Drunken Daughter Ch. 06

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All persons in this story are 18 or older.

Thanks to Dmbdriver1 for the idea for this story.

First, I hadn’t mentioned that the women usually have an enema and clean out before anal. For those who are confused, Emily and Hank feel like they have known each other for years. They are so comfortable with that, they have been totally candid with each other. As for the sex, Hank requires consensual sex and all three women like oral, vaginal, and anal sex with him. They are very aware of fecal bacteria and make sure to prevent contact with it. By the way, there is a waterproof battery powered clock on the far wall of the master shower and that’s how Hank is able to tell approximately how much time lapses.

Author Zenzerker says it best: ‘Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it!’ Thank you very much ZZ, Z69.


I had checked with Janice before leaving on the young man I had offered a job to. He had showed up filled out an application and Janice hired him, his name is Jake. He was happy to go to the pancake house and quit as the boss said don’t come back when you can’t find a job. He told him had already been hired and had much better pay, so he would be back to pick up his final paycheck and the boss said don’t bother. The kid grabbed his time card and ran out the door hollering something about the police. He had called the police and filed a report that he was not being paid for his work to date. The police sent an officer to look at his time card and talk to the boss and advised him to pay the kid and said I’ve seen the time card. You owe him for 36 hours of whatever his pay is and asked about payday. The boss said next Friday as the officer assured the boss that he would follow-up.

I learned about this and went to see the boss on Friday, asked him if the check was ready, the boss said no. So I called the corporate office right in front of the boss and reported him to his bosses. His phone rang thirty seconds later and I could hear him getting chewed out, it was that loud. After the boss hung up I mentioned that Jake and I would be back after he clocked out and his final check had better be ready. Jake finished early and we went to the pancake house, the boss had left without making out the check. I called the police to report the boss’s negligence and when I hung up with an officer on the way, I called corporate again to let them know what the boss had not done. They were not happy and the boss returned to the restaurant as an officer put him in cuffs, walked him in and uncuffed his writing hand and told him to make the check out, NOW!

He made the check out, signed it, and the officer recuffed him and placed him under arrest for attempted fraud as the boss’s face drained of color. I left Jake’s time card on the maybe former boss’s desk and we left, I dropped Jake at his car and told him to have a good weekend. I liked him and I was right, his team leader told me his skills were good and I told him he had worked at the same company I did almost twenty four years ago. He just smiled wondering if that’s why I started this company, I nodded yes and he shook his head in amazement. I went back to the office, picked up Emily as Janice looked up and smiled shaking her head at my skills. She asked if we were training and exercising tonight, I nodded yes and she grinned.

She still hadn’t told me if she was going to study Karate too. Emily had decided to, but Janice didn’t know that yet, she would find out tonight. I thought to the girls ‘what are we doing about dinner?’ and they replied in unison ‘we still have leftovers from the reception OK?’. Emily and I cracked up at the unison I replied ‘OK Mom and Becky will want the beef and you and I could have the pork’. Emily told me she wants some more ‘love cums’ and I just smiled noticing the glassy eyed woman I was with. I knew that we would wash the day’s grunge off, eat a light dinner and probably have a love fest after training. I was pretty sure the girls would want to join us and maybe loving or fucking or both.

The girls had food on the kitchen table for us to select from. Mom got a Shiraz, I got a beer grabbed a plate and started loading it moderately. Hanna noticed how moderate the food on my plate was and wondered why, I thought ‘Mom wants ‘love cums’ again tonight after training’.

Becky said “Sis, I told you they were going to have sex.” and giggled loudly.

Hanna moaned “Alright, I owe you a penny.” Emily giggled and I laughed hard. Here were our daughters betting on whether we would have sex or not and it was funny. Hanna frowned at my laughter, turned up her nose a little and haughtily left the room and I laughed even louder. She gets in a snit every once in awhile, but comes out of it pretty quickly. We sat at the table as family, enjoying the food and company, sure enough Hanna was back to her fun loving self. I smiled at her, gave her chin a fatherly squeeze and she smiled at me. God, I love that woman and was curious diyarbakır escort as to what kind of man she might choose to be with.

