Early Learning

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Amateur Teen

A Good Samaritan has his reward.

She raised the alarm and his temperature.

I had not had a real holiday since my parents had retired ant left the UK for the Caribbean. My grandparents had owned a hotel on the South coast and that had passed to my father who turned that into three hotels in three different holiday locations. They were now my responsibility and I had been working hard at making certain that I would not drop the ball.

Now I was taking a few days off and had taken my girlfriend and her grandmother on a tour of the Yorkshire moors in my motorhome. Now I had delivered them back at her grandmother’s house and set off for a day on my own just wandering in one of my favourite areas.

I had last been in this area of the moors over ten years ago, but nothing seemed to have changed. I climbed up the hillside onto the plateau and paused to admire the view.

Hey mister, mister. The voice was coming from a pile of rocks off to my left, but, although it had a sense of urgency, it was not much more than a loud whisper. I stopped and thought about what I should do, but the call came again with the addition of ‘please’, which decided me to investigate.

Once in the rock pile, I found a girl aged around 16 or 17yrs old, about 5ft 6ins tall and very shapely. She put her fingers to her lips so that I knew I should be quiet then she pointed at the lip of a drop. Before I moved, I heard the noise that had alarmed her. It was the unmistakable sound of a woman reaching an orgasm, and at that moment, she reached it.

The girl whispered that she had seen a man down there with her and she thought he was raping the woman and I should do something about it.

I beckoned the girl to follow me away from the rocks, and once we’d reached the path, I told her that he wasn’t raping her in fact he had been doing what she wanted him to do and had enjoyed it.

“How do you know that she had enjoyed it?”

“Because that is the sort of sounds a woman makes when she’s having sex and enjoying it.”

“It didn’t sound as though she was enjoying it. I don’t think it sounded good at all.”

“Well, if it wasn’t enjoyable, people wouldn’t do it, and if people didn’t do it there would never be any children and so you wouldn’t be here. It is so nice, that people do it for fun, not just to have children.”

“Well what was he doing to her that made her moan like that?”

“Oh come on, you must have had sex lessons at school and I bet you’ve seen a boy’s penis so you know the difference between a boys penis when it is normal or aroused.”

“Yes we had sex talks at school, but we didn’t have anything that mentioned that sort of reaction and yes I’ve seen a boy’s penis. My brother showed me his and asked me to feel it, but it was soft and floppy I haven’t seen it when it was stiff. I showed him my pussy, but he never went stiff and when he put his hand on my pussy, I didn’t feel much,

“How old is your brother?”

“He’s 12”

“He’s too young to know what to do or be able to do it. Why don’t you ask your mum or dad about sex?

“They wouldn’t tell me anything to do with sex. They never even told my sister or me about periods and when she had her first one, she was frightened, but mum just gave her a sanitary towel to use and said that she’d do that every month from then on.”

“My sister asked her friends about periods and she told me so that I’d know what it was when I started. They also told her about tampons which mum never mentioned. Have you had sex?”

“Yes, I have a girlfriend and we love to have sex, but she admits that she does like to have sex with girls. Have you had sex with anyone?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Do you play with your pussy?”

“If you mean masturbate, then yes I sometimes do. My sister and I share a large bedroom and she did it to me on my birthday. We went to a club and had too much to drink. On the way home, she said she would tell me how to please myself, but when we arrived home she got into my bed, she did it to me. It was nice, but I still didn’t make any noises like that woman was doing.

There aren’t many boys round here, and none that I fancy doing anything with, but I would love to know what it’s like. I don’t know anyone I would want to have sex with, but I like you. Do you fancy me? My sister said that I have a sexy body, so would you show me? If it is so good then I would like to know about it.”

I hadn’t expected that question or the request that followed and so I was unprepared for the thought that went through my mind, and the pulse of arousal that went down my cock. This girl had reached the age where physical and hormonal changes were taking place and she was already a shapely and attractive girl.

She had pronounced and full breasts and long legs with strong thighs and suddenly I wanted to enjoy whatever she would allow me to allow her to experience.

I was full of lust and did not have any thoughts regarding ‘taking advantage’ or ‘morals’.

“Do you live in that village down there and if you do, will you be expected home soon?”

“Yes I live there and no I’m not expected home, mom, dad and Mary are working and John has gone to Grandma’s, she’s mum’s mother. “ I don’t have a job yet.

“Do you know where we can we go where we won’t be seen or heard?”

She did. On the way, I explained about foreplay, quickies, tender sex, and sex for fun, with either same sex partners or heterosexual, and that not all sexual activities involved penetration. Having got there, I told her to stand before me, which she did and then I felt her breasts through her T-shirt.

She stiffened for a moment and her nipples followed suit, but she relaxed as I explained that lovers would always want to feel a woman’s breasts. I said that it let the woman have time to decide if she really wanted to go any further than having her breasts felt, because there would be more than mere feeling if she allowed him, or her, to continue.

