra and knickers. She still had her wonderful full bush of pubic hair which I found so sexy, and I could glimpse the gash of her sex passage through it and knew this was mine whenever I wanted.

We kneeled facing each other, me soaping her tits and cunt, and mum of course giving my penis and balls what she called a “thorough washing” — she enjoyed pushing back my foreskin, and watching me squirm as she massaged my exquisitely sensitive cock head.

When we finally got into her double bed, I was hard of course but before I penetrated my mum again I knew there was a lot of sucking to do. I got her on her back and put a pillow under her bum. I started off getting right down and pushing her bum cheeks apart and getting my tongue right up to her anus; I then licked the whole stretch from her arse along her fanny to her clit. I did this slowly and stretched her cunt lips tight with my fingers so I could make sure she felt my tongue on her clit; she was soon begging for me to suck her clit harder so I put one finger just inside her anus and took the whole of the area around her clit into my mouth, rolling her hard spot between my tongue and my teeth and biting as hard as I dared.

My mother could control the way she came and she deliberately held off letting herself cum to get the maximum build-up. I went on for ages. My mouth and tongue were aching with the effort when she finally told me she was on the verge —

“Oh yes Cliff, what a good boy you are to suck me before you fuck me… harder, sweetheart, mummy’s just about to cum for you, yes, yes, yes, oh you’re such a good sucker, come on now, really hard for mummy, yes oh yes oh yes, I’m cumming now, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh you beautiful boy, I’ve never cum like this before, oh it just goes on…”

It was I think the longest orgasm I ever gave my mum, and she was flushed across her chest and her cunt was swollen and red.

“Oh Cliff, that was so fantastic, you are sooooo good in bed, I just can’t do without you….. I really do love you, you know, I hope you love me in the same way …. Now where do you want to stick that whopper — if you want you really can have my bum, but just be careful with me…”

As readers of previous chapters will know, I hadn’t taken mum up her bum before — she hadn’t any experience with anal intercourse, and of course neither did I, and it didn’t seem important. But if we were going to try it this was probably the best opportunity we’d get for a long time.

So I pulled mum up, and we agreed to start with she’d best be positioned her on her knees facing away from me, as I wanted to give her bum a good licking to relax her before I opened her up; I pushed her cheeks apart and slowly licked around her arse, probing a bit with my tongue, and generally familiarising myself with the area and getting her used to being touched up.

When she seemed relaxed with what was going on, we talked about the best position to do the act itself; in the end she lay on her stomach on a pillow, and I went on top, taking weight on my legs and arms as far as possible. She laid face down, legs wide apart for me, and I got the KY jelly and carefully squeezed some inside her bum as well as all around my cock head. She tensed up a bit and pushed her bum out towards me; I told her to relax, she sank back and I carefully brought my slippery cock up to her entrance and eased just the head inside.

Because we’d prepared so well, I managed to ease in a good couple of inches without seeming to cause mum any real discomfort, so thought I’d leave it there, and slowly began to fuck her with just the top end of my penis. Although I’d already spunked in mum earlier in the kitchen, I’d had nearly two hours to recover, and knew I wouldn’t need too much thrusting to get my spunk to shoot again.

Fucking mum like this was very different to taking her cunt — it was of course much tighter, and I kept the length of each thrust down to a couple of inches — nonetheless, for me it was a thrilling experience; I’m not sure if it was just the physical sensation or knowing she was experiencing something for the first time, especially something that was even more taboo than just fucking bursa eve gelen escort bayan mum in her cunt. I guess it was both —

“Mum, oh mum, you feel so tight around my cock, I can’t hold off for long, you’ll feel my cum shooting out very soon now, oh mum, I love you, I’m shooting now, oh yes right up your arse, oh there’s so much cumming out into you…”

When I used to cum in her cunt, I often used to leave my cock inside for a while until it fully subsided and came out on its own, but this time as soon as I started to soften, I slipped out and moved off her to lie down beside her. She turned on her side too, and kissed me —

“There, now we’ve done everything, there’s nothing we can’t tell each other or do to each other — goodness, you did cum in buckets that time, you randy sod!”

