Droit de Seigneur

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Saturday is a day for running errands, and having finished mine, I returned to my downtown apartment about 2 in the afternoon. It was a pleasant co-incidence to find Julie standing on the sidewalk about fifty yards from the entrance to my building. Julie was my departmental secretary at the plant. I’m head of the software development section for the company, and manage a medium sized group that develops the programs that go into our products. Julie’s ostensible job was to handle the paper, but what she really does is keep the group in order. She keeps track of the needs of the people, and even keeps track of their health, with friendly advice to get some rest or take your vitamins or see a doctor. She also keeps track of where we are: in another office, traveling, working at home, or in some cases, just “out.” She does all this with an easy pleasantness that makes everyone love and respect her.

Julie is only 19, and is drop dead beautiful. She is from an Italian family, and has the wonderful loveliness of the Mediterranean. Her skin is slightly olive and absolutely flawless. She has lustrous black hair and intense, sparkling dark brown eyes. Her features are unusually delicate with wide eyes, perfect teeth and an incredible smile. Her body is not model-thin, but is strong and shapely, the body of a real woman with full breasts, round hips and an ass that I can’t even begin to describe. I suppose that in ten years she’ll start to become soft and plump, but today, “O, mama mia!”

In addition to being a superb helper, Julie is one of my erectile fantasies. I know that it is totally inappropriate for someone in my position to hit on her (or upon anyone in my group), and I follow the social conventions of my world; a dalliance would be so disruptive of the job to be done by my group. Still, I dream, mentally undress her and discipline myself not to stare in an unseemly manner. Moreover, Julie is engaged to be married in two weeks. As her boss, I’m invited to the wedding.

And, here she was. “Hi Paul, I’ve been in town shopping.”

“For the wedding and honeymoon?”

“Sure,” and she went into her adventures of the morning, ordinary stuff: taking the train in, negotiating the crowds, a lot of window shopping and browsing and a few purchases. We stood and chatted on the sidewalk about the day, and she mentioned that she had missed lunch. I was ready for a late lunch too, as I’d gotten up at 9 with just a cup of coffee and toast, then gone out and about.

So I said, “Let me put my packages away, and we can have a late lunch. My treat.” And instantly became apprehensive about implicitly inviting her up to my apartment. The place was clean and tidy, but my mind was far from it. Well, I would just have to be straight and circumspect.

We went upstairs, to my place on the 11th floor. Julie looked around, excited to look out at the cityscape from my balcony, check the art on my walls and examine my bookcase selections. She looked in th kitchen and suggested, “We could have Escort bayan lunch here.”

Then she reached into her shopping bag and held up a lacy nightdress. She smiled, “Want me to model it?” I grinned at her tease and didn’t answer, and noticed she was standing awfully close to me. I shuddered imperceptibly and felt a tightening in my groin. Better be careful, boy! If she were a new friend/lover-candidate I’d have done something gently physical: a light kiss, a hug, a squeeze. Here, the thing to do would be to disengage. The groin twitched tighter, contradicting.

“Nah, let’s go out for lunch.” I moved toward the door. Julie sighed, put the nightdress back into the bag and followed me. I held the door open, Julie came toward the door, stumbled on the edge of the rug and fell into my arms.

“Oh!” I held her, felt her lush body connect with mine, and gave a long drawn-out Ooohhhh myself. We tightened the clasp, enjoying the moment, and held it just a little too long. We loosened and I kissed her gently on the temple, then clutched again, and a lot more gentle kisses progressed into a real kiss. Julie kicked the door shut as I extended my tongue, meeting hers on the way out. We explored the new mouths. She was an avid explorer, with immense natural talent. We continued that way for a long time.

Then I broke slightly and whispered, “Julieeeee!” in admonition.

“It’s OK Paul,” she whispered back with just a hint of command, placing her mouth back over mine. We returned to our explorations. I moved my hands to her sides and my kisses down her neck. I moved my hands a little further, to the sides of her breasts and my thumbs rubbed about searching for her nipples. They had swollen and hardened and I stroked them through the fabric of her blouse and bra. I unbuttoned her shirt, kissing and licking her neck. “Yes! Yes! It’s OK Paul,” she repeated, the tone of command changing to one of pleasure.

As her shirt fell to the floor, I went back to her mouth, and this time our tongues went deep and strong alternating into each other. I undid the hooks on the back of her bra and released her breasts. The bra fell off her shoulders but was held in place by the contact of our chests as we continued to kiss without breaking the touch. As we held on, she pulled my shirt out in back. I loosened the hug, still held the kiss and Julie unbuttoned my shirt. We broke briefly as shirts and bra fell to the floor, then gripped again in another kiss.

The kiss now left our mouths as we both kissed necks and parted slightly. I moved my lips to the top of her right breast, then reached up again to hold them both in my hands. Julie’s breasts were magnificent: full and slightly over-ripe, good muscles holding them in shape, perfect, slightly blue-veined skin, and extremely large dark aureoles with great, erect nipples. I kissed my way down her breast, leaned over to grip the right nipple in my lips, kissed gently then sucked hard. “Oh, Paul! Ohhhh, Paul!” she whispered, digging Bayan escort her fingernails into the back of my shoulders, pulling my head into her chest, arching her back to thrust the breast harder into my face. I grabbed the nipple with my teeth and bit down, not hard, but more than gently. The fingernails jumped and dug deeper into my traps. She inspired a long hard breath through her teeth.

