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She looked around the bar and spotted her friends. Not being the bashful type, they were seated around the bar, harassing the bar tender. He’d known them since they were earning barely enough for food, let alone drinks. Two years later, they were all doing better and he now loved their tipping habits. It was probably why he always reserved seats for the bunch when he knew they were coming.

Squeezing past a couple of suspiciously smelling young guys, she grimaced as she fit herself into a space between Tylor and Peter.

“Hey there!” Tylor almost shouted and Marci frowned at her before planting pecks on her cheeks. Peter did his best to hug her with what little space was left. Turning to the bar, she found Solo had already brought her drink over plus an extra one.

“Tequila from me.” He smiled shyly and there was a whoop from her friends. It was no secret that while Solo the bar tender liked the girls in the group, he had a special fondness for Marci.

She smiled appreciatively and drowned it the way he’d recommended. Like a real Mexican, no lime, no salt, just straight up tequila. It burned down her throat and she literally felt it land in her stomach. Thank goodness she’d had all that pizza at lunch time.

“Sit here.” Pete said, getting off his stool and lifting her onto it. She hated bar stools but her friends loved it. Now that she was on this particular seat, she could say her hellos to the rest. Mila was showing signs of a mood swing, Natalie was her usual gorgeous self, already being chatted up by a group of what looked like three accountants for the government and Melanie was squinting at the bar, trying to decide her next shot.

“Can’t we find other seats? I hate this stool stuff, my feet just hang off. It drains all my blood into my feet!” Marci complained to the rest as she took a huge swig of her beer. This elicited another glare from Natalie, Queen of everything Ladylike. Marci smiled at her and blew her kiss, throwing a questioning glance at the group as she did so.

“No way! We love having you at the bar. Solo serves us real quick and we get loads of free drinks thrown in as well.” Natalie said taking an elegant sip of her brightly colored drink and smiling benignly at the nerds still vying for her attention.

“Yeah, what would he do with all the barman’s tots if we didn’t help?” whined Tylor. Like she needed anymore alcohol. By the looks of things, she was two seconds away from inducing hangovers just by fumes.

“Hey, be nice to Frodo!” Pete said with a laugh and led the way to a secluded corner of the bar. It had a couple of empty seats. Marci jumped off the bar stool and followed suit. Sitting herself in position she could not only see the bar, but the main entrance as well, she waited for the slow migration from the bar. Natalie was last to arrive, leaving a disappointed looking bunch of nerds behind.

“This is much better….we can totally cruise the bar right in our seats!” Tylor said plopping herself next to Marci. With Natalie, Pete and Mila finally settled in, they ordered a bottle of tequila. It was sent with a drink for Marci, again from Solo.

“You should let him touch your tits at the very least. I mean, the poor guy uses all his tips to buy you drinks…..pay up Marci!” Natalie said with an evil gleam and went off to the bathroom.

The conversation was like any other conversation they usually had while shooting tequilas like it was requisite accompaniment to the conventional drinks they had.

Marci looked around to see who was out this warm Friday. Malindi was alive, the tourist season just beginning and the school kids all home from the various countries they attended college in. Malindi was one of those summer home type towns. Tiny, inexhaustibly warm and with no particular rules as to when and where to party all week. It was fabulous.

“My, you have grown….” A drawl next to her ear. She jumped and spilled her beer on her top. Turning, she looked at the man talking to her. She could not for the life of her place him. He was handsome, granted. But then again, bar lighting was designed to fool both men and women into thinking people had really good skin tones.

“Uhm…..do I know you?” she asked, an irritated frown starting to form on her face as she felt the beer seep into her chest. No bra tonight, Natalie would absolutely chew her head off if she wore the strapless top with a bra. The rest of the group hadn’t even paid her attention after they gave the drawling man a brief glance. The kind that would lead to a Spanish Inquisition the moment he left.

“Oh…you make me bleed Marci. I was under the impression you had an immense crush on me.” He laughed. Apparently he wasn’t really whispering because her friends now turned their full attention on them. She wanted to do something. Maybe say something witty and walk off to the bathroom. Or deny knowing him and turn back to her rink like he was Escort bayan an apparition. She hated being hit on while her friends watched. They never let an awkward moment go, they had to make it absolutely embarrassing.

