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draftYou’re a nice girlfrom a nice familysomewhere in the Midwest.Your Mom told you all aboutboys and sex.You learned to spit and swallowin the back of Bubba’s pickupThen you got a job in the big city.Your new friends took you clubbing downtown.You met a nice boy called Todd.You went on a couple of dates.Then Todd saidI only fuck girls in the butt. You’re in the city now. You gotta give up your ass or give up your boyfriend.He wants anal sex?Your Mom never told you about that.Is that called sodomy?What can you do?You don’t want to lose Todd but you don’t know how to do anal.You need help.You need a mentor.An anal trainer.First, choose your trainer.We recommend an older gentleman.Like one of your Dad’s golf buddiesor your boss.Let’s call him Donald.Why an older gentleman?Most older men will be happy to deflower your anus.Donald has elaborate and unfulfilled sexual fantasies,most of which involve the buttholes of yourself and your friends.He’s been dreaming about them for years.Donald will give your anus the worship and pampering it needs before being penetrated. In contrast, Todd would just fumble around back there and try to ram his dick in. He doesn’t know how to treat a lady’s bunghole right. He’s just watched too much porn.How can you persuade Donald to train you?Make sure he knows you’re completely shaved down there. This drives older men wild because their wives are hairy.If he’s your boss, accidentally put an entry for your bikini wax appointment in his online diary.Then visit his house to tease him. Your goal is not to get buttfucked on this visit, bursa escort just to get his attention.”Hi Mr Burns, I think I might have lost an earring at the Christmas party in your house 6 months ago. Mind if I look for it?”Crawl around the place. Oops, you forgot to put panties on today.Older men like girls who take a direct approach. Try one of these chat-up lines:”Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?” “Would you like to fuck my ass?”If those lines don’t work, you may need to use some vintage terminology. Try:”Wanna use the trademen’s entrance?””I hear you like to put your greyhound in Trap 2″Once he understands what you want, Donald is likely to agree to help.Borrow his credit card and buy lots of sexy lingerie and high heels. That’s the unwritten pact. For as long as your anus is his plaything, he will buy you everything you want. He is your sugar daddy. You are his whore.Book the honeymoon suite in the local hotel for every Tuesday evening (bowling night) for the next 8 weeks. Donald’s wife will understand.Have no doubts about Donald’s stamina.When presented with a tight young assholemost seniors can achieve a suprisingly robust erection,though pharmaceutical or oral assistance may be required.An older penis has a rough leathery texture that many women find stimulating.He will train you in the 8 stages of sodomy:Week 1: Fingering, Buttplugs and AnilingusAdvantagesBegins the process of training your anal sphincter to respond to penile probing with a welcoming wink. Asslicking gives you a foretaste of the penetrative excitement to come.DisadvantagesYou bursa escort bayan will need to wear a buttplug during the whole week. The bigger the better. You might feel self-conscious when you walk down the street.Week 2: Doggy styleAdvantagesAn excellent position that is often maligned because of its association with hillbillies. In fact, doggy affords him an unsurpassed view of your buttocks and it can look fantastic with a garter belt. It also allows him to go balls-deep into your ass. And to gape you. DisadvantagesCarpet burns.Week 3: Cowgirl analAdvantagesAllow you to test how long his dick is. If it doesn’t stay in your anus when you’re lying flat on top of him, you’re never gonna be satisfied by this man.DisadvantagesMakes you do all the work. He can’t move.Week 4: Reverse cowgirl anal (RCA)AdvantagesA porn favorite. Allows the camera a full view of your beautiful body while your ass is being skewered. Allows easy gaping when he rolls your legs upward.DisadvantagesHe can’t see anything unless you do it in front of a mirror.It’s hard to keep your shoes on in this position. And you do look hotter with shoes on. Week 5: Anal missionaryAdvantagesAn under-rated, sensual position. Allows him to fuck you in the ass while making full eye contact. Allows easy gaping too, and easy switching from ass to mouth.DisadvantagesNot used much in porn because the camera can’t see what’s happening, but excellent for your personal life.Week 6: PiledriverAdvantagesGives him a unique view of anal penetration.Allows him to pull out of your ass and shoot his load directly escort bursa onto your tits and face.Two girls can be stacked back-to-back for double piledriver.DisadvantagesExpertise in yoga is recommended before you attempt this. You might fall over and hurt yourself.Week 7: Ass to mouth (ATM)AdvantagesYour willingness to degrade yourself by sucking his cock after it comes out of your asshole is a touching way to express your affection. He will always remember this moment.ATOGM with two girls is a fantasy of many older gentlemen.DisadvantagesRequires Listerine.Week 8: Cum splashingAdvantages:Allowing him to shoot his load onto your face is the perfect way to round off an anal session. He loves the sight of his milky sperm dripping off your chin onto your tits. Cumming in your hair turns him on because he knows you spent a lot of money on your hair. DisadvantagesYou might not want to meet your mother immediately afterwards.After 8 weeks, Donald will have royally buggered you in many different ways. Now you have an important mission. Go back to Todd. Marry him. Let him fuck you like a whore. Teach Todd to assfuck you in all the positions you learned from Donald. You will have many years of satisfying and intensely sexual marriage. There a lot more anal positions you can explore with Todd too – like barstool and standing anal.You will never fuck Donald again, but he will always have a place in your heart.Years later, Todd’s eyes may begin to wander towards younger girls. Don’t worry. Their supple skin and curvaceous butts can never replace the companionship and experiences you have shared with Todd. He is your husband.But one day, one of Todd’s golf buddies’ daughters might come to visit your house. Make sure you’re out. And don’t ask where Todd is going on bowling night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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