“Did you caress your sister’s breasts, or did she feel yours?”

“No, she just stroked my pussy and I got wet and then she rubbed my clit and I felt as though I’d had a shock and wanted to do it again, but she wouldn’t. I have tried to do it to myself, but I’ve never had the same feeling again.”

I lifted her T-shirt up over her breasts, which she pulled off and dropped. Her bra’ followed suit. It was a flimsy thing, but she did need it.

I stroked her erect nipples, cupped and fondled her breasts and kissed her. When I bent to nibble one of her nipples, she gasped and said that she felt a sort of shock in her pussy and had been surprised at how nice it felt.

I removed my shirt and laid it down then I knelt, removed her shoes and shorts, and asked her to lie on my shirt. I lay beside her to kiss and stroke her body from her neck down to her knickers, paying particular attention to her tummy as I sucked a nipple into my mouth.

Her breasts were thrust upwards as her stomach was sucked inwards, my fingers slid under the elastic of her knickers to cup her vulva. I pressed very gently against her sex slit for a few moments until I felt her labia become moist then withdrew my hand and asked her to remove her knickers.

“Will you take any more clothes off?”

“Certainly. I was going to ask you to take my things off in a short while, but if you wish you may take my things off now.”

She made me lie down and then removed my shoes, then my trousers, and my underpants.

To say she was wide eyed would be an understatement. She looked at my erection and then at me and asked, in a very shaky voice:

“How big does that get?”

“It is almost at full size, but it needs to be stiffer than it is at the moment. Hold it. Wrap your fingers around it and squeeze it very gently.”

She did so and I had trouble keeping calm.

“How do you get something that size into a woman?”

“It goes in the same hole that babies come down, so it will go, but at first it has to be done slowly so that it doesn’t hurt.”

“Wow! That is nothing like John’s is.”

“His will grow as he does, and when he wants to have sex with you, you’ll know what to with his erection. Believe me he’ll love you for having that knowledge.”

“Do you remember what I said about not all sex involved penetration?”

“Yes I do. Why are you grunting like that?”

“Let go of my cock.”


“What you have hold of. Let go of it.”

I fondled her breasts as she knelt over me and then I asked her to lick the end of my cock, which she did.

“Hold it upright; just use a finger and a thumb. Now very slowly suck the end of it, let your lips go around the end and use your tongue to lick it. That is so good love. Now suck a little more of my cock into your mouth, do it slowly, get used to it being in there.

After ten minutes, she was taking around four inches of my cock into her hot little mouth and then bobbing her head up and down. It was wonderful, but I had to stop her because I was close to cumming and because I wanted to taste her sex.

“Lie down and take those knickers off, I want to lick your pussy. Did your sister lick your pussy when she showed you about masturbation?”


She lay down and removed her knickers without hesitation and I parted her legs to have a good look at her slit, which was exactly what it was, a line between the faintest of puffed lips, which I intended to open and enter using my tongue as a crow bar.

I knelt at right angles to her body and kissed her, and then I kissed her nipples as I placed a hand over her vulva and once again pressed against her sex. There was a sharp intake of breath, then she exhaled noisily and at the same time her bottom came off my shirt, which was acting as an under cloth. She also reached for, found and held onto, my cock.

I repeated this action, this time paying more attention to fondling her breasts and kissing my way down her body until my mouth was directly over her sex. I pressed my lips firmly against her puffed up, but closed outer labia and then forced my tongue hard against the slit and began to lick against it and soon the slit was a crack and my tongue wormed its way into her inner recess.

She began to grunt and gasp. She thrust her bottom upwards and I responded by pulling on a nipple and rolling it between my fingers.

It was ‘Open Sesame’. Her outer labial lips were fully open and her inner lips just needed the lightest touch of my tongue to part and allow me access to her vaginal passage. Her sex was open for whatever was in store for it and so it prepared for the event it was about to experience by flooding her soft and tender parts with lubrication fluids.

The title of ‘honey pot’ was well deserved. She tasted as sweet as that. I quickly inserted a finger into her sex to coat it with her juice and then offered it to her to taste. She did so and then dipped her own finger in there and sucked on that.

I lay beside her and told how to position herself above me so that I could eat her sex and she could suck my cock. All was going well until I rubbed her little pink clit as I kissed her anal doorway. She exploded into a climax and shuddered for several minutes until she had calmed sufficiently to ask how I did what had caused her to feel as though she’d had an electric shock.

I told her and I showed her in slow time. When her second orgasm occurred, it was a much noisier, but less violent happening and I think she enjoyed it more.

“Now what do think about the noise that woman was making? You just made similar noises and you hadn’t even been fucked.”

“You ought to do that to your sister, she won’t want you to stop and I bet that she will want to do it with you every night after that.”

I lay her on her back, placed myself between her legs and told that I had to apologise for what I was about to do, but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

“Are you going to fuck me?”

