Duchess for Dinner

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This was actually my first try on writing before I wrote “I Had to Have Her”. Please feel free to leave a comment and send feedback. It is a pleasure to write and know many others are enjoying it as well. THANK YOU again Marion Clarke for being my lovely editor.


Flipping through papers and scrolling through the latest gossip my boss Dan slams papers on my desk.

“Hey Jess what do you think about the duchess and the duke getting married?”

This story must have just happened on my day off because nothing usually runs through me. I don’t mean to seem like I’m bragging but I am very good at what I do. Being where no one was, the first on scene and the first to capture the true story through the lens. I snapped back to reality when Dan began giving me my new task.

“Jess I’ve already spoken with the people who work with the duchess and its arranged for you to go to the wedding and take exclusive pictures, be sure to make them look gorgeous.”

“Yes Sir.”

I began googling the duchess, now how I work is a bit different than many. I research my high paying clients and look for the basics but never look at images of my clients. Looking at other photos of them through different lens blurs my vision. Scrolling and clicking, she’s 24, name is Grace, enjoys polo, gardening, and a great game of chess. I bet she does like all those things but I wonder what she likes doing when no one is telling her how to run her life, and how to act. I logged off and drove home excited about tomorrow to come. I mean how often do I get to go to Rome, meet royal blood, drink wealth and capture a new beginning of a country. I fell asleep thinking of all kinds of cheeses I haven’t tried yet.

Next Day

I woke up and began packing for four days, I didn’t pack much only the essentials for the fact that all my outfits will be already at my hotel room. From Colorado to Rome wasn’t too bad of a flight especially riding first class. I arrived and was driven straight to the hotel. I had about two hours to get ready. My clothes were already laid across the bed. Whoever picked my outfit has great taste. I slipped on the white strapped dress, with a diamond cut out in the back. The dress hugged very nicely around my ass. My medium length brown hair was pulled back to an elegant bun with a few strands hanging. My green eyes were highlighted with tones of sultry brown and lined with heavy mascara on my long eyelashes. I looked like a knock out looking at the person in the mirror. I gave myself a wink and thought about all of the beautiful woman bound to be at this wedding and hopefully with my charm, I will be able to eat one for dinner. I grabbed my camera and the extra cash sitting on the bedside table and zipped it into my backpack.

The Wedding

The wedding was actually better than I expected, it was in a private forest. By the looks of the groom’s face this was what the Duchess wanted. He looked uncomfortable surrounded my humidity and bugs. The forest was beautiful like something off the discovery channel. I took a few shots of the greenery and the beautiful people invited. I estimated there were about 300 people here. I sat in the front row to get the best shots of the new couple to be. The whole world stopped as the Duchess walked into sight. She was wearing a beautiful white lacy dress, wearing no jewelry but for a beautiful pearl on a silver chain necklace. She was in a category of her own. She had beautiful long curly hair with gorgeous cheekbones, plump deep red lips, and dark eyes that made her look mysterious. Her skin beamed with a natural bronze. She walked slowly down the aisle, and as soon as she met eyes with me I froze. I froze in time, those eyes. I couldn’t capture her through the lens at that beautiful moment and I immediately felt embarrassed and out of my skin. She walked up to the alter and said her I do and I was able to regroup and get the shot of the kiss between the now Duke and istanbul escort Duchess.

The After Party

I rushed to the hotel after the I do’s and looked at my choices scattered on the bed. I chose the beautiful red dress that hugged my body like latex,, blow dried my hair and let my hair down, embellished my neck and ears with diamonds. The thought of the duchess’ eyes was all I could see. I rushed to the after-party, just as elegant as the wedding but was held in a beautiful cabin. I began taking pictures of the cabin and again the people. It wasn’t hard to find the duchess; she looked gorgeous in a purple long slimming dress that made my mouth water. Thinking about my hands running up that purple silk made my heart beat faster. I went to the bar to cool off and let the liquor take hold of my thoughts. I can’t be thinking these kinds of things. First off she’s a duchess, I have no worth or value to her . . . . a straight duchess. Second I’ve never mixed business with pleasure. Third she has a husband that could easily make my own existences vanish. I took another sip and felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Uh Hi your Jess right?” it was the duchess . . . great my mind and reasons for why my thinking was so wrong went out the window.

“Ohhhh yes that’s me, is there anything I can do for you Mrs Knightley?”

