Dreams of Bluma

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

This story cannot be posted or reused elsewhere without the permission of this Author.


We’re running to our classes and it’s unbelievably cold. Fortunately our furs are keeping us nice and warm. I’m wearing a wolf parka with blousey sheared Beaver lined Buckskin pants and boots. Bluma Arcorn, the red headed love of my life has a thigh length Lynx parka with Alaska Fur Seal lined Buckskin pants and Mukluks with Lynx trim. We’re stylishly dressed in fur, certainly for college anyway.

None of the spaces or hallways seem familiar yet it seems we know we are headed in the right direction for classes. There is light drifting snow inside the buildings! Kind of like in Dr. Zhivago.

The class is on how much funnier Mad Comics could have been? The Professor is a world authority on the subject.

Everyone runs from class like the building is going to collapse and we run into Warren Beatty and Annette Benning as we are running to catch our plane to the next class. They run beside us telling us they will give us a million dollars each to star in their next film but we are in such a hurry to not miss our plane we don’t complete the conversation.

Don’t remember the flight but we are again running for another class like before. This part of campus is a lot colder and we mistakenly enter what must be the Gym. there are mounds of solid ice pushing up through the Basketball court floor. We slip and slide over it on our way through to the next class. We help each other to stay on our feet as we run. We’re laughing uncontrollably since we can hear the Prof giving his lecture on the sexual significance of Rabbit’s and Mink’s.

Next thing we know we’re rolling around in a pile of furs in the floor of our Igloo laughing and giggling when I rise out of my dream and awake.

I get out of bed and head for the shower, jerking off over the dream while I’m getting soaked by the warm water. Dressing for classes I think to myself what a strange and wonderful dream, but it’s not the first with Bluma in it. It has been colder than a Witches tit lately so it’s not a surprising dream. Just the thought of fur and especially a girl in fur has always gotten me stiff as a fence post. Now it’s with someone who is a real possibility!

Getting to school I’m walking down the all too familiar corridor to my design class when I’m shocked .. frozen in my tracks as a pair of furry arms wrap around me.

“Like my new Coyote and Fox Bill?” as Bluma hugs me from behind and fur fondles my face with her big furry Fox hood. I nearly cum my pants as I turn around to see her in all her fur wrapped glory. She is in Fashion Design and she’s always stylishly, even if casually dressed but this …. “Uh what .. how .. ” I’m struck dumb.

“Mom said I could have a few of her older furs to wear. You like me in my Coyote and Fox fur?”

“My god you’re incredible!” as I rub my hands over the fur all over her body.

“Want to save some for later? I thought you might like this little twist.”

“Still want to save the best for later?”

“You don’t want to rush through it do you?”

“Of course not .. but if we don’t get to class .. ” and we run off in opposite directions watching her fur fling about so incredibly.

I’m thinking of Bluma as I sketch on my design in class. The softness of her touch was other worldly! She has a wonderful enough touch as it is .. with fur! My god .. how will sex be with her in fur? I’m thinking.

My Design Prof is looking over my shoulder …

“Interesting spaces you have going there Bill. How do you get from here to there?”

“You fly. That’s what I did in my dream anyway.” and he breaks out in a laugh.

“You sure have a better sense of humor than your classmates. Somehow I don’t think that will .. how do I say .. fly?” laughing as he goes to the next table.

I try valiantly to focus on my work and get a good solution going while remembering the first time I realized the Fur girl of my dreams I saw in a Furrier’s web site was a classmate!! I had to introduce myself in some way. Turned out she was so easy to meet. When I finally saw her coming in the building a few weeks ago my heart jumped to my throat. She was even more beautiful in person, in motion than the picture in the web page. It was clear there was much more than her sheer beauty. Her smile is knee buckling.

Just walked up to her and said “Hi I’m Bill.” She says “Hi Bill. I’m Bluma.” Smiling and I was suddenly speechless and we just walked together with her to class and she says “Bye Bill. See you around.”

When I saw her after class we began talking like we had know each other forever. Kadıköy Escort I was smitten and she knew it. We’ve seen and been with each other every day since.


Meanwhile Bluma is struggling to focus on her Designer’s words over color and texture. They are distorted to the point she can’t understand them she’s so distracted by her rush of emotions over furring Bill .. the texture of the fur as she brushed it over his face .. his blushing rush and the little inhale he had.

