Dream Love Fulfilled

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I straighten from orally loving my son Nick’s delicious cock in order to face my questioner. As I do, a thick string of my saliva and his precum trails from my lower lip to the tip of his prick. It breaks: part of it falls on my lip and chin and the other drapes itself over my fingers, wrapped snugly around the base of his semi-hard shaft.

Looking up, I see who has spoken: my 19-year-old daughter Kristin, standing nude in the doorway of Nick’s room. A delightful tremor of love and lust passes through me as I gaze at her: her slender, delicately-curved form framed by the doorway; her creamy, pale skin glowing in the low light of the now-rising sun streaming through the window, tiny beads of sweat glinting upon it; her tummy undulating with her breath; her high, peach-nippled breasts quivering with her heartbeat; her neatly trimmed pubic hair matted with her cunt honey and my saliva; her tousled hair arousing in its wild abandon. Even recently awoken, my daughter is a singular beauty.

Kristin’s eyes are wide and startled as she takes in the scene before her: her mother kneeling before her naked brother as he lays asleep in his bed; her mother’s fingers still grasping her brother’s shiny, curved prick, her mother’s lips and chin glistening as well from the all-too-obvious source.

“You did!” she breathes in amazement. “You did fuck me while I was asleep! I thought I was only dreaming, and all my orgasms and juiciness were just parts of a wet dream…but I guess we did fuck. And we weren’t the only ones, huh?”

I should flinch and feel shame at her bald statement, perhaps even skulk away to hide from the plainness of what society would consider a horrific crime…but instead, I straighten my back and return Kristin’s gaze without obvious fear. In fact, my only concern is that I’ve alienated my daughter with my utter wantonness, but I keep that thought to myself for the moment.

I reply, “Yes, darling; we did fuck…repeatedly. I heard and saw your erotic dream, and simply couldn’t help myself; you were too beautiful, too exciting. I had to make love to you, then and there.” I inhale deeply, then continue, “And the only thing I regret is if my love and lust for you has made you hate me.”

Kristin walks silently into her brother’s room. She climbs onto the bed, kneeling facing me. Despite my very real fear that I may have lost my daughter forever, the sight and sweet-sour scent of her cause me to tremble in renewed desire.

She smiles as she whispers, “Oh, Mom! How could I hate you for doing what I’ve wanted you to do for years?! You said you heard me; I was dreaming about fucking…um, making love with you! I’ve wanted you for so long, ever since I first realized I was attracted to women as well as guys. You were my first crush, Mom…I just never thought it would actually happen; if I’d known you could be seduced, I’d have done it years ago!”

I laugh softly with relief and delight; the terrible tension in my body releases and disappears in a pleasurable rush. I reach up to cup my daughter’s gorgeous face in my palms.

“I’m so glad, my love,” I murmur. “I would never, ever do anything to hurt you; for me, our lovemaking is only another way to show how much we love and care for each other, which I’d have done a long time ago too if I had known you’d wanted me so much. I’ll admit that I was a coward for taking advantage of you while you were asleep…but I wanted you so badly, and was afraid you’d reject me if I’d woken you.”

My daughter reaches up to run her fingers through my hair, gazing sweetly and solemnly into my eyes.

“Mom, the only way I’d reject would be if you rejected me first. I’ve always loved you, and I always will; this will only deepen our love, as far as I’m concerned.”

We gaze silently at each for long moments, our caressing fingers the only visible signs of a communication that is mostly from our hearts.

Then Kristin smirks and whispers, “And it looks like you’re big into sharing that special love of yours; I think Nick’s had a lot of fun tonight, too.”

I giggle softly at my daughter’s teasing, then reply, “Yes, darling; your dear brother has had a lot of fun…and all of it asleep and dreaming, like you. Do you think, as I hope, that he’ll be as accepting and wanting of more lovemaking–” I smile wickedly, then continue, “–more fucking like you, when he’s awake?”

She bites her lower lip at my gutter talk, then whispers, “Oh, no doubt, Mom. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but he’s always looking at us both, stripping us with his eyes…especially when we’re in our jammies or bathing suits! He’s a total horndog, Mom. To be honest, I’ve always been tempted to flash him with my boobs or my ass, but was too afraid. Not anymore!” She grins courageously.