We finished dinner but loaded a snack plate for later and put it in the fridge. My Honey grabbed my dick and led me to the master bedroom pulling me on top of her to have one ‘love cum’ before training. I got on my elbows to relieve some of my weight on her and we started with frenching, she loves it and could make a corpse cum just from that. She kisses with enthusiasm and I was hard in seconds, so I felt her pussy and it was drenched. I started to put a condom on and she told me it had been eight weeks since she and Becky had started birth control.

I put Junior at her pussy lips, moving him up and down to wet him and she moaned and squirted big time. The doorbell rang and Hanna answered letting Janice in, told her the lovebirds were in the master bedroom giving Mom ‘love cums’. She giggled and said she had to see this and as she walked in the bedroom doorway, Emily squirted big time. The girls were between our legs licking Mommy cum and cleaning me of Mom’s cum too as Janice quietly said ‘Share’. The girls let Janice have some slurps as she quietly remarked at how good Emily’s girl cum tasted. I put him back at her entrance and she moaned, grabbed my butt, gently pulling me into her.

This was going to be a loving session and I wondered if I could give her a ‘love cum’. She pulled her legs back and gentle tweaks to her nipples so I lovingly pushed Junior to my ‘stop line tattoo’ and withdrew as nicely. She moaned and shivered a ‘love cum’ as I smiled at my love. I leaned down, licked her lips with a lot of caring, planting kisses and nips everywhere I could reach. She shivered again and her pussy clamped down on my cock tightly as she came again, oh damn that did feel good. Janice giggled and Emily and I looked up, surprised at her presence, but she had stripped and had a bare pussy too, with good sized lips and clit.

I started getting closer to my climax and drove a little faster, because I noticed her getting more aggressive with her nipples. It went from loving time to fucking time in the space of five minutes. The girls had noticed as well and had their faces in direct line with Mom’s pussy. She moaned heavily and let a big squirt fly and the girls just moaned at the volume and speed of her orgasm. She was moaning loudly and often at the sexual stimulation and speed of her orgasms.

I started pumping at full speed forcefully and just before I came, she came another big squirt. The girls were cumming too from just the mental connection and the visual squirts as they had pussy juice running down the insides of their thighs. God, that was another turn on for me, watching my loves cum hard and as Hanna moaned, pointed her butt at Becky, sis got her mouth on Hanna’s pussy. Hanna came with a big squirt, Becky was drenched and I was hard again, my women did that to me all the time, I loved it. Janice said ‘Share’ so Becky gave her some, some for Mom, a little for me and swallowed the rest.

Hanna noticed, pointed her butt at me, putting her finger on her anus and thought ‘nice and hard Dad’. Since the girls had cleaned their rectums out earlier, I slid my cock into her pussy to lube it, then into her butthole as she moaned and squirted my torso. I pumped hard and fast getting one more squirt from her as she collapsed on the bed mewling loudly. She thought ‘Dad, you fuck me so nicely whether it’s loving or fucking, God, I love that Daddy cock almost as much as I love you’. I went into the shower to just wash Junior, feeling fairly certain that Becky wanted butt love or fucking. I returned and Becky was on all fours pointing to her anus and thought ‘fuck my butt Dad’. I checked to see if she had enough lube, she had lubed her asshole and thought ‘hard and fast Dad’ so I put some lube on my cock and slid into her rectum.

I don’t always have to use lube with Hanna because her vaginal fluids were a little thicker than Emily’s and Becky’s. She moaned and squirted me big time, then giggled followed by another loud moan and another big squirt. Janice was off to the side jilling like crazy and I could see some very erect lips that were wide open and a hard clit. She started to moan, so Hanna got between her legs and she almost screamed out a cum as she really squirted a big one. Hanna dribbled a little in Janice’s mouth, Becky’s mouth, Emily’s mouth and a little for me, swishing it in her mouth and swallowing. I commented to Janice that she tastes good and she blushed, thanking me for the compliment.