“I sure pushed his button, so softly I’ll bet he had to cum .. thinking and smiling to herself .. we’ve talked about it enough, I know he’s hot to go.” and the Designer calls on her to show her board of colors and patterns she did for her assignment.

“So you’re looking to out do the Russians on their wild pattern mixes and textures?”

“I like things to be lively and complex.”

“Looks like you’ve picked up on furs recently. Advertising your dad’s business?”

“Yeah .. my mom is letting me wear hers and it’s changing my perspective. I’m tired of this PC anti fur crap. Time to get back into the full spectrum of textures and back to all natural materials.”

“Well put. So what do the others of you think about that?”

A lot of stirring and mumbling but no rebuttals.

Bluma has not been challenged on such issues since one of the guys from the Football team had his gonads parted by her foot for harassing her over her name and was about to man handle her. She was wearing her Brass tipped Western Riding boots at the time. Not that Bill couldn’t have taken him out as well but he wasn’t around and the results were somehow more poignant.

I love the way Bill is deceptively strong and agile for such a “normal” guy. I love that about him and I always feel safe around him. Contrary to that and most other guys, his touch is soft as fur itself. I can’t wait for him to run his hands over my naked body. I shutter with what I think he will do for me .. to me in furs. That’s where all this is going and he knows it. I’m sure he’s dreaming of it.

Several guys in the past have pushed me, one physically, to have sex and I didn’t feel very comfortable with any of them so I rejected them all until I met Bill. Bill is very different. Self confident but gracious and so very strong, physically and emotionally. I don’t mind that I’m the same six foot height as Bill. He seems to like me that way. He also has the best sense of humor of anyone I’ve ever known. Everyone likes that about him.

Bluma is Model slender for her height though a long way from anorexic. Her mom’s furs hang very full on her though shes a bit shorter she’s a size 14. Still a very beautiful woman. At least her dad thinks so from what she hears nearly every night anyway. They are still very active lovers and screw in their furs all the time. When Bluma was much younger she thought it was somewhat strange until just before puberty.

My parents have given me furs and I’ve had my own Fox spread when I was a little girl. I have always loved the lush, soft sensations and qualities of the furs I’ve had. It’s dad’s business after all. It’s just I’d never equated them with sex until I was well into puberty and began to imagine making love with a guy. I not only began to realize the erotic and sexual qualities of my furs but what my parents must have been doing practically every night! Mama and daddy always have big smiles in the morning. They still hug and kiss all the time and he fondles her in her furs frequently. Mom is always in fur of some description almost year round.

Even though I got myself a battery powered dildo I’ve been very careful and not gotten over eager playing with myself. Haven’t broken my hymen since I want that to be special for when I looses my virginity. I think I’m artful at massaging my clitoris and I love to fur fondle myself while I’m doing it. I’ve taken to this while my parents make lots of loving noises imagining myself making love now with Bill in our own furs. We’re both 18 and I can’t wait any longer.

Mom has been overly generous with her furs lately too for me to wear. I regularly model furs for dad and the store for several years now and when any male is in the store I’m always the focus of their stares. Like deer in a headlight.


With her naturally beautiful, soulful, innocent green eyed looks and slender body Bluma is the dream girl from paradise in furs for most guys. She as quickly flashes a brilliant, heart melting smile.

Her mom is dark hared and brown eyed in contrast and a more mature beauty of her own so her dad has some of the finest fur modeling pictures for their web site of any fur site and it’s within the family. This is partly why she’s attracted to Fashion Design. Bluma enjoys strutting her stuff, especially in furs.

Bluma fills all my fantasies. I’ve fantasized over beautiful women in furs since I could remember and with puberty all I could think of was loosing it with a beautiful girl in furs. When I found out her dad was a Furrier with the web site I was blown away. Ataşehir Escort Bluma in furs is a heart stopper and I was hoping she would wear them. At least I would have an opportunity to feel her wearing them.

I’ve wanted to get with a girl sexually for a long time but have felt either disappointed in the girl of interest at the moment or their lack of furs. It may seem picky but I’ve just always felt this way, that it would somehow be incomplete without fur. I realized it narrowed my options significantly from very early on but I didn’t want my first time or subsequent ones for that matter to be less than complete.