I smile with pride at my daughter’s bravery and lustful love; I think Nick is going to be in for a very sweet awakening. In fact…

I lean forward to press my lips to those of my daughter. She murmurs in surprise and delight ataşehir escort before returning my kiss; her mouth opens accommodatingly as my tongue traces its way over her lips before pushing in, entwining around her tongue. We hum happily as we kiss, our breasts and nipples touching tantalizingly.

While continuing our kiss, I reach down with one hand to gently shake Nick’s thigh. Getting no response, I shake harder until I feel him move and murmur as he awakens.

“Mom…Kristin…is that you? What’s going on…oh, JEEZ!” Nick finally focuses on the sight before him; he props himself up on one elbow.

“What…what’s happening? What’re you guys doing? Fuck…am I still dreaming?” From the corner of my eye, I see him actually shake his head and rub his eyes, disbelieving what is right before him.

Kristin and I giggle into each other mouths as we continue our deep, loving kiss; our hands drop to cup one another’s breasts, and our breaths and hearts pick up speed as we flick and pinch the other’s nipples to aching hardness.

Even though I’m sorely tempted to continue this divine kiss, to our mutual disappointment I break it. I then turn to the flabbergasted Nick, as does his sister.

“Good morning, honey. Sleep well and have nice dreams?” I ask my son with a brazenly feigned innocence.

“Yeah, tell us what you dreamed about, Nick!” Kristin can’t seem to help giggling as she joins me in this silly seduction.

Nick just stares at us for several moments, his mouth as wide as his eyes. Of course, I notice that seeing his mother and sister kneeling nude on his bed is having another effect on him: his prick is rising and thickening, resuming the lovely hardness I’d so lately enjoyed. A drop of precum has already oozed out of its head slit.

“I-I-I dreamed…oh fuck, I dreamed of you, Kris! I dreamed that I fucked and sucked you!” Even in the low early-morning light, I can see he is blushing despite the erotic tableau before him.

Kristin laughs and claps her hands in delight. “Did you, Nick? Did you really? That is soooo sweet, little brother. I’m so happy…I only wish it had been me that had fucked you for real.”

“Say whaaat?” Nick’s perplexity climbs a notch, and he has another conundrum to go along with waking to find his naked family in his bed.

Poor darling! I decide to take pity on him; after all, it’s a lot for an 18-year-old boy to take in at one time.

“Baby, you were made love with while you were asleep and dreaming. Only…you just dreamed of Kristin; it was me who fucked you.”

Somehow, my lovely son’s eyes become even wider, and his cock jumps and takes on its characteristic rigidity more swiftly. He props himself up on both hands; I sigh and tremble as I take in his slim, firm form all over again.

“You…you fucked me while I was asleep, Mom?” It only takes a few moments of pondering before he blurts, “That’s awesome, Mom! You are so fucking hot! I never thought I’d have a chance with you. Only…does it bother you that I was dreaming of Kristin while we fucked?”

I laugh gently and cup his darling face with my palm. “No, my love, it doesn’t bother me. I knew it, and was glad you loved your sister in that way, too. If you still desire it, that will make our new relationship so much easier and deeper.”

I reach out with my other hand to grasp that of Kristin’s; we squeeze each other’s hand in reassurance. I continue, “I want this family to be able to love each other fully in this new way, without favoritism or jealousy. After we’ve all thought about it a while longer, can we agree to that?”

Kristin releases my hand, only to lean forward so she can embrace me tightly. Murmuring into my shoulder, she says, “I don’t need to think about it any longer, Mom. I love you and Nick with all my heart, and my body now, too. I’ll love and fuck you both for as long as you’ll have me, period.”

I reach around my luscious daughter with one arm and hug her just as tightly. I bury my face in her hair and kiss her there. The women of this family: loving, alluring and loyal to a fault!

“Thank you, baby. Thank you so much.” We both sniffle for a bit, tears dropping on to bare skin and into hair, then break our embrace to gaze at one another adoringly.

It doesn’t take long before Nick surges up to take his sister and mother both in a strong, heartfelt embrace. He kisses us both on the cheek, then says, “Me too, Mom! I love you both more than anyone else alive, and there’s no one else I’d rather fuck, suck and drink than my beautiful Mom and Sis!”

I smile proudly at my son’s gallantry…and at the singular sensation of his fine, young prick prodding my tummy gently. I shudder, realizing that my desire is returning swiftly; I must make love with my darling children again, now…and this time with the both of them in the here and now!

I lean back to hold both of them at arm’s length. We trade loving and increasing lustful gazes: avcılar escort for the first time my teenaged babies are looking at their mother completely nude, and wanting to ravish them again as much as they wish to ravish her! But another need is making itself known, and urgently.