“Yes love I’m going to fuck you, I think gaziantep escort kızlar you’re ready at the moment.”

“Yes, please do it, please fuck me, ooh I loved saying that.”

I inserted my cock in the opening of her vaginal passage, explained about the short pain when her hymen tore and then I eased my way into my first virgin vagina. I took her slowly and gently and was happy that she yelped a little when I deflowered her, but said to keep going.
Oh how tight she was. I felt each millimetre of my cock’s journey into her body and revelled in the shudders and trembling that she experienced.

I taught her how to use her legs and feet to hold me close to her and to put her hands on my bottom to pull me into her if she wanted to rest for a moment. I taught her some words and phrases to encourage the person who was fucking her in their performance, and how to guide them in what to do to give her the utmost pleasure.

Her second orgasm was the first one she had ever experienced while being fucked and she was as noisy as any woman who had just reached paradise. By the time I pulled out of her love tunnel to eject a stream of semen over her breasts, she had experienced three more orgasms.

“Now you know exactly what that woman was feeling.”

While I used loo roll paper and some of my bottled water from the rucksack to clean the blood and semen from her, I admitted that for me, the nicest way to prevent semen from spraying the woman was to get the woman to suck my cock and swallow what came out. I also admitted that I would happily insert my cock into the opening of her anus and shoot it in there, but it still had to cleaned up at some point so swallowing was best for the woman.

“Would you fuck me again?”

“Do you mean today?”

“No I think I’m too sore for that, but I would love it if you can come again and fuck me. Will you do that?”

“I can come and fuck you every weekend if you would like that. All I ask is that you don’t tell anyone about what we do.”

“I’m not going to tell anyone that I’m fucking with someone that I’ve just met.
How did you get here?”

“I have a motor home parked in the village.”

“There is a picnic area car park just before you enter the village. Next time you come, park in there, right at the back. Walk into the village, buy something at the post office, then walk back to your caravan, and wait for me to come.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“You said fucking was enjoyable, I believed you and now I want to do it again.”

“What did you enjoy the most? Was it having your pussy licked and sucked or was having my cock inside you more enjoyable?”

“All of it was wonderful, but I think being licked and sucked was the best, part I could stand a lot of that.”

“May I take a picture of you, on my mobile? Nothing your mother couldn’t look at, just a picture of a pretty girl on the moors.”

“Yes of course you may.”

“Would you do oral sex for another woman, if she wanted you to and if she did the same for you, I don’t mean with your sister?”

“Why did you ask me that?”

“I just wondered how much you’d enjoy it if you were able to do it with another woman.”

“OH, well, if it was with a nice friendly woman whom I knew, I think I’d enjoy it.”

“Would your sister be such a woman?”

“Oh, I have thought about that, but I don’t think I should do it with Mary.”

“Why not? Don’t you like her?”

“Yes I like her, but we’re family.”

“You said that she masturbated you and you enjoyed it. Well that is having a sexual relationship with your sister and if she had kissed and licked your pussy, you would have enjoyed it. What has changed so much that you couldn’t do it with her, especially as you have had oral sex done to you? You could surprise her and tell her you’re repaying the pleasure she gave you. Think about it.”

“You have to go down that path now and I go home this way so no-one will see us together. I will look out for you on Saturday, please come and I’ll tell you what happens with Mary. Good bye.”

Turning onto a small path, she disappeared from my view.

“I drove out of the village and as soon as I was in the nearby town I parked and called my girlfriend.

“Hi love, I’m on my way to collect you. How is your gran? Well I thought that she’d enjoy a few days holidaying in the ‘van’ so that’s good. I will be there in about fifteen minutes and I have some news for you. No I won’t tell you until you’re with me, but you will like it. I will tell you that I have a present for you, which I think you will like. See you soon love, bye.”

When we reached the motorway, I passed my mobile to her.

“Look at the last snap in ‘Pics’.”

She looked at the photo for a while and then said:

“So just what did you do whilst stretching your legs and enjoying the scenery?”

“I stretched my legs for a couple of miles and then I enjoyed the scenery.”

“Was she the scenery you were enjoying?”

“It would be difficult not to enjoy nature’s bountiful display, don’t you think?”


“I never thought to ask. She was a virgin.”


“Was. She had a very steep learning curve, but what you will be pleased to learn is that out of all the experiences that she had, oral was tops. Especially the receiving of, but that was because she only had a man to please. I did, however discover that she would be amenable to giving as well as receiving if the recipient was someone she knew and considered her to be friendly.”

“When can I have her?”

“I have told her that I can meet her at the weekends and that I shall be there next Saturday. She told me where the best spot was to park for discretion.”

“I think that Saturday will be sufficient for her to be certain that she’s safe with me. I’ve already sown a seed about sex with a woman, so preparing her for you should be easy. You be ready about twelve o’ clock and we will pick you up. I will lay any odds you wish that you two will be eating each before other afternoon tea. Don’t misunderstand; I do intend to be involved in the frolics.”