Not that it has to be with the one and only even, but Bluma is so much more than anyone I’ve ever known with or without fur I suspect this may actually be THE one.

When we started to flirt and get to know each other it was a huge rush for me every time and I soon began to realize it wasn’t just the fulfillment of my fur fantasies but HER. She has taken to me for some inexplicable reason and I have a huge rush of passions for her every time we meet. Do you suppose she knows my penchant for furs? This last time with her wearing a huge and gorgeous fur is like the completion of the fantasy and her somehow realizing a mutual fantasy?

At any rate we have been sexually flirting quite openly for weeks now and it’s clear she has intentions of carrying it to completion unless I’ve misread her signals very badly.


I catch her leaving classes Friday at noon … “Hey Bluma .. want to have lunch together? Last class day of the year.”

“Sure. How about the Ling Ma?”

“OK … and she slips her furry arm in mine and walks close to me, looking at me with her sexiest smile … I love your fur. Coyote with Fox trim?”

“You know your furs?”

“It’s a hard one to miss. You trying to piss off the others in your class?”

“Shit no. I don’t care about what they think.” with a knowing and coy smile.

“So aside from your dad running a fur shop you must like them too?”

“You bet I do! Do you?”

“Uh .. oh my! …. I .. I love them very much.” reaching over with my other hand and stroking her fur.

“So now you know why I wore my fur today. Well .. aside from me liking it very much for myself. So you really like it?”

“Really! A whole lot.” wrapping my arm around her fur wrapped body and pulling her tighter to me. She’s so willing and snuggles to me tighter.

We get to the Ling Ma and find a corner booth near the rear and sit next to each other. My hands are all over her fur before she sits.

“You don’t mind me fondling you?”

“I’d mind it if you didn’t, but thanks for asking.”

The waiter comes to take our order. We order quickly.

It’s excellent food and fast service. One reason it’s so popular a place for students. Doing what we are doing here is like putting an ad on TV not that everyone we care about doesn’t already know.

“I take it you are interested in me? I’m certainly interested in you .. if you haven’t noticed.” fondling her thigh through her fur.

“Keep that up and you’ll get anything you want.”

“So you want to keep going?”

“It’s what I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now.”

“You have fantasies of a sexual nature with furs too?”

“Most definitely. You too .. don’t you?”

“I dream of it all the time. I’m so glad we finally got to talk about this. I had a really wild dream of us in furs the other night.” and I tell Bluma about my dream.

“WOW! That’s some dream. Maybe we can make some of it come true?”

“You really want to?”

“I’ve been hoping we could get to this point and have it still be really nice getting there. I sensed when we first met you would make this happen in the best possible way .. a way I would find very pleasant.”

“So truthful is what you want?”

“Definitely. Not that I don’t like flirting.”

“I know that for certain. You are the biggest flirt I’ve ever met and I have to say I like it.”

“Really? It’s so much fun for me .. I don’t mean to put you off for sure.”

“Oh no .. not at all. I knew from the first that you were interested in me, strange as it seemed to me. Why would you be interested in me? I quickly decided not to struggle over it.”

“I don’t know .. pheromones? I knew I was very attracted to you and you were very interested in me. Not just whatever it is physically that other guys seem to be interested in?”

Our food is served and we’re instinctively sharing our selections.

“I discovered your dads fur site and your pictures after looking for a local fur shop. I was totally smitten. Absolutely the woman of my fantasies as my dreams reveal. In my mind and dreams we have already had furry intercourse.”

“Then I expect you won’t do less than fulfill all my dreams?” staring down at my stiffy.

“Shoot me if I fail. You do that to me all the time. I hope you aren’t put off by it.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Looks like I won’t be disappointed.” rubbing her hand up Maltepe Escort my thigh and against my stiffy with a big smile.

“Furry sex is your fantasy too?”

“Since I can remember. My folks are Furriers unless you forgot?”

“I certainly did not. It’s almost all I can think of aside from you.”

“So you really do want to make love in LOTS of furs?”

“The more the better. When?”

“We could rush home right now if you want? We would only have a few hours undisturbed.”