“Call me Grace please, and yes I saw you as I was walking up to the alter and I see you are a photographer, what company do you work for?”

“Encounter”, she then leaned in and whispered in my ear giving me goose bumps from my neck to my arms.

“Do you do private photos?”

This question made me question everything.. The moment I was having with Grace, the things at stake, my profession and composer.

“Uhm Grace . . I don’t think I . .”

She whispers again her bottom lip brushes against my ear and with husk in her voice

“Please I want you to Jess.” I swallowed and could only nod.

“Good my men will escort you to a private room at midnight . . I’m looking forward to our encounter.”

I sat there in awe watching her walk back to her table with the Duke. I watched as she laughed and smiled working the table with little effort. I snapped a photo of her. I walked outside to get some fresh air as I needed some time to gather myself. I walked back in with determination not to make a fool of myself and keep this professional.

The Private Room

The three sharp looking men escorted me to a back room. The party had died down and I began to feel nervous. I opened the door to see Grace sitting on the bed with a big over-sized light blue sweater, I was a bit confused to see her attire but I didn’t question, she looked stunning the Duke was one lucky guy to wake up to her in his bed every morning.

“Hey come sit down.”

I sat down and leaned on the baseboard. She curved her lips and smiled warmly.

“I’m drawn to you Jess, I can’t seem to pinpoint why but I’m sure I’ll find my answer later on tonight. I would like these photos of me to be nothing but seductive and tasteful.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Jess I’m not going to say this again, call me Grace, Now let’s get started.”

She got up from the bed and pulled the sweater off slowly like she was purposely putting on a show, revealing a black corset that made her core look tight and her mouthfuls of flesh spilling from the wire underneath. She then began slowly taking off her sweats moving her hips slow and seductive as if she was having trouble getting out of them. Her legs were long and smooth, sculpted to carry her beautiful curved ass. She looked me in the eyes feeling so ashamed knowing she saw me trace her curves with my eyes making me weak, luckily I still had the bed, a base beneath me. She began to run impatient as those dark eyes had a smoky color to them now.

“Jess I’m not going to ask again.” I swallowed hard and immediately got to my feet.

“Grace I want bahçeşehir escort you to pretend I’m not here, and begin thinking about what makes you wet, I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.”

She only nods. I stand behind my lens and look through and what I see makes me almost drop my camera. I see the Duchess begin seducing herself. Her hands are softly running against her body around her beautiful creamy breasts then down her stomach and back up, just thinking about her teasing herself in just the tight corset made me feel my sexual tension building, from my angle I could start to see her slit glisten and that made my mouth water, she seemed to be already turned on before this based on how wet she was. She then started tracing her finger slowly up and down her slit making her whimper. At this point in time I couldn’t hold the camera anymore and set it down at the table behind me and took a seat. God I ‘d love to have my hands on this woman and let her moans be my mine, but I stayed put. The next moment surprised me. .

“Jess come here, I need to ask you something.”

I walked over to the edge of the bed.

“Jess I want you to suck my finger and tell me what you think.”

I couldn’t resist, I could already smell her scent just walking to the bed, God she made my stomach turn, I felt I hadn’t eaten in 5 days, the hunger in me stirred and my pussy began to ache. I give her a slow soft suck and began to moan as her juices coated my tongue. She smiled a devilish smile.

“Jess, I can’t pretend anymore that you’re not in the room with me, I want you and I can tell by the way you look at me you would love to make love to me.”

“But. . I can’t you’re. .”

She then wrapped her arms around my neck and began to kiss me softly and slowly. Her lips were so soft and wet that I couldn’t help imagine what it would be like to taste her swollen flesh. She then began to kiss my neck as we both now started to moan.

“Jess, please fuck me.”

I couldn’t resist any longer I was so ready to devour her and drive her over. I grabbed her hands and flipped her over as I begin to kiss her down her spine; I then began untying the corset as she started to squirm with desire under me.

“Don’t move,” I told her as I spanked her ass.

She jolted as nerves began to heighten and let out a throaty moan. I pulled my dress over me and undid my bra. I began to straddle her to where my wet pussy was right underneath her ass, I could feel her juices and heat making my pussy ache more and more. I ran my fingers softly over her slit and traced her ass crack. She squirmed again and I spanked her and slipped my fingers in her hole.

“Duchess be a good girl and I will reward you.”