“She has much to learn my darling, but she really is willing to fuck.”

“What is her name?”

“I honestly have no idea; we just never got around to asking.”

“Did you talk to her at all?”

“I know it would appear otherwise, but yes we did, it’s just that the sex question seemed to loom large in her mind and I admit to keeping it to the forefront of her mind.”

I explained how I’d met her, that she really had asked me to show her the basics of sex, and I showed her what she wanted to know. Now I wanted to move on to more advanced lessons.

“So what am I to do on Saturday while you fuck my present?”

“Don’t be sniffy, you can get smart points by going to visit your gran again, you know she loves you and would be very happy if you visited her again. I’ll pick you up about twelve o’ clock as I said and in the evening, once she’s gone back home, we’ll go to a hotel for the night, because I think that the ‘van’ will probably need airing.”

“That would be waste of a good bed. You’ll be knackered”

“I shall make you a very happy woman when we get home tonight, just to prove how wrong you can be. Your new playmate has wetted my appetite for more strenuous activities tonight and next Saturday will be the same. I shall pace myself, just for you.”

The following Saturday morning was damp and chilly, but I felt bright and cheerful when I arrived at the parking area and parked in the designated spot. I walked quickly to the Post Office cum shop and bought six ham rolls before returning to the car park.

I had only been back about ten minutes when she opened the door and quickly closed it behind her.

“Please pull the blind down on that big window; I don’t want anyone to see me.”
“Would you drive back the way you came? I’ll give you direction on where to go.”
I did as asked and, fifteen minutes later, we were inside a dilapidated barn behind a derelict farmhouse. Ten minutes after that she was sitting on my lap as I removed her T-shirt and bra’ before I kissed her, fondling her breasts as I did so.

“How do know that this place is safe from prying eyes?”

“It belongs to my grandad, my dad’s father. Grandma is dead and he is in a nursing home. Dad isn’t OOHH, interested in farming and sold MMphm, off all the machinery and tools a long time ago. John sometimes comes over, but not often, because it is a longish walk, and then he comes with his friends. Ooohh aagh. ”

“Get on the bed and undo your jeans.”

“I was so pleased to see you. I was not sure you’d come and was getting irritable at home so ooooh they were pleased when, don’t worry they were old knickers, OOH. Fuck, I told them that I was going out even if it was raining. MMMPhurr. I was out of the shop before you went in there sooooh they won’t connect us, but I think my siiiister has guessed that I’m meeeee-ting someone. Don’t worry about her; she wouldn’t say anything even if she knew what I was doing.”

“Roll over and spread your legs.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to kiss your lovely little anal door, then I shall lick it and then I shall gently stroke it until it opens a little. After that. I shall strip and get on the bed beside you and ask you to get above me in the 69 position so I can lick and suck your pussy and your sphincter as you suck my cock. After that, we will have a cup of tea.

Pulling her soft bottom cheeks apart, I blew gently onto her sphincter as I lowered my face towards it. When I was within range of my target, I pushed my tongue hard against her sphincter, but I kept descending until my mouth was against it, at which point I began to suck and lick her back door, and eventually, it opened slightly.

At this point, my tactics changed and I commenced to fondle her buttocks as I licked her sphincter into submission thus enabling me to slide a finger into her.

“Mmooh, uurg. That feels odd, it doesn’t huuur, hurt but ooh it does feel weeeird. My pussy is getting wet. Will you fuuuuck, will you fuck mmee now?”

I rotated my finger around in a circle causing her sphincter to widen sufficiently for me to insert a second finger into her. At this point I withdrew my fingers, reached for the lubricant I had positioned before she arrived, then smeared my fingers with it and re-inserted the two fingers into her anus and slowly commenced to finger fuck her.

“Ooh, aahh, oooh that is a funny feeling. My pussy is beginning to cramp, I’m soaking . Are you going to fuck me or not?”

“Don’t be in such a rush. I could fuck your bottom right now; in fact, I’m having a hard time not shoving my cock into your bottom, but I want you to experience as many new sensations as you can manage during this morning because you are going to have a wonderful afternoon trying them out yourself.”

“Yes I am going to fuck you my love. I’m going to spend many happy hours fucking you, but not just yet.”

I removed myself from her anus and washed my hands before climbing onto the bed and getting her to mount me in the 69 position. From that moment on, she didn’t need any prompting on what to do. She began enthusiastically masturbating and sucking me, and for my part, I was almost drinking her juices as I ate her labia and rubbed her clitoris.

I kept her in that position for an hour, with regular stops to allow both our furnaces to cool down sufficiently to allow us to continue. Nature was always going to be the deciding factor in this situation and so it proved; she reached her climax in spectacularly explosive fashion, which triggered my own release, and as I rammed my groin upwards, she thrust hers downwards and so we writhed on the bed in ecstasy.