I smile hugely as I say, “Loves, as much as I want you, and right now, I really need to take care of something else first…I have to pee!”

Nick, Kristin and I laugh at the intrusion of such a prosaic bodily function in the midst of this incestuous love feast. However, both admit it’s something they must attend to soon, as well.

With that, I slide off of Nick’s bed, my children’s hands still firmly held in mine. Thus, I lead them to the bathroom, on the opposite side of the hall. Once there, I turn and look at them both.

“Sweethearts, why don’t one then the other of you go on ahead; I can hold mine for a while,” I say.

Nick, hardly able to keep his eyes from my and his sister’s bodies, gulps then says, “Mom, this is really weird, but…would you mind if I watched you pee? I kinda like watching women do that.” And he blushed furiously and adorably.

Kristin stares at him a moment as if disbelieving, then turns to me smirking and says, “Yeah, Mom; could I watch, too? I mean, I want to share everything with you both…and after all, you’ve already seen me pee, right?” She winks and giggles.

I’m nonplussed for a moment. It seems my children are far more kinky than I would ever have believed. But I do have to admit Kristin is right on both counts: we should share at least most everything with each other, within whatever passes for reason now, and I had watched her pee on herself…after I had caused it by tickling her! And I can’t help but feel a delicious quiver in my lower tummy at the thought of being watched while peeing…and watching my babies do the same.

I nod as I say, “You’re right, darlings; I want you both to watch me pee…and I’ll watch you, yes?”

I hold back a laugh as I watch their eyes widen and they look at each other, but they are my children; their lust and desire to please will overcome most any inhibition. They too nod.

“Lovely!” I say, and lead them into the bathroom.

I raise the lid of the toilet, then sit on the cool seat. Kristin and Nick stand somewhat awkwardly before me. As much as I love having their young, beautiful bodies so close and on display, I want them to enjoy this new thing with me. So I motion for them to sit on the edge of the bathtub, behind them.

“Sit, my loves. After all, it is the best seat in the house.” They both giggle and groan. But then they quiet and widen their eyes as I spread my legs for them, then reach down to do the same with the hairy, swollen lips of my pussy.

“Watch, sweetnesses. Watch your Mom pee.”

And I let my urine gush forth. God, it felt so wonderful after holding it in for hours! The clear, thick stream strikes the cold water, causing drops of it to splash on the backs of my thighs and bottom; I wriggle pleasurably and sigh.

I then look up at my children; they’re watching fixedly, staring at the jet of pee issuing from their mother’s cunt. And I note that, quite unconsciously, Kristin’s hands are moving: one to cup and squeeze her breast; the other to slide down her flat tummy and cup her pussy, which she gently massages. Her breath comes faster as she pleasures herself and watches me pee. Nick too is enjoying my show: unknowingly, he caresses his sweet cock, rubbing the leaking precum into the soft, hot skin with one hand while cupping and rubbing his tight balls with the other.

I tremble as I gaze at my children: the show they’re giving me is at least as arousing as the one I am giving them! And I tell them so: in a breathy, tremulous voice, I cry, “Yes, babies, yes! You’re so beautiful, touching yourselves, playing with yourselves, pleasuring yourselves! No, don’t stop, beloveds! Continue, and excite your mother and your sibling even more!” I of course can’t help but caress my stiff, little clit as I watch them, and my pee flows out of me.

And so we show our love for one another by giving the others an erotic display, a display caused by, and meant solely for, each other. Such a naked, wondrous show of honest affection and lust!

Finally, my torrent slows to a trickle; I breathe a another sigh of relief. I reluctantly stop flicking my throbbing clit and release my wet cuntlips; I don’t want to climax, not just yet. The children also stop their self-ministrations, their breaths now gasping and lovely red flushes on their chests and faces. I wipe myself with a handful of toilet paper, then stand.

It’s then my turn to blush as my children actually clap and whistle. “So hot, Mom! God, I loved watching that! I wanna see it again soon!” they call.

“Thank you, my loves; anything I can do to excite you, I’ll do.” I stand above and close to them, my hands on my hips and radiating my heady avrupa yakası escort odor of sweat, cunt honey, and pee. “Who’s next?” I invite.

Nick and Kristin glance at each other, identical expressions of raw need on their faces. Kristin says, “Go ahead, Nick. I know you’re holding in all that soda from last night…and besides, I really want to watch you!”