“Drew!” Natalie quipped as she came back from whoever it was she had gone. It was definitely not a bathroom break. Too long, Marci thought and made a mental note to ask her about that in the morning. If she remembered. The rate at which the tequila bottle was approaching “half empty” was not placing much confidence on short term memory cells.

Drew was a crush alright. Only, he never ever looked like this man talking to her.

“Hello Beautiful.” He said and walked around to hug Natalie. It gave Marci time to study him and put her alcohol hazed brain to use. He looked good. Deliberately deceptive lighting or not. Tall, lean and crew cut hair. When he and Natalie were done with the kisses and hugs, Tylor did a whole gaping fish thing then threw herself into his arms as well. Clearly her friends liked him. Except Pete. And the memory flooded back in such a rush she chocked on her beer. More spill on her top. Darn!

Drew, the one she’d last seen about ten years ago, was tall, skinny, artsy haired and a certified geek. He’d never have drawled into her ear. And he’d never have had the amount of confidence the apparently new Drew was. She did have a crush on him, like eons ago. She had been into the introverted intellectuals then. That hadn’t changed much though she was a little more flexible now. It was not absolutely necessary for one to discover a cure fro something before she went out with them anymore. She’d grown up somewhat she thought.

Drew shook hands with a less than enthusiastic Pete and then turned his attention to her. He smiled. Nothing, absolutely nothing, kills like a man who smiles at you like he is genuinely and appreciatively pleased to see you. Drew’s smile was both and more. She saw what Mila liked to call “the glint in the milkman’s eye”. Blame the tequila, she smiled, somewhat smugly.

The last time this man had seen her, she’d been a very young – and little – girl to say the least. She was all of 16, self absorbed and certain of her intellectual ability. This is why she had thought he would fall for her like a ton of bricks. At the time, she hadn’t known he had a good number of years on her. Even when she did find out that he was 25, she was certain he’d look past her (teen) age and the law as well. She was after all, a rare thing to find – smart, decidedly “hot” and witty. What more could any man want?

An age mate. He told her as much. Advised her to try dating her age mates (as if! They were so shallow!) and dated her neighbor. Not a good choice Marci had thought at the time. She was right. Next Door Neighbor broke his heart apparently and she never did see him after that. He’d gone to college and that was as much as she knew about that story. In time, she’d forgotten him or at least put him way back on the burner. Now he was here, and by the looks of it, demanding attention. Nice! Sweet even!

“Hey Drew. You look different.” She said quietly as Pete moved up so that he could sit next to her. Natalie was gone again and Mila was still trying to decided if she should completely PMS or try to have some fun. Quiet night for her Marci guessed.

“You smell great.” He whispered to her, planting a kiss on her bare shoulder. She shivered. Glancing at the beer he’d placed on the table, she was sure it was the contact of his cold lips rather than anything else innate.

“Thanks.” She said with a small smile and drank some water. She wanted her wits about her. She had beef with this man, no better time to make him feel sorry fro not picking her. Or at least waiting for her to get legal.

“You’re still mad at me for not going out with you?” he asked as he took some of his beer. She was startled at how accurately he’d read her thoughts. She frowned at him.

“It’s been ten years dude, I got over it.” She answered defensively.

“Really?” he asked quirking an eyebrow.

“Yes, really.” She said big eyes and all.

“You’re going to have to prove that.” He said with a challenging smile. Pete and Tylor left for the floor on the other side of the pub, the noisy side. Mila decided to go home. On any other day, Marci would have tried to coax her into at the very least getting drunk. Today, she was more interested in Drew seeing how much he’d lost out on by not picking her. Yes, ten years ago. Very petty, very childish but everyone has their cheap thrills.

“Prove what? That I am over you rejecting me?” she asked, giving him a smile of her own.

“That or that your crush on me is absolutely over.”

She chuckled. He smiled. Games, games, games.

“Come on.” He said standing up. She looked at him in question, not bulging an inch.

“Relax; just want you to see Brian. He’s been looking Bayan escort forward to seeing you and he’s on the other side.”