She had managed to remove my cock from her mouth just as I discharged a stream of semen and therefore she had her breasts and throat liberally coated in the stuff. I was less messy, but I did have her juices all over my face and so it was a shower for both of us.

I put some heating on for a short while and when we’d both showered, I made coffee for us.

Naturally, she was very curious about my reason for not doing that which she had been hoping to experience, and exactly what was going to be so special about the afternoon. Even after I’d taken her mind of the subject by taking her back onto the bed to kiss and caress all the parts of her wonderfully shaped body that I could reach, which was most of them, she still asked for clarification.

“Get dressed my sweet and oh so inquisitive sex toy, I will take you on a journey of enlightenment and untold pleasures of the flesh.”

We arrived outside the house of my girlfriend’s grandmother at the appointed time, and to my surprise, she was waiting for us. Usually I was the one doing the waiting so the thoughts of getting a sexy ‘present’ had obviously concentrated her mind.

She climbed into the cab and smiled at her ‘present’.

“Hello my love, I don’t suppose for one second that he’s explained anything to you, in fact I doubt if he’s even told you his name, or my name and he probably hasn’t even asked you what your name is, has he?”

“Hello; you’re right, he hasn’t told me anything at all. And my name is Sandra”

I knew that I wasn’t going to be required for some time so I started the motor and set off back to the barn hideout.

“That is typical, he’s so desperate to get inside our knickers he can’t even manage an introduction. I am Janet, he is Frank, sometimes extremely so, and the reason I’m here is so that you and I can get to know one another on a more, basic, level. Frank said that that you enjoyed having oral sex; as I love to give it and to receive it, preferably both at the same time, he thought that we should meet and compare notes.”

“Did you let him fuck you this morning?”

Sandra blushed, and Janet giggled.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but the look on your face was wonderful. Please don’t be offended, but neither he nor I believe in talking round a subject. He told me what he’d done with you and how you responded. I wanted you to know that you can talk and behave as you wish with us because it will never go any further. How far is it to where we’re going?”

“We’re nearly there, five minutes I think. For lunch I’ve got ham rolls that I bought in the village shop and eggs and bacon in the fridge.”

“Sandra, are you sure that you want what we’re going to do together?”

“I’m nervous, but I feel that I can trust you, so yes, I want to do this.”

“Frank, when we get there, you stay out of the bedroom area, I want this beautiful young woman all to myself for the afternoon. Lunch will have to be in about an hour.”

There were a lot of ooh and mmph noises coming from the bedroom area for some time and then Sandra hit high C as she climaxed. More gasping and grunting followed and shortly after that, she became voluble although most of what she said was incoherent. I opened the driving cab windows and began to prepare lunch.

The smell of frying bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes brought them to the table. The sight of two very shapely; tousled, bright eyed and best of all, nude, females, almost made me want to skip lunch for a more rewarding activity.

Janet and hunger prevented me from skipping lunch. I could have ignored hunger, but Janet would never be ignored, and the look I received told me all I needed to know about my chances of sex with Sandra today.

“You can make up for it tonight my love, but she is mine and I do rather think that I’m number one on her hit list.”

“That’s as maybe, but you have no idea how difficult it is to be civilized when two nude, nubile women are moving about within reach and one is not allowed to even feel a bouncing bosom or anything else.”

“Is that correct Sandra? Are you dumping me?”

“No I’m not dumping you, I want you to fuck me again, but I’ve just met Janet and I want to spend more time with her. If you’re feeling lonely I can always get my sister to come with me next time, I think she would also enjoy meeting you two.”

That made both Janet and me take a quick look at each other and almost in unison said:

“Your sister KNOWS?”

“She guessed that I’m meeting someone and she guessed that it would probably be for sex, but she didn’t ask any questions. She told me she’d guessed, and when I didn’t say anything, she said that she wouldn’t say a word to anyone and I was to be careful, but to enjoy myself.”

“She said I was lucky to have found someone I felt I could trust and wished that she could do what I was doing, but there are very few people to do it with and not have it all over the moors inside the week.”

“What I haven’t told you, because I haven’t had much chance, is that after you told me that you thought Mary may be interested in doing oral with me, I got into her bed and cuddled with her. I told her that I wanted her to masturbate me again and as I said it, I put my finger on her pussy and pressed her clitoris.

I was so surprised when she just moaned and opened her legs so that I could get all my hand on her. I was very nervous about what was happening, but then I thought about the things you’d said and I realized that I could help both of us to have a little secret happiness.”

“I was so pleased and happy that you’d done all those things to me. She was wet when I started and when we had both cum there was a big damp patch on her bedsheet. We’d had to be very quiet because mum and dad were downstairs, but they were watching TV so it wasn’t so bad.”

“She came into my bed on Thursday and we did 69. Janet, please stop sucking him and take me back to bed. Frank, I promise I will do that for you before I go home.”