I was nearing my climax and Hanna had recovered enough that she noticed me moving faster, thought ‘Dad let me have this load, I’ll share with your women’ and giggled. So just before my cum hit, I turned to Hanna’s opened mouth and she sucked me down, backed off as I came five or six ropes of cum. Becky had stood using the wall to steady herself looking at the lusty sight of sis diyarbakiranalatik.com sucking on Dad’s manmeat drizzling a little bit of girl cum on her inner thighs moaning. Emily had recovered and squirted a little at our sexing each other, mewling in lust, probably wanting another ‘love cum’. I thought ‘Honey, do you want more?’ and she just nodded yes, I knew this might turn into an almost fuck fest before we started. When I finished cumming, I had my women, and Janice had become one of them, join me in the shower. We washed each other, dried and donned our gis.

We went to the dojo, bowed and started stretching as I usually was in pretty good shape and only stretched some. Stretching done, I started the girls on the next part of the kata they were working on. I moved to Emily and showed her how to kick, stance, as well as punch. Janice asked if I was training Emily in Karate and I nodded yes. She said that after last Saturday in LA, maybe she should learn as well. I commented that she had to make that decision, that I couldn’t make it for her. She nodded yes, so I had Janice copy what I had started with Emily, correcting any little mistakes a student makes when starting a new art. I watched them for five to ten minutes and then went to my area to refresh my skills as well. The women were doing well, so I showed the adult women the next part of the kata I was teaching them. I went to our daughters and showed them the next part of their kata. I was pleased that they thought the training important.

We finished their training and my refresher, bowed leaving the dojo and hit the master shower. We had stripped in the master bedroom, leaving our sweat soaked gis in a pile to wash tomorrow. After getting wet we formed our ‘washing circle’ again and scrubbed whatever the recipient would allow. Hanna got a butt plug vibe for Janice with lube and inserted it in her anus, handing her the remote. Janice turned it to high and squirted and all three women said ‘Share’, so Janice laid down on the bench table as the women started licking her cum from legs and butt. She squirted even bigger at the tongue stimulation and I added my ‘Share’ and licked Janice’s pussy and butt.

She really had improved in taste and it made me wonder if her squirt cums had improved her flavor. Several of the women agreed with that thought and Hanna thought her and Becky would research it on the web. Janice asked if I would love her pussy so she could turn off the anal vibe and I agreed. She was on her back with legs near her breasts, I pressed a hard cock into a very wet pussy. She squirted a huge cum again and dropped her legs letting me know she was loved out again. She looked up and said thank you all, that last cum has me loved out in case you couldn’t tell. The girls removed her vibe, I put it on the sink counter and they helped Janice shower, dried her, helping her to bed. Wow I thought, this is the second week in a row that she has squirted almost as much as Mom and Hanna, Becky wasn’t far behind Hanna either.

I turned on the sink faucet and washed the vibe with soap, Hanna smiled at my actions with the cleanliness factor and came up to me to give a hug. I hugged her back, dried the vibe and we went back to the shower area to finish our love session. I went into the shower for a brief soap and water wash on Junior, saving the girl cum Janice sprayed all over my torso. Emily joined me in the shower and started licking Janice’s girl cum from my body. I reminded her to leave some for our girls and she giggled and thought ‘maybe’. I chuckled at how lusty my Honey had become in just a few months time. The girls came in and thought ‘Share’, so Mom backed off and they finished cleaning the cum off of me. When they were done, I stepped into the shower and formally washed as Emily came in to wash my back, fondling Junior as well as my anus.

I moaned, but was able to keep my cock fairly flaccid, making me think that if I could gain conscious control over him I might only have to cum once or twice when we have these mini fuck fests. I wondered if I could help Emily get off with the link as well, this could be a fun way to make love or fuck. Start with the most sexual organ in the body, the brain and all it’s little control nerves. This could be a fun experiment if I am able to succeed, it might even work with our girls during our love or mini fuck fests. Emily grabbed my cock, dragging me to the towels and we dried each other off as she moaned at my touch.

I hooked a finger in her pussy dragging her to the bed and she giggled with a little squirt. I started thinking of nice loving sex with her on top and my cock buried in her pussy. I started moving in and out very gently, playing with her nipples and doing my ‘back rub shoulder to butt’ routine and she shivered on the third round of ‘rubs’. I kissed her with all the love I could muster and she shivered again. I smiled at my Honey, keeping up with the back rubs and occasionally fondling her butt crack. The fourth time I fondled her butt, she shivered and thought ‘you sweet man, taking me to orgasm heaven all these times, I’m keeping you’. I thought ‘I’m keeping you too, my sexy love’ and squeezed her butt cheeks lovingly as she shivered one more time and rolled off of me.

