Driving in the nude.

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Driving in the nude.Like most hot summer days the evening was muggy and close. I was lucky enough to be up having supper with a friend and left their place about 11:00. I only drove about a mile from their house, thru the dark on the country roads heading back to the motorway that took me pretty much to my door. I had often driven naked at night but hadn’t done it in years, so I just thought what the fuck, lets strip off and enjoy the warm, the near empty roads and the night sky.Instant pleasure! i felt cooler and happier than I had done all day, I had shaved out my scrot and shaft a coupe of days before so they felt soft and moist from the heat of the day and so very glad to be unleashed.I knew of several truck laybys on the way home and again had not visited them for years. I was late enough, so i knew that there would be lorry drives pulling in for the night. I have always been impressed the way that some lorry driver like to drive naked or semi naked, and how most of them soon strip off in their cabs when they get pulled in and sorted. Most leave at least one of the cab curtains open so there is always plenty to see if you hit a good night, and in the summer windows are often wound down. I pulled into the first layby on the way home, sun roof open and naked as the day i was born. Sadly, there was not much around, one guy in a car, and one lorry dark and fully curtained up from what i could see. I sat there for a few mins the guy in the car got out, walked past and had a good look and returned to his car. The night was young so I was not too bothered if he stopped or look. About ten minutes later he passed by again said hello and headed back for his car.I thought i would head down to the next junction and check into the north bound carriage way layby and see what was happening therePaydirt, the place was full with about 15 lorries. I just drove along slowly to see how many of the drivers had curtain open or lights on. To my surprise and pleasure there were about 8 lorries, with curtains open, light on , or a combo gümüşhane escort of the two. From what I could see, most of the truckers were either shirtless or on their bunks in underware and one older guy was naked , hands behind his head watching the TV.I sat in my car for about an hour, a few guys walked past, few stopped for chat and one guy was kind enough to jerk off for me while i lay there naked and hard.After about an hour, I put my shorts and shirt back on and had a quick walk past up and down the line of lorries, most were pretty dark by now, some had a window open, some you could see inside with the help of the small internal lights all these cabs have. Luckily the light from the toilets gave enough light to see if someone was looking out.I stopped and chatted to a couple of guys and watched on guy suck off a bloke along side one of the lorries, the driver was watching from his cab and seemed interested in what was going on. I got back to the car and dozed off in jut my shorts. I guess I had been asleep for about 30-40 mins. Most of the cars had gone leaving only the lorries,the odd car came in and went.One german lorry driver, pulled in, got out of his cab, stark naked had a slash stretched his legs, walking up the line of lorries then got back in his rig and drove off. A good sign I though, no one seemed to mind. Right I am having some of this i thought. Stripped off, hide my shorts in a bag in the bushes and tucked my keys into my trainers.It was fantastic just walking up the line of lorries. I knew a couple of guys had had a look, one flashed his cab light on, I went past, still naked and he just spoke and said nice night for a walk and stuff. he was naked and was stroking while he chatted I too was hard, but I was not ready to shoot. I asked the guy if he needed a helping hand, an offer he accepted very quickly. He opened the door jumped down out of the cab and allowed me to finish him off. Regular sort of guy, nice cut cock, good heavy balls. His cock was well covered in veins and escort gümüşhane was hot it was so full and hard with fuck blood. Think he was str8, all he wanted was for me to jerk him off, which I was happy to do, things did not take long at all and he shot a good thick load over my chest and neck. Second one to me.Up to the next junction and back around to where I had first stopped. It was about a mile to the junction and back. As I was heading back to the first layby a lorry came up along side, I had the sunroof open and if he wanted to the guy could have a good look at me driving naked.I just stayed in his view for a few minutes so he could have a good look, i never looked up or made eye contact with him. i let him go ahead then i overtook him so i was on his side of the lorry, again I held my speed so he could look if he wanted to.I shot off and was almost at the layby when I indicated and pulled in. I saw in my mirror that he too was pulling in, BINGO ! I thought. I pulled in behind the couple of lorries there already, and turned off my engine. He soon pulled in behind me, he put his cab light on and i could see he was shirtless. His light went out. In a very few minutes, i saw his door open and out he stepped, naked and smooth. He was a older skinny guy with a nice big un cut cock.He walked up and down the curb side of his rig as if he was checking things on his lorry, then had a piss against the wheels then walked up towards my car. Hellos and all of that and soon I was out of my car and the two of us stood there naked and chatting. Like in most of these cases we both sort of played with our cocks and scratched our nuts or rubbed our chest while we chatted. It soon was silent and he reached across and started to feels my shaft and then he cupped my balls. I was on him very quickly, i had so wanted to feel his totally shaved cock and balls. He noticed the dry cum on my chest so I told him about the other guy earlier. this really interested him and i could see he was getting ready, nice drops of his gümüşhane escort bayan pre cum I put on my finger and rubbed into my nipples. He said that it looked like I had a thing about cum and stuff on my chest. I do and was pleased to chat to him about it. He was getting harder and his nuts tight and pulled up. I got down on my knees and he knew the cue and very soon shot a nice runny load of cum all over my chest. When i do these things i never dry off , just let it drip wherever it likes to run. He just said, thanks for the fun, got in his lorry and drove off. I was horned as fuck but did not want to end the night with a solo wank. I got back in the car and just waited, I was sure someone else would be along. About 25 mins later a lorry pulled in he switched off his lights but did not close the curtains. In about 10 mins I got that long awaited sign, a quick flick off and on of his cab light, then the road side curtains closed and he sat on the curb side, with his front curtain half drawn and smoking out of his window. I had been waiting for all of these signs. I got out of my car naked and walked back along past his lorry, turned back and slowly walked back along the length of his lorry. I heard his door open and he got out of his cab, just as naked as i was.He stood there hard and happy, stocky guy, nice cock , tats and a nice set of hanging balls, all in all what i was hoping for. I walked towards him and he towards me. We both grabbed each others cocks and went right in for a hard kiss. Hands tongues, nipples all working overtime. We were both ready to cum and that was what it was all about, just getting rid of some summer cum. We came closer cock to cock, belly to belly mouth to mouth leaning against the side of his lorry . I could not hold on any longer and let him finish me off, he cupped my cum and then jerked himself off over my ever willing chest.He then wiped his hands and his cock over my face and neck and that was that.He got back into his cab, me my car and both drove off pretty much at the same time. It was great driving home naked, satisfied and feeling the cum dry on my body. I got home, walked from my car naked, opened the door, felt the dry cum on my body and went to covered in lorry drivers cum after a fantastic session of driving in the nude.

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