I had to promise not to fuck Sandra, until she asked me to, on Sunday. I agreed, mainly because I did not hear anything about Janet being off limits. I dressed and went for a look around the old farmhouse while they enjoyed each other’s bodies, but I heard Sandra say, “Oh God Janet, do that again and minutes later she screeched that she was cumming and then there was silence.

The silence was longer than I expected and I was becoming concerned so re-entered the ‘van’ and broke my promise. I put my head through the drapes to find that both of them face down, on the bed.

Take note; face down. The view of two bare bottoms, with clefts sufficiently open to allow a view of the secrets nestled within was much more than I could stand. I just could not ignore the sight, or the challenge and temptation that they presented.

It only took a moment or two and I was naked again. As I began to make my presence felt, she lifted her buttocks enabling me to insert a finger into her rear passage to pressure her into lifting them higher. There was a rustle and Sandra stuffed a pillow under Janet’s groin to help support her as she muttered:

“Oh fuck, I thought that was you at my back door, I’d forgotten about this randy bastard.”

“Get on your hands and knees and spread your lovely thighs apart my love, I want to play doggies and you’re the one I want to play with.”

Mounting her, I inserted my rock hard erection between her labial lips and into her moist vagina and then slowly descended that waiting passage. Holding her hips to steady both her and myself, I fucked one of the most desirable rear end I am ever likely to see, and the sound of sheer appreciation of my efforts made the wait worthwhile.

Sandra decided that she didn’t want to be left out so she joined in by sitting in front of Janet with her legs spread and then laying back to present her moist and open sex for Janet to do with as she wished.

It appeared that Janet wished to eat Sandra’s clitoris and therefore she got what she deserved when Sandra grabbed her head and pulled herself hard against Janet’s mouth to hold it there until I had completed my assault on the other end of that lovely body.

I doubt that it happens very often, but Janet’s assault on Sandra’s clitoris brought Sandra to an orgasm, the noise she made during her release triggered Sandra’s orgasm and the subsequent tightening of her virginal muscles around my cock brought my semen boiling up my shaft.

I know that Janet is on the pill, and I know that she also has the ‘morning after’ pill, not only do I not want to cause the slightest risk of an unwanted pregnancy, I also happen to enjoy sticking my cock head into the beginning of her anal passage and pumping my love juice into her body.

This I did, much to Sandra’s interested gaze.

“Janet, does that hurt?”

“He doesn’t go in deep enough to hurt and we both enjoy the feeling. If he really wanted to fuck my anus he’d put it in very slowly. If you take it very slowly, it is a fantastic feeling when you climax.

When his cum shoots into your rectum it is completely different to having it in your vagina but it makes your vagina want to close up completely and that causes your anal passage to tighten up and that causes the man to get even harder and makes his cum shoot out faster. I love it.”

When I extracted my cock from, Janet’s rear door, Sandra moved in to have a good look at Janet’s open sphincter and to insert fingers into the passage and have a feel inside her new friend’s bottom.

I felt a great deal happier after that exercise, and after showering, I did the washing up and drying of our lunch items while the girls showered.

It was time for a serious talk with Sandra and as I made coffee, I told her that she must be very careful about what she said to her sister about Sandra and me. I was about to say more when Sandra said:

“Mary doesn’t know if I am meeting a male or a female. She said that whoever it is must be older because of what she now knows I have learned. I know she wants to know more, and I do think that if it was safe and I let her, she’d have sex with me every night.

“So would I darling, but he’d only keep butting in.”

“That settles it. Sandra, How old is your sister? She’s twenty, she wants to leave home, but the only job she’s ever had is house keeping up at the manor. She likes the work, but it doesn’t pay very well and so she can’t afford to go away.”

“When you get your sister alone tonight, tell her about us. Tell her what we’re like, tell her what we’ve done together and what you think about us. Whet her appetite and tell her that she is welcome to join you tomorrow, if it is possible to do that without your parents becoming suspicious.”

“She can come and talk to us and walk away if she wishes, or she can join in to any degree that she feels comfortable. All we ask is that she is discrete and tells no-one.”

Sandra kept her promise and brought my cock up to attention before putting her hot mouth around the result and taking the whole of me into her. Her head bobbed rhythmically as her mouth fucked a very appreciative admirer.

She obviously sensed that I was approaching the moment of eruption, because she suddenly stood up, turned around and reaching down, she grasped my pulsing shaft and lowered her anal doorway onto my cockhead and forced herself a little lower until she was satisfied that she had a good seal and then she began doing slow vertical press ups. Each time her bottom came down, my cock went a further half inch into her. She had over four inches of me inside her when I shot a hot load of cum into her rectum as I grasped her breasts and stood up.

I am 6ft tall so Sandra suddenly had eight inches of cock inside her from behind and Janet was on her knees in front of her to take advantage of the presented open, and wet, pussy.

Sandra screeched, she sobbed and shook and a violent tremor went through her as she climaxed and flooded Janet’s mouth with a rush of her juices.