She nodded and became still again. It took everything in me to not fuck her so hard right then and there. My fingers circled her juicy hole and hearing her pussy click with the sound of juices against skin made me grab her ass and began to hump her. I really wish I had my 8 inch strap with me to really have her pussy clicking and running juices all down my cock. Instead I began to hump her pushing her ass against my fingers with each stroke. She loved it I could tell by the way she clawed the bed. I decided to reward her with three fingers in her juicy wet pussy. She moaned loud, I couldn’t help but moan with her she was so sexy, I could see the sweat down her spine begin to form and from the side her face looked so soft and in pleasure. I picked up speed and fucked her harder and harder. She cried out

“Spank me, Jessss pleassseeee.”

I did as she wished spanking her with the other hand, each hard spank igniting more nerves, I then took my fingers out of her wet cunt and licked them clean. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her delicious ass apart so I could give it a long soft wet lick. She purred and I could hear her heavy breathing. Mmmm she was so sexxxy. Who bakırköy escort knew the Duchess loved her ass played with? I began eating her ass out as she moaned and moaned, I put my hand underneath and began rubbing my finger up and down her slit again, she gasped and tried to back her pussy so I could slid my fingers in her slippery hole. As she backed her pussy to my hand my face grew deeper in her ass. She tasted so delicious but she was not listening I spanked and clawed her ass and ran my fingers against her slit but now deeper where I was back right near her hole, but instead of giving her what she wanted I ran my fingers further up and circled her asshole. She could not keep still now and began to moan louder.

“This is for disobeying me.”

I then stuck two fingers in her asshole and fucked her slowly; her moans then began to draw out to almost a whimpering cry. I couldn’t help myself anymore I had to give my swollen pussy attention and took the other free hand and pinched my clit, I jolted and began moaning. I was so ready to cum all over her ass but I wanted to save that for another time. I took the two fingers out of her ass and flipped her over. She looked at me with those sultry dark eyes with so much want and desire; I kissed her hard fucking her mouth with my tongue. Everything about her was just so delicious. I ran my fingers again on her slit as I was kissing her and she began to lose control and moan in my mouth.

“Jess, I need you please please I’m gonna burst.”

I run my tongue down her neck all the way to the inside of her thighs, her scent is so strong and I instantly moan and fuck myself. I was trying to take control but something about her made me lose focus and power to restrain. She had this commanding scent. I rubbed my nose on her hard clit and moved my soft lips and began to suck real softly on it with each suck getting harder and harder. I felt her body begin to arch underneath me and knew she was close. I slowed it down a bit because I wanted to enjoy her taste a bit longer. I worked my tongue down to her folds and began sucking and licking. Her juice was so pleasant that it made me moan, I could be there for hours just licking her sweet delicious pussy. I ran my tongue back up and felt her hard clit begin to pulse, she was so ready. I began to lick faster and gave more pressure, her moans were getting louder and her hands were grabbing the sheets. Her clit was engorged with blood and her body was becoming one with her clit. I picked up speed and slipped two fingers in her cunt and fucked her at the same time. She let out a moan but it got caught in her throat. Her juices were running down my hand to my elbow and I wanted to lick it off but I kept focus. I let my fingers out of her hole and slowed for just second and then back at it again. She begins to arch her back and moaned a long sexy moan. Her body shook as I caught all her juices in my mouth. Those juices deep from within were even sweeter. She dropped down to the bed and began to slow her breathing. I crawled back up and kissed her letting her taste herself. She then kissed my neck and bit my ear whispering

“I’m so ready to taste you. Straddle my face Jess”.

I did as she said and she grabbed my hips and pushed me down to her wet mouth. I instantly threw back my head and pulled on my hair. The heat from her mouth and her soft slow licks were driving me out of my skin. I began to hump her soft slow tongue in a faster motion and she didn’t like that much I could tell because she immediately plowed three fingers in my wet hole and began fucking me harder and harder and harder. I almost came right there and then. I couldn’t catch my breath, the pain was turning slowly into a deep deep pleasure and I began to whimper. She took her fingers out and began spanking my clit and I jolted with each spank. She then took my rock hard clit in her mouth and began to suck and lick on my clit, I was now losing. Her flicking her tongue on my clit made me cum instantly causing my body to vibrate as my juices were spilling into her mouth. I collapsed on the bed tried to catch my breath.

She then turned and licked my ear whispering,

“I think I found my answer, God your pussy was delicious”.

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