Drunk Daddy Ch. 02

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Hannah and her parents sat on the big couch watching an old movie. It was one of those stereotypical, animated family movies. Hannah, nineteen now, thought it was a little boring, but her mom seemed to enjoy them. At least it was some family time.

She sat next to her daddy, their legs pressed together they were so close. Less than a week ago, on her birthday, he’d fucked her in his office. It was still strange to think about, but she couldn’t stop! At night, she would touch herself, thinking about it. He hadn’t mentioned it, but there’d been no time! They hadn’t had a moment alone together since.

Her mom went to get another glass of wine. Hannah looked over at him, though he pretended not to notice. “Can I sit on your lap, Daddy?” she whispered huskily. He grinned at her, kissing her cheek. He didn’t say no, so Hannah moved. The way it was, she actually ended up sitting between his legs, but that worked fine for her.

He pulled a blanket over them. His hand rested on her thigh; she leaned back against him. Daringly, because it had all she could think about, she turned her head, making sure to brush her lips against his neck as she said, “I want you to fuck me.”

His fingers contracted on her thigh. She wiggled against him, satisfied that already he had a hard-on. Her mom laughed at them when she came back into the room. “Aren’t you a little old for that, honey?”

“No!” Hannah protested, “Do you think I’m too old, Daddy?”

He grinned, hand slipping under the pant leg of her loose-fitting shorts. “Not at all, sweetie. Your mom’s just jealous.” Her mom laughed, throwing a pillow at them. She turned off the lights before sitting back down. “You’re going to have to be very quiet,” he whispered to her. Swallowing, she nodded. Tenderly, he bit her earlobe. Already, she shivered.

He pushed back the recliner, so they were almost lying down. He kept one of his knees up, to hide any movement, while his other leg bursa otele gelen escort was lazily stretched out. She bit her lip as his finger touched her. Slowly, lightly, he massaged up and down her slit. The tension eased in her core. He played carelessly with her pussy, taking his time, almost as if he really wasn’t all that concerned about it. He pulled and pinched and ran his fingers up and down. The back of her head hit his shoulder.

“Please,” she moaned, doing her best to keep quiet.

“What’s that?” her mom asked, looking over. He pinched the inside of her thigh and she sat up.

“I like this movie,” she blurted stupidly.

“Keep talking,” her Daddy whispered in a rasp, starting to put his finger in her.

She was glad it was so dark, otherwise her mom surely would have seen her blushing bright red! “What do you think of it so far?” she asked breathlessly. Daddy was going faster. She could hear her own wetness against the friction. Could her mom hear, too? “I really l-like the story! The world is so… so interesting…” She reached her hand behind her back, relishing his gasp when she touched him. She leaned forward a little, rubbing her thumb over the tip.

“I think so too! Though that guy is starting to creep me out,” her mom laughed. Hannah pushed her hand down Daddy’s shaft. He was breathing hard now. His other hand stole up her shirt, grasping her breast. Hannah desperately prayed it was dark enough.

She was so, so wet. She wished she could turn around and straddle him. “Oh! Excuse me, I just have to, uh, go to the bathroom.” Daddy glared at her as she darted up and left the room. She heard her mom rambling on as she went up the stairs. Her heart was racing. She dove into her closet, fumbling for her keepsake box. She whipped out a vibrator. It was supposed to be ‘whisper-quiet’. Hannah wriggled out of her panties. She smeared some lube on the bursa eve gelen eskort tip of the toy (though she doubted she needed it).

It was hidden under her shirt as she went back downstairs. Daddy eyed her suspiciously. He gripped her hips when she sat back down between his legs. Slyly, she handed him the toy. Would he do it? He went still. Hannah pretended to be getting comfy, managing to slip off her shorts without her mom noticing. “Could you turn it up a little?” Daddy asked. Mom reached for the remote, happy to oblige. Somehow, this only made Hannah hornier.

She leaned back into him as he pressed the vibrator slowly into her. She couldn’t hold her gasp when he suddenly turned it on. “God,” she whispered. He pinched her nipple so hard it hurt. It was so hot, with Mom right there! What was wrong with her!? She knew it was making Daddy harder, too. He loved this. But Hannah had to be quiet. He turned up the vibrations. He moved the toy in and out of her, so slow it was agonizing.

He started going faster. Dangerously faster. What if Mom saw?

Hannah bit down on her cheek, turning her head so her forehead touched his neck. His free hand started playing with her pussy as the vibrator plunged in and out of her. Wetness seeped down her thighs. He was so hard against her.

“Do you hear that sound?” Mom asked.

Hannah choked on her moan. Daddy had clamped his hand over her mouth just in time, too. Together, they stifled it. He turned the vibrator off, but didn’t take it out. Her pussy quivered, tightening around it and wishing it was him. “No,” he said innocently, “what sound?”

Mom frowned, then shook her head. “I guess I imagined it.”

“Hey, Mom?” Hannah managed, though it sounded a bit strangled. “Could you get me a glass of water, please?”

“Oh, you are so lazy!” she said, but she got up to get it.

“Thank you,” Hannah whispered. Immediately, bayan escort bursa Daddy started fucking her with the toy again. “Oh God! Oh, fuck, Daddy I’m going to cum!”

“Oh, sweetie!” he said, somehow sounding completely normal. “Aw, Hannah’s says she’s too tired, Jane,” he said, addressing her mother. “Come on, I’ll take you to bed. What? You want me to carry you?” he laughed, “Maybe you are getting too old for this.”

He gave her the vibrator to hold, and then he picked her up. Audaciously, they left the blanket behind. She clutched her shorts to her. “I can’t hold it,” she told him, loving that she finally got to straddle him.

“You better,” he said firmly.

Awkwardly, she fumbled for his belt as he carried her up the stairs. He swore as she pushed his jeans down. They were at the top of the hall. “Please, Daddy!” she moaned. He backed her up against the wall.

This time, he wasn’t gentle.

He held his hand over her mouth. Her hands clasped his shoulders as he shoved into her, rough and fast and painful. “You fucking bitch,” he said, but not too angrily. He let her cum all over him. All over the floor, too. He was still inside her as he carried her to her bedroom.

He hadn’t had his fun. The toy and the shorts tumbled to the floor as he lowered her to his bed. He didn’t close the door. She reached her hands above her head and grasped tightly onto the headboard. “Daddy! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” But she wasn’t really. He drove into her, hard. His balls slapped against her ass.

“You better be quiet,” he warned gruffly. She bit her hand. He grabbed her breasts, squeezing them tightly as he rode her. Tightness built in her. She moaned into her hand, loving the feel of him inside her. He grunted as he pushed his long shaft into her, pulling out slowly, and then driving back in at full force. She orgasmed again, in utter bliss. He pulled out and came all over her stomach and chest.

Her pussy ached. She sat up dizzily. “Don’t you dare clean yourself off, understand?” his voice wasn’t angry, but his words were. “I love seeing you like this, baby girl.”

“Kiss me?”


“Why not?”

He grinned nastily at her whine. He took one last look at her, backing out of her room, “Because you weren’t very quiet, were you?”

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