Nick says, “Um, okay. Just remember, it’s really not easy to piss with a hardon!” He then stands; as I step to the side he moves before the toilet and raises the seat, holding his curved, hard prick in his fingertips.

The poor baby! I can see he’s struggling to urinate through such a rigid erection. When he finally does manage to pee, it spews all over the bottom of the seat and lid, the toilet rim, and the floor; little of it makes it into the bowl. Kristin, sweet child that she is, doesn’t laugh at her brother’s discomfiture.

To help him in his plight, I quickly stand and move behind him. I put my arms around him and place my hands over his, holding his cock gently. I hold him close, whispering into his ear.

“Relax, my love,” I say. “Relax; take your time. Enjoy fulfilling your need as much we enjoy watching you do it.” And I kiss and lick him on his ear and neck.

Nick’s urine stream ceases for a moment, then continues more sedately; I help him guide it into the toilet bowl. Most boys his age would protest their mothers helping them to pee, but then most boys don’t have their mothers as lovers! He leans against me as together we direct his lovely, yellow flow into the toilet.

I look down at Kristin. She’s quite lost in the sight of her mother helping her brother to pee by holding onto his prick: her eyes are startlingly wide; her mouth is open as she pants; her breasts quiver with the movement of her arm as she massages her now very slippery cunt; the creamy-wet sounds as she moves her hand over her pussy is exquisite. This is a moment I know I’ll treasure forever.

Even after his pee stops gushing, Nick holds my hands on his cock. He growls, “Just rub a little, Mom. I’ll shoot all over the wall!”

I smile as I whisper, “I know, precious, I know. But let’s save that lovely stuff for a little while longer, alright? I think I know of someone who’d like to have it shot in their direction even more.” And I look pointedly down at his sister; he gets the idea, and allows me to let go of his cock…to my disappointment, to be sure.

“God, Nick, that was incredible! I was sooooo close to coming, just watching Mom hold your cock! And watching you pee…well, we’ll have to do that again, okay?” Kristin’s eyes are shining with the desire and love she feels for her brother. He grins with pride and nods.

I sit beside Kristin and say, “Now, sweetheart, it’s your turn.”

She smiles and stands. As she passes her brother, her palm quite deliberately brushes against his stiff cock; they both shudder as their mutual lust surges through them. I will have to get them together very soon, I think, as I doubt my poor boy will last much longer…and I’m not sure about my darling daughter, either!

Kristin lowers the toilet seat, then sits gracefully upon it. Like me she spreads her legs wide, then opens her soft, pink cuntlips with her fingers so we can have an unobstructed view; she trembles as she does this, her breath hissing. After relaxing a few moments her light-yellow stream comes forth, splashing into the cold water.

Nick and I watch avidly. My daughter is peerlessly beautiful as she urinates, casually flicking and rubbing her hard, little clit with a fingertip; her whole body quivers as an especially electrical sensation shoots through her. The whole bathroom now smells of our urine, our sexual fluids and our sweat; it is indescribably delicious.

I have both hands between my legs: one is caressing my clit and pushing fingers in and out of my cunt; the other is pleasuring my bottom, stroking it and pushing a fingertip inside. I gasp and moan; I’m being very careful regarding fingertip pressure as the wrong movement could send me reeling back into the bathtub, screaming as I helplessly climax.

I look over at Nick. He is masturbating his iron-hard, slippery cock again, and playing with his swollen balls. But even as I watch, he orgasms.

As he shrieks, “KRISTIN! MOM! OH FUCK! COMING! AHH! YES!” his body goes rigid and his teeth clench. But his eyes remain open and fixed on his sister as his white, viscous seed jets out, splattering all over Kristin’s breasts, tummy, and thighs. And it keeps spurting, in lessening streams; the amount of semen his testicles produce never ceases to amaze me. It strikes her again and again, until it flows in slow rivulets off of her breasts and nipples, down her swiftly-undulating tummy, her quivering thighs, and her soaked pubic thatch. My daughter is a mess from her brother’s climax; she’s also incredibly gorgeous.

Watching her brother come and feeling his semen splatter against herself repeatedly now drives Kristin over the edge as well. I turn to her as she strokes her clit furiously, her pee still gushing into the toilet bowl. Suddenly, she begins to shake, her small breasts bouncing, her plump nipples now tiny, dark points, her teeth clenched, and her eyes closed tightly. She reaches up to pinch and twist her sticky nipple excruciatingly.

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