Draguette Ch. 04

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The celebration did not last more than a few minutes. After all, Jane knew she had a gold mine in Draguette and Liam and she wanted to exploit them for all they were worth.

“Get out there and model. NOW!” Jane yelled at Draguette and Liam, turning them to the door and slapping her Draguette’s derrière very sharply for good measure. Draguette and Liam walked out and heard the door slam behind them.

They were back in the huge hall, filled with screaming people, blaring music, tobacco and liquor and cheap perfumes and expensive colognes. Draguette walked up and down the length of one platform, where all the men were. Liam did the same along the ladies’ section. Each had a spotlight following them, the lighting such that their natural skin color was white while the decorations on their bodies were brightly enhanced. They each performed an extremely erotic sort of strip-tease, even though both were stark naked except for the stretch wrap that encased their bodies.

Along all the walls of the hall, huge high-definition screens showed how Draguette and Liam were modeling. There were two cameramen now: one following Draguette; the other, Liam. The music was insanely loud. The people were screaming and shaking fistfuls of cash.

Suddenly, Draguette saw that her image was not on the screen any longer. The cameraman assigned to her rushed up on stage and attached a tiny, super high-definition camera to the inside of her knee. He rushed back down to his post. Instantly, Draguette saw that the tiny camera was pointed straight up her leg, offering an impeccably clear vista of her shaved labia.

Draguette opened her legs. The crowd went crazy! On all screens on the men’s side of the hall her pussy showed perfectly well! Her outer labia, shiny and glossy, encased in the stretch wrap, making them spread out nicely.

Beyond, her inner labia were just as clearly visible! The vacuum gay seks hikayeleri tablets inserted a while back were sucking the stretch wrap inside her pussy, revealing the first inch or so of her vagina!

Draguette squatted down, opening her knees wide apart. Her clitoris jumped out on the screens. The crowd was out of its mind!

Even her derrière seemed whiter and fuller; the stretch wrap pulling into the crack, her tight ass puckered just as white as her skin, finely textured and oh so easily visible to everyone!

The music became horrendously loud, pounding the very foundations of the building. The crowd was cheering. The gong banged very loudly. Just as Draguette stood up again to resume her modeling, she felt a thunderbolt rumble deep inside her vagina. Her entire body quivered and shook. She almost lost her balance. Draguette bent over at the waist. Another rumble shook her from the inside, this one like a freight train roaring deep inside her ass. Draguette arched her back as far as she could. Her arms were pinned to her sides. There was nothing she could do to stop the dual rumblings roaring savagely up her vagina and ass. Suddenly in a moment of clarity, it struck Draguette. The two silver dove eggs that had been inserted up her pussy and ass were extremely high-potency remote control vibrators. Actuated from afar by an unknown person, they were wrecking havoc on her sexuality from within. And there was nothing she could do about it: her arms were trapped by her sides.

The spotlight was shining upon her, leading her up and down the platform. From time to time, the light would focus on Draguette’s beautiful face, highlighting her bright red hair, her huge emerald green eyes, and her sensuous mouth, smiling seductively like the woman in heat she was. As Draguette walked up and down, the feudal Chinese village painted on her naked body would come to life. The trees seemed to sway in her stride; the rivers along the length of her long legs seemed to flow. And her thick mat of fire-red pubic hair shone just as bright.

The camera would zoom on her lily-white, full breasts. Even from a distance, her heartbeat was clearly visibly, pounding incessantly. The camera would zoom on her pale-pink nipples. Through the magic of an almost imperceptible strobe effect, the dragonfly painted on one nipple would come to life. Its spidery legs seemed to be walking gingerly over that nipple, just ever so lightly.

The camera would zoon onto her other breast. The snake painted on that one seemed to coil and uncoil, repeatedly thrusting its fangs in and out of the very tip of that nipple.

The camera would pan out and now the image was that of the tiny camera attached to the inside of her knee. Offering an unobstructed view of Draguette’s femininity, the crowd cheered as they saw the length of Draguette’s lily white legs culminating in her labia, spread wide apart, almost pinkish. The camera would zoom in on her clitoris. Draguette’s clitoris is normally larger than in other women. Now it loomed positively huge! The stretch wrap had encased it completely, pulling back its protective hood, exposing her clitoris beyond anything Draguette had ever imagined possible!

Draguette stared at herself on the huge screens along the walls. She was supremely aroused at the sight of her nudity, decorated like a Chinese village, her nipples stimulated by the paintings of the two animals, her labia and clitoris so easily discernible. Draguette wanted to masturbate desperately. She did not care that everyone was ogling her; she did not care she was in a hall full of strangers. All she wanted was to masturbate herself to the massive orgasm welling up inside her. But her arms and hands were pinned to her sides. There was nothing she could do to relieve her mounting tension.

As if on cue, the remote controlled dove eggs started to churn deep up her vagina and ass. The crowd knew what was happening to her splendid sexuality. They were delighted!

Draguette strained her eyes to see what was going on in the women’s section. Liam was going through the same ordeal; his silver dove egg also pulsating wildly up his ass.

The vibrators miraculously stopped. Draguette resumed her modeling for the cheering crown, walking up and down the platform. The two cameras followed her closely: one showing her genitals from below; the other, her splendid body so aptly decorated. She was a walking postcard of feudal China. And Liam was doing the same, on his platform. Two cameras were following him as well: one focused on his testicles and ass; the other on the decorated menagerie adorning his body. That camera would zoom in regularly to expose his small, beautiful, and perfect hypospadias penis to the audience.

None of the women had ever seen such penile beauty and the cameraman obliged. Close up shots as he walked zoomed in on his mid-shaft pee hole, on his fan-like foreskin glued to his navel, to his penis struggling mightily to attain an erection and pressing against the stretch wrap to attain the naturally sharp curvature it gets when finally erect. His mid-shaft pee hole was completely open and dilated. Liam was a sight to behold, unequaled in his uniqueness and his perfect beauty!

On and off again, Draguette and Liam would suddenly be caught totally off-guard by the surprise actuation of their respective silver dove eggs deep inside, much to their respective crowds’ joy. They would occasionally regain their senses and look at each other from afar on the huge screens along the walls. Each knew they were meant for one another.

The crowd could see that true love was coming to life before their very eyes. Screaming and yelling, to the beat of the insanely loud music, they urged Draguette and Liam to model their tattoos. Huge monetary bets were being made. Draguette felt like a woman, unlike any other woman who has ever lived!

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