“I’d love to. Sooner rather than later .. but I would like a lot more time to really do our first time justice. I don’t really want to rush through it. Don’t you think?”

“Oh my god yes! You really do want to do it right.”

“What do you think your parents will think about us, you loosing it?”

“I think they’re expecting me to any day now. They screw in their furs every night so I don’t think after we get it on? Maybe they’ll be OK with us doing it regularly? I’m sure they will like you.”

“That would be incredible! I take it you’re protected?”


We eat in silence for a bit with smiles and sexy glances.

“Would you like to come by the shop today after classes?”

“Sure would. I use to dream of being trapped in a fur store overnight.”

“Me too. My parents forget me one evening and I’m ravaged by a thief a stranger who slips into the shop and turns out to be a wonderful guy.”

We walk back to our respective studios at college for the afternoon.

After classes, about three, we meet and walk downtown to Bluma’s parents shop.

Going in is an incredible rush with the vision of all those incredible furs. Bluma has me wrapped in a huge hooded Beaver coat that nearly touches the floor on me!

Her dad comes over to us … “So this is why you have been so distracted lately!”

“Dad, this is Bill .. Bill .. Dad.”

“Hi Mr. Arcorn.” reaching out my hand and we shake.

“You wear fur like you really like it. But of course Bluma wouldn’t have anything to do with you if you didn’t.”

“Uh yes sir, I do.”

“Polite and honest too! I suppose you want to show him the works sweetie?”

“Sure dad.”

“You’ll get to meet her mother too. She’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Bluma drags me to the back of the shop where they do the work. Her dad is taking care of a customer and Bluma has me in a big furry embrace. We’re kissing like I’ve never in my life. We’re mouth fucking for all practical purposes and my hands are allover her under her fur without protest and she’s gripping my cock through my pants. If only we were alone our dream/fantasy would come true in an instant.

“Oh shit Bill!! I want you in me sooo bad.”

“Me too but your mom will be here soon.”

“I almost don’t care if they caught us screwing in the furs back here.” grinning as she grinds her crotch to my stiff cock.

“Jezzz sweetie!! We’d better get ourselves calmed down a bit.”

“Chicken?” ginning as she kisses me.

We wander out slowly to the showroom just as mom comes in. Fortunately the big Beaver coat is hiding my stiffy.

Mr. Arcorn is still helping a young woman choose a Fox coat while her mom comes over to us.

“So this is the young man who has had you so distracted lately?”

“I’m sorry to have so disrupted your family Mrs. Arcorn. I’m Bill.”

“So handsome in fur too!”

“She just had to get me in a fur soon as we got here.”

“I’ll bet you protested bitterly too. You wear it so well .. like you’ve been wearing fur all your life. We will have to have you model for us. I’m sure that was Bluma’s sole reason for getting you into fur.” grinning big.

“Of course mom.”

“I’m sure this jacket she designed was done just for you. .. grabbing an opulent Lynx lined hooded Buckskin jacket from the racks .. You will have to wear it of course.” Bluma grinning to her mom.

“Oh WOW! I would love to.”

I remove the Beaver coat and slip into the jacket.

“It’s incredible!! Fits like it was made for me.”

“Of course it was! Think I was kidding? Like I say .. Bluma has been so distracted lately she hasn’t realized all she has been doing. I’m sure there is another guy in town who would love this jacket but it wasn’t designed or made for him.”

“Mom!! I did no such thing.” blushing with uncharacteristic modesty.

“Nice to see my daughter in such fine and capable hands. I’m sure you will take good care of her for the few days your daddy and me are gone to visit my sister till late Monday.”

“Really mom?”

“You’ll have to take care of the shop Saturday. I expect things will pick up. Husbands and boyfriends come in about then looking for a Christmas present.”

Some more customers come in and I watch Bluma and her mom help out with the customers. Bluma is very effective at sales of furs as is her mom. Guys don’t stand a chance. They buy upscale in every case.

The way Bluma slivers and subtly shakes her body causes the furs to ripple and shimmer in ways that gives me an instant stiffy. Her mother is almost as good and has her own more sophisticated way of moving that has Mr. Arcorn, Rainey, fixed on her. I’m in good company with folks who know the power of furs. I don’t think they will care for a moment that we make out in furs.

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