Of course Marci stood. Brian was her best friend from childhood. He was also Drew’s younger brother. She loved Brian. He’d become some wildlife something or other so she’d barely seen for about a year and a half even though facebook had become a godsend for their friendship. She jumped up and followed Drew, forgetting about all the drinks on the table.

He led her to the back of the room, into the VIP room. There was a small group of guys enjoying a lap dance. She looked wistfully at the pole and continued to follow Drew. She’d always wanted to pole dance. Another cheap thrill.

“I think he’s left, let me ask his friends.” Drew said walking over to one of the tables while Marci watched the girl work the pole. She was a good dancer. She made Marci almost feel horny. Shaking herself, she decided it was the tequila and made a second mental note to drink a gallon of water the moment they got back.

“He’s at the back.” Drew said next to her ear. It made her start and she realized he must have been there for a bit, watching her watch the pole dancer chick. If she was lighter, she would have been absolute beetroot by now.

“At the back” meant Brian was having is herbal treatment. Marci laughed and followed Drew back there. It was empty. No sign of Brian or anyone.

“Seems they left. The boys said they were in the other Brian’s car. Must have gone cruising. Still smoke?” Drew asked her. Brian must have told him because at the time she knew Drew, she had presented nothing but an angelic façade to him.

“Sometimes. Not so much anymore.” She shrugged. Her eyes popped out of their sockets as Drew lit up a joint and took a deep drag.

“You smoke?!” she asked, her voice taking an embarrassingly high pitch. She cleared her throat as he nodded the affirmative and handed it to her. She shook her head. Weed, tequila, beer…..that was definitely going due south. He inhaled deeply and walked closer to her. Taking her chin, he made to kiss her and fed her aromatic smoke. She inhaled, almost gratefully.

“Nice?” he asked as she closed her eyes to let in sink in somewhat.

“Uh huh.” she said opening her eyes in time to see him come close to her again. Thinking he was going to give her another smoke, she was thrown off when he kissed her deeply instead. Deeply and thoroughly. He kissed like a dream. Ok, perhaps not a dream, the word had such teenage connotations. He kissed like a man should. Firm yet gentle and the kiss still held a question. Like he wanted her permission for more.

Wrapping her arms around his neck instinctively, she felt his chest against her. Warm, hard and absolutely touchable. Men should really wear easier access clothes she thought as he pulled her closer and kissed her harder.

“I want to fuck you, badly. I’ve been wanting to put my dick inside you since you were illegal.” He muttered with a small laugh.

Pinning her against the nearest wall, he finally took some time off so that they could both breath.

“Ten fucking years, hoping that this would be how you’d greet me when you saw me.” He whispered as he brushed his lips along her jaw line. She shivered. This time, she was sure it had nothing to do with cold lips.

“Mmmm…” was all she could say as two things happened at once. Her heart was jolting at the revelation that he’d wanted her that long. Also his hands had found their way into her top. It was pure lightening.

“At 16 you were quite the girl, all short skirts and barely there tops. At 26, you are all shorts skirts and dynamite.” He whispered as he pinched at her nipples. She sucked in a breath and moved closer to him, if that was actually possible.

“Drew , Drew, Drew……” she muttered more to herself than to him as he nipped at her neck, sending electric rivulets of feeling to the pit of her stomach and making her legs weaken in the process. He held her up to him and resumed ravishing her mouth. All those teenage fantasies flooded her mind as he slowly inched his hands up her short skirt and groaned as he found no knickers. And a very wet reception. She wriggled, trying to help his searching fingers get there faster. He wouldn’t follow her lead. He chuckled and bit lightly on her neck once again.

Pushing her hands up his shirt, she felt his hard chest. It was just about rippling. Drew had definitely buffed up over the years. She’d ask him about that later. He hissed as he took in breath when she started unbuckling his belt. She was little clumsy with it. When she succeeded and got one of her tiny hands into his boxers, he made a sound that could have been a mixture of a growl and a groan. He was hard. Marci took her time getting acquainted with is cock. She was finally getting to feel his goods, she thought to herself with a smug smile. Good things come to those who Escort wait! He pulled out of her reach sooner than she liked.

