Drinking My Aunty’s Pee

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In Chapter 1 I recounted how my cousin discovered me drinking her pee from her piss pot, and how she subsequently developed a taste for mine. In this chapter I describe how I got to drink my Aunty’s pee as well.

Chapter 2. I drink my Aunt’s pee.

Next morning Di and her mom said they were going shopping and did I want to go as well. I said I’d be fine on my own. I’d had my morning drink of Di’s pee, and planned on having a long slow wank on her bed wearing her panties.

As soon as they were out the front door I thought I’d have a look at Aunty’s undies to see if anything fitted better than Di’s, but I saw her potty under the bed with pee still in it. Like when I saw Di’s for the first time, my heart started pounding, and I felt dizzy with excitement.

Should I? Why not. I sat on her bed and lifted the potty to my nose. It smelt much stronger than Di’s, I dipped my finger in and tasted it. It tasted much stronger than Di’s too, saltier, more bitter. But it was a woman’s pee and I had to try it. I took a mouthful and swirled it round to get more flavour. At that moment the front door opened and Auntie flew in. “I forgot my mobile.” she said as she came into her room. She saw me with potty to mouth, and just gaped at me. I turned bright red, unable to move or talk. The dear lady said “Don’t worry, I do that too, but I have to go now before Di comes in. We Will Talk Later.”

Oh God, what on earth was she going to say to me. Would she tell my mom? But hadn’t she said not to worry, that she did it too? Did she drink her own pee, or my Uncle’s, I wondered. I lay back on her bed, slipped a pair of her panties on, and, sipping her pee, had a good long slow wank. It looked like I now had two pee girls to keep me happy. But bahis firmaları how to keep them from knowing about each other?

They got back late afternoon, but I stayed on the deck pretending to read until supper. During supper Jean went out to the privy, and I went after she had come back.

“I’ve left something for you under the sink.” she whispered. “Oh my, pee with dinner. Doesn’t get better than that.” I thought. I went out to the privy, peed, and found a still warm glass of her urine under the sink. I didn’t have too much time to savor it, so I downed it in one go. It tasted better than the morning’s drink, less bitter. I was desperate for a wank, but didn’t have time, so it would have to wait for bedtime.

I went back inside, and excused myself after supper to have an early night.

Next morning Jean sent Di shopping so that we could have That Talk.

“So you like pee and potties?”

“Yes, but I don’t know why, just that I want to drink a woman’s urine. I’ve had Di’s as well as yours you know, but she doesn’t know, so please don’t tell her. I love the idea that I’m drinking something from a woman’s body. Something that comes from a special place, something that has all the natural hormones and flavours that are the essence of a woman. It’s as if she’s nurturing me with something precious from her own body. Leaving potties full of pee sitting around was just too much temptation for me. But I’m glad you both did. And I feel so blessed that you would share it with me.”

“I know how you feel about it.” Jean said, “I like drinking it too.”

“Do you drink Uncle’s pee?”

“No. He likes a blow job and licking me out, but when I let a little bit of pee dribble out once to see what would happen he was quite disgusted kaçak iddaa by it and I never tried it again with him. So how do you drink pee?” She asked.

“Well, sometimes I just pee into a cup and then drink it. Sometimes I fill up a condom and drink from it, and when I’m doing my homework I have a condom with a rubber tube in the end so I can pee and drink at the same time. I hide the tube inside my shirt so my parents can’t see. I’ve tried sucking my cock by putting my legs over my head, but I cann’t bend enough. So the best I can do is pee on my face and drink what I can, then cum at the end. Some cum gets in my mouth, but most of it goes all over my face.”

Jean was starting to look quite intently at me.

“Let’s try that with me helping you bend more. Come on, let’s go out side so we don’t make a mess.”

I lay down on the grass, and Jean took my shorts and (her!) panties off.

“Hey, those are my panties. Don’t you wear them again, you’ll stretch them. I’ll buy you some of those navy blue cotton ones like Di wears to school.”

“Auntie Jean, I have six pairs of those at home, I just didn’t dare bring any with me. Sorry.”

“Just call me Jean when we’re on our own, it doesn’t sound as bad. Now, put your legs back over your head and I’ll push down to see if you can get that cock of yours nearer your mouth.”

She knelt facing me and pushed on my hips to try and make me bend more, but it was no use, the tip of my penis was still about five inches away from my mouth.

“I’m going to pee now Jean, so hold my cock and aim for my mouth.”

Those long cool fingers around my balls again! She held my penis with one hand and aimed at my face just as I started to pee. She waved it around a bit splashing my face, giggling kaçak bahis all the time.

“Aim properly you rotten cow!” I yelled, choking. Anyway I slowed my delivery and she aimed at my mouth. I managed to swallow about half of it. When I was done, Jean started to stroke my penis with her lovely long cool fingers. She stroked me up and down, up and down, with me moving in rhythm. I could feel my self getting ready to blow my wad, and said “Aim for my mouth, aim for my mouth.”

I came with such a force that some splashed on my face, but Jeanie got most of it into my mouth.

I swirled my cum around and then swallowed it. Jeanie looked radiantly happy, and flushed, and carefully wiped the cum off my face with her finger and licked it clean.

“Waste not, want not.”

“You should tell your daughter that.” I thought, remembering the other day when she spat it out.

Jeanie then let me lie down flat and massaged the last of my cum out into her mouth.

“Now then, I’ve got something else in mind for you. Just wait a minute.”

She went inside and came back with a large funnel made from a cut off pop bottle.

“Now hold that between your teeth and get ready for some pee straight from my body.”

Jeanie knelt astride me, held my hands, and peed into the funnel. I was able to control the flow with my tongue on the end. It was strong and salty, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

“Now go and get cleaned up as Di will be back soon.”

“Wait a minute, aren’t you having any of mine?”

“You don’t have any left do you?”

“Later I will.”

“Be sure to tell me.”

I started to think about the morning. Wow, what a morning! I have Di’s piss, Jeanie’s piss, my piss and my cum all in my stomach together. I have two lovely ladies to keep me supplied with pee for ever! Well, for this week anyway. And I have two ready mouths to drink my pee and my cum.


In the next chapter I get to do a blind taste test.

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