She wiped some of the semen off her bum with the sheet, and smiled at me.



I enjoyed taking Cliff up my arse, not so much in terms of physical enjoyment — though it was nice enough — as in terms of taking away the final barriers between us. I was in love with him and from what he said and did he was in love with me. I’d never experienced this intense mix of romance and sex before. I wondered how long it would last.

I’d thought we might manage another bout of intercourse before we fell asleep but it was Friday and we’d both been working hard and we were asleep before we knew what was happening.

We woke around 8 the next morning. Cliff was on his side with this arm half around me and his erection was pressing into my thigh. He looked at me as he became aware of where he was and what was happening, and told me he loved me.

“I love you too sweetheart… come on, make love to me now, don’t say anything yet, just get me ready and come inside me…”

Cliff moved his hand to prepare me for his cock; I was still a bit moist from last night’s activities, and Cliff very quickly ran his experienced fingers around my vulva and clit to start the juices flowing again. My bum felt sore from my son’s thrusting — it felt a bit strange to think I’d lost my anal virginity to my son, but I quite liked the thought, as Cliff had lost his virginity to me. I stroked Cliff’s erection — he didn’t need any preparation of course but he always loved being touched, and as soon as I felt wet enough to take him in I arranged myself on my back with legs wide open, and pulled him across. Usually he felt for my entrance and directed his cock into me, but this time, I guided him in, telling him to push in hard and deep.

I don’t know which part was sexual love and which part romantic, but as he moved in and out of my sex I felt both intense pleasure and an overwhelming surge of love. We gazed into each other’s eyes, and just kept repeating I love you, I love you; our fucking just slowly built up from an easy slow thrusting, through harder and deeper movements of his cock up my cunt, to this intense almost manic pushing of our bodies together, with me wrapping my legs around my son, meeting each of his thrusts, feeling his pubic bone hard against my clit and both of exploding together, Cliff’s semen filling my womb and my orgasm taking me over with spasm after spasm of pure pleasure.

After this we just had to lie next to each other holding each other for as long as we dared. Eventually I told Cliff we had to move and I sent him to run a bath. I pulled off the sweat and semen stained sheets with real regret — I didn’t know when I would next get to spend the whole night with my son.


After our night together every time we made love it seemed even more intense than the last. It was partly of course the fact that it was getting closer and closer to the time Cliff headed off to university — but partly also that we were in love. When we were at last alone in the flat, we hardly ever made it up to a bed for the first fuck — Cliff would just have me standing up in the kitchen or hallway, or sometimes on the sofa or living room carpet. I always seemed to be wet for him and he was always hard and ready to enter me.

I asked him what he would like as a special treat before he went away. We talked through a number of possibilities, though most – such as going away together — weren’t practical. Somehow we got around to talking about getting “Aunty” Irene involved again. If you’ve read Chapter 4 you’ll know how Cliff, myself, Irene and her nephew Dave had got together for a foursome a couple of months back. We’d managed to repeat the experience once, a couple of weeks after the first session, and it was great for all of us, but Dave had since got himself a very nice but demanding girlfriend and had time only for an occasional meeting with Irene and none for another foursome.

I thought Irene was potty about Cliff and I knew she wanted to get her hands on him again. I ‘phoned her and she agreed at once, bayan eskort bursa though she had to change her shift at the drinking club where she worked. We arranged it for the afternoon of the Saturday just before Cliff went away.

Irene answered the door when Cliff and I arrived wearing a short loose kimono-type gown. She had put out some lunch and had some wine open. She fussed over Cliff, taking his jacket and giving him a big long wet kiss on his mouth. She then did a sort of twirl and before sitting down took of the gown, revealing a startling set of underwear — a very low cut bustier with suspenders for her stockings and a small pair of knickers in matching red with black trim. I have to say she did look fantastic, as she’d really kept her figure, and I gulped as much as Cliff. She asked me to strip down too and I felt a bit daft but thought I had no option, so soon Cliff was faced with eating with 2 semi-clothed older ladies both available for whatever he had in mind for his farewell party.

