Early Morning Gloryhole Visit

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Early Morning Gloryhole VisitIt was early just before day break and i had fell asleep from drinking after  a long week of work. I wanted to have some at the gloryhole that night.  So when i woke horny feeling freaky as hell and dick hard as fuck.  I needed to go and have some fun with someone before the GH was empty . So I grabbed a huge t shirt with no sleeves and some very baggy shorts and sneakers and i left still with a good buzz maybe still drunk a little. So  I pull in the  parking lot  and there is only one car. Hopefully there other in the back parking lot. So i go in pay fee and then  use my key to go to  gloryhole area.  I walk around and see no one it was empty. So i go back out and enter theatre area. Once you pay you have access to all areas except private rooms you have to rent those out. So i go into the theatre find a screen in one of the sections. They have 4 sections and 4 huge televisions and couches to watch sit back relax and enjoy the videos of your choosing.  I went to every section i was the only one there. So i sat down and started watching vids hoping someone would come in looking for some fun. So i sit there with my hand on my dick and playing with myself watching the vids. Then after about 20mins I heard someone buzzing in  the theatre or the gloryhole . So I waited to see if they were coming in the theatre.   After about another 15 mins i heard the buzz again and they were coming in the theatre for sure this time. I pull my hands out of my shorts and bahis siteleri sat up straight and got nervous as hell. I  had never been in the theatre area before and wasn’t sure how things go down.  So when dude walk into the my movie area  i glanced back just to see  him to let him know see him. He spoke” Hello” and i replied “Hello good morning”.  He sat down behind me and exchange idol conversation like the how hot it was and how much  i drank and how much he drank and getting up nerve to come here. Just casual conversation nice tall white dude from what i could see of him. Then we got quiet and my hear started racing not knowing what to do next this not like the gloryhole stick your dick in the hole then i start sucking and then we agree what is going on.  Maybe i have to make the first move.  So i sat back on the couch and put my arms inside my sleeveless and started twisting my nipples which i love and when someone else does it even better i become extremely horny freaky and willing. That’s when he put his hands on my shoulders and ask me ” Are you good you need me to massage your shoulders a little. Nobody is here but us .” I answered ” if you like.  We are the only 2 perverts in here” with a laugh. He starts rubbing my shoulders then stands up and  goes in my shirt pinching my nipples. He hears me moaning so he knows i like it . Then he takes one hand away and rubbing on my neck and face with the other. Next thing i know i  feel the i see a huge dick on the side my canlı bahis siteleri face and he is not fully erect yet. So i turn to give him all my mouth to fuck to get him all the way hard. While  licking his shaft he becomes nice and hard and he is grunting.  He has one of the biggest dicks ever it seems. Now he  leans my head back over the couch and he is standing above fucking my throat . i start to gag then he slows down with long deep strokes i  have never been done like that before and i am getting turned on more and more. It must have been really good for him also he told he was about to cum and all i could do was swallow as much as i could and let the rest fall where it may. After that load he came around in front of me and put his dick back in my mouth so i sucked him some more then he groping all over me nipples especially . He was talking trash and i liked i got him hard again and that’s when we heard the buzzer go off someone was coming in . So jumped up and went to another movie section. He was pulling his pants up and i walking away looking back to see if they had saw us. Then there is a sign that says public sex is i*****l. So i took a seat in another section dick so hard from all that dick and cum in my mouth and almost getting caught is the most erotic and exotic thing i have ever done. Now this dude comes and find  me in the other section . He sits beside and starts rubbing his dick and i am so horny  i want suck him some more but the other person is in canlı bahis here with us i am thinking . So we go to the back row of the section so it may more difficult to see us. I get on my knees in front of him and start sucking again then he tells me pull my shirt  . I do and he feeling all over my back nipples and i am out of control sucking his dick and ball deep in my throat. Then he says take off your shorts.  I tell him” No… never been fucked in the ass.” He says” Let me just feel and play with it a little. If you tell me to stop i  will. I knew he was full of it but i played along and took off my shorts. He grabbed my ass and squeezed as I stood in front of him. He started sucking and biting my nipples and that stunned me right then he could have fucked my ass.  Then he cupped my ass then grabbed my hips and turned me around. Then he smacks my ass and i whimper trying to be quiet.  Next the other person came around and asked could what is going on.  Then he is just watchin while the dude turn me around and put his dick back in my mouth.  I suck him real fast because someone is watching do freaky shit. So the other guy starts jerking off.  So he gets closer to us … So i say wtf i have never sucked to dicks at once. He was as big a the first dude but he had thickness. it was so awkward  sucking one and jerking another I started sucking the other guy the he shot a quick load down my throat then the first must have gotten too excited and gave a sweet side facial. i was cover in cum. Then the first tried to put his limp dick in my tight ass wasn’t gonna happen this day.  Then more people stared buzzing grabbed my clothes hit bathroom and didn’t look back. I am just becoming a REAL FREAK. AND I LIKE IT

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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