Dream Daughter Ch. 02

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(Thanks for the feedback on part one. Because of that, & the fact that this is the consummation, part 2 is longer. Some background is repeated, but reading part 1 would fill in the rest.)


“Remember that wet dream you had last night, Roxy?”

My daughter knew what I was referring to, but decided to play dumb, like I had the night before. Only I hadn’t been acting.

“Well, it wasn’t just a dream, honey. It was me.”

Her eyes lit up at my admission, though I suspected she had known already. “So can I sleep in your bed now, daddy?”

I stared at her kind of blankly, suddenly worried by what this was probably leading to. Exchanging handjobs while the other one slept was one thing. But now I started wondering if it was okay to take that next logical step. “I’m not sure we should…”

She interrupted, “But I love you. I…need you.”

“I don’t think it’s….”

“Right? But it’s not the worst thing in the world either. I’m an adult now and it won’t hurt anyone.” Her face turned red as she said shyly, “I at least want you to be my first.”

Maybe that’s why I was hesitant. Without a social life all through high school, of course she was a virgin. Since I had gotten her mother pregnant right out of high school and had been in mourning since she died, that meant Roxy would only be my second. “Why don’t we wash the dishes, get ready for bed, and talk about it in the morning. I need to do some thinking.” And I had decided I would need to take a cold shower.


Standing under the water, I tried to make a decision based on our current situation. It was important to suppress my memories of Roxanne as a child and focus on the woman that I was now living with. The problem with that was that my excitement wouldn’t go down, even in the cold.

The only negative I could think of was that it was morally “wrong”. Of course she might fall love with me, but then what girl isn’t bursa eskort bayan with her father? My job was to get her ready for the outside world, and telling her we couldn’t be a couple was part of that anyway.

With that logic, I could use this new phase in our relationship to teach her a few things about the opposite sex. We were both socially awkward. We could practice with each other and at least gain some confidence for when we started dating others. Aside from that we were both frustrated sexually, and without a safe way to quickly relieve ourselves with someone outside the house.

Walking to the bedroom, I was thinking It would be hard to sleep from the excitement of planning for the next night. And then I saw Roxy lying on my double bed.


She was naked, of course. One arm was up, the other was down. In both cases her hands were playing with her short and curly brown hair. Her mischievous smile dared me to resist.

There wasn’t anything for me to plan, after all. My pajamas came off as she watched. By the time I got to the bed, she was standing next to it, and was reaching up to pull my face down to hers.

It was our first kiss, and it was as tame as they usually are. When we were next to each other on the bed, however, our mouths met again, but with increased passion as our tongues danced together.

I felt my daughter’s inexperienced hand on my erection, where it had been three nights ago. She didn’t really know what to do, but that didn’t matter as I had already been close. It occurred to me I should just get my first orgasm out of the way in order to concentrate on what she needed. When I came it was all over her thigh.

At her noise of disappointment, I said, “It’s alright. In a few minutes I’ll be ready again, and will last longer.”

When my mouth returned to her body, it was on the neck. I also moved my hand from Roxy’s stomach up to a breast. It bursa otele gelen eskort bayan was not so small that it disappeared while lying down, and was perky with youth. The long nipple was sensitive, and her moaning was like music to me. After my head drifted down to work on the other one orally, the sound intensified.

I felt her playing with my short and straight brown hair and looked up. We made eye contact and smiled at each other, knowing that what we were doing was right. She then laid her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes, trying to enjoy it to the fullest.

Her moaning resumed as I moved my mouth down, planting kisses along the way, putting my tongue in my daughter’s belly button. With one hand still on second base, I made my last move down and started rubbing my face in her hair. It was so thick I didn’t feel wetness until I stuck my nose in her business. I knew she would probably already be ready, but wanted to give her a taste of this kind of pleasure. To be honest, I also wanted a taste. Using my free thumb to gently pry open one side of her, my tongue traced around her inner lips, pausing to kiss her clitoris for a few seconds before making the circuit again. Her mother had liked it this way, not having the same nipple sensitivity as her daughter.

Roxy’s hips were moving, and her moaning deepened even more. I was thinking it might be time when she said, “Oh daddy, I can’t take anymore. I am so ready for you!”

“Are you sure, Honey?” I joked.

Getting up on my knees while her legs parted the rest of the way, I then leaned down to give her beautiful face another kiss. Straightening up again, she turned her attention to my erection. Another positive I had thought of was my size. Her first boyfriend would probably be bigger, maybe too big. I had measured mine at six inches, and it didn’t seem to be overly thick.

Compared bursa eve gelen escort to the virgin vagina it was now in front of, my penis looked huge, however. With one hand guiding, I pushed forward, trying to resist the urge to be too gentle. Her mother had been almost as tight, not being much more experienced than her daughter when we started dating. Roxy gasped when I broke her hymen, only partly inserted. While pausing to let her get used to me I realized we should’ve put a towel underneath us for the blood. When I looked, though, there wasn’t any. A condom hadn’t crossed my mind til now either, but we were past the point of no return.

“Go ahead, dad. It only hurt for a second.”

I didn’t worry much about being gentle, then. When I was all the way inside, I rested on my elbows so we could be close. We were kissing and Roxy’s arms were around me when I started moving my hips back and forth. It didn’t take long for her to get back up to the same plateau she had been on before. I was quite a bit behind her, to my relief. She could still get pregnant without me finishing, but I didn’t want to push our luck. When she came, her mouth went wide, breaking off our kiss. I enjoyed watching the pleasure on her face. When it had subsided enough that she opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was me looking at her lovingly.

In response to what she’d said earlier I said, “I love you too, honey. And…needed you.”

When Roxy stopped moving against me, I withdrew to lay down next to her. We shared one more deep kiss as I held her in my arms. It became less and less energetic as we both drifted off to sleep.


She had woken first and it was her turn to watch me, this time in the morning light. “Good morning, dad.”

“Great morning, sweetheart. We slept well, didn’t we?”

“We sure did! And now…we can continue what we started. I want you to cum inside me this time.”

As she reached for me I said, “Um, I’d love to. But we can’t take any more chances of you getting pregnant.”

“It’s okay. I went on the pill the day after your “wet dream”.”

I let Roxy do whatever she wanted to me, realizing I didn’t have to worry about my daughter falling in love with me. I already had with her.

The End

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