I kissed the breast some more, then kissed the other one, then straightened up and cocked my head toward the bedroom. She nodded and followed me. “It’s OK Paul, I’m not a virgin. Jerry and I have been doing it for a year and a half.” The fiancee. I wondered where he fit into the picture? At that point, it was only a flash of an idea, about which I didn’t really care enough to dwell on. I was so very hard and Julie had my total attention.

As we approached the bed, she loosened her skirt and kicked off her shoes. I reached for the night-table drawer, “No, don’t. I’m on the pill.” I pushed her down gently and peeled off her panties, then leaned over her, kissed each breast in turn and licked and kissed my way down that beautiful skin to her navel. I planted several kisses on the navel and continued south, licking and kissing along a line of fine, soft dark hairs. Her mons was beautifully rounded and covered with lots of black hair in striking contrast to that lovely smooth skin. I parted the hair with my thumbs and placed my mouth over the upper part of her labia, searching for her clitoris with my tongue. She was extremely wet and totally ready for penetration, but I wanted to draw out the pleasure. I licked the clit several times then sucked it hard. “Paul! Paul! Paul! I’ve never done this before!” She grabbed my brachial muscles and dug in her fingernails, spreading her legs wide and driving her hips into my face.

“Shall I stop?,” such a stupid thing to ask.

“No, no, no, no! Oh, Oh, OHHHH!,” and came with a flush of fluid. We held it for some time as she slowly relaxed, then sat up. “Paul, you still have your pants on. Let me suck you now.”

I loosened my belt and buttons while she zipped down my fly, then wiggled out of the trousers. My penis had extended through the fly of my shorts and stood as erect as it has ever been in my life. She didn’t bother with removing the shorts but took the head in her mouth and bit gently, then released it, looked up at me and grinned, “I’ve never done this either,” and returned to her activity. Maybe she was new at doing head but she made up for her inexperience with enthusiasm. She tongued the bulb then licked the shaft. She clasped my testicles and squeezed, not hard, but with just enough light pain to thrill. She took the whole thing in her mouth and sucked hard, then gave the balls another light squeeze. Every muscle in my body was bowstring tense. It was wonderful!

My penis, already totally engorged, grew slightly as I headed for a climax. Julie sensed it and stopped, “NO! In me!” and rolled onto her back and spread Escort her legs. I climbed on her, my penis sliding into her wet, slippery and thoroughly receptive vagina without hands to assist. We hugged and kissed, savoring the taste of our juices. We began to move in the rhythm of thrust and acceptance, alternately slowing to full, long strokes and speeding up to hard driving slams. We connected completely, as close as people could approach, slowed then picked up a frenzied plunging. It was foolish to attempt to keep my lust under control, so I let everything go and rushed faster and faster to completion. I came hard, spurting and spurting and spurting, deep within her. She hugged me tightly, with her arms, thighs and uterine muscles, drawing out every drop.

She went tighter and moved faster, “Paul! Oh please! Don’t leave me! Stay with me!” My penis had started to relax but was still large, and even though I was beginning to wind down. I stayed with her, working hard as she reached her own climax. Her vagina quivered in the paroxysm, again and again as she crossed her ankles and squeezed me.

Then it was over. We crumpled on the bed, wet and satisfied. We could barely whisper, “That was beautiful.” “I know, I know.” We lay there in the glow for a while, relishing the experience. After maybe – I have no idea how long – Julie sat up slowly and asked, “Can I take a shower?” I sat up too, then got up to get her my bathrobe and a towel. I sat back down for a couple of minutes more, then stood up and pulled on my trousers and a shirt, which I didn’t bother to button. She came out of the bathroom looking reasonably tidy, though hardly as fresh as when I met her on the street. Julie laughed, “We’ll skip lunch. I better go home.” She put on her shoes and went to the door, opened it, but stopped, walked back and gave me a sweet peck on the cheek. She was gone.

On Monday, work was business as usual. Julie and I were friendly, and I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed as though she gave me a couple of sly grins. We avoided any discussion or even mention of Saturday. This continued into the next week, until she took a couple of days leave to prepare for the wedding.

Saturday I went to the church for the marriage celebration. All brides are beautiful, and Julie was absolutely stunning, the crisp white gown setting off her beautiful slightly olive flawless skin, lustrous black hair and intense, sparkling dark brown eyes. She was quite pleased with herself, pleased with the ceremony and pleased with her new husband. Her pleasure added to her beauty. I joined the reception line and chastely kissed the bride. She introduced me to her parents and new in-laws, “This is Paul, a really great boss. Paul, I’m so glad you were able to come.” At the dinner, I danced with her, holding her at a respectful distance.

After the honeymoon, Julie returned to work, and the environment was as it had been weeks before, respectful friendliness, although we no longer affected the past hint of teasing. Our encounter was hardly a subject for further conversation, and neither of us touched on it. A few months later, I left for a better job. I never saw Julie again, but always I’ll think of her and smile and love her, to my dying day.

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