I wasn’t as glammed up as Irene but of course I did have on a sexy bra and knickers set and stockings. We chatted as we ate, Irene telling us about Dave and his new girlfriend and how they met much less often now — she had hoped for a threesome but he’d declined.

“So Cliff, you’ve got one very horny lady here — I hope your mum’s let you keep back some or your spunk for me!”

With that she got on her knees by Cliff’s chair, unzipped him and extracted his cock. It was semi-hard when she got it out but she soon had him erect, and she started to give him a gentle suck. I went over and started to kiss him, taking off my bra and offering him my tits to lick and suck. After a few minutes, Irene asked me to swap positions, so I sucked my son’s cock while she kissed him and pushed her bustier down so he could massage her tits.

Between us Irene and I got Cliff’s clothes off and he got up, put one arm around each of us and propelled us to Irene’s bedroom. We carried on spoiling him rotten when he lay down on the bed, one of us kissing him while the other sucked him, then changing positions. Cliff stopped us doing this — I think he was too close to cumming — and made us kneel either side of him.

“Right, mum, please take off that bra thingy Irene’s wearing, …. Yes good, now give each others’ tits a nice feel…. Oh yes you’re good at that…”

Cliff pulled me down for a kiss, then Irene, and then sort of pushed our heads together and told us to kiss. We’d done this before when messing around as a foursome with Dave, and Irene I think liked it a lot. I was OK with it — after all we’re all bi to some extent aren’t we? — though I think I would have preferred it if she had been someone else. Anyway, it was Cliff’s treat.

Finally, Irene couldn’t wait any longer for Cliff’s cock and she pulled off her knickers and just straddled him, taking his erection in her hand and sliding down in one deep thrust the whole length. I sat by her side as they fucked. She was looking at him with a real intensity, playing with herself and leaning down to him to kiss him. Cliff was in ecstasy — he had both hands on Irene’s boobs, and when Irene wasn’t kissing him I leant forward and tongued him deeply just so he wouldn’t forget who his real lover was.

However instead of letting Cliff just cum in her fanny, when she judged he was on his last lap, Irene lifted herself off his cock and sucked him hard — Cliff wasn’t expecting this and came with real force into her mouth, mouthing “Irene, Irene, Irene…” over and over again.

As Cliff started to get his breath back, he told Irene to kiss me again, so she did and once more I tasted my son’s bitter, salty cum on my tongue.

Of course all this had got me very, very aroused, and all I wanted to do was to make myself cum, but for some reason I felt inhibited. It was Irene who solved the problem —

“Mo, you must be ready for something to happen… I don’t think Cliff will be able to oblige for a while, poor dear, come here love, let me give you a little rub…”

Of course being a woman she knew better than any man how to rub me a climax, and she began to stroke me gently, gradually increasing the pace until I felt the usual and wonderful rush and spasm, and felt the redness spread around my neck and the warm wave of cumming sweep through my tummy.

Even though we’d only had a couple of drinks, as we went on that afternoon we really did lose pretty well any remaining inhibitions we had. As Cliff recovered both he and Irene turned all their attention to me and took turns in kissing and sucking on my pussy, before Cliff turned me on my left side and came up behind me with his erection, positioning me so he gained entry to my sex, while Irene lay facing me, nibbling on my tits and kissing me and Cliff in turn. I returned the favour she had extended to me earlier and brought her off with my hand; Cliff had a particularly violent climax when he ejaculated in me, forcing my shoulders forward until I was nearly bent double as wave after wave of cumming took hold of him.


Cliff left for college the next day, Sunday, in prepartion for the start of term on the Monday. I cried of course, and my husband thought it was just a silly mother losing her son, which is what it was of course but I was also losing my lover, at least for a while.

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