The girls were jilling at all the love thoughts and the visuals of me giving Mom all the sensual ‘love cums’. They could feel how much sensuality I was exuding to Mom and cuddled with us emitting little mewls of sexual loving satisfaction. It was near our bedtimes and I thought ‘daughters, I need those curriculum’s by Monday so I can figure out how much money to move into your school accounts that us adults will control until you’re ready to take charge’. Hanna complained and I thought ‘who has the business degree?’ Hanna thought ‘you do, but why are you doing this?’. I thought ‘because the first couple of semesters you will be sorely tempted by all your classmates wanting to party. I strongly suggest that you keep your college fund amounts to yourselves or you will be hit on all the time.’

Hanna said “Yah know Dad, I hadn’t even given that much thought to it. I guess it makes sense to keep our financial lives private, whaddaya think sis?”

“Yeah, Hanna, it does make sense, because I hadn’t thought about what Dad just told us either. We really do have great parents.”

They giggled in unison again and Emily and I just laughed hard at their ‘unison’ becoming more and more. I thought ‘we will set up an account so you two can have an allowance each week. There will be social events that you will want to attend and they’re rarely free. Midnight snacks at late night study jams, and if you are caught up, a movie or two here and there.’ Hanna thought ‘wow Dad, you really have thought this out, haven’t you?’ I thought ‘yes Hanna, partly because that’s the way it was when I was in college and I lived in the dorms for the first two years. I met your Mom in the second semester of my sophomore year and was making enough to share an apartment with two other men. I would invite her to my apartment for a weekend after we became intimate.’ I had to stop at the second mention of Andrea and go meditate for a few minutes to calm down. My women joined me in the hottub and massaged my shoulders, giving me mental support with loving thoughts.

God, I love my women to the point of risking my life to protect them like I did for Emily in LA. I had to keep my thoughts trained and not on a bunch of punks that should be in front of firing squads. I calmed down and thought to all ‘I saw many a student get sucked into the social meat grinder, over spend their rent money, food, toiletries, etc. I am trying to make sure you daughters are aware and can avoid this lethal downward spiral. Quite a few students had to drop out, get whatever menial jobs they could find that barely paid them just living expenses. You girls won’t have to worry about that because I’ve been there and will educate you about those pitfalls.’

Hanna stood up, straddled my lap and gave me the most emotional, loving hug ever. When she left, Becky was next and almost in tears at how protective her ‘new Dad’ was. Far better than asshole ever was and knew that Mom was in far better hands as well. Emily slid over and hugged me very forcefully at my devotion to my women with tears in her eyes. She thought ‘just another check mark in the ‘keep you’ column’. We hugged, had tears of protective joy, and I thought ‘I will sit down before you start in just one week and make a checklist that I would like you to memorize. That way, when one of those pitfalls jumps out at you, you’ll be able to sidekick it right into the trashcan’.

The girls and Mom giggled at that, but it was a good analogy of the traps that some students would lay out to control others. I had avoided that problem in my Freshman year when they had a martial arts demonstration and I had been invited by my former Sensei to participate. We did the ‘show’ and afterwards a number of students came to me wanting training. I had declined on the reasons of studying for my classes and a few of what I had noticed as bullies the first week, gave me wide berth. One of the bullies had decided that he was better than me and tried to assault me. I put him in a choke hold and had my roommate call campus police, when they arrived, he was unconscious, but alive. They asked if I would teach the female population, but I declined quoting my studies again. Word got out about what had happened to the bully and I had no further troubles from them.

Bully came to me, apologized and asked that I train him, I declined stating that his mental attitude had to change 180 before I would even consider it. He did change some, but not enough for me to even think no more than a ‘NO’! My Junior year got real busy as I was concentrating on the architecture classes, with my core classes done. I wouldn’t even talk to anyone wanting training since I had little time to practice my arts and study. My Senior year was even more hectic and I rarely had time for more than a nice meal and conversation with Andrea. She was not displeased, because she knew that I wanted to graduate a semester early if that were possible.

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