“Open your legs Marci.” He ordered and she hesitated slightly before obeying. Looking intensely at her, he then unzipped his pants and lifted her onto him. She was wet, yes, but nothing had really prepared her for the sensation of him sliding his thick hard cock into her pussy in one quick thrust.

It took her breath away. Both figuratively and literally. No wonder the man has left her alone at 16, she’d probably have split her virgin self then. She winced at the sweet pain and opened her eyes to look at him. He was staring at her, again. Something in his eyes. It was almost pain, but in the fishy lighting at the back of the club, she couldn’t be so sure.

“You like that?” he asked, thrusting particularly hard into her. The hard wall behind her was digging into her back but she figured she’d think about the bruises later. Now, this was so so much more enjoyable.

She nodded in answer to his question.

“I want to hear you say it.” He whispered into her ear as he lightened the thrusts of his cock and reached under once again to flick a finger over her clit. Hearing her moan, he chuckled and rested his mouth on her neck, biting it gently and then not-so-gently. She gasped and clutched at his shoulders, still clothed.

“Yes, I like it.” She managed to say between breaths as the full girth of his cock completely filled her in another one of those powerful thrusts. It was bliss.

When her orgasm overtook her, she was once again, caught off guard. She hadn’t been watching for it, nor had she felt it build up. It just came awash over her in a flood of liquid heat. All her nerve endings seemed to almost jump out of her skin in the intensity. She could feel her pussy convulsing around his cock, and his cock reacting to being teased by the pulsations. She rode the orgasm, her finger nails biting through his shirt.

“That feels so good Marci, feeling your pussy all wet, the slick sliding in there.” He murmured as she slowly came back to earth.

“Fuck Drew!” she breathed into his neck.

He drew back and looked at her with a smile. Placing her down, she thought he was done.

She was wrong.

He turned her around and she instinctively put her hands on the wall to steady herself. Drew, who was beginning to be a master of surprising her, pushed his still hard cock into her from behind. He groaned, withdrew a little and stayed still. She could feel his cock right at the entrance of her cunt; it made her muscles jerk in anticipation. He pushed his cock a little further into her wet pussy, just the head though. It was a perfect mushroom shape and made her quiver. She moved back in impatience, wanting him to fuck her again. He held her butt to keep her still. Then, with an infinite precision and slowness, he let her have his cock. She let out a long held breath, she wanted to move but he was still holding her butt to keep her still. Picking up the pace, Drew moved back slightly, taking her with him. This forced her to bend further and his cock was deeper inside her.

Grabbing her ass a little harder, he started to really fuck her. It felt awesome. His hands were large and felt great as the gripped her butt tightly as he thrust his dick deeper into her pussy. She could feel her juices leaking down her legs. The slurping sounds his cock and her pussy made turned her on incredibly as well.

“Fuck, stop that…..I want this to last just a little longer Marci.” He ground out as she moved in rhythm with him. She wanted more, just more. She didn’t stop moving though and he thrust so deeply into her she felt the twinge of pain in the lower pit of her stomach.

“I can make you cum again…..relax.” She answered, turning her head to catch a glimpse of his face, contorted and teeth grinding. She gave him her most seductive smile and squeezed his dick with her cunt muscles as he pulled out. An intense look later, Drew was pounding her like a teenage boy.

“This is not over Marci.” He ground out as he thrust in an erratic manner. Marci felt his cock swell up inside her. She actually felt him shoot his load into her. No sound from him though, only a firmer grip on her butt.

Exhausted as she picked herself together, she caught him looking at her, a small smile making him look so darn handsome. He also looked like the cat that had gotten the cream.

“You know, I have a boyfriend, right?” she told him, the harshness of reality beginning to seep in. It wasn’t the most pleasant feeling, not after such fantastic sex.

“Are you are staying?” he asked and she knew exactly what he was asking. He wasn’t talking about the bar.

“I can’t just wake up one morning and break up with him….”she said, her vice trailing off.

“If you don’t, I’ll do it for you Marci. You and I, well, let’s just leave it at that, you and I.” he told her, casting her dark look and pulling her into his arms. She closed her eyes against him and thought of Nathan, her on and off boyfriend. Currently they were on. He said he loved her. He also loved his big brother Drew.

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