I sat down again and Janet helped Sandra to unplug me and then took her to lie down. We both expected tears and recriminations, but what we got was:

“That was fantastic! That was fucking marvellous! I have just had my bottom fucked and the only bit that hurt was when I put his cock in my bottom. I couldn’t believe it when he stood up and I felt him slide up inside me. When he came it was like being flooded.”

“Please do that to me again tomorrow Frank. I want Mary to see it, but I want to feel it again.”

We washed and dressed and then had a coffee as we sat and talked about the way the recent events could be manipulated to our mutual benefits. I had a couple of ideas, but as they involved Sandra’s sister and therefore her agreement, not only to have anything to do with us, but also with what I was thinking of proposing.

It was all very well making grand plans, but so far we only had the views of a 16yrs old girl an how her sister would react to the situation.

We drove Sandra to the picnic area, which was empty and told her that overnight we would be in the railway hotel in the nearby town and would collect her, and hopefully her sister, in the morning at 9 o’ clock.

We spent the evening by dining, followed by a visit to a cinema, which was something we had never done together, and then to bed to watch a TV comedy show that we both enjoyed. We enjoyed what we did next as well, but it was something of a quicky because we were both a little tired.

The following morning we parked at the appointed place and sat enjoying the warm sunshine and the two shapely females, with daypacks, making their way through the woodland towards us.

“You know, this is going to be difficult, Sandra is young and sexy as hell, but her slinky companion is making my cock twitch. Surely they are not sisters, she must be nearer 5ft 10ins and I just love the way those hips sway. Oh, I am going to enjoy getting to know her.

Once our guests were settled in our ’living’ area Sandra’s sister said that she had something to say to us that may spoil our plans;

She was correct in that assumption. There was nothing disastrous in what she said, but it dampened my ardour are little.

“You know that Sandra has finally told me about her activities with you and I now know that she has told you about our sexual behaviour. I must admit that I am less than pleased about her telling you about us, but I am very happy about what you’ve taught her and the way she has blossomed since becoming involved with you.”

“I have to tell you that I won’t be joining in with your activities, not because I disapprove, but because I shall be going away for three weeks and I might not be returning. If that wasn’t the case then I would have gladly dipped a toe in the water.”

“When are you leaving? The reason I ask is that because today is Sunday, I think there is still time enough for you to have a paddle.”

“Janet, I am finding this hard enough without you tempting me further. I cannot risk losing this chance to move away from here to find a job that leads somewhere. If I weaken now I may never get another chance, I would also be breaking a promise to a good friend of mine.”

“I am going to house sit for married friends who are going on a cruise for their wedding anniversary. I can use this time to search for a job with a hotel chain. I have some experience because I’m head housekeeper in a large country house and they have guests coming and going throughout the year, but it is a dead end job and I just don’t want to spend my life there.”

“Mary, I own three small hotels on the coast and at the moment I have just purchased a fourth which is smaller than the others. I intend to change it into a guesthouse. Janet used to be the manager’s secretary of one of my first hotelst, but I soon discovered that she was a far better manager than he was. She is now the general manager of all my hotels, and I was about to ask her to find a resident house-keeper for my new venture.”

“I think it would be a good idea for you and Janet to get together in some quiet place and discuss your future. Treat it as a job interview, but you will have to know what’s what, because she certainly does.”

“We’ve been here long enough; I want to move back to that old barn before someone gets curious. Are you coming for that chat with Janet? There is no pressure and no guarantee of a job offer, but you have to start somewhere.”

Once I had parked the ‘van’ in the barn, I made coffee. Janet and Mary were already sitting on the bed having a question and answer session, but I wasn’t listening to their conversation because Sandra had lifted her daypack and was leaving the ‘van’, beckoning me to follow her, which I did of course.

“I think we should leave them alone, they have a lot to sort out and Mary is as nervous as a kitten as it is. I think she will soon be doing exactly what she said she wouldn’t do, but it has been a long time since she last had some really intense sex and I have told her all about Janet’s ability to blow your mind.”

“If I took you to a dark corner and removed some clothing would you have a go at blowing my mind, again?”

She took me to a dark corner; it was in a shed behind the barn to which she had a key. Inside were two huge beanbags, a table upon which were candles in jam-jars and a box of matches. I was a little curious about a bone-dry shed with relatively clean beanbags, but before I could say anything, she explained that her brother and his friends had used it as gang hut and her dad had fixed the shed for them.

She was surprisingly well prepared, for someone who supposedly expected to be alone with Janet and me, inside a well-lit motor home. I said as much and she gave me a wicked smile and told me that she had been in Mary’s bed early in the morning and had left her in a very aroused condition. She had wanted Mary to experience Janet before she made any firm decisions.

Taking a sheet out of the daypack and covering the beanbags, she had effectively provided a bed, which left me in no doubt that Sandra had something in mind other than a quiet chat.

“You said something about removing some clothing. Which bits were you going to remove?”

She removed her shirt to reveal a black, very lacy, and insubstantial, bra’ which was acting as a hammock for her breasts. Then she removed her walking boots and dropped her jeans.

The view was pure heaven. The second part of her underwear was as insubstantial as her bra’. It was very lacy, very revealing and both pieces together would not have provided a snack for a moth.

She was pure temptation and she knew it. She began to undress me, when she had my boxers around my ankles I stepped out of them. She took hold of my rigid cock and using it as a tow bar she lead me to the makeshift ‘bed’ and asked me to lie down.

I lay on my back and Sandra knelt over me. She moved the skimpy material covering her sex to one side and then guided my cock so that she could impale herself. Once she was satisfied that all was to her liking, she lowered her body until she had all of my offering inside her and began to rotate her hips.

“Urgh, oh god that is so nice. No, you can’t hold my tits, keep still and let me do this. I am going to fuuuck you, ouhgod, then you can fuck me, but my under-ware stays on. When we’ve uung, finished, I’m going to put iiit into zip-lock bag and keep it as a oohfuck, memento.”

Sandra began to move up and down, but she kept on with the rotation movement and soon her breathing changed to panting and gasping as her climax approached.

“If you keep that up for much longer, two things are going to happen. I will shoot my load up against you cervix and I will simultaneously rip that fucking bra’ off those tits and chew your nipples.”

She did exactly what she’d done last time I was about to cum inside her. She lifted herself clear of my cock and moved her groin forward slightly until my cockhead was nudging against her sphincter. She pressed down as I pushed upwards and the gate of secondary heaven opened.

She screamed as my cock forced its way up into her rectum and she continued screaming and laughing as she pumped herself up and down my shaft. Then she had an almighty orgasm and that caused my own eruption into her rectum.

“OH god. Oh fucking god, Oohaa, hangg, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Sandra collapsed onto me so I had to struggle to lift her off me and deposit her on the ‘bed’, face down, and then re-enter her bottom. I was rigid again in a few strokes and able to drive my cock all the way down until my groin was slapping against her bum-cheeks.

I lay on her and fucked that glorious body and it wasn’t long before her hands made their way to her sex and she began to masturbate. She had a second, less intense, orgasm and I pulled out of her body to allow her to calm down. As she did so, my semen had begun oozing out of her and onto the skimpy panties.

“She stood up, took a small plastic zip-lock bag out of her daypack, removed her underwear and sealed it in the bag.

“I will always have this to remember you by if you ever stop coming to fuck me.”

We didn’t bother dressing for our return to the ‘van’; we merely slipped our shoes on and carried everything else.

Mary greeted Sandra with a hug and a kiss and sighed as she had her breast fondled and a nipple sucked.

“Sandra, don’t you ever get enough? We could here being fucked from here so you surly can’t be wanting any more at the moment.”

“I need a shower, he needs a shower, But what I actually want is for him to fuck me in my baby channel until I can’t walk. He’s been in my rear twice, which was exactly what I wanted, but I still want his cock in my vagina.”

“I’m sorry Sandra, I would love to do that but I’m worn out. You will have to wait until later.”

As we showered, Janet and Mary prepared lunch, some of which Mary had brought in her daypack and some we’d bought in town. We were all relaxed and fully dressed after lunch and Janet told me what she and Mary had discussed.

The outcome was that Mary was going to go and housesit for her friends. Once she had settled, she would have Sandra with her for the rest of her stay, and this brought a huge smile to Sandra’s face.

She said that she knew their parents would be quite happy for her to do this because John could stay with his grandmother who would be happy to look after him. They could then have a break themselves and it was a cheap way for Sandra to have a holiday.

It was what came next that I was interested in. Mary had satisfied Janet that she was perfectly capable of running a guesthouse and then I added something that Janet hadn’t known because I had been uncertain about the last few details, but suddenly all became clear and I knew what I was going to do

“Mary, The ground floor of my new venture is a self-contained apartment. Originally, it was for the use of a long-term residential guest. Part of my purchase conditions was that I obtained vacant possession and that was agreed.”

“That apartment will be your residence. It will form part of your contract, but it is not tied to the position. This means that even if you cease your employment, you will still have a home, but you will then pay rent.”

“There are no strings attached to this offer. What we’ve done or may do in the future is completely separate from our business arrangements.”

“I have one last item on my list which is this: Janet, I never expected to be asking this question, but during our tour of the moors I realized that we really are soul mates. Will you marry me?”

“She would, and six months later, she did. She had two bridesmaids and all four of us live in what had started out as a guesthouse, but had never had any guests, because it never appeared on the market. Mary still has the ground floor apartment, Sandra has the first floor and Janet and I have the top floor.

There is no roster on who sleeps with whom, it just happens.

We set out each day to check that all is well with one of the four hotels that Janet and I now own, and occasionally we return with a trophy, which we release the next morning; unless, that is, they are